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Part 84: Mission part 2

: What's with him!?

: Even the Moon Race must have guys like the Breakers.

: I would've expected them to be more civilized... He's no better than Jiron.

: What's that supposed to mean!?

: (That's Corin Nander... I never pardoned him from his cryo-stasis sentence... And those Mobile Suits aren't Diana Counter models. I suppose Agrippa Maintainer and Gym Ghingnham instigated this...?)

: Have they launched an attack on Knox!?

: Get out here, White Bastard! I, the incredible Corin Nander, will face you! I know damn well that you're a Gundam!!

: Gundam...?

: The enemy must call that sort of thing a Gundam.

: That White Doll MS is a Gundam?

: Well, it does look like one.

: Sid, how are Laura and her friends?

: It's taking time for them to prepare to launch.

: ...Do what you can to speed things up.

: Those mechanical dolls... They kinda look like the Borjarnon.

: Of course they do, they're Zaku-IIIs

Stats for the Borjarnons and their pilots.

Since I was too far away to attack them on my turn, the enemies get the first attack.

Joseph dodged the attack and landed his counter.

After a few cuts and bruises, it was my turn.

Joseph just barely missed being able to destroy his target.

Unfortunately, so did Jiron.

Tetsuya has no problem with his target.

At the end of my second turn, I've done some decent damage to the enemy numbers, but I've also taken quite a few bumps here and there.

: The Gundam's not coming!

: The old Gundam...!?

: At times like this... Does he know about the Gundam and the Londo Bell?

: No way, that'd mean...

: He's come from the same past as we did...?

: .........

: Hey, Tetsuya. What's a Gundam?

: It's a white robot that a comrade of mine pilots.

: Ooh...

: That guy's got quite a grudge against Gundams...

: Yeah, he could give Jiron a run for his money.

: What's the deal here!? Why is it always ME in these comparisons!?

Rag goes into the red, and with Prevail, manages to dodge every other attack aimed at her, which is almost all of them.

On turn 3, Reinforcements finally arrive.

Wait, why is Sochie in the Turn A!?

: Loran isn't the one riding the White Doll!?

: You've shown yourself, GUNDAAAMM!! I'd grown sick and tired of waiting!!

: Gundam...? Is he talking about the White doll?

: I'll avenge Father with the White Doll! You be quiet, you Moon Race guy!

: M-Miss...!

: That MS pilot said Gundam... Does that mean the White Doll is one?

: In a time where Zakus are called Borjarnons, the name Gundam remains...?

: Even if it's the future, Spacenoids on the moon would know about that.

: FWAHAHAHAHA! Gundam, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye!! I'll send White Devils like you back to Hell where they belooonnngg!!

: White Devil!? The White Devil!?

: He called the Gundam a White Devil!? What does he mean by that...!?

: Put yourself in the enemy's shoes, of course it'd look like one to them. Imagine you're a Zeon soldier fighting Amuro's Gundam in the One Year War.

The enemy numbers quickly start to fall.

After turn 3, Corin begins to move towards the Turn A.

Joseph takes some serious damage, which quickly gets healed up again on the next turn.

: This isn't good, if this keeps up, Vicinity City will get damaged...!

: It's a matter of their numbers against ours. We can't fully defend the city...

: Gwen, Elche... I shall go persuade Corin.

: Why would you!?

: Er, you see... I look like the enemy commander, Diana Sorrel, so I thought... perhaps he could mistake me for her, and do as I tell him to...

: That would put you in grave danger...

: Still, it's a good idea. Let's give it a shot. This ship won't go down easily.

: ...O-of course not.

: Plus, Gwen... It's not good to waste resources unnecessarily, right?

: ...If you would be so kind, Kihel, Elche.

: Very well.

: ...Cotset, get us next to that Corin guy's machine!

: Eeh!? But what happens to us if the persuasion fails!?

: Gwen requested it! Just shut up and do as I say!

: ...R-roger...

Before doing that, however, you want to have Loran fight Corin at least once. Doing both of those things will allow you to unlock a secret much later in the game.

I find the idea of a Zaku-I destroying a Zaku-III to be incredibly hilarious.

All that's left at this point is a Zaku-III and Corin Nander himself.

Joseph just barely dodges Corin's attack.

Loran begins to attack Corin.

: Nothin' against you, but I've got a lotta painful memories of the Gundam... I WANNA WIPE 'EM ALL OOOOUUUTT!!

: He said he had something against the Gundam!?
Loran Cehack, Master of the Obvious.

before having Kihel persuade Corin, I wanted to see what else Corin had to say. in the Turn A's case, he just says the same thing he said to Loran.

Here's what he says when he fights the GP-01.

: I, Corin Nander, will smash apart White Devils like you!

Anyway, let's end this.

: What's this oversized junk!? You wanna get crushed along with the Gundam!?

: Corin Nander!!

: !? Y-Your Majesty!?

: Miss Kihel!?

: You've done well! Your mission is done. Fall back at once!

: Eeh!? But the White mustached Gundam is right here! The GUNDAM!

: Does the Gundam have a mustache? No, it does not! Times are different now, so your mission is over! If you disobey me, I shall execute you in the name of Diana Sorrel!

: Eeeeh!? Y-Your Majestyyyyy...!

: Now back down! You have done more than enough to atone for your sins!

: Oh... uwah... Aaaah...!

: So harsh...! I've always done everything to please you, Your Majesty!! UWAAAAH!!

And he leaves the field

: What on Earth...?

: You actually got him to pull back... Kihel, I do declare, I am impressed.

: Oh, please don't be...

: You could've had us fooled into thinking you were Diana Sorrel.

: ...You see, I heard it from Lady Diana while I was on the Soleil...


Some Very, VERY unwelcome guests arrive.

: Brother... We've found them, right on schedule...

: yes... how fortunate for us, discovering the Turn-A right after the GX.

: It seems our calculations based on the Freeden's route were correct...

: The ship Tifa Adil is on will show us wherever what we need is...

: By getting there ahead of the Freeden, we can accomplish our goal...

: Of course, assuming Tifa does have a special power, this proves it.

: Th-those're! They're the Moon Race guys who attacked P-Point...!

: So they've come to North Ameria too...!?

: Those people are from the Moon Race...?

: (...The Diana Counter has no MS like those. Gym Ghingnham must be on the move.)

: We've confirmed the Turn-A is active, although... I'd like to test it out, Brother. We've also succeeded in locating the GX. Surely we can afford a little bonus?

: Our mission is just to confirm it's activation, but... We do need hard data.

: I understand, Brother. I'll just play with them fort a little while.

Bah, we can take these pansies. Although...

A little help is always welcome!

: More reinforcements!?

: Those people aren't with the Moon Race...

: Which means, they're this continent's version of the Breakers, the Vultures?

: Zeta and Double Zeta... And Combattler! They're friends of ours!

: Kenichi, are those guys you're fighting with the Moon Race!?

: You've got it! We're fighting to protect Vicinity City from them!

: Alright, then I'm tagging in!!

: Butterfly wings...!?

: ! (Something's coming up on the GX's Monitor... Is that an upside-down A?)

: That's...! No, could that mech be... The Turn-A...! That was left on the Earth in addition to the GX...!?

: N-no... Nothing at all.

: .........

: So you've come here after all... Jamil Neate.

: The Frost brothers... So they weren't just after Tifa and the GX! But now that they're here, you won't get away with anything else!!

: ...I'd rather not have the GX contact the Turn-A, but... Fighting both is unwise...

: All units, our enemy is the Moon Race. Support that Landship.

: Come on, GX!

Before we begin the Brother Beatdown, The status screens for the new units and pilots.

Judau stops by the Mountain Cycle for a Cartridge. Meanwhile Garrod begins the attack.

: Shagia! I won't let you lay a finger on Tifa or the GX!!

: ...The situation has changed, unfortunately. I'll let you live for the moment...

: What did you say!?

: It seems Tifa makes better use of her power when with all of you.

: Wh-Why you...! Tifa's not a tool!!

he was defending here, so their defense isn't really that high, they're still incredibly dodgy, though.

I'm just going to end up steam rolling them at this rate, and in order to end this mission, I only need to do enough damage to one of them in order to make them both withdraw.

Olba's time to monologue

: .........

: Why're you trying to get your hands on the GX!?

: Shouldn't you know that? We need the Satellite Cannon and Tifa's power.

: And I'm asking what you need it for!?

: Telling you would spoil the fun... If you want to know, seek the truth on your own.

Luckily, Garrod brought his sheild up, otherwise that would have been messy.

Giving the other new suits their time in the spotlight.

Even the Freeden has a go at them.


Kamille has a go at Shagia.

: This pressure... Are you a Newtype!?

: For saying THAT... If it weren't for my current mission, you would be dead.

: Wh-what did you say!?

Kamille easily dodges the attack

: I'd say it's about time to end things here for today... Let's go, Olba.

: Alright, Brother...

And they go running with their tails between their legs

: It looks like it's over.

: I thank you, Miss Elche...

: Please... You're embarassing me.

: But, Sir... There was damage to Knox earlier by the moon Race...

: ...At least with Vicinity safe, the dark cloud has a silver lining.

: Gwen... You have my most heartfelt sympathies...

: ...I'll ask my father to help rebuild Knox. So cheer up, Gwen.

: Thank you, Miss Lily...

: ...Miss, what do we do about those Vulture folks?

: Oh yeah... Tetsuya and the others have friends on that Landship, right?

: ......... Miss Elche, would you mind if I came along to negotiate with them?

: Well, I don't mind...

: Gwen...


I'm in a bit of a conundrum. There is a route split up ahead, and I had originally planed to just go through the Turn A route all the way before going back to do the Gundam X route. HOWEVER, the upcoming intermission has a few plot reveals about Gundam X that I would rather not reveal at this point. So, instead of voting on the upcoming Route split, I will instead have you vote on whether I;
Stay the course and show the intermission, and then finish up the Turn A route
Not show the intermission right now, and do the Gundam X route until I reach this point, and then finish up the Turn A route.

Personally I would prefer to do the latter, but the decision is ultimately up to you.

Voting will end on Thursday at 12:00PM EST