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by Tobias Grant

Part 91: Post-Intermission

: Sure thing, boy... Kids these days are so spoiled, I tell you.

: Try to make a break for it, and you're dead meat!

: Damnit! LET GO OF ME!!

: He's got the brass of an adult, at least.

: ! Give Tifa back!!

: That won't be happening.

: !?

: I'll tell you this much... All the agony and fear of the people who died when you attacked... She felt it all at once, and she's in pain right now.

: What!?

: She can read other people's minds, including people who are dying... It's downright strange. And you're unqualified to take care of the GX or Tifa!

: It's because of you...! You're doing this to Tifa!!

: (.........) Take him away.

: Argh! DAMNIT!!


: As Kosuke said, it received microwaves from the moon into its rear reflectors... Then it fired that cannon.

: Microwaves from the moon...? You mean...

: The microwave transmission facility built on the moon for Project Aegis is still there... And has probably seen use in both this era and previous ones, for military purposes...

: (.........)

: It's pretty rough here, but mankind IS still alive...

: ...It may have succeeded, but going on what Jamil said... There's been some other large-scale war or disaster even after that.

: Yeah... Enough of one to leave mobile suits buried underground. Something must've happened, like maybe a war even larger scale than the Balmar War.

: (.........) I guess we must've really come far into the future, huh...?

: (... And... That Tifa girl... Could she be a Newtype...?)