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Part 7: Post-Mission 2 upgrades and Unit Analysis#3 ("Microphone-Destroying" Edition)

Time now for our post-mission blabber.

Let’s start by checking our Top Ace roster:

All those bugs really helped Blade out. He’s joined our group at the top of the list with 9 kills. Bless still holds the 2nd place with the kills he got with his MAP attack and I’m surprised to see Kazuma down there…I may have neglected him during the last mission.

Now, let’s go for the upgrades. I sold the Consumables I won during the last couple missions (1 repair kit, 2 energy kits, 3 cartridges). Each one sells for 5000 bucks, so that’s 30000 in our pockets, added in the 28000 we already had.

With all that, I go on a spending spree.

I boost Blade’s EN by two and give him one extra point in both Mobility and Weapons.

Kazuma gets an extra EN and Weapon boost(shared with the Valstork).

I give Duo one increase in both EN and Mobility.

Finally, Quatre gets a boost in his HP and Mobility.

As for BP usage. Only Blade and Noal had any amount worth anything, so here they are:

Blade most usable attack, Tek-Lancer, is melee and his most powerful attack, Voltekka, is ranged. As such, I give Melee 3 points, Shooting 4 and the spare 1 point goes to dodge.

Noal is a support but he may see a wee bit of combat this early in the game. I boost his dodge by 5 to help his survivability and give him 2 points in Shooting because every bit helps.

Now, it’s time for Unit Analysis #3.

Let’s start with the good unit and talk about Tekkaman Blade:

Blade is a really, REALLY good unit. He’s sporting 3800 HP, 150 EN, 1000 Armor, 120 Mobility and 7 Movement, with an SS size. Also, as a Radam-based unit, he has a Small HP and EN Regen effect (10% recover at the start of the player phase).

Let’s start with Blade's attacks from the bottom up:

Now, let’s go over Blade’s Pilot Skills:
OK, that’s an odd list. Sword cut makes sense and it will proc a lot but why did they give him Shield Defense and Prevail? Blade’s purely meant to dodge (he has horrible defense stats) and Prevail requires his life to be low to properly benefit but getting (and keeping) an unit with that little health in the red is a really dangerous game.

I don’t get these skills at all but let’s check his spirit commands:
Standard issue, no problems here.

Conclusion: Tekkaman Blade is going to be one of your best real robots in the game. It does everything well and will only get better. He could make good use of some EN so he can use Voltekka more oftenly.
Give Blade little love in upgrades and he’s gonna tear through the battlefield and not one unit in the game is gonna be able to touch him with Focus going. Absolutely use him unless you have a problem with Tekkaman.

Now, let’s go over what little there is in the Blue Earth.

Blue Earth is a pure-support unit with 4000 HP, 110 EN, 1000 armor, 100 mobility and 6 movement, with an S size.

This ship is mainly there to repair/ressuply your units although, you can use it to soften enemies up some with his pea-shooter.
It’s got a Barrier for added survivability but it’s not gonna do much since it’s defenses aren’t that great. Nevertheless, it can be used for a support defense in an emergency.

Let’s go over Noal Pilot Skills:
Now, for Noal’s Spirit Commands:
And Aki’s:

Conclusion: The Blue Earth is nothing amazing in this game (Sorry, Tobias!). It’s average, really. This unit will do its job well enough this early in the game but, as it goes along, it’ll quickly lose its position to more competent guys.
Use it as you see fit, it can attack directly, assist attack or defend. It’ll do an OK job but don’t expect anything else.

That's it for today! Next update, we'll go over to prologue of Mission 3.