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Super Robot Wars W

by Brunom1

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Original Thread: There's goddamn Voltron in this game! - Let's play Super Robot Wars W



Gentlemen, behold! Super Robot Wars W cometh!

What game is this?

Super Robot Wars W was the first game of the long-running Super Robot Wars series to be released to the DS. If you've never heard of the series, that's completely normal; nearly all of their games have never been released outside of Japan (Save for the Original Generation games on the GBA). It is a strategy game with, as the name says, giant robots. This series is famous for pairing mechs from all sorts of different series together into the same world and setting up a story that encompasses them all.

Why LP this game?

To me, the SRW games are among my favorites. It's one of the only series where you can find so many childhood heroes working side-by-side (like when Superman works with Batman) to destroy a common foe in awesome fashion. While it has only been released in Japan, I don’t think that should be enough of a reason why people can’t enjoy it's story and, boy, is it a good one. Inspired by Tobias Grant's LP of Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden and Dr Pepper's (ongoing in hiatus) LP of SRW Original Generation, I've decided to do my part to spread awareness to this great strategy game series.

What series can be found in this game?

This game is different(so to speak) from the other SRW in its roster. Normally, most SRW games show plenty of series that have never been transmitted to the US (I.E. Combattler V, Macross 7, Getter Robo); this game doesn't do that. Nearly all of the series in here have been transmitted over in the West, so you'll at least have familiarity. The series you'll find are:

Each SRW game includes at least one (or several) Original characters, created to be the link that binds all those series together. We'll be talking about them soon enough.

Hold on. You said this was only released in Japan? How will you play it?

Aye, that's a valid question and it'll require a change of pace for this LP (and other japan-exclusive games I may LP in the future) to work. You may or may not know but several SRW games have been "translated" by one Mark Neidengard and I'll be using it as a base to build upon.
To assist with that, I’ll be joined by the wonderful Caphi (who’s currently LPing Z2) and, while most scenes will be summarized, particularly important or amusing moments will be directly translated by us.
Of course, if someone that reads the thread is familiar with the game and know's that something important is happening right now and it hasnt been mentioned in the text, feel free to post about it and I'll add it (along with credit to the person, obviously).

Finally, half of the fun in these games is the anticipation of what might come next. As such, spoilers must be tagged (do try to avoid them, though).

To make a better connection with the text and the screens I’ll be posting, I’ll be bolding out the text bits that are being shown in the screenshots right above them.
My commentaries on whatever scene is going on will always be in italics
Underlining notes will indicate a clickable image that will lead to a GIF/Video depicting the attack that's being mentioned

GIFs in the missions up to 9 (Earth Route) were still being experimented with and were of slideshow make. Starting from Mission 9 (Space Route), they've been changed to proper videos.

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