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Part 148: Mission 41 - Where the Power of Feelings Leads To - Part 2

Player Phase!

Inside the base, Tomoru starts giving up hope of survival, when we’re faced with such a large number of Radam forces.
Dead shows up, loving how he's given up so easily, and Tomoru quickly recognizes him as Blade’s killer.

He shrieks for the "monster" to stay away, and Dead agrees that he's quite the monster since he's no longer human.
But Dead also knows that Tomoru has fused with an even greater monster, surely HE has no right to call him such a word.

Tomoru starts blubbering about how he's not a monster, he's him and Orgun actually agrees with the statement.
Tomoru screams for him to stop talking into his head but Orgun points out that all life is a struggle, and orders him to fight for his own survival.

Original Orgun then takes control and forces Tomoru to transform, making it obvious to Dead who he'll fight today.

Dead has no issue is fighting until the explosion, not really caring if he lives or dies; he tells David that he never found the place in life he expected after defeating Tekkaman Blade.
He's quite tired from his long life's journey, and asks David to kill him personally.
Since David cannot bring himself to do so, Dead will leave behind proof that he lived in the form of the death of everyone present.

Well, Orgun is right in place to attack with his PEC Cannon, so let’s cast Soul and get going!

: I hear that the Eviluders hate the Radam. Well, I am one of the Radam, so hate me!
: I am not an Eviluder…I am…I AM A HUMAN!!

Oh, yeah. Dead has a Small Barrier which means you get a 1000 damage reduction.

: This man…he’s strong…!
: What’s wrong, Detonator Orgun? Is that all you’ve got?
: Or have you still not accepted that we’re both monsters?!
: I…I…!
: You are a human, Tomoru!
: Michi…
: You fought to protect me at Gigafloat!
: You ARE human! And as long as you keep your heart, you’ll remain one!
: Shut up…! Don’t get in our way!!
: !

: Urk…!
: Tomoru!
: My body moved on its own…to protect her…
: That’s better! As I thought, it seems you’ll be my final opponent!
: Wait!

: D-Boy!
: You’re alive!
: I… cannot afford to die yet!
: Tekkaman Blade! How nice to see you again!
: I can kill you one more time, then!
: Orgun…! Take Prof. Kanzaki and get out of here!
: B-but…
: I’ve a debt to the previous owner of that armor. And also…I have a bigger score to settle with that Tekkaman…!
: Understood…!

: No matter how many times we fight, it’s pointless! You cannot beat me!
: Are you that sad?
: What?!
: Are you wallowing so much in your sorrow and on your past that you’ve given up on living…?!
: Shut up! What the hell do you know about my anger and my sorrow?!
: Come on, then! I’ll teach you what my sorrow and my anger are like!!

The mission ends if you kill Dead, so let’s waste a little bit of time killing the Radam mooks.

Time to give Gai some love and see if we can’t close the gap on Kazuma.

A whole bunch of troops are underwater, which means Benkei can actually do stuff; still, he falls just short of killing the Mother which allows Kouji to finish it off.

There are a few of those “Pegas’d” Aliens, so we’ll clip his wings with Lowe and Aki.

Why don’t you guys like her?

The renewed alien gets a chunk of his HP rocked out by Mike.

Muu has launched in the Aile Skygrasper, so let’s have a look at what he can do against a weakened Alien and a Radam Monster.

Ergh…I forgot those monsters were underwater (his Beam Rifle is so weak in water that it doesn’t even get a rating).

Sousuke works on another mounted Alien and, with Clouseau’s support, leaves it barely alive.

Which means Kazuma can kill both it and Muu’s Monster.

Heat Edge Exploder may have a B in water but it compensates with Kazuma’s great critical ratio.

Kill enough Radam and reinforcements appear.
Our people will not give up, however, and will fight to the last second – while that happens, Ruri orders Harry to keep searching for a possible escape route.

Respawning enemies brings about the threat of me carelessly spamming valor with everything to rake in cash.

Either way, Blade can handle Dead for a little while.

: Once I defeat you, I’ll…I’ll!!
: Is that all you wanted to say?
: What?!
: You don’t need words to show readiness. Let’s go, Tekkaman Dead!!

No need for Valor here. I just want to do enough damage to keep him from regenerating much.

Enemy Phase!

Blade and Dead trade attacks and Blade comes out on top again.

About 4 Radam make a run for Kazuma. He manages to weaken but not kill any of them.

Meanwhile, this clever Alien decides to try his luck at MAPing.

It doesn’t work very well.

Also, it seems that Golion isn’t a mook-magnet for just the Galra. Around 6 Radam also make a beeline for him (luckily, I had the foresight to cast Iron Wall).
Most were at full health but there was one weakened Alien that got killed.

Shin-Getter 3 also gets his fair share of attention.

Benkei’s one-two punch is more than enough to kill random Monsters, though.
Mind you, three more Radam attacked him: two more Alien Tekkamen and a Monster (the Monster and the weakened Alien got taken down) – neither did any damage due to Iron Wall + Water Terrain.

Oh? It seems like there is someone trying to be clever.

Broken size modifiers and no upgrades means that a huge battleship like the Archangel can’t even oneshot a bugger the size of its “foot”.

Another MAP is cast and the Archangel takes the only significant hit.

Player Phase!

Since the enemy is spamming MAPs, I’m gonna hop on the

Don’t worry. I had Mihiro cast Alert beforehand.

Mike takes a couple levels and gains Hero L6.



Also, there’s this…

Still, we have time to kill before running away.
Mind you, one of those four targets on Gai’s chain-attack managed to dodge.

Let’s see if a Lohengrin won’t fix that.

Science Corner: The Lohengrin cannon shoots positrons (anti-matter electrons) at the enemy; upon contact, the positrons and electrons cancel each other out, causing the target’s molecules to break apart and, also, produces a burst of gamma radiation…and here we have this alien taking it on the chin and remaining in one piece. Radam are fucking hax.

Fine, Sayaka can take the kill.

Our friend has fully healed after ditching his surfboard. So, why don’t we take him out in one go and, also, show off what Kira can do with the Freedom’s strongest attack: Hi-MAT Full Burst!

Moving along, Tetsuya nabs an easy kill.

Which puts him position to help Kouji slice this Tekkaman.

I love this attack.

More lambs to the slaughter.

Enemy Phase!

Now, this is something that I enjoyed watching.

Essentially, it seems that the Radam had a collective brain-fart and decided that ALL of them wanted to attack either Kouji or Gai.

Either way, they just kept on throwing themselves against the robotic equivalent of a Great Wall of China made out of rhinoceros and semi-trucks.

To put it in perspective, Gai came into this turn with around 172 EN; by the end of it, he had 68 and he loses 8 EN per Protect Wall activation, which means he was attacked some 13 times (either directly or via chain-attacks)and NONE of those attacks managed to break through.

There were a few kills here and there but most Aliens managed to survive (I was conserving EN and using weaker attacks) – still, there are few feelings in a SRW game that compare to see your guy take everything and not even flinch.

At the end of it all, Gai had an extra level and is the first person to max out his Prevail at L9.
I’m pretty damn sure that nothing short of a final boss will be a threat to him.

Player Phase!

If there’s one good thing to be said about the Radam, is that they were very careful to position themselves in a way to avoid Gaofighgar’s MAP.
This means Gai will limit himself to casting Bravery and turning 4 of them into the consistency of cookie crumbles.

Also, I believe Kouji has earned some extra kills, too.

Just so he doesn’t feel left behind, Tetsuya takes another three mooks.
Sadly for him, his best chain-able attack is his Turbo Smasher punch which means that one mook survives despite Valor.

Ok, this has gone on for long enough.

Let’s end things with Dead and move along!

: Stop this, Dead! I don’t want to fight you!
: It’s already too late for all that. I’ll defeat you and Blade, then it’ll be “farewell” to this world.

: I wonder if David would be sad if you died.
: Eh…?
: How amusing! If I do this, perhaps David will try to kill me!

: AHAHAHAHA! Are you enjoying this as much as I am?!
: This man…what is he fighting for?
: Don’t you understand? My existence is completely different from everything around me!
: …I understand…I’m the same. But, that’s not the issue here!
: Things like power have nothing to do with living your life!

: You’ve dealt with Blade before, so I’ll be your opponent now!
: I don’t have time for small fry! I’ll deal with you all once I’ve finished this!

: Why are you so desperate? I don’t like people like that!
: Be quiet, girl. I’ve nothing to say to a cheery Tekkaman like you!

: Tekkaman Dead! I’ll crush the weakness in you!
: GGG’s King of Braves! Talk is cheap when coming from someone who’s lived as idealistically as you!
: Shut up! If you can’t overcome your own weakness, then you won’t beat me!

Tekkaman Dead is worth a few levels, his Barrier S Generator and a Support Defense +1.

Blade also learns Prevail L8.

: AHAHAHA! It’s not over yet, Blade! You’ll die along with me!

: You idiot! Mr. D wouldn’t lose to someone like you!
: What?!
: To someone as tough as him, technique and power are nothing!
: His sadness has engraved his heart deeper than anyone else but he wasn’t defeated by it!
: That’s right! D-Boy has a reason to keep fighting!
: So he won’t lose! Not to you or to anyone else!!

: I’ll go on living…! To complete my mission!
: Go, Mr. D! Show the results of our intensive training!!


: A group of units is confirmed to be descending on this area…! It’s Zaft!!

Lowe and Kira try to warn the enemy about the incoming Cyclops attack but they don’t even liste - their distrust of Naturals runs so deep that they probably do not believe our warning, Taiga figures.

Just then a Sol Tekkaman shows up but it’s not Noal: it’s Balzac, who has found a route you can escape by.
Bernard is with him, and you all have to really hurry.

Our people evacuate the area and the Zaft troops move in to destroy the place, unimpressed at our cowardice.


At least Kira's back in business, protected by the Strike’s cockpit when it detonated.
Despite all the drama with Flay, Sai and the crew welcome him back with not a few tears.
He explains that he's been at Plant, where he picked up the Freedom; however, Kira isn't planning to align himself with either the Zaft or the Federation Army.
This makes sense to Muu who, considering what has happened today, isn’t really feeling like helping the Federation anymore.
Ruri has the answer, asking them all to join our crew - none of whom plan to follow another Federation army order.

That includes Youko, who actually believed Kira and fled before the enemy, and a shocked Jean, who tried to pursue her to bring her to "justice".
No telling what happened to Ed and Morgan, though.
Jean is feeling really distraught, having been betrayed by the Federation and tagged as a traitor by Plant, he’s now feeling purposeless in life; Kazuma and Lowe, however, tell him to forget about either of those organizations – space is vast and even a single man can always find something good to do!
Thus, Lowe offers to get Professor to hire Jean into the Junk Guild, so he can clean up Space with them and make it a nicer place!

While Jean gladly accepts, Youko figures she's only capable of fighting, and is happy to go along with our crew rather than get bitched at as an MIA elsewhere.
She crushes Kurz' hopes though when she says that as a Birdman pilot, she's got no interest in bedding ground troops.

Bernard, incredibly, plans to return to his army unit.
Being a soldier is his way of exacting vengeance on the Radam, the Eviluders and all those who make people unhappy; he insists that he's not the only noble one in the army and it's for their sake that he's going back to his unit.

Taiga and Forreston, whom they rescued with Michi, are already making plans to expose the conspirators of this travesty.
The fact that Forreston was made a sacrificial pawn at all is proof that his men of the Intelligence Bureau had been following the right leads toward the heart of the military conspiracy.
He offers Michi an apology for the mistake he was about to make had she not opened his eyes, and tells Taiga that it's clear that someone on the Zaft side leaked the change in targets for Spit Break to the Federation army.
That person must be very high placed, and it's now clear precisely why the Feds were being so "proactive".

Forreston expects himself to be under constant surveillance and unable to act freely should he return to the army, so he throws his lot in with the GGG and Neo-Wärter.
Taiga vows to uncover whoever is behind the conspiracy, and Forreston has Michi deploy Orgun's power on your behalf – all to secure the future of Earth.

Much to his surprise, Dead finds himself still alive, and being propositioned by D-Boy and David to join your folks too.
He refuses, saying that his hands are too bloodstained and that they should’ve allowed him to die at the explosion; D-Boy tells Dead that the old him, the him that could only fill the void within by battling, is now dead.
The new, future him is still redeemable – though, Dead is not sure he’s worthy of having a future.

He decides to take his leave, to figure out what he wants to do.
While David worries, Aki says we need to leave him be and hope that he’ll find his answers.

At least things are better for the Space Knights – D-boy is back and Yumi couldn’t be happier.
Hayato is quite impressed with Yumi for standing up to Dead while STANDING above the Cyclops blast zone but she says it was Mr. D’s return that gave her that courage.
Natasha thinks Hayato has his work cut out for him if he wants to win Yumi’s attention.

D-boy is apologizing for worrying Aki but he suddenly keels over.
While our people scramble to take him to the Infirmary, Aki realizes that D-boy’s time is running out.