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Part 54: Post-Mission 14 Intermission and Mission 15 - Prologue

Intermission time is upon us. As always, the top aces:

BP Upgrades:

The Getter team are the only pilots with a decent amount of BP.
As always, they’re gonna get an increase in Melee but I’m also gonna start boosting their Skill stat a bit to increase the activation rate of Open Get.

Skill Parts:

Heero has a decent level of Gunfight, so Kazuma is the next in line as he’s the only other unit that has a decent focus on Range (even though Blade’s Voltekka is range, I don’t really use it that much NOW so he can get the skill later on).
As before, he also has dibs on any +BP parts.

Unit Upgrades:

Selling the Propellant Tank that we won last mission gives us 64k to spend. I’m gonna focus on weapons today, starting the the Valhawk/Valstork.

Gai also gets a boost to his weapons.

Finally, Akito takes the rest for a point in weapons(upgrading Akito now will be good later on ).

Unit Parts:

We got a new Cobham Armor and a Aqua Module last mission. Both are things that Mazinkaiser needs so he nabs them.

For lack of a better option, the Valstork takes the Space Module (simply for the S rank in Space for his weapons which will translate to a damage boost).

With all that done, let’s get to the mission 15’s prologue:

A week after Shirogane's death, Kazuma reports to the log that life is starting to return back to normal.
Though Kazuma had never talked one on one with Shirogane, the weight of his presence was unmistakable.
Despite the unfathomable shock the Go-Lion team sustained, they've spent the last week training Fahra to make good on her promise to take Shirogane's place.
The trouble is that the Blue Lion hasn't budged an inch since Shirogane died – and so far Leo and Tessa haven't figured out why.

Fahra certainly isn't soft-pedaling the training, pushing herself to her very limits during countless combat simulations and not shying away from Kogane's barked instructions.
The crew members watching her progress are very impressed: her spirit and skills are at least as good as they were on Altea.
The fact the Blue Lion remains inert is weighing heavily on the other team members' minds, and is probably part of the reason why Kogane is so relentless in pushing Fahra.

Gai, her designated coach, is in the middle of advising her about her footing when landing when he staggers himself - his G-Stone system seems to be showing the strain of this week of exertion.
As he leaves Kogane in charge, Mikoto decides to check with Leo about Gai's condition.

Leo and Tessa are reporting to the command crew that the Blue Lion is currently a total cipher.
Taiga takes this pragmatically, noting that if our collective brainpower can't crack this one, no one else's could either.
The only other avenue is to bring Liger and Professor Kanzaki in on it, and Leo doubts Liger will do anything more than wreck the Blue Lion.

Hyuuma proposes that he could be the one to pilot the Blue Lion (an idea that even Bless and Freeman entertain as Wärter needs Golion back) but Leo shoots him down saying he’s been working with Tessa on something to make up for the Golion's current inability to transform.
This plan will even take some of the strain off Gai, who is going to suffer irreparable damage if things go on as they are now.
Freeman wonders if Gai too has a ticking bomb within his body and he agrees with Tessa that Liger must be brought in on the Blue Lion problem.
Leo, no fool, gruffly agrees.

Tessa meanwhile muses that if *that* doesn't work, she and Kaname may have to resort to something drastic.
As fate would have it, Liger has just radioed in with a message...

After her training finishes for the morning, Fahra heads to the cafeteria, where our people continue to encourage her.
As Gai once said to Mamoru, the "lion" is a symbol of bravery, the king of warriors apparently all across the galaxy.
Fahra notes that whoever created Galeon must have had the same aesthetics.
She doesn't linger long, since she's actually got more training all afternoon.

Sousuke is trying to figure out how the princess went from avoiding battle to full-out warrior in a matter of days, and Kurz says it's all revenge over the man she loved dying.
Aki is quite sure that there was nothing like that between Shirogane and Fahra, and Mao figures if anything it's a desire to atone for Shirogane dying while protecting her.

Heero cuts in, stating that if that's truly her motivation, it won't sustain her long.
Sousuke agrees, saying that one needs something beyond a mere sense of duty to persist in battle.
Since it seems to be anger fueling Fahra's current spurt, Aki recommends not trying to tell the princess that just now.
D-Boy weighs in too, noting that it might almost be better if Fahra didn't have to become a combatant in this whole mess.

She might not have much choice, since a dispatch order comes in from the Northwest. It seems Liger's report was about a bunch of human-like unknowns who've been nosing around something in that direction.
Tekkamen? Orgun? Tekkaman Evil himself?
No one is sure, and at least Kaname isn't going to be coming along to find out – that’s too much excitement for her to handle.