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Part 55: Mission 15 - Five-Colored Chains, Gold-Colored Hero - Part 1 (Includes Boss Analysis #3 - "Three Little Evil Alien Abominations" Edition)

Mission 15 - Five-Colored Chains, Gold-Colored Hero

Continuing my recent trend of posting semi-unrelated BGMs, I’m gonna see the game’s “Gold-Colored Hero” and raise a Dream-Colored Chaser.

It's a short trip to Arizona for everyone except Gai, who hasn't responded to Mamoru's G-Stone adjustment.
Since this isn’t a Zondar attack, Leo doesn't want Gai to sortie for now.

As for Fahra, she's come along for the ride regardless of her de facto non-combatant status - but before Kogane can talk to her about that...

...the Radam attack, which would lend credence to the idea that it was a Tekkaman that Liger spotted.

The only way to be sure is to kill your way through these bad guys, and we can't afford to lose anyone in the process.
This will be a bit harder with both lions out of commission, but no one is inclined to blame their pilots – the rest of Wärter will just have to work extra-hard to compensate for their absence.

Fahra asks Kogane what he was trying to say, but he opts to save whatever it is until after the battle.

I don’t think there’s any need to do another vote for this one seeing as how we had 17 “viable” units to deploy among 15 spots; Hyoryuu and Enryuu are doing well on levels so I felt it was better to give Mao and (especially) Kurz some time to catch up.

Nearly all Radam mooks are too far away to do anything, so this phase is mostly used to move our team ahead. Even so, Mike can start raising Getter’s morale.

Every little bit counts.

Enemy Phase!

Only a handful of Radam are actually able to hit our people and I made sure that all of the front-runners were Focus’d.

Aw, I was hoping for a crit.

The Mother also tries her hand at Blade and gets slapped away.

The last Monster that can get in range goes for Heero. Might as well overkill the shit out of him.

Good man.

Player Phase!

Now our melee actually starts. Volfogg will get rid of that Monster with some support from Sousuke.

Volfogg reminds me that he doesn’t need no stinkin’ supports.

Kurz does his thing as snipes away half a Monster’s health.

Mao finishes the job.

Gotta make good use of those Friendship bonuses. Sousuke goes up by Mao before readying his Shotgun.

Can anyone other than GGG units get lucky crits, please?

Hayato won’t let me down, will he?

No, he won’t. Thanks, bud.

Akito finishes off Sousuke’s Monster.

Mike is hard at work, singing for Kouji this time.

Kouji then sets out to blast a monster with his Photon Beam.

This beam doesn’t feel right after playing SRW Z2, ya know…

Duo further weakens the Mother that attacked Blade before.

Kazuma promptly jets over and finishes it off while chaining into the nearby Monster.

Said Monster gets tagged by Hikaru but, sadly, she was too far away to use anything strong enough to kill it.

Ryouko then finishes the job.

As the battle wears on, an actual person, not a Tekkaman, makes their way to the edge of the combat zone, huffing and puffing from exertion.

Whoever it is is a) glad to finally meet you, and b) being pursued by not one, not two, but THREE Tekkamen.

Whoever that girl is, she quickly Tek-sets to defend herself.
She seems in rather poor shape and liable to fall under the enemy Tekkamen's fire unless we do something quick.

Blade quickly tells you that she’s his sister Miyuki (a.k.a. Tekkaman Rapier); the one he’s told us about and she’s on your side.
Bless thinks quickly, and declares that the enemy of your enemy is your friend, and orders everyone to protect her, touching off a competition among your ladykiller types who'll get to guard her first.

Sadly, it won't be that easy as Penchinon and a passel of Zondar show up, intent on grabbing the ailing Tekkaman for themselves.
Penchinon helpfully informs you that the Tek System is the armor the Radam developed to keep themselves from being Mechanized, but adds that in her weakened state, Rapier will be unable to avoid succumbing to Zondar Metal.

Miyuki quickly Zondarizes, being absorbed by an EI-15.

The other Tekkamen waste no time whaling on the Zondar-Tekkaman.
It's pretty clear that Miyuki is in the same boat as D-Boy, tagged as a traitor to the Radam cause, but saving her from this three-way fragdown won't be easy.
Ines assures that Miyuki is still alive in any case., though; she can't have fully merged with the Zondar around her, or her experimental value (her Tek-system) to the Zondarians wouldn't amount to much.

In short, you've got to pull out the Zondar core just as normal, but the only one who can do about to step onto the battlefield despite his ailing health.
Fahra sees Shirogane's determination reflected in Gai's unshakable will to fight for what's right.
As she ponders this, he tells her that so long as she thinks of herself as Shirogane's replacement, she'll never be able to fight.
Fighting isn't a duty or a mission - it's proof of human courage! He tells her to remember what it's like to fight for her own sake, on her own terms.

It seems Gai's speech has roused Galeon, at least...

Gai steps proudly onto the battlefield, though he admits that he's in pretty lousy shape and figures he's only good for one Hell and Heaven.
The rest of the crew assure him that they'll give him that shot at saving D-Boy's sister.
In the process, you've got to block the other Tekkamen from getting to Miyuki, or it'll be all over.

Ho-hum. You’d be surprised at how quickly this can go sour if all 3 Tekkamen gang up on EI-15 even though it has a decent bunch of health (Miyuki almost died when those 3 ganged up on her, on my first playthrough).

With that in mind, let’s send Blade near them and the Zondar to create a tempting target.

Enemy Phase!

Hayato (with Alert) gets attacked by a Monster… *snicker*.

A much more reasonable Mother goes for Mike…who doesn’t have Focus cast.

Urgh. That wouldn’t be half as annoying if not for the fact that she took away some of his movement range.

Ryouma and Benkei have shown off their tricks so it’s time for some Hayato.

Oi! Go attack someone else already!

Damn it…there goes Mao’s movement.

And Kouji’s gonna get slowed as well…fantastic.

At least he took a chunk of the Mother’s health.

The last monster goes for Kazuma but, despite the extra 10% buff from the Learning OS, he doesn’t crit.

Tekkaman Sword draws first blood on Zondar-Miyuki.

Tekkaman Axe, however, decides to go for Blade.

: Gh... all the remaining Tekkamen awakened?

He’ll probably regen the damage from the Crash Intrude but still…

Tekkaman Lance does something unexpected: he bypasses Blade and goes straight for Gaogaigar. Gai is protected by the watchful gaze of Bless, though.

: Out of my way! I don't have time for you!
: I have to save D-Boy's sister while my body can still hold out!

Very nice. Since Lance was so kind as to come this close to us, he’ll be our first target.

And now things get kind of annoying…remember that if NPC factions fight each other, you do not get a chance to switch inbetween battle modes? Yeah, the Mistral tries his hand at Axe.

That Bushnell goes for Lance…

Thankfully, all others are too far away to attack the tekkamen and Blade does a number on a Garada, a Taurus and Doublas.

…and a Mistral.

I just realized…does this technically consist of a catfight? Hmm…

Player Phase!

Back to work. Let’s have Akito deal with that Mother.

…At least, Ryouko was on standby to support him.

A Distortion Attack seems like overkill but that’s really the name of the game.

Yurika takes it upon herself to soften that Mother up.

Mike sings to Herr Kaiser.

Herr Kaiser hulks out!

Not many Radam left in full health. Volfogg can handle one of them.

Oh, so when I’m expecting a critical/oneshot it won’t happen? I see how that is…

Ryouko takes the kill as I’m trying to build up their morale for a combination attack.

Izumi takes the other.

This weakened Mother should be an easy kill for Kurz.

That’ll do.

And there’s the level up. Kurz’s Prevail grows to L2…and he still can’t take a hit for that thing to be worth anything.

Two Radam mooks left. Duo swoops in to slice the last Monster a new one.

Finally, Mao can grab an assist from Hayato to finish off the Mother.

Time to start working on Tekkaman Lance; Kazuma will begin with an assist from Big Daddy.

: Damn it! Their attacks are making me dizzy!
: Kazuma! I'll project their moves for you, okay?

Yow. That did a lot more damage than I expected.

I should probably go quickly over the 3 Tekkamen before I end up killing Lance by accident:

All tekkamen are similar to each other but with some slight differences to each other. Tekkaman Axe is the bulkiest of the bunch with more HP, Armor and attack power but slightly slower; Tekkaman Lance is in the middle ground, sporting an even amount on all fronts; finally, Tekkaman Sword (despite the fact that she uses a Bo-Staff) is the physically weaker but, sporting an S rating in Air, she’s by far the dodgiest and most accurate.

They all follow the attacking conventions of Tekkamen with a Crash Intrude-like attack, a main weapon attack and two Voltekka’s (one MAP that they never use and one, 3-8 range, single-target).

Their Pilot Skills are also similar:

With that out of the way, Gai might as well keep beating on Lance (with Invincible cast).

Just a wee bit more. Bless’s torpedoes can handle it.

Heero needs a to catch up on levels so he gets a Cheer cast and…

: They have superior maneuverability... I have to predict and lead their motion...

Tekkaman Lance is worth a Hovercraft.

Lance isn't too reluctant to pull out, implying that Miyuki is finished sooner or later anyway (none may escape the will of the Radam, Blade is next, etc).

As the battle proceeds, the other Lion pilots are getting fed up and are ready to sortie even if they can't combine.
Fahra is willing to stay here and guard Mamoru, who'll be needed once the Core is removed.
Mamoru assures Fahra that your people won't lose to the Radam or Zondar.

However, when he pats the Blue Lion to tell it to keep resting easy, it actually responds to him!

Up from it floats an image, as though of an angel in prayer, which in turn reveals Honerva nearby!
She's been hiding out ever since her failed assassination attempt took Shirogane's life, and is overjoyed to have witnessed part of Golion's secrets.
And now that she's sure Shirogane is truly dead, she tries to take Fahra's life next.

Mamoru is able to protect her by carrying Hornerva far away from the ship, revealing himself in the process to be the inheritor of the Lion's legacy.
Honerva plans to punish him for getting in her way, and Mamoru can't withstand her sorcerous flames for long.

But with the Blue Lion functional and Fahra charges onto the scene.

She uses her Lion's water powers to extinguish the flame.
She orders Honerva to return to Dai Bazaal, and inform him that Fahra is going to personally see to it that the evil of the Galra is laid low.

Go-Lion then combines, and Honerva retreats with many a spiteful word for our people.
Mamoru, safe again, heads back into the ship as Fahra exhorts Kogane to get their butt back to the business of saving D-Boy's sister.
Akatsuki notes that it seems Wärter has just gained a full-fledged warrior woman!

Since this is such an awesome mission. I reckon I’ll just do the whole thing in one go but I’ll break it up in two posts so it doesn’t exceed the character limit.