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Part 56: Mission 15 - Five-Colored Chains, Gold-Colored Hero - Part 2 (a.k.a. the one with HIKARI NI NARE!)

Eeeh…I’d rather not have to do this but this is too perfect to pass on (and, truth be told, they’d all go for Blade on their phase).

All other units move closer to start working on Sword next.

Enemy Phase!

Tekkaman Sword/Bo-staff moves first and keeps attacking EI-15.

Axe once again goes for Blade and I remain too stubborn to realize that he’ll probably regen everything again.

The one Mistral that survived Blade’s MAP wastes his good luck by doing a suicide run against Axe (and he misses).

The Doublas, however, gets a Crash Intrude as a prize for coming too close.
Along with that, another Taurus and Doublas get smacked around.

EI-15 decides that attacking Sword ain’t gonna work, so she sets her sight on Golion.

: Are you okay, Princess?
: I'll be fine, Kogane! Focus on the enemy!
: All right, I trust you!
: Gai showed me what Shirogane was trying to say...
: I must help him to defeat his enemy!

Sadly, for her, Suzuishi had Alert going and he gets kicked around some.

As I said above, Sword is the dodgiest of the three Tekkaman. So let’s have Mike (with Strike and Invincible) wreck her mobility with the power of ROCK (and an assist from Bless).

Very, very nice.

Now, those mooks back there are really getting on my nerves and I don’t want Blade hogging any more experience/kills. Big Daddy will handle the rest (paired with Strike/Fighting Spirit to make sure they all go).

Bah, how come those Mistrals are so bulky? Everything else dies, though.

Either way, they all get a level and Akane learns Fury (next attack will bypass the target’s defensive measures and support defends).

Only 3 Zondar remain so Gai takes one.

With Mike’s wonderful debuff in place, Kazuma needs only Focus to 0%/100% Tekkaman Sword.

Her Prevail knocks the damage down some but she’ll go down quick enough.

See that? Even Kurz has no issues getting perfect numbers against a Semi-Prevail’d Sword. Mike is the best!

That’s good enough.

Now, despite the week-long training session with Kogane, Fahra joins at level 1 so she needs to play catch-up. The best way to begin is with a Cheer’d victory against a boss - Kurogane also casts Lucky for .

Sword cryptically calls out to a “Kengo” before she dies. I wonder who that is…

Either way, that’s 2 levels for everyone (Kurogane learns Daunt – lowers target’s morale by 10) and 4 levels for Fahra; Sword is also worth a Flight Unit.[/i]

She answers Blade's worst fears: now that all these Tekkaman are revived, Lord Omega's plans are in motion. This whole planet will be Radam fodder in short order.

We, probably, will not be able to kill Axe this turn but we might as well start witling him down.

Remember to keep the Nadesico folks close to each other. Sending Hikaru in first will allow Izumi and Ryouko to get near her before going for Axe.


Ryouko follows up with a Distortion Attack of her own (emptying her energy reserve…outside of the Nadesico’s beam range).

Izumi does what little she can being so far away.

Seeing as how Axe is living for at least one more turn we might as well take the time to clean up the remaining Zondar. Blade weakens the Garada with his Teklancer.

Heero then moves in for the kill with his Machine Cannon.

The better part of this victory is that it pushes him over 130 morale and turns on the Zero System.

Shin Getter is our last unit and it’s rather too far away to finish a mook.
So, he might as well fire a Getter Beam at Axe.

: They're this much smaller, but they're as strong as Getter. These Tekkaman are incredibly dangerous!

This is one of the times where I find myself wondering how much damage that would’ve been if the size modifiers weren’t broken (Axe is SS, Getter is L).

Enemy Phase!

At least Axe is tenacious; he keeps going after Blade.

What an unimpressive Voltekka that was…Even Dagger had a cut-in and he died so early!


Finally, EI-15 decides to go after the Nadesico and gets Gravity Blasted for his troubles.

Player Phase!

Alright, let’s get this over with. Golion weakens Axe just a wee bit more.

Everyone levels up, except the one that needs it the most…at least Kogane learned Invincible.

Since I’m trying to maximize my cash inflow, I’ll have Getter take the kill with Hayato’s Lucky and a Cheer cast.

Everyone nabs 2 levels and Hayato learns Focus (yeeeesssss).
Axe is worth a Dust Filter (raises ground terrain rating to S).

He chuckles and tells "Young Master Takaya" that he only came here today to catch a glimpse of his face. The next time they meet, he'll take his whole head!

Mind, Kouji and Sousuke had stuff to say to the Tekkamen but never got around to doing it:[i/

-Kouji Vs. Any Tekkaman-
: Come on! They're tiny and zipping around in the sky! How do you expect me to hit them?

-Sousuke Vs. Any Tekkaman-
: So these are the Tekkamen... they're stronger than they look!

[i]EI-15 is no problem at all. However, before we deal with him let’s take the remaining Garada (must get all ). Akito weakens it some with Gekigan Flare.

Now, finally, I’ll take the time to properly show off the last one of Kazuma’s moves (and it’s dynamic kill).

With all that done, let’s turn EI-15 into the dead-est thing this side of the equator. Volfogg sets out to crack its barrier with an assist from Kurz.

That “wubwubwubwub” sound from the ECS/Holographic Camouflage is the happiest sound in the game behind the Open Get noise.

Sousuke, Mao and Kurz are near each other. You know what that means!

Yow, that’s actually some pretty impressive damage.

FYI, EI-15 drops piss for money so don’t waste a Bless on him. I’ll just use my final Cheer cast and let Kouji take him out.

Oi! That did less damage than Uruz Strike…what the hell?

Either way, EI-15 is worth an A-Adaptor, a Cartridge, and a Support Defense +1 (and no levels…*grumble*).

Also, Blade did have something to say to EI-15:

: Hold on, Miyuki! I'm coming to save you!

Miyuki's signature is fading fast, and Gai gamely readies himself for Hell and Heaven.

But Mikoto screams for him not to, frantically saying that he's sustained more damage in the battle than his body can handle.
Try the technique, and Gai and Gaogaigar will surely disintegrate due to the shock created when the G-Stone's offensive and defensive powers are merged in an instant.

: Uargh!
: Gai!
: Gai! You know what’s going to happen! Why are you still doing it?!
: Because I have already decided…this is my chosen fight!!
: Stop, Gai! I…I…
: Don’t give up, D-Boy! You should know this already: a strong heart will find a way!!
: A strong heart…
: Trust me, D-Boy! Let me hear that cry of your soul!
: My sister…Miyuki…Gai, please save Miyuki!! I beg of you!!
: You bet!

: Watch it! The Zondar is starting to regenerate!
: GAI!
: Something is descending towards us.

: That’s…!
: It looks like a GGG Robot…
: The name’s Goldymarg! But we can leave introductions for later! Gaogaigar, use me!
: But…
: Quit hesitating, Gaogaigar! Entrust your courage to me!!

: Alright…Goldymarg! Come!!

Miyuki is safe in Gai's hand, and our people marvel at the incredible power Goldy brings to the table: a gravitational wave that can turn an enemy into pure light.

Penchinon is furious that we've stolen his sample, but he's got bigger problems to worry about when Big Volfogg sets off in pursuit.
Penchinon vows that the next time they meet will be Volfogg's last, though of course he won't say why.
D-Boy tells Gai that he's in his debt, but Gai says that today's victory belongs to all - especially to D-Boy, whose cry made it possible.
And it's now clear that Fahra has found her place on the battlefield.

Indeed: no amount of wishing could bring Shirogane back.
Therefore, Fahra needs to fight not for his sake, but for her own - to be a comrade in her own right.
She's now found her resolve, both as an individual and as the leader of the Leo Union, to bring the fight to the Galra.
What she doesn't know is how the Blue Lion came back to life; it's clear you don't know everything about Golion yet.

Fahra privately suspects that it may be somehow connected to who or whatever is furnishing Mamoru his powers.
But if so, what was that goddess-like image they saw?

Gai is doing just fine, thanks to Goldymarg making it.
Goldy's official name is the "Gravity Shockwave Generating Tool", the ultimate in the Tool series and designed specifically to protect Gaogaigar.
Goldymarg's somewhat brusque personality was modeled on Hyuuma's personality at the last minute: brave to be sure, but perhaps a bit simple in the head.

Apparently this is the sort of manly robot Akane likes, and she's rather too eager to give him a full body oil job.
As for Miyuki, she's completely free of the Zondar Metal and been taken aboard the Nadesico, suffering from extreme weakness.

The cat is now out of the bag about D-Boy and his family being converted into the Tekkaman that we’ve been fighting.
His proper name is Aiba Takaya, and Bless figures that D-Boy never actually lost his memory in the first place.
He asks quite firmly what happened aboard the Cygnalite Project's ship Argos, one of the vessels investigating the black hole X-1 in the Cygnus constellation.
Ruri explains that this was mankind's first major interstellar expedition, with which contact was lost quite some time ago.

Noal points out that D-Boy doesn't look very willing to talk about what he knows, but Bless is quite firm that he will have to do so as soon as they reach the GGG American base.

Pasdar is upset that Penchinon failed to get the Tekkaman, but Pizza and Primada tell him not to worry: their plans are already in their final stages.
Pasdar isn't convinced: the Tekkamen and their ability to resist the Zondar have been evolving over the last thousands of years.
They constitute a major unknown in the plan.

Polonaise figures he's got just the thing: something he and Primada will construct that no one and nothing can possibly withstand.
Pasdar tells them to hurry: the final stage of the plan will begin as soon as they're ready.
He tells all the weak-hearted people of Earth that the time is fast approaching for them to receive his power...