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Part 170: Mission 46 - At The Dawn of a New Age - Part 2

Alright, it’s the final battle against Rang. The Eviluder mooks are a bit stronger but nothing we can’t handle.

Mostly, they got an HP boost.

Gaofighgar finishes Prayer’s work while Gai Daigouji works on the Eido II that spawns.

Using Assail, Kazuma can take it down without any problem.

Didn’t even need to have it weakened.

Enemy Phase!

Most Eviluders start closing in and a couple get in range to take a shot at the Nadesico.

Thanks, Gai.
Neither of them died but that’s expected.

The last one to get in range decides to go after Gai Murakumo.

Good man.

Player Phase!

Since they went through the trouble of staying bunched up like that…

Death all over the place.

Kira takes an assist from Ryouko and kills one of them Eido II.

While Gai Daigouji will finish Murakumo’s Eido.

So many Gais…

Speaking of, let’s take this chance to show off the Blue Frame’s awesome Lohengrin Launcher!

That kill bumps both Kira and Blade into 130 morale.

Now that both Gais are out of the way, Ruri is free to MAP the things in front of her.
She only gets one kill since it was the Gravity Blaster but that’s good enough.

We have people who can take care of the rest.

I was actually surprised that the Eido II got enough of a mobility boost to make Gai get less than 100% hit chance.
Still, 85% was enough to get them both punched.

There were a couple of Eido IIs that didn’t get MAP’d, so Bonta-kun whittles them down.

Orgun will take it from here.

Good show.

Here’s one thing that I didn’t remember: the Lightning Strike quite a good MAP attack.
It is ammo based, has a wide area-of-effect and doesn’t hit our guys.

Shame that I didn’t upgrade the Strike much of that could have killed all of them.
Using Valor, Muu takes one down and leaves the others hanging by a thread.

While that happens, Aki moves through the south and slashes away a trio of Eidos.

The two kills give Pegas II a level and teach him Renew!

One of Muu’s survivors gets taken by Ryouko.

Which gives us a great opportunity to try out Prayer’s new DRAGOON System attack!

Blade follows up on Aki’s attack on the same pack of mooks.

Quick Gerbera Straight chain-attack should finish them off.

It didn’t show but the second mook survived with fucking 53 HP.

Either way, Athrun has the last attack and oneshots an Eido II.

Enemy Phase!

Gaofighgar gets attacked but, as usual, he gives no fucks about that.

A couple of Eidos also go after Prayer.

Aye, that works well.

Lowe’s Eido suicides against Athrun and Blade weakens one of the ones in the back.

Oh? I thought Rang was going to jump at the chance to attack Orgun.

Damn, son. Rang broke through Protect Wall even when Gai was defending.
There goes that invincibility streak that he had going on…

Player Phase!

Bonta-kun and Ryouko quickly take down a couple weakened Eidos.

Now that the mooks are fresh, we’ll have Prayer use the MAP-version of the DRAGOON.


Cagalli and Gai Daigouji quickly finish off the last Eidos.

And considering that we can wreck Rang real quick, I’ll have Lowe overkill the shit out of this Eido II with the Powered Red’s version of the 150m Gerbera Straight!

Kira could have killed it but I’d rather him to merely weaken the last Eido II.

Because it allows me to show off the METEOR Freedom and Justice’s Combination Sword Attack!

With that all done, let’s get to work on Rang.

: Answer me, Head Detonator! Were the Earthlings your ancestors?!
: Of all the things you could’ve said, that one’s simply ridiculous!
: We are the Eviluders! We are the strongest of beings, bestowed with the power to survive in this universe!

Gotta try harder than that, Rang.

As Rang’s Prevail L9 starts ticking, we’ll toss our available Supers at him to speed the process.
Sadly, Valguard can’t get close enough to use Cross Proton Punisher.


Gai, save me!

Much better.

This is good enough. Now, let’s have Orgun finish him off!

: The weak will disappear! That is their fate!
: You’re wrong! There’s something in this Earth that the Eviluders have lost!
: Orgun…what is it that fascinated you and Leave so much?!

Rang is worth a Power Extender, a BP+1, and an Ignore Size Modifier.

: Orgun! Lord Miku had prophesized that you all would become a threat to us!
: A prophecy?!

: Rang…
: (If the Eviluder’s body inside the Solid Armor really is human…)
: (…Then, that Commander Zoa...could it be…?)

All Eviluders are confirmed destroyed and the Nadesico-C is working out very well.
Minato says that the ship did so well because of Harry’s excellent piloting (making the kid blush).

To see it off on the mission to Mars is the Re-Home; Lowe is quite impressed at George’s speech and the captain says that the last time he had to get so serious, he still had shoulders!
Akatsuki and Genichirou are also accompanying the ship; our people ask Akatsuki why he kept himself hidden for so long and he coyly tells us that he's been busy fighting for our people in the underworld.

As for why he joined our team in the past, he says it was good for blowing off the stress of being a major CEO.
He was also Akito's mystery backer, giving him both the Black Selena and the Eucharis (as well as having Genichirou train him on combat), and the one who kept Ines' condition secret; he figured it was best to have her seemingly dead than risk her being kidnapped by the Successors, like Akito and Yurika.
Ruri pointedly asks him if he's a good guy or a bad guy.
He doesn’t give her a straight answer but figures a truckload of cash, to help us reequip, and some direct assistance will be enough to convince us of his intentions?

200000 bucks !
This is the result of doing the secret on mission 24 (destroy Kusakabe’s ship): you get the cash, Tsukumo joins in his Daitetsujin, Akatsuki joins in his Aestivalis II and Genichirou joins in his Astromelia.

If you didn’t care to do the secret, you’d only get Tsukumo in a crappy Tetsujin.

As Kurz and Milly quickly forget their reservations and fall over themselves in gratitude, Akatsuki smirks and says that the rich are invincible.

Genichirou and Tsukumo are seeing each other for the first time in quite a while, ever since the messy assassination.
Tsukumo now understands why Gort didn’t tell him about Genichirou’s location: he had joined Nergal’s Secret Service ever since the end of the Lizard War; Genichirou tells his old friend to keep walking the well-lit straight and narrow while he supports him from the shadows.
It's the best he can do to make up for his sins.
Tsukumo will go along with this, but tells his Genichirou that they are friends still, just as he swore on Jupiter, making Genichirou smirk that Tsukumo is still the same hot-blooded man as ever.
With the battle done, Ruri calls everyone back to the Nadesico; as soon as repairs are done, we’ll be jumping to Mars.

Aboard the Zomar, Zoa tells Miku of Rang's failure.
Miku isn't surprised that her warnings about Orgun were right, and tells Zoa to keep heading to Earth; there, they will absorb everything about a certain person, and destroy the rest.
As their founder Aiba taught them, victory through force is the only thing that matters.
Zoa rejoices over their founder's greatness, whose genius helped them develop the Solid Armor; he cries to the soldiers to make haste getting the Zomar to the Solar System and to destroy the Radam along with everything else on Earth.

Inwardly, Miku is feeling another prophet like her, on Earth, calling inside her visions of the future.
It makes sense that she’d have a connection to someone, though, since Earth is their long-lost homeland...

Leonardo has been cooperating with The Database and they’re quite impressed with the amount of data inside his head: Inference's current theory is that the knowledge of the Whispered is some sort of database, stored at the genetic level by the proto-culture that spawned Earth.
The problem is, now that The Database has recorded the knowledge in Leonardo's head, they have no further use for him.
Rather than just submit to being killed, Leonardo points out that there's no less than two more Whispered on Earth whose data they haven't got yet; besides, if the plan of their allies is to wipe out the entire Solar System, there's no need to specifically kill him, right?

Seeing as how Leonardo is a living record of sorts, Inference is willing to let him tag along as far as Earth – after that, he’s on his own.
Leonardo in turn tells them that the two remaining Whispered are on Mars.
Inference smirks and says that his reactions are quite different from that of another genius man, who insisted on helping and stayed among The Database; Leonardo shrugs and says that all people are different but the "son" always seems to resemble the "father".
Inference frowns and says he doesn't like the sound of that but Leonardo says he was just thinking out loud.
The two bid each other farewell, doubting they'll see each other again...