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Part 169: Mission 46 - At the Dawn of a New Age - Part 1

Mission 46 - At the Dawn of a New Age

Our own mission is about to start, Taiga wishing us good luck and hoping for news of our victory against the Successors.
Kaidou and Leo will be acting separately to try to figure out what the Sol Lords are up to and Gai promises that we’ll return soon to help him with that battle; Papillon implores Michi to take good care of Blade and Orgun, while she continues researching the Eviluder-Radam link on Earth.
Papillion’s vision and the discovery of the Eviluders origin has made Michi decide rejoin our group to D-Boy and Tomoru bring an end to this fight as soon as possible.
The Professor isn't around but with Re-Home wasn’t made for the front lines, anyway.

It’s now December 31st, Federation Space Calendar year 100.
With half an hour until New Year's, Rose will soon be giving her New Year's speech at the United Nations - just a little more until the new century arrives; Horis says that it's up our people to make sure that this new century doesn't belong to the Successors.

Ruri gives the order for Harry to start expanding the Distortion Field for the Boson Jump but before we can even depart, a combined Successor/Zaft force arrives.
As Taiga feared, Plant came to the aid of their old Jovian allies for a joint attack on Earth – for JUSTICE.

Tomoru knows there isn’t much he can do to stop D-Boy’s suffering but what he CAN do is to help him end this battle sooner.
In any case, we've got to break through these guys before we can Jump to Mars, lest Orbit Base be unguarded.

Here we go and you may notice some old friends among the Successor Troops: they have brought a Majin, Tetsujin and a Denjin.

Still, you’ll find that, despite the absence of some of our powerhouses ( ), we are so upgraded that these things will crumble quickly.

The METEOR packs essentially turn the Freedom and Justice into Super Robots that dodge like Real Robots.

The Beam Sword attack would be a bit too expensive (30 EN per use) but the packs also boost their EN total.

As always, Athrun is the better physical attacker.

Gaofighgar quickly finishes Bonta-kun’s target while Blade starts picking a GuAIZ apart.

Aki should have no problem finishing it off.

Yup, yup.

Orgun easily oneshots a GINN – those damage upgrades are coming in nicely.

Everyone else gets closer but aren’t in attack range.

Enemy Phase!

Wanna get revenge for your allies, eh?

Ah, those fields…
Orgun also gets accosted by another Sekishiki and a Majin, both who take similar amounts of damage to above.

A couple Sekishikis go after Gaofighgar.

They both hurt but barely live.

Athrun also gets accosted by a GINN and Sekishiki.

As usual, the Sekishiki barely hangs on but not his buddy GINN.

The other mooks try sniping but fail miserably at hitting anything.

Player Phase!

Bonta-kun pulls a chain attack and takes down Gaofighgar’s Sekishiki while slapping a GINN a bit.

This gives him a level and Prevail L8 (yes, Bonta-kun does know Soul, Confuse AND Love).

Now, we’re bringing a whole bunch of new units to the table so let’s have a look at their best tricks.
First off is the Lightning Strike’s Type 70-31 E.M. Cannon!

Next up, let’s have Cagalli carve a path with a chain-attack.

Alright, one kill works.

Prayer follows it up and takes another one down.

Finally, time to show off Lowe’s new Gerbera Straight attack – two good things change with this one: it now has a 1-3 range and it can ALSO chain-attack!

Ryouko starts working on a nearby GINN.

And Gai Daigouji should be able to finish the job.

Good man.

Using Assail, Shihomi takes down another Sekishiki.

While Kazuma lines up a chain-attack.

Better to focus on that Majin as that Sekishiki will probably die with other chain-attacks.

Like so.

Blade will take care of the rest.

See? These things are no problem now.

Aki and Orgun continue plowing the road.

I’d rather spare Gai’s EN and save that Lohengrin Launcher for later.

No problems here.

Gaofighgar and Athrun quickly cut the Denjin down to size.

That bumps Athrun’s morale enough to activate SEED.

Enemy Phase!

Pick on the Valstork, will ya?

The picture got all wonky but Shihomi managed to dodge that Gravity Blast!
The last CGUE also tries and also misses.

The Denjin tries to MAP but fails miserably.

Player Phase!

Time to wrap things up but, since we’re here, I might as well show off the Strike IWSP’s strongest attack: 115mm Railgun.

Kira and Athrun tag team the Tetsujin into submission.

Ryouko will call for Gai Daigouji’s assist and leave the Denjin prepped for our grand finale.


Now, if you’ve wondered what Sousuke was tinkering on Bonta-kun before the mission, here it is: it’s gained a new strongest attack with MASS PRODUCTION BONTA-KUNS!

Once the enemy troop is destroyed, our people try to start the Jump sequence but we are, once again, quickly interrupted by another incoming wave.
The Successors are aware of what we’re up to and their leader is very determined not to let us get to Mars; their surprise attack strikes a direct hit on the Nadesico.

They proclaim that their victory is all but assured; their plan is in effect and Earth will be unable to resist falling under their control.
Ruri, much to the Successor Captain’s chagrin, says their troops might be delayed “a bit”.

By the United Nation’s HQ, the Successor troops are easily jumping right in, thanks to their newfound synchrony with “Sleeping Beauty's” dreams.
There are no Federation troops nearby – they probably fled shamefully at the sight of their army’s power!
With the way clear, the Successors charge into HQ to capture the Chairman but inside…

They find Megumi, wishing “Happy New Year”!
The Successor trooper asks if this is the Chairman but the Captain quickly tells the moron that of course it’s not the wizened Rose.

For this great moment of celebration, she introduces her band mates, including Akatsuki, Nergal's elusive president.

The Successors' attempt at DIVINE JUSTICE against him is repulsed cold by Akatsuki’s portable Distortion Field.
Akatsuki tells them not to underestimate the rich and says that he’s hoping to put an end to this foolish fighting; he also adds that no organization that would try to take the Federation’s United Nations hostage can claim itself to be on the side of Heaven.
Akatsuki advises them not to rush to their own death and to give up.
It slowly dawns on the Successors that it is they who've fallen into a trap, designed to decimate their will to fight; they refuse to give up on their quest for “Divine Justice” but Akatsuki calls another one of Megumi’s “bandmates”.

That would be Genichirou, who tells his one-time Jovian comrades that their brethren have either surrendered or are busy crying in Heaven at the moment.
The Successors cannot bring themselves to surrender, feeling the loud roar of their soul, yelling at them to fight for retribution!

If that’s the case, Genichirou says that special guest Relena will be more than happy to lecture about non-violent means of resolving disputes.
She even brought Marimea, who tells them that no new world can be brought about with conflict – it’s done so by people working together with one another; Marimea remembers how Treize sacrificed himself to teach humankind the cost of war, so that they would find a new way to make their future.
Despite the worlds of both girls, some among them still wish to fight for a New World Order, as is their duty given by the Prophet!

The coup-de-grâce comes from George Glenn, who phones up to point out that that's not what he meant by "Coordinator".
They were supposed to fix things, not make them worse.
He understands their wish to make things better but encourages them not to be hasty in changing the world; true Coordinators would understand that this is a process that can only come when the world itself is ready – it’s a result of gentle guidance, cooperation and maintenance.
Being lectured by Genichirou, Relena, Marimea and George saps whatever aggression the Successors had left.

Rose finally appears but the Successor Captain does not attack; so, Rose asks them to take a seat for the real New Year's oration.

In addition to the usual New Year's greetings, Rose announces to all the peoples of the world that a collaborator within Plant has given her the Neutron Jammer Canceller.
The Successors quickly panic as this means Earth will be able to use nukes against Plant but Rose proclaims that she will not allow it to be used by the military; she also declares that she seeks peace with the Successors, and pledges her support for the Klein faction within Plant.
The Successors heard right: Rose has no intention whatsoever of wiping them out.

Pointing to the Wärter's record as defenders of everyone, she proclaims that all mankind is facing a far greater, common menace right now: one that will require all people to join hands to fend off.
The world is about to change, and that change will involve each and every individual; believing in the strength of the human heart, she asks all humans within earshot to join the cause as the new century begins.
Akatsuki, his job complete, tells Megumi that he’s sent the “last Nadesico” over to Ruri (made out of the data collected by Akito and Lapis) and, when she connects with it, she and Omoikane will be invincible.

Our people in space are amazed at this turn of events, wishing they'd have bugged Akatsuki to pick up more of the tab back at the ramen shop now that they know who he really is.
While the table is now set for peace between Earth and Plant, we still need to deal with the warmongers on both sides before they can interfere; nevertheless, this is the closest we’ve ever been and Kira knows that Lacus will be incredibly happy to hear about it.
Lowe now understands why the Re-Home wasn’t around: it had to find a safe place to transfer George’s mind to the HQ.

Most Successors dropped their weapons but a few remain, determined to fight for their new world order; however, we get a little extra help from Tsukumo.
He yells too the hard-liners that this battle has no purpose and tells them not to make their loved ones cry by giving their lives for something like it.

Along with him are Hikaru and Izumi, who had joined up with the Nergal Secret Service and took a ride with the latest Nadesico-class ship to join our fight: the Nadesico-C.
While we were away, Prospector was doing his job and gathered the old crew back but, since their piloting skills had rusted due to civilian life, it took longer than he expected to get everyone up to speed.
Tsukomo tells the Successors to retreat and, once again, not to make their loved ones sad – the remaining ones begrudgingly agree and leave the area.

Uribatake sends the Nadesico-C over so that Ruri and Harry can switch and, to help with our Boson Jump to Mars, they've even got a double- secret weapon with them: Ines, the A-Class Jumper!
Ryouko and others are obviously confused, as they were told that Ines had been killed.

She's about to launch into an explanation of her survival when some uninvited guests appear: a band of Eviluders led by Rang, who had hoped to surprise the humans as they fought each other.
Rang announces that Commander Zoa wants Orgun dead, and figures that it's his job as Head Detonator to make it happen before the Zomar arrives; hearing the name “Zoa” seems to remind Blade of something.
Orgun, of course, isn’t willing to be stopped in a place like this.

Our people quickly transfer Omoikane to the Nadesico-C and send the B back to GGG.
Once we take the Eviluders down, the path will be clear for us to Jump to Mars.
Ryouko quickly tags back with her old friends, eager for their first joint battle in a very long time!

Orgun and Rang both agree that it’s high time they settled their fight.
Only one them will be leaving here alive!

By the by, here's where the Bonta-kun attack comes from: