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Part 168: Post-mission 45 Intermission and Mission 46 - Prologue

We’re back after our route split and we’ve an intermission at our hands.
First things first, the top aces:

1st place is still Gai’s but Kazuma is hanging close.

PP Upgrades:

Gai Murakumo works well at both long and close range, so he takes a near-even Split between Melee and Shooting with a wee bit of Evasion and Accuracy for good measure.

Elijah also follows the same school.

Skill Parts:

Prayer is our strongest sniper that doesn’t yet know Hit & Away, so he takes that.

For whatever reason, Ryouma still hasn’t maxed out Multicombo, so we fix that.

Kouji takes an extra Support Defend, taking him to L2.

Gai, having high skill due to Coordinator, takes Counter.

Most of our Supers have maxed Prevail, so the Dragon Bros. take this one (reaching L8).

Finally, for lack of a better option, Blade takes Support Request.

Unit Upgrades:

We’ve a decent bunch of cash, so Gaofighgar takes a bonus to Armor and Weapons.

Valguard takes a bit of everything but EN.

Great Mazinger was lagging a bit behind, so he gets a bonus to weapons.

Shin Getter also gets weapons and a point in mobility.

Orgun maxes out mobility, while also taking a bonus in EN and Weapons.

Finally, the last bit of cash gives Mike mobility and EN (I really should remember to upgrade his weapons a bit more).

Unit Parts:

I finally remembered to give some stuff to Orgun: he takes a Booster for the extra +1 movement and a Hyper Sensor for +10 Mobility.

Like I said before, the Blue Frame needs extra movement so he takes a Booster and, to further help him reach stuff, a High Performance Radar for +1 weapon range.

Valstork/Valguard gets the New Super Alloy Z (超合金ニューZ ) to become real beefy.

The Dreadnought doesn’t fly and Prayer could make good use of extra movement: as such, he takes the Lifter Module and a High Performance Radar for good measure.

That’s all there is but did you notice? We spent in-game Christmas fighting baddies!

Better late than never, let’s see if Santa comes by on the 30th:

At Orbit Base, a certain bespectacled girl is telling Michi about a vision of hope and power stemming from that something entrusted to her by those swallowed by the darkness beyond the stars.
They will return, but with their hopes twisted; when Michi asks whether "they" refers to the Eviluders, Radam or someone else entirely, the girl cannot say.
She can also sense two knights of steel who will arise to face the menace overshadowing mankind, and that a great, golden light will determine the fate of all.

On his log, Kazuma informs that data on the Neutron Jammer Cancellers has been conveyed to the GGG and Rose, with firm promises to not misuse them.
Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and after that, New Year's itself, on which the Successors' plans will go into motion.
The Federation Army is expecting it and has set their troops on high alert but, truthfully, all the vigilance in the world won’t help them when the Successors start Boson Jumping all over the place.

To stop them, our people have decided to Jump to Mars and strike during the frenzy of their preparations.
The Feds failed before because they lack the ability to Jump all the way to Mars, leaving themselves open to long-range attack from the main Ruins.
Even for our people, and with Nergal's help, it'll be a stretch due to the lack of A-Class Jumpers present: without someone like Akito, Yurika or Ines to form a clear vision of Mars, it’s not certain that the jump will be successful.
It’s not a very encouraging prologue to the mission but we have no choice but to try.

Kumi Jefferson is on TV and, once again, is giving a new prophecy of doom – relating how she feels the encroaching darkness getting even closer and, soon, it will arrive on Earth, signaling it’s end.
Youko isn't thrilled by this new prophecy but the strong girls of our team have decided to pay no mind to that – reality is constantly changed and the future is something that they’ll make with their own hands.
There’s no prophecy so gloomy that Neo-Wärter cannot fix with the courage and strength we have, Yumi figures.
Which is why we're going to Mars, using the Nadesico B's Distortion Field to enfold all our fleet for a simultaneous Jump; no A-Class Jumper, incomplete repairs on the Nadesico...we’ll just have to compensate for all that if we’re stop the incoming Successor invasion.
There’s no more time to wait as each moment that we idle is another that Tessa, Kaname and Lacus remain captive – we must not let them down.

Kazuma isn’t really listening, being forced by Levin and Shihomi to deliver tea to all the Neo-Wärter ladies as punishment for not helping with dinner.
The women are quite happy to order several different types of teas for him to make, reminding that he brought this on himself after spending so much time trying to convince one of them to go on a new-year’s date with him (and failing).

At the Orbit Base Hangar, Lowe has been working with Liger to make use of the data given to him by Jean Carrey.
Luckily for him, when Forreston sent Michi over, he also sent the Wilberwind Construction System – the same system that was used to make Tomoru’s Solid Armor out of Orgun’s data.

With said system, Erika and Liger were able to construct a pair of prodigious power cylinders to attach to the Red Frame's arms!
With this, Lowe can easily swing the 150m Gerbera Straight without having to rely on the Power Loader; Lowe figures that since this is a new form of the Red Frame, it’ll be called the Powered Red!

Hell, yeah!

Another important thing, too, Leo brings news that Taiga has approved (Shounin!) Lowe and Gai’s new upgrade plans to the Blue Frame.
Such approval was necessary because they intend to install a nuclear generator on the Second L (and, as a result, a Neutron Jammer Canceller) to run its anti-proton assault cannon – a miniaturized version of the Archangel's Lohengrin.
Heero, impressed, says that that this will give the resulting mech the greatest firepower of any MS; Prayer is sure that someone as careful as Gai will be responsible with his new power.

Maximum Power!

Walteld also brings gifts: Zaft was working on some armament modules for the Freedom and Justice, to be carried by the Eternal.
They’ve stolen these "METEOR" modules (Mobile suit Embedded Tactical EnfORcer) along with the ship and they’re ready for use; unfortunately, the Eternal can't make the trip to Mars (still recovering from Creuset’s attack) but the modules can be kept inside the large Valstork.
Kira is a bit worried if he’ll be able to put this power to good use but Kazuma says there’s no problem here: they’re gonna get Lacus and the girls back either way – that’s what he should be thinking of.

Keep ‘em coming!

Waltfeld also has something to speak with Prayer.
Apparently, inside the Eternal were parts that are compatible with the Dreadnought: weapons to be used with the DRAGOON system.

When Lowe asks about it, Waltfeld mentions that the DRAGOON (Disconnected Rapid Armament Group Overlook Operation Network) is a Zaft-made system based on the Gunbarrels and uses Quantum Communications to allow the pilot brain-waves to remotely control the systems’ weapons.
Muu also knows that even the Gunbarrels were incredibly hard to control (to the point where only he and a handful of pilots could use them) and is impressed that Prayer is capable of using it.

Hey, that’s pretty cool too!

Kazahana is quite impressed with the kid but Prayer isn't exactly thrilled to be one of the chosen few, since it means being "chosen" to be a weapon.
Same goes for Kira, still reeling from the discovery of his status as a “Super Coordinator” and the reason for his birth.
Lowe gives them a talking-to: tools are judged good or bad based on what their wielder does with them.
There's no such thing as a person forced to be a killer; likewise, their new armaments don't have to be about adding to the body count if their users don't wish for that.
Not all weapons are lethal, after all – it’s all about the way they USE those weapons.

Lowe deems the Dreadnought to be also an Astray since it follows a path different than the one it was made for and, seeing how it has this big X-shaped weapon on its back, it should be called “X Astray” now!
He tells them all to fight as they see fit, so long as they have peace of mind on the battlefield; Kira is now feeling better and promises Waltfeld that we’ll be successful and, should the moment arrive, he’ll use the METEOR to protect everyone.

If you’ve completed the secret, Cagalli is a bit bummed that everyone’s getting a power-up but not her; this problem is fixed by Erika who has a gift for Cagalli: the Strike Rouge’s Integrated Weapons Striker Pack (IWSP), made with the idea of combining all three original Strike packs into one.
With this Cagalli should have no problem keeping up with everyone else and Muu will also be able to use it, as both Strikes are compatible.
Inwardly, Erika thinks to Mina Sahaku that Cagalli is slowly growing as a leader; so she asks that Mina wait just a bit longer, as Cagalli may yet become a person willing to guide Orb.

Not a bad reward considering how simple it is to get Cagalli a few kills in that desert mission.

Erika has more, though, (if you’ve completed the secret) and brings the Lighting Striker Pack for Muu.
This pack is made with a main focus on long-range attacks by way of its shoulder-mounted Electromagnetic Cannon and makes a much more compatible fit with Muu’s style; it should also be usable with the Strike Rouge, of course, but Muu doesn’t think Cagalli’s very suited for that kind super long-range attack.
Cagalli just huffs at this and Kisaka takes it as proof that she’s aware of that deficiency of hers; inwardly, Erika tells Cagalli to hang in there as she’ll be burdened with Orb’s future eventually.

Cool beans. Now Muu can fly and snipe away, like he should!

Looking at all the Mobile Suits getting some love, Youko starts thinking that her Birdman may be showing its age – especially when you keep in mind the upcoming challenges.
Mao and Kurz suggest she try an Arm Slave but she says she’s too used to piloting high-speed units and the AS would be too cumbersome.
Ushiyama then offers her something that she’ll like: a new Solid Armor (if you got the secret )!
Just like Michi was able to make one out of Orgun’s data, the data Leave sent over allowed her to piece a new one together using the Wilberwind; the systems of the Leave-Type Solid armor are similar to the Birdman, so she shouldn’t have any issues using it.

Sadly, I couldn’t find a picture of this.

Speaking of Michi, Kurz asks what she’s been doing lately and Ushiyama informs that she has been researching the Radam and Eviluders since she arrived and will probably stay in Orbit Base to avoid the Federation breathing down her neck.
She seems to have made a breakthrough recently and, last he heard, was going to meet D-Boy as soon as he arrived.

Again, if you've done the secret, Mao and Kurz find Sousuke as he’s putting the finishing touches on the upgraded Bonta-kun – now with remote control of the Mass Produced units!
His comrades are astounded that he's still messing with the thing, figuring he’d prefer the Arbalest and its Lambda Driver; Sousuke, however, insists it's ideally suited for operations in urban environments and especially inside buildings (while Swan finds it a very cute mouse).
Clouseau will allow him to bring it along, so long as he gets to test-drive the thing first, to make sure it is truly combat ready; Mao inwardly sighs at this and Kurz quickly realizes that Clouseau’s inner-child has been tickled by the big cartoon mouse.
Sousuke, meanwhile, is mentally asking Kaname and Tessa to wait just a bit more – he’s coming to fulfill his promise.

Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. FUMOFUUUUUUUU!

D-Boy's running some medical tests but everything seems fine and he should be good to go to Mars.
Noal tells him not to act so tough, especially considering the situation he’s in but D-Boy insists that, as a member of Neo-Wärter, he has a duty to complete and can’t be stuck in a bed – he wants to use what time’s left to fight the enemies of Earth.

Yumi tries to cheer him up with some flowers.
Problem is, his mental decay doesn’t allow him to recognize the bouquet of Amaryllis – Miyuki’s favorite flowers, as Yumi reminds him.
She begs his forgiveness for this but he doesn’t blame her; it’s thanks to her that bits of Miyuki’s memory resurfaced – they’re just about the same age.
He remembers something Kazuma said about the value of memories and wishes he had the foresight to have recorded his memories somewhere.

Michi then comes in, surprised to see Tomoru here (he was also checking on D-Boy), with an unexpected guest: Papillon.
Renée is dumbfounded, as she remembers Papillion dying in front of her; Gai quickly realizes the truth and Papillion confirms: she’s a Replijin, made by the Pas-Q Machine.

The original was indeed killed in Repli-Mamoru's assault back when, but the copy had already been made and found its way to GGG via the replicated memories.
Entouji certifies that she's got the same mind and heart as his original lover, which is good enough for the rest of your people – even Renée, who’s glad to see her old friend again; David figures this to be a good luck sign for us but, before D-Boy gets set up for the battle, Michi and Papillion requests he stay behind to talk.

After everyone leaves, they inform D-Boy that they want to talk on the subject of his father and his message at Jupiter.
They've managed to piece together from the information his father gave about the Radam and Eviluders, and so far only Taiga and Freeman have been briefed on their findings.

It turns out the Solid Armor was actually modeled on the Tek-System, and by reverse-engineering what the original physiology of the Eviluders must have been from the Solid Armor's final form, Michi has concluded that the Eviluders are, in fact, humans.
Papillon's Sensing Mind has concurred: they are in fact Earthlings, or were many generations ago; this has D-Boy confused, since his Radam memories speak of many centuries of war between the two sides - how could people from that long ago build something so sophisticated?
They do not now as that's all they've been able to find out; they don’t understand why his father became something of a prophet to the Eviluders, either, but Michi tells D-Boy that there's a way to learn more: contact The Database.

It's game time for the Martian Successors and Kusakabe is rallying the troops.
Victory is assured with the power of the Martian Ruins and the Boson Jump, they’ll restore order and prosperity and will punish the corrupt Earthlings for years of crimes against them!
They know that with their "priestesses" bringing the Boson Jump system under control, there’s no way for the plan to fail; their main target will be the New Year's festivities at the New Federation HQ, coincidentally the hundredth anniversary of the Jovians being driven from the Earth.
Kusakabe yells to the troops that the time has come to transition from being the villains to being the creators of a new world order.

The Whispered aren't very impressed at how the troops act as if victory is assured, but Yamasaki says that the rank and file are partially in the right to be so confident.
The Federation is in tatters due to Blue Cosmos “management” and they’ll have support from Plant; the Coordinators have been allied with the Jovians since George Glenn’s time and were more than eager to help.

Kaname argues that people like Blue Cosmos made the Jovians suffer in the past but most Earthlings are not like that.
Yamasaki, however, feels that those that turned the other cheek to the Federation’s crimes are just as accountable; he isn’t as passionate as Kusakabe but he wants this battle as any other Jovian and is counting on Lacus to make things happen properly.
Kaname begs Tessa and Lacus to stop this, making Yamasaki remind that they are here as guests and have been treated properly because of their cooperation: what does she think will happen if she turns…uncooperative?
Tessa tells Kaname not to worry and to hang on to faith – mentally, she tells Sousuke to hurry.

Ah, so many additions to the team and so little room - let's get this voting time underway!

First off, Orgun is launching as an event and so is the Nadesico but, for whatever reason, the Valstork isn’t, meaning that we need to spend a deployment slot on it.

Considering my policy of prioritizing originals, this’ll leave you guys with 13 slots to choose among the myriad of units below.
Voting will remain open until Friday.

See you all then!