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Part 189: Post-Mission 50 Intermission and Mission 51 (Moon Route) - Burning Away One's Life - Part 1

Real small intermission today, so let’s get through it quick-like.
As usual, we’ll start with the Top Aces:

Kazuma magnetism on the previous mission has allowed him to catch up to Gai a bit more – meanwhile, Blade’s absence propels Yumi to 3rd place.

Unit Upgrades:

Mao and Kurz are useful but they have fell a bit behind on upgrades.
We close the gap a bit with some extra EN (for combined attacks), mobility and weapon power.

The remaining cash is used to boost Valzacard’s HP and Armor.

And that’s all!

At the Nadesico, we’ve just received a transmission from the Archangel confirming that the Fermion Missile ships have been shot down – the rest of our team is en-route towards Jachin Due to start our assault on Genesis..
Jun is aghast at the reports that nearly all of the Federation Army’s losses were due to a single shot of the Genesis; Yukina and Minato can’t believe such a massive army was destroyed so easily and Prospector notes that our other half has quite a daunting task.

Ines ran a simulation regarding the potential damage of a direct hit of a Genesis shot on Earth and it indicates an extinction of 80% of all life.
Jun doesn’t understand why someone would make a weapon like this but Ruri knows that’s just the kind of man Patrick Zala is: he’s convinced that the only solution to this conflict is the absolute extermination of the Naturals.
Thankfully, it takes a long while to generate the Gamma energy necessary to fire, meaning it can’t rapid-fire; our best bet is to trust on our other team and focus our attention on stopping the Radam trees as they can damage Earth just as badly as Genesis.

The conversation is interrupted with a transmission from Aki, detailing D-Boy’s victory over Evil and his departure towards the moon.
Ruri has the information relayed to the Valzacard and orders the engine power increased to catch up to Blade.
Inwardly, Ruri reminds D-Boy that Aki isn't the only one praying for his victory…

Mission 51 (Moon Route) - Burning Away One's Life

At the Moon, Omega is grandly proclaiming to the Radam inside their ship (larva) that the time has come for their revival.
He calls out to the great tribe of the Radam and asks if they can feel the bodies that will serve as their hosts – they are being born this instant as the trees bloom!
Omega says that they’ll now go forth and claim the new Radam home planet: Earth!!
However, there is one final obstacle that must be surpassed and he is about to arrive: the traitor, Blade!

Omega extends a welcome to Blade, who can only repeatedly exclaim “RADAM!”.
Omega is rather impressed, to think that an incomplete Tekkaman like Blade would be able to even achieve Blasterization and the fact that he is even here means that he has also defeated Fong Lee and Shinya.
Still, Omega sees that the battles have taken their toll and that Blade isn’t even capable of creating a coherent thought or word - Blade is charging blindly against him, driven by nothing more than his anger and hatred!

This is an original event BGM that’s played several times over the game; however, it is constantly playing throughout this entire sequence

Blade goes completely berserk and powers up to attack the Radam.
In that case, Omega will extend his brother one final act of mercy: he will tear his body to bits and return the pieces to the Radam’s new home-world!!

Once again, if you’ve upgraded Blade, you should have no problem even when he’s outnumbered.

The morale difference means the mooks will be taking a whole lot more damage.
Also, like in previous situations like this, don’t worry about spending your SP.

Enemy Phase!

The Alien Tekkamen stay put but all Radam Mothers converge on Blade – they all lose some 60% of their health but that one we attacked before dies.

Omega will not move but he doesn’t really need to, as he’s packing a bunch of long-range attacks.

Yeah, Omega is so hardcore that he can summon copies of his old servants (except Evil).
When either you or Omega attack, the story progresses.

Blade does not stop his frenzy and Omega says that he’s pathetic – fueled as he is by his anger and hatred, his remaining life will be exhausted before the battle is even over.
He is now the same as these worms that live solely for their hatred of the Radam!

He means the Eviluders, who have just arrived, and Omega says he knows about the connection of Kouzou Aiba, his father, and them – how he saved their progenitors and gave them the means to create their Solid Armor.
However, it's meaningless and futile for them to resist the Radam, for they are the strongest - and only worthy – life-forms in the universe!

Omega quickly destroys half the Eviluder troops.
He yells out that the Radam will join with the Earthlings and destroy all others life-forms – such is their destiny!

All that the Eviluders do is either attack and miss the Alien Tekkamen or try to steal my Radam Mother kills and fail to down a single one.

Player Phase!

Since we’re not worrying about SP, I’ll have Blade cast Zeal so we can bombard these nearby mooks.

Everything dies.

Quickly, Blade takes a shot at Omega.

Omega once again berates Blade, wondering for how long he plans on resisting.
Blade is alone and this is the result of his betrayal of the Radam: he is standing here with none of his companions or family members to help.
He is going to die amidst this eternal loneliness!!

: D-boy!

: D-Boy! Answer me, please!
: This is what I was afraid of…
: Chief! Do you know what’s happening to D-Boy?!
: D-Boy had to use all of his might during that last battle and his body was like a fully-drawn bow; if he was drawn any further, he was likely to “break”.
: He was at his utmost limits but he still continued fighting, combine that with the emotional shock he suffered recently and the symptoms of continuous use of the Blaster Form.
: Such heavy strain has caused his brain cells to completely collapse.
: Wha…! Then, D-Boy is…!
: He seems to have lost his memory and all consciousness of his own existence…
: He seems to have even forgotten that he’s D-Boy, and that he’s Takaya Aiba.
: Now, all he has left is his anger and hatred towards the Radam…
: D-Boy! Listen to me, please!
: Live! You must keep on living!
: Even if you’ve lost your memories and everything else…none of that matters!
: Even if you can’t remember me or yourself, I just want you to return as you are. So, answer me! D-BOY!
: Silence, filthy abomination!

: Aah!
: Oh…Do you know that woman? So, you still retain a bit of your heart!
: However, as one who holds your human heart so dearly, what have you done?!
: The gravest sin a human can commit…you have murdered your own family!
: Why, you deserve to be a Radam even more than I do!
: Stop!
: Now, only I remain. Will you also kill the last of your family – YOUR OWN BROTHER?!

: …
: God…where are you now? He has lost almost everything…
: …his beloved father, siblings and friends…and even his memories of them.
: What else are you planning on taking away from him?
: How can you make one man carry such a burden on his shoulders?
: He’s just…he’s just a frightened soul…

: But he isn't alone.

: Neo-Wärter!
: Hang in there, D-Boy! You don't have to do this by yourself!
: After all the times you've saved us, it's our turn to save you!
: Mr. D! You have to remember all that time we fought together!
: You gave me a reason to keep living!
: Your courage has always showed us the way!
: You are strong - strong enough to escape your fate.
: You're the toughest spaceman there is! Show us what you're made of!
: Show us your powerful will in battle once again!
: Bring back the Blade that showed me the way!
: D-Boy!
: Aa…
: Urgh! Why won't you die, Blade? I will obliterate you for good!
: Now die at last, Blade! GRRRWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
: Omega!!

: D…Bo…y…


: I...I am not alone! I have my dear friends by my side!
: I am not D-Boy, nor am I Takaya Aiba! I'm Tekkaman Blade!
: But I am Tekkaman Blade of Neo-Wärter!
: D-boy!
: It's a miracle...
: A miracle that could only have happened to him, fighting on even in the depths of suffering...

The remaining Eviluders quickly withdraw from battle.
Orgun wonders if, perhaps, they sensed Blade’s heart and finally understood...

Blade’s recovery only serves to infuriate Omega more, who calls for reinforcements and is dead set on killing him once and for all.

: I have become one with this ship! And a Radam is a life-form that has undergone the ultimate evolution!

Regulate detects that Omega is trying to take off with the ship , but it still has to excavate itself from the lunar surface.
We've got four minutes/turns to kill him before he’s successful – if he takes off, he will land on Earth and all will be lost to the Radam trees.
Omega yells to our guys to look in front of them and realize that DEFEAT IS ALL THAT AWAAAAAAAIIIIIITS!!
Blade admits that he is, indeed, full of hatred and anger; however, he will now use those feelings to protect his comrades and humanity!

Four turns may seem like a lot but the time limit can be a bit tight considering the size of the battlefield.
The reason why I had Blade use Zeal is that, if you don’t attack Omega NOW, he will do so on his turn and take away one minute from your timer.

What I’ll try to do is spend two turns building morale, the third turn getting to the north side/killing those mooks up there and the fourth turn on Omega.
Mind, it’s usually not worth it to go after the Radam Warships as their big HP means you’ll waste precious time on them.

I tried splitting my powerhouses evenly but I can’t really afford to be conservative about who will be hoarding kills here – as such, Valzacard is sent right into the fray.

Sousuke makes use of his Support Request to call some assistance from Genichirou.

Huh…I had no idea he had a dynamic kill.

Orgun charges ahead and gets working on an Alien Tekkaman.

Mike lends him a hand with some rocking tunes.

We’ll have Gai finish the job.

Good man.

Aki and Vesna gang up on a Mother and take it down.

Sommer moves next to them and will go for Gai’s restored Alien.

Not bad…

Yumi softens him up further and he should die to a counterattack.

That’s all for today – this mission isn’t as long as the Plant Route but I couldn’t find a way to fit the rest three turns in here.

Come the next update, we’ll clean house on reinforcements and then wrap things up with Tekkaman Wakamoto.

See you all then!