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Part 190: Mission 51 (Moon Route) - Burning Away One's Life - Part 2 (Includes Boss Analysis #25 - "TEKKAMAN WAKAMOTOOOOOOO" Edition)

The Radam surround us from all sides, divided across four packs: west, northwest, east and northeast; Blade is right by the northern side and everyone else is waaaaaaay down south.

We’ve four turns to kill Omega and, if you’re not feeling risky, you can merely build morale on the mooks and get everyone by the boss ASAP.

However, I’m all about going in SRW games and, as such, I’ll be killing everything!

Enemy Phase!

Whichever Radam Mothers didn’t get blasted by Blade’s MAP make a beeline after him.

Seeing how they were weakened, none survive a Tek-Lancer to the face.
All of the other northern units stay put.

The southern Warship tries sniping at Gaogaigar, and misses, while the leader Alien Tekkaman trades blows with J.

Yes, that’s it…come a little closer…

Much better.
Two of the western Mothers also go after Gai – one gets oneshotted and the other barely lives.

Another Alien tries his hand at MAPing, scratching J’s paintjob, and a Mother tries in vain to hit Sommer.

Amidst all that, Sousuke gets his Lambda Driver going.

Will you walk into my parlor? Said Valzacard to the Aliens…

‘Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy.
All but one mook make a beeline for Valzacard and the only reason he didn’t kill more than two of them is because I made sure to use Hi-Proton Smasher most of the time (You have to share these kills, Kazuma!).
Annoyingly, one of the Mothers tagged him with the Movement Down debuff.

The only enemy that didn’t converge on Valzacard was this Mother that went after the Nadesico.

Omega has a bone to pick with Blade.

: What's the matter, Takaya?
: What happened to all your rage and hatred? HUH, TAKAYAAAA?!
: It's still here! I'll keep this rage and hatred burning until you've fallen!
: This is what my life is for!
: This is all I've been living for ever since that fateful day the Radam crossed the Argos' path!

Not much sense in attacking back as he’ll regen a good bunch.

Player Phase!

Three turns remain and that northern group is still quite healthy – Gaogaigar charges up.

Yumi will also help and set herself up to a future Double Reactor Voltekka.


I’ll leave a couple of units downstairs to deal with the remaining mooks – Dead will be one of them (he’s got no special lines against Omega).

Mike starts moving up north but will still take time to build some Disc X morale.

I don’t NEED to use debuff on Omega but I’d rather play it safe seeing how I’m spreading my troops so much.

Sommer can quickly move up top with his Accelerate – as such, he can afford to spend one more turn down below.

Valzacard inches northward but takes the time to cast Assail and hit the warship with a valored EXA Nova Shoot Over.

J will stick with Dead to handle the western warship but, for now, his target is the enemy commander.

Good man.

Ryouko and Hikaru stay together, each killing a weakened mook.

Kurz will also stay below and I try to have him and Gai deal some damage on the fresh Alien Tekkaman.

Sadly, Gai misses horribly…so much so that I missed taking the pictures, too!

Sousuke is still moving up north but takes the time to further weaken the Alien; Gai Daigouji gets some redemption and finishes the job.

Go get ‘im, Clouseau.

Come on, man…

Fine, Mao takes the kill.

Aki rushes up top and starts slashing.

Not bad, not bad…

Vesna and Orgun tag-team the Alien and take him out.

Blade will not join the team, however – he’ll focus on weakening the northeastern pack.
Sadly, Genichirou misses…

Enemy Phase!

One again, the Warship tries sniping at Gaogaigar.

All three northwestern Tekkamen try MAPing.

It does not work for any of them.

As expected, Blade draws the attention of his pack and weakens them all around, while killing that commander Alien.

The western warship tries to MAP but is stopped by J’s Generating Armor; following that up, this Alien decides to take direct action.

That’ll learn yer.

The eastern warship tries to get back at Valzacard but only gets another mouthful of explosions.

Damn it, Kurz, you’re right next to Clouseau!

Omega also joins in the Gaogaigar-sniping bandwagon.

: You... the final legacy of the Green Planet!
: You know what Genesic GaoGaiGar is? Then you know what its power can do to you!
: It is a relic of the old universe! THIS UNIVERSE BELONGS TO THE RADAAAAAAAAAAAAM!
: Then, I will destroy you! This universe has no place for your kind!

And misses! Shame on you.

Player Phase!

Two turns left - numbers didn’t run but Orgun went after the northwestern alien commander and took around 50% of its HP.

Mike grabs some help from Hiver and finishes the job.

Hikaru leads the charge against Blade’s side.


Mao and Kurz each down take one of the remaining Alien Tekkamen on the eastern front.

Clouseau will take the warship.

And that’s it for this side.

Clouseau is rewarded with a couple of levels and Prevail L7.

Dead tosses a valored Voltekka on the western warship, while Sommer starts working one a fresh Tekkaman.

Sousuke is almost at Omega but the extra morale will always do him good.

There we go.

Kazuma takes it upon himself to completely wreck another Tekkaman.

Only one more left on the northeastern front.
Get to it, Gai.

There we go.

No one really needs more morale, so Gaogaigar is free to start MAPing.

Two dead Alien Tekkamen and a wounded warship.

J and Aki both pick a ship and start blasting.

Can you do it, Yumi?

Aw…still, good effort.
Also, those missiles look fucking nasty.

Enemy Phase!

The northern Warships get MAPing and the only thing that takes a bit of damage is the Nadesico.

J dodges an incoming Voltekka with an ES Window and Ruri defends against Omega’s attack.

Player Phase!

One turn left, so we need to focus on Omega; before that, let’s have a quick look at him:

Omega is certainly different than all other Tekkaman bosses we’ve had – he’s built as a bulky but powerful bruiser.
As expected from end-game bosses he has a ton of stats on everything but also high HP and Armor; like all Radam, he sports a 10% HP Regen and 30% EN Regen but also has Sword Cut, so keep an eye out on what you’ll attack him with.

Also, like Creuset, he is carrying a Super-High Performance Electronic Brain.

Omega cannot move as he’s fused with the ship – as such, all his attacks have HUGE range and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to snipe at him.
He seems to prioritize his weaker Tentacle attack due to its massive accuracy modifier (+55!) and Movement Down effect, but if you’re farther than that he’ll just spam his Hand Voltekka.
Keep an eye out when his Prevail is running because that Voltekka can really hurt if it hits a real robot (possibly a oneshot).

Omega’s skills a rather similar to Creuset, too:

Conclusion: Omega’s bulkiness can take you by surprise and that’ll be a big problem if you’re struggling for time – Mike’s Disc X can really help out with this.
Softening him up with Blade wouldn’t work much as he regenerates nearly 10000 HP per turn, so you’ll probably only have one turn to really surround him with our guys; regardless, one turn is plenty of time to take him out if you throw everything at him.

First things first, we have some warships to destroy.

So satisfying.

Sommer does a quick Double Voltekka and takes out another one.

Casting Love, he gains three levels and learns Prevail L6.

For now, let’s turn our attention to Omega since I’d rather be safe and know that I have people available to attack.

There, now we go to town.

Orgun is up first.

: So, you remembered whence you came, Eviluder!
: Yeah. And I remember what else the Eviluders forgot, too: what it means to be human!
: Radam! You'll pay for taking the lives of the crew of the Cygnalite!
: I'll end you, but not for the Eviluders - I'll do it for humanity!

Omega’s bulkiness at least means that I don’t have to worry about his HP as I did with Creuset.

: So you're the big boss Radam, Omega! Don't think I'm not gonna hold back just because you're D-Boy's brother!
: "Hold back"? Such impertinence!
: I am the lord and master of the Radam, ruler of the whole universe! You humans are bugs before me!
: That's big talk coming from a guy who isn't even using his own body!
: I'll smack that little worm out of your ear and squish it!


: Eliminate the commander and the battle ends...Moving in!
: You DARE to challenge the Radam, with the WORTHLESS IMPLEMENTS OF HUUUUUMAAAAAANS?!?!
: A commander shouldn't display such emotions! Radam, this ends now!

Couldn’t let her sit this one out, could I?
Keep in mind that, since Blade is without Pegas, Yumi and Aki need to ditch their rides to be able to use any combined attacks.

: I'll make you Radam regret destroying D-Boy's future!
: Try if you like, you cheap imitation! You will learn that your life is nothing before the might of the Radam!
: That may be, but I'll lay my small life down... to fight for the one I love!

Alright, just a wee bit more – I’ll hold back on Valor for this one.

: Earthlings were never meant to tamper in the domain of Tekkamen!
: But we're here, alive, and so is D-Boy's dream!
: But it is my dream, and I'm not about to give it up for the likes of you!

Alright, I didn’t even need to use the Nadesico folk; as such, they all pop Valor and quickly cut the last Warship down to size.

Ryouko will do the honors.

Everything’s taken out!

Now, we can wrap this up.

Omega is worth his Super-High Performance Electric Brain, a Multicombo +1, and a Gunfight +1.

Omega yells out in disbelief over his defeat but proclaims that killing him will avail us nothing.
The Radam larvae inside the warship will still live and he will use the last of his strength to crash the ship into Earth!
Surely enough, the Radam ship is starting to drag itself out of the lunar surface.

Ruri gives the order to fire upon the ship and to shoot it down.
However, it’s no good: the ship is too massive and resilient – not even the combined shots of the Nadesico’s Gravity Blast and the Valzacard's main cannons can destroy it fast enough.

Tomoru steels himself to use “that”, but D-Boy stops him.
He says that Tomoru isn’t powerful enough to control that attack and, besides, this isn't the time or place to risk his life.
Blade reminds him, he’s the one that was ready to burn his life away during this fight and that’s what he intends to do to stop Omega.

Omega says that it’s useless – Blade will not be able to stop the ship’s drop on the Earth’s surface.
It’s explosion will raze the planet to the ground, exterminating all life that hasn’t been absorbed by the trees and, from them, the new Radam home-world will be born!
Blade will not sit by and watch – he says it’s time for both of them to face their final moments.

As the two clash, Ruri orders everyone to retreat.
Orgun obviously protests that they can’t just leave in this situation but Ruri says she's just received word that Genesis has been taken over – Kira’s team has been successful.
However, Genesis is already set to fire and Ruri can't think of a better target than this very spot.
Harry already detects the increase in Gamma radiation from the Plant sector and has initiated the countdown.

: Go! I will keep Omega immobilized and make sure he stays pinned down!
: D-Boy! I will not leave you to die alone!
: Someone! Take Aki and get her out of here!
: D-Boy!
: Live on for me, Aki… live in my place, and remember me…
: D-Boy…
: Damn it! D-Boy, we won’t forget you!
: D-Boy! I’ll fight… Orgun will fight, the way you showed us!

: R… release me, Takaya! I must change the vessel’s course!
: I won’t allow it!

: Omega…no, Kengo…we will pass away together...

: Let’s go home…

Balzac confirms the destruction of the Radam ship and Noal brings news of the other route, where Patrick Zala was toppled by a coup.
The Klein faction now intends to sue for peace with the UN, meaning the Earth-Zaft war is finally over, too.
Gai knows that while we were able to put an end to two fights, we’ve lost an irreplaceable comrade.
David is quite frustrated that, in the end, D-Boy had the same fate as the Radam; Aki thinks that D-Boy was able to choose his own end and only hopes that he had found a measure of peace in it.
Regardless, she is also frustrated that God didn’t care to grant even that small wish to D-Boy.

Kazuma hesitantly breaks the news to our people that D-Boy isn't the only casualty.
He relates how Kira got caught up in the Genesis blast, locked in a deathgrip with the man who had really been controlling the Zaft mess: Rau Le Creuset.
Our people are quite worried about Athrun, who Duo says is taking Kira’s death quite badly.

Gai says that despite these great losses, there are still other battles to be fought and Yumi tries her best to ease the pain.
She says that the best thing we can do is make sure to keep our comrades alive, as it were, in our memories - and to stay alive ourselves, so those memories don't expire.
This gets Aria thinking and Mihiro tells her how Bless taught them the same: even if a person dies, his deeds and the memory of him survive and that’s why he cared so much to preserve such things – so long as one bit of the memory endures, the person lives on.
Regulate says that was the reason why Bless created the Scribes of Knowledge: to preserve those memories into the future and onwards.
Tomoru promises D-Boy that they’ll keep fighting on his behalf and that he will keep all that he’s taught him close to his heart.
Aki also promises to never forget D-boy; however, their life goes on and Aki knows that mourning will have to wait until our other battles are finished.
Michi then enters, looking for Tomoru.

She says that the moment Papillion prophesized has arrived: the main part of the Eviluder fleet has, indeed, arrived at Solar System.
Among them is a mobile fortress fully a quarter the size of the moon, which has been spotted in the vicinity of Venus.
Renée wonders about this, though: why are they going there instead of directly to the Earth, if our planet has been their target since the start? Ines seems worried but, regardless of the Eviluders intentions, Michi reports that the orders from Orbit Base's are to head to Venus ASAP and to stop the Eviluders before they get to Earth.
With the Radam gone, the Eviluder's will not have anything diverting their attention and will attack soon.
Tomoru can only hope he's up to the challenge – and that he can show the same determination that D-Boy and the original Orgun showed.

Ines asks Michi to contact Taiga and get permission for a quick trip to Orbit Base – there is something she wants to check before we go to Venus.
Mainly, she seems to have an idea of where the Sol Lords may be hiding their regeneration machine.
J asks for more information but Ines will only speak once she’s certain and to do so she’ll need to poke inside Golion’s databanks a bit.
Still, she's got a very bad feeling and hopes her theory is wrong.

By the by, on the Plant Route, we also get most of these dialogues (as well as a recap of the Moon Route), but there are some extra bits:

Mainly, Prayer was also depressed for Kira, figuring he should’ve been the one to sacrifice himself due to his shortened life span – our people quickly argue that he shouldn’t be so eager to throw away whatever life he has left.

Lowe manages to give our people a bit of hope, saying that Kira’s Gundam was quite tough and there’s a chance that it could’ve protected Kira from the Genesis blast – just as he protected the Freedom’s secrets (Lowe doesn’t reveal that he thinks this because of how the Strike protected Kira in Orb, mind).
Then, they get called back to Orbit Base and promise to do their best to protect the world in Kira’s stead.

Also, as it turns out, Omega did have special dialogue for Bonta-kun! Here it is:

: Fumofumofu! Fumofu!

Small announcement: considering that the number of people that have lines in the next missions, I reckon no one would have an issue if I picked the team based on who has stuff to say, yes?
Since there won’t be any more votes, could I ask ya’ll to so we can grab a fresh page before starting mission 52? This one is already quite big.

See you all soon!