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Part 191: Post-Mission 51 Intermission and Mission 52 - Prologue

As I’ve stated before, I put more importance on the Moon Route’s secret than on the Plant Route ones; Yzak is rather bad, Lowe’s Red Strike is WAY too expensive to be reliable (and only very slightly better than Double Astray Blade) and the last secret, while good, isn’t as good as this one.
Quickly now, let’s check our top aces:

Kazuma is now five kills behind Gai…can he catch up before the end of the game?

Skill Parts:

As before, Gai Murakumo takes the Gunfight+1.

Tetsuya also takes the Infight +1 and Starting Morale +2.

For lack of a better option, Orgun takes Multicombo +1.

And, finally, Kouji takes the Support Request +1.

Unit Parts:

Great Mazinger replaced his Hybrid Armor with a Super Alloy New-Z, so the Eternal takes both that and a Sniper Scope.

Valzacard replaced its Megachip with the Gigachip, so Great Mazinger also takes that.

Finally, the Super High Performance Electronic Brain (超高性能電子頭脳) goes to the Powered Red.

Unit Upgrades:

One bad thing about taking the Moon Route is that it gives much less cash than the other but we can make do.
First off, the Eternal and Archangel both grab that extra bit of firepower.

The rest of the money is used to increase the HP, EN and Armor of Golion and Shin Getter.

It’s a straight shot to the end of the game now! Let’s get to it:

Kumi is having visions of a bright light, so bright that it rules over all – she wonders what is this light and what (or who) is causing it.
However, she senses that it is a light of evil, bent on the destruction of everything, and it's headed for Earth.

She then sees the bearer of the light, Miku, but the connection is broken right after.

Kumi is back in her office, alongside Papillion.
She now understands everything and says that they've got to hurry.
Papillon seems hesitant but quickly agrees to go to the place fate has ordained for the both of them, and indeed for all of the Neo-Wärter: the Warped Sun.

Tomoru is also having a vision and, in his case, is being contacted by Zoa who calls out to Orgun.
Zoa tells Orgun to remember his days of death and destruction, how much he enjoyed the battle.
Zoa urges him that it's not too late for him to return: he can still be a hero by fighting on his side - as one of the Eviluders' instruments of ruin!

Tomoru yells at this demon, who can only find himself by tearing down others, to shut his mouth.
Zoa is quite happy to feel that Eviluder instinct emanating from Orgun – the will to cause destruction; that is the true form of the Hero of the Eviluders!
That ANGER…that HATRED – that desire to destroy is what made Orgun the best Detonator!

Tomoru yells at Zoa to shut up, saying that he’s not fighting for any of that – he never wanted to hurt anyone.
Regardless, Zoa assures him that no one can escape their fate - and that the Earth he strives so hard to protect will be laid waste by Zoa's own hand.
Does Orgun think he has the power to stop that?
Tomoru points out that he's not alone in his fight: he’s got friends that will fight against him to protect Earth from Zoa’s savagery!
Zoa thinks that the Eviluders are the one and only life form suitable to inhabit the universe, as per the wishes of Aiba – the one that gave them their power!
Once again, Tomoru yells at him to shut up saying that D-Boy’s father never wished for them to turn out the way they did; Tomoru is in the process of saying what he, Orgun, will do when the connection fades.

Kazuma is relating to his log how things are good on the Plant and Radam front.
Peace Talks are already being planned and, with the death of Tekkaman Omega, most Radam trees have withered away -the last remaining ones are due for demolition by Disc X in due course.
Of course, getting to this point has involved many sacrifices, among whom are D-Boy and Kira but they’ve no time to dwell on that with the Eviluder fleet right on their doorstep.

Ines' ominous premonition is that the Eviluders' appearance at Venus has something to do with the Sol Lords' restoration machinery.
As such, she requested to inspect Golion’s, the Leo Culture’s legacy, memory banks in hopes of finding the key to this question.
A briefing about all that is about to begin, and once it's over, it will likely mean the start of the final battle for all of us.

The meeting is about to begin, with Taiga saying that the whole company is assembled.
Ines understands that time is of the essence and, as such, she will go straight to the point and will not use her usual “Naze Nani Nadesico” backdrop, frustrating Trowa.

Regardless, J starts with a question, wondering how is it that Ines came across her vast information on the Sol Lords?
Ines explains that her knowledge dates back to her Boson Jump from Utopia Colony to the Ancient Solar Culture, inheritors of what the residents of the previous universe referred to as the Border Culture (according to Regulate).
These people, who invented the Boson Jump Master System, also gave Ines the plate which her younger self handed over at the conclusion of the war with the Martian Successors.
The plate turns out to be a storage device, loaded with information about the Sol Lords.

She explains that the Ancient Solar folks were quite concerned about one of the civilizations among the Leo Culture: the residents of the old Trinary System.
It is understandable to Kaidou, considering how the Trinary System gave rise to the Zondar menace – mechanization was something that could threaten the entirety of the new universe, including the Solar culture, as it did in the previous one.
The Ancient Solar civilization had access to the records made by the Border Culture of the battle of the Trinary System, a compilation of data on the weapons and safeguards developed in the process – including the Sol Lords.
Upon hearing Ai’s information about the state of the future world, they realized that the Zondar would return and gathered the information on a Plate that would be useful in the fight against them.

Indeed, it was that very Memory Plate that they gave to “Ai” as she was sent back to the future.
The Plate contains data on every single system and weapons developed by the Trinary System and, Ines believes, can be used to shed light on the workings of the Sol Lords’ plan.
However, Tomoru asks, what does that all have to do with the Eviluders going to Venus?
She’ll get to that soon but says her “exposition” follows a strict procedure.

She then turns to Gai and asks him to recount of the Sol Lords that he met in Ganymede before being controlled by the Chemical Bolts: Palparepa, Abel, Pilnus, Pia Decem, Percurio, Puranus, Polturn, Ptulone, P-Vater and, as Mamoru points out, that false Cain.
Kouji is the first one to realize and Ines confirms that that’s her point: we’ve only met 10 of the so called 11 Sol Lords.
That, plus the fact we never found the Pas-Q machine, probably means that the eleventh Sol Lord has absorbed the machine, BECOMING the restoration device, and is now hiding elsewhere.

J gets hopeful that the Plate’s message gave her information about this eleventh enemy but, unfortunately, the plate hasn't been fully deciphered yet and Ines can’t confirm is there is anything useful inside.
Shihomi asks Regulate is she knows anything but, despite the fact that the Sol Lords once joined forces with The Database, both sides never trusted each other enough for her to have learned anything.
Aria mentions that the only reason they worked with the Sol Lords in the first place was because Inference wanted to record the information about them.

Still, what Ines has figured out is a way to speed up the deciphering process of the Plate: Golion.
It's always bugged her why the Sol Lords were so eager to destroy it, Seidou wondering if Golion may have a power that would threaten them.
Ines said that it’s something of the sort: she's realized that the goddess-like figure that's appeared before is the key to unlocking the true identity of the last Sol Lord, the restoration machine.
Just the way the Ancient Solar Culture saw fit to create a backup of the Trinary System’s information, the other half of the Leo Culture may have done the same.

Ines asks the Golion's crew to touch their mech and basically wish for the goddess to show them the path.
They remember how King Raimon has helped them before and hope that he’ll do so once more.
Ines also asks for Mamoru and Kaidou to help, channeling the power of their G-Stone and J-Jewel into the Blue Lion.
They all concentrate and wish deep in their minds for Golion to lend its power again and help us protect the universe.

Sure enough, a warm light expands out from the super robot, enveloping our team as the figure of the goddess appears from inside the Blue Lion.
Ines says that it is as she expected: what the Sol Lords feared was not Golion itself but the “goddess” that remained inside it.
When our people ask what she means, Ines explains that this system is no mere databank of knowledge from the Ancient Leo Culture – it is made out their own personalities; in essence, their souls (like Ide, for those that played Alpha 3).

It also holds the souls of dwellers of this universe, including Fahra's father Raimon.
He says that even though he no longer physically exists, he can remain as Raimon inside Golion and he is not the only one – countless souls from both this universe and the past one are stored inside.
This explains to Ines why Golion was able to use a Boson Jump, as when it carried the Space Ulf to the other side of the universe and Raimon elaborates: there was contact between the Leo and Border cultures in the previous universe.
It was their wish to defend the residents of the next universe, and they imbued Golion with numerous gadgets for the purpose, including the ability to Boson Jump by itself.

The sealed souls within and the information they can convey are one of them and Ines requests Raimon’s assistance in translating the contents of the Plate, in order to find the last Sol Lord.
He agrees and requests that Fahra inserts the Plate inside Golion’s main computer.

In a few moments Raimon shows us the last of the Sol Lords and the result strikes everyone as being impossible, but there is no mistake: the last Sol Lord is Pisa Sol, an artificial sun.
It now makes sense why we never found their Regeneration Machine as the Sol Lords must’ve hidden Pisa Sol by the actual Sun until their plans are ripe.
This means that the Eviluders were never actually going after Venus but, rather, after the Sun – Venus was merely chosen as their mustering point before the attack.
Michi’s imagines that the Eviluders figured it’d be a mistake to not eliminate such a huge target while it was inactive.

Kogane thanks the king, and vows not to waste the information.
Raimon, for his part, urges our band of heroes to hurry and use Golion to halt the indiscriminate attack of the remnants of the Leo Culture.
Fahra promises to her father that they will fulfill Golion’s mission.

: Gentlemen! Ladies! Our enemy is at the sun!
: The Earth Federation Army and Zaft are making emergency preparations to withstand the Eviluder invasion - our first priority will be to destroy the Sol Lords!
: All of Neo-Wärter must make their preparations immediately and get ready to depart towards the Sun as soon as they’re finished!

: I’m ready! Let’s do this!
: Heh…so, the final battle for the Solar System is gonna take place at the Sun of all places.
: Mr. D…I’ll do it! I’ll carry on your dream!
: Kira…I will also fight. I will fight as hard as you did in life.

Aria seems a bit worried and Mihiro asks what’s up.
She is pretty sure that The Database are sure to show up during our battle, if only to complete their records on the Sol Lords before they get wiped out, as they never got around to recording data on the actual Regeneration Machine.
To do so, they might just come to the Sol Lords' aid, which would likely include Applicant himself.
Akane wonders if we should go after the Database’s stronghold to mount a preemptive strike but Regulate wasn't able to transfer its location to the Arm Storer.

Still, Kazuma is sure that we'll get that info sooner or later.
For now, he asserts that the Sol Lords are our only concern; Aria is actually impressed at Kazuma decisive attitude, reminding her of Applicant.
Kazuma reminds her that he's his father's son, and it's actually Bless that she should be reminded of.
Inwardly, he thinks that he should do the same: Applicant is not his father, he is simply another enemy that we must defeat.
Regulate is looking at him with a bit of uneasiness…