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Part 188: Mission 50 (Moon Route) - Two Suspended in Time - Part 2

Yeesh…we barely get rid of Sword’s army of Alien Tekkamen and she calls a bunch more.
I guess it’s time to start MAPing…

First things first, Izumi gets working on that weakened Radam Warship that I forgot to finish off.

Aki should be able to take that kill.

You go, girl.

Not many units left with their move but Valzacard is just close enough to MAP a trio of Tekkamen – more importantly, he’ll get rid of a Command Aura.

Both Tekkamen die and the Warship takes a big hit.

Finally, Blade adds more damage to compensate for the 4000 HP that the warship will regen.

Enemy Phase!

I had hoped that Hikaru’s friendship bonus would’ve boosted her numbers higher than that…

Doesn’t matter, though.

Valzacard draws the attention of a couple of Tekkamen and rips them both a new one.

The Nadesico also gets its share of attention.

Four mooks attack, dealing not-insignificant damage but, despite the numbers being against her (50-60% chance to hit the Tekkamen), Ruri manages to hit all of them back nicely.

There’s also a couple other mooks that attack Gai but, just like attacking Valzacard, that is a HUGE mistake.

Sword chains Gai, Blade and Aki; for the sake of taking her Alert away, I’ll be having Gai attack.

She tagged Blade with 9% hit rate…

Player Phase!

Gai Daigouji and Dead strike a nice hit on a Tekkaman…leaving it with 39 HP…

Fine, Mao can take it.

So there.

Kurz also does his part and is rewarded with a level and Support Request L2.

Get to it, Vesna.

Having used Cheer, she gains a lot of levels and learns Multicombo L3.

Clouseau’s chain attack falls short of hitting one of the Aliens but he still nabs a kill.

Might as well pop Valor and have Youko finish this sumbitch.

Very good.

Ryouko quickly dispatches the second-to-last Alien Tekkaman…

And Ruri will take it upon herself to wreck the final one.

And that’s that.

Ruri and Harry take three levels and she learns Confuse.

Now, back to Sword.

: So, the imitation survives! But I will not let a mongrel like you sully Lord Omega's presence!
: That's why you fight for noble. I can't argue with that.
: But I'm a member of the Neo-Wärter, and I have a duty!

It won’t take very long.

Blade doesn’t need this kill but it wouldn’t feel right if he didn’t do something.

: Blade, the traitor...I will not allow you to make it to Lord Omega!
: Then why didn't you destroy me when you had the chance?
: That house is precious to Kengo...even if he can't remember it...
: Fong Li…
: Wrong! I am Tekkaman Sword and I will eradicate all who stand in Lord Omega's way!

Been a while since I used that attack, huh? If only it wasn’t so incredibly pricey…

Aki will show her the power of LOVE!

: Tekkaman will feel my blade!
: I know you've dedicated your life to Tekkaman Omega...I'm putting my life on the line too!
: For my planet...and for the one I love!

Sword is worth a Super Alloy New-Z, a Support Request +1 and an Infight +1.

: It’s over, Sword!!
: Urk…I…had to keep you here a while longer…Lord Evil will handle the rest…
: Where’s Sh...where’s Evil?!
: Kengo…I’m also useless… So, grant me one last wish…

*Sword charges after Aki!*

: !
: Chief!
: I was jealous of you…
: Huh…
: Kengo, who became Omega, lives for his mission and never once turned aside to pay attention to me…
: However, you personally became a Tekkaman and chose to live for the same goals as Blade…Takaya…
: Sword…
: And that’s why I’ll kill you! I’ll burn whatever remains of my life to do so!
: She’s…going to self-destruct!
: Hold on, boy! I’ll take it from here!!

: Old man!!

: Sorry but neither the man you love or the people you hate will be accompanying you to Hell…!
: Let me go! LET ME GO!!

: Urk!
: Sgt. Bernard!!
: Get outta there, Bernard! Hurry!!
: Bernard!!
: Hang in there, Tekkamen kids… this is all I can do…
: I leave the rest to you…Earth is depending on you and your friends…
: Pegas…I leave those kids to you…
: Well, then…
: L-let me go! LET ME GOOOOO!


: Sgt. Bernard…
: This was…the place the old man chose to spend his life…?
: …
: Pegas…? That song…is it…?!
: Bernard…? He’s dead…Bernard is dead?!
: YES…
: D-Boy…

: How unsightly, Blade!
: Evil!
: So, Sword was defeated…I’ll settle everything with you right now!
: Come, Takaya! We’ll fight where no one can get in our way!!
: Show the place, Shinya!

: Mr. D!
: Don’t go after them, Yumi!
: But, Noal…!
: Aki, you go!
: But…If I go…
: I know no one can get between those two…
: But, at least…you should see their battle with your own eyes.
: That’s your duty, Aki! D-Boy’s risking his life for you!
: I understand…I’ll go after D-Boy!

: We’re counting on you, Chief…
: Leave Evil to Blade and Aki – we’ll eliminate the remaining Radam.
: Win, D-Boy.
: There’s no way you’ll lose.
: The true enemy’s on the moon. We can’t start without you…!


: Heh…this abandoned colony will be the stage of our final battle.
: Evil…!
: Brother, I’m so happy. Right now, I can feel how wonderful it is to be alive.
: As expected, this battle was fate.
: Shinya, the fact that you and Kengo became Radam and that Miyuki had to die…
: Do you think you can really blame it all on “fate”?!
: I’m actually quite grateful. Thanks to my transformation into a Radam, I can settle things with you once and for all!
: Shinya!!
: Let’s go, Blade! This’ll be our last battle!!

Have I mentioned how much I love W's versions of Tekkaman Blade songs? Because I do.

Secret Alert!
Remember that Tekkaman Blade secret that we’ve been working at since the start of the game? Here is the last step: Blade must defeat Evil in 5 turns.

How easily this battle goes depends on how much you’ve used and upgraded Blade, of course.
Right now, Evil can’t even touch our powerhouse Blade.

Don’t be afraid to use your SP, too.

: Well, brother…aren’t we seriously trying to kill each other…?
: What?!
: Show me your true strength, brother…your Blaster power!
: Stop it!

: Aki…!
: We finally meet…
: You’re quite brave. No wonder my brother is in love with you.
: You look just like our dead mother.
: D-Boy is your brother! Why do you keep fighting like this?! Do you hate him that much?!
: Hate? I don’t hate him…in fact, I love him. I hate him, because I love him…it’s our blood destiny!
: Blood destiny…
: Even if we never became Tekkakmen, we’d still be destined to fight.
: We were once one and now we’re trying to become one again…that’s what this battle is about.
: Stand down, Aki! This battle is between me and him!
: I understand, D-Boy…I don’t think I would be able to stop you…
: Then, at least…I’ll witness this battle with my own eyes.
: Aki…
: In that case, look well! I’ll defeat my beloved brother right here!!

: Look, brother! I also managed to gain a new power!
: Blasterization…?!
: Kengo tried to stop me from doing it…
: But I wanted this power! I had to ask Sword for help…it was all to defeat you, brother!

: Fight me, brother! Take everything I have!!

Blaster Tekkaman Evil, as a unit, is rather similar to his original form – the difference comes in the boosts he got from the Blasterization.
His pilot stats got an increase all around and you will find that he’ll be MUCH dodgier, even if you use Focus.

Like Blade, his attacks also gained a power boost and his Blaster PSY Voltekka will probably oneshot Blade if it gets a clean hit (unless you’ve upgraded his HP and/or defense but you probably didn’t) – of course, it is still quite inaccurate and has a steep morale requirement.

Evil’s Pilot Skills have all increased since our last fight:
Conclusion: Defeating Evil in the time limit becomes a race against your own SP because if you don’t kill him by the time you run of Focus casts, it is VERY unlikely that you’ll hit him.
His Evasion is huge and it’ll be boosted further by his Prevail L9 which will also make him more resilient (meaning you’ll do less damage and his regen will slow the fight even more).

Normally I wouldn’t recommend save-scumming but your best bet is to weaken him with a Tek-Lancer or two, pop Focus plus Valor/Soul, save and keep trying until your Voltekka hits (it’ll get as low as 40% hit rate, WITH focus).
Of course, you can always keep whittling him down with your Tek-Lancer but, if you miss enough times or don’t get critical hits, you’ll run out of turns.

I’ll extend the fight long enough to get him to show off his tricks and then move in for the kill.

: I feel... wonderful, my brother! This is the greatest moment of my life!
: Radam or human, it doesn't matter to me! My whole life has come down to this instant!

Evil is worth an EN Gigachip, a BP+1, and a Starting Morale +2.

: Well done, brother…As expected, I…was no match…

: Shinya…
: Brother…it’s like I’ve been dreaming…
: Shinya…you’ve turned back into yourself…!
: Look at your feet…that bug-like creature…
: Is that…?!

: The Radam’s true form…
: A Radam is a parasite. It has no body of its own; you could call it an intelligent life-form comprised only of a highly-evolved brain.
: It can dominate any planet, under any circumstances, by possessing the bodies of higher life-forms.
: You were being controlled by that…! Had I found out about it sooner, I could’ve turned you back
: It’d be useless because I’m already dying. That’s why the Radam has abandoned me.
: Shinya…
: Now, they’ll inhabit the Tekkamen host –bodies that’ll be born all over the world.
: …Thank you, brother. For fighting me with everything you had.
: Don’t talk anymore…
: The strain of Blasterization damaged my body…
: Still, I was glad to be able to have one last battle against you, using all of my power…
*Explosions can be heard outside…*
: What…?!
: D-Boy! The Radam are attacking the colony!
: Of all the…!
: It’s OK, brother…I’ll go…
: I’ll fight for you…


: Shinya!
: What are you waiting for, brother?! You must head to the moon right now!
: But…
: I will help you…I will use whatever small amount of life remains in me to help your escape, brother!
: Shinya…
: Go! You must stop Kengo – that is all that I want you to do!
: Kh…
: These small vermin…and what happened to us…
: It’s because of them…! All because…BECAUSE OF THEM! AAAAAAAAAAARGH!
: D-Boy…
: I am…going to the moon.
: Wait, D-Boy! Neo-Wärter will be joining us soon-
: Both D-Boy and Takaya Aiba have died here!!
: I am…Tekkaman Blade!

: Wait, D-Boy! D-BOOOOOOY!

: …This is the last thing I can do for you…
: Thank you, Brother…and I’m sorry…


: Goodbye, Brother…