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Part 141: Mission 39 – The Iron Knight is Reborn - Part 1

Mission 39 – The Iron Knight is Reborn

: That’s…!
: I see it now…! That man is one of the white armors that showed up in my dream!
: Heh…have you Tek-Setted, Blade?
: I knew it, you’re that Tekkaman that appeared in Orb!
: That’s right! Prepare yourself, Tekkaman Blade!!
*Dead charges at Blade.*
: !
: Pegas!
*Pegas explodes.*
: I had that intrusive pile of junk disappear; this fight is just between you and me.
: Why is a member of Amalgam coming after me?!
: Those people simply Battle Formatted me. I’m no longer involved with them.
: So, you’re also an Earth-Made Tekkaman?
: That’s right. However, right now, I’m not a Human.
: No way…!
: Yes, it’s as you think! I am now Tekkaman Dead, of the Radam!
: How’s that, Tekkaman Blade? This should only make you want to fight me even more!
: Is that what it’s about?! That’s why you’re helping the Radam?!
: It’s all to defeat you! Come, Blade! I’ll end your life today!
: Let’s go, Dead! I don’t care if it’s an earthling, anyone who sides with the Radam is my enemy!!

Well, this can be slightly annoying. First things first, though, we need to go all out.

With Focus, his hit rate is slightly better and Spirit will allow him to use Voltekka.

If you want to beat Dead, you pretty much need to save-scum to get this attack to hit (else, you’ll be stuck with Lancer attacks and won’t kill him before time runs out).

: Hmhmhm…you’re superb, Blade. I see now why that man is after you.
: That man…? Could it be…!
: Hehe…that man’s pretty good - he’s only interested in the best prey.
: If I defeat you, he’ll surely shower me with praise…and probably kill me in a fit of envy!
: You’re…
: AHAHAHA! Now, Blade…let’s dance! For the sake of my existence in this world!

Thankfully, Blade hits on the first go.

Enemy Phase!

Dead has regenerated a bit but maybe we can take the kill.


Player Phase!

There we go.

Dead is worth a Lifter Module (Enable’s Flight, Movement+2 and Air Rating = S) and a BP +2.

Blade also learns Soul.

: AHAHAHAHA! Is that all you’ve got, Tekkaman Blade?!

: Urk…my body is…

: Mr. D!
: D-Boy! Are you…!
: What’s wrong, Blade?! Evil will be sad if this is all of your power!
: I knew it! Evil is still alive!
: You shouldn’t worry about him, though! Because I’m going to defeat you right here!!


: D-Boy!
: Mr. D!!
: Tekkaman Blade lost…
: Bastard! How could you do that to D-Boy?!
: You know, I can’t help but laugh at that so-called “strongest” Tekkaman!
: What?!
: To think that this was the extent of the White Demon’s power, who once fought the Radam by himself!
: I have no further interest in you vermin. I’ll just have these play with you!

: Radam?!
: That guy…he’s working with the Radam!
: See ya! If you feel like it, we’ll play again later!

: Bastard, wait up! I’ll fight you again!
: Please wait, David! Right now we must intercept the Radam!
: But, Chief…Mr. D is…
: D-Boy isn’t dead!
: Aki…you…
: Got it, Aki! We’ll go find D-Boy after we’ve kicked these Radam’s asses!
: All units, intercept the Radam. Protect Gigafloat.
: The Radam and Eviluders are natural enemies…I wonder if they’ll also come here if this continues…

Nothing we can do but start making our way down.

Enemy Phase!

Same for the Radam. Mind you, the Alien Tekkamen aren’t moving this turn.

Player Phase!

A quick Assail and the Valstork is in shooting range.

Very nice and the lowered movement won’t bother a ship much.

The Radam have also undergone Teamwork 101 and have learned to Support Defend.
Of course, that falls flat on its face when chain-attacks are available as Gai and Vesna demonstrate.

Since Gerbera Straight doesn’t chain, Lowe will take the job to go Mother hunting ( ).

No wingmen needed, either.

Monsters can be killed in one go, so it’s best to focus on weakening the Mothers during our turn.

Kouji appreciates Sousuke’s help.

Bless you, Kaiser.

Hayato goes after Vesna’s targets, killing the monster and leaving the mother hanging by a thread.

Aki can easily handle the rest.

Like so.

Sommer and Yumi team-up to kill a monster.

Enemy Phase!

The Radam start a conga-line after Hayato, which is fine by me.

Total tally is: 2 Tekkamen at 30-40% HP and 2 dead Monsters.

Someone’s trying to go for broke, I see.

Sadly, it didn’t occur to me that letting Kouji take that defense would slow his movement. Bugger.

Mind you, the Valstork is attacked twice more, killing another Monster and heavily damaging a Mother.

Battle continues and we receive a call for nearby Federation troops who protect Gigafloat: it’s Youko who reports that her squadron's been wiped out by Eviluder attack.
They're headed our way, too.
Hayato figures they’re coming here after the Radam but Lowe doesn’t understand why; Mao figures there’s no reason other than the Eviluders hate the Radam and Saburouta smirks that, in that aspect, they’re quite similar to D-Boy – of course, Ryouko doesn’t like Saburouta joking about something like that.

The Eviluders soon arrive and Sousuke says this has turned into a three-sided battle; nothing we can do but endure, Clouseau thinks, since we cannot afford to lose this place.
Youko joins up, apologizing for us having to clean up after their failure once again and Ruri orders everyone to destroy all invaders.

Secret Alert!
This is your last chance to guarantee the Youko secret. If you haven’t done so in the past missions, she needs to have, at least, a total of 10 kills by this mission’s end.

The Radam and Eviluders waste no time in attacking each other and stealing my hard-earned death-money!

Player Phase!

I’m the only one that can kill stuff around here, jerk.

Time for Bosszinger to make his debut.

Good man.

Kurz starts taking potshots at unsuspecting enemies.
However, do you see something odd in this screen? Down there, by Boss?

Yup, here’s a new trick. From here on out, any Eido that gets killed will simply purge its Solid Armor and becomes an Eido II.

Sadly for them, this isn’t such a “Behold my true form and DESPAIR” moment as these guys have less of pretty much everything except for mobility and attack power (slightly higher).

With that out of the way, let’s drop some missiles at the alien Tekkamen.

One of the surfing aliens gets dropped and everything else is weakened quite a bit.

Tetsuya quickly walks over and clips the wings of the survivor.

Which gives him a level and teaches his last Spirit: Drive (for 80 SP, increases Morale by 30).

Despite the lack of Lamda-Drivers, Sousuke can still hunt mooks well enough.


Getter and Vesna team up to kill one of the restored surfer Tekkamen.

While Yumi sets her sights on a weakened target.

Wee bit more and we can start tossing MAP Voltekkas to speed up the process.

See how fragile these guys are? Mao takes them down to half with an Assault Rifle hit.

Of course, it’s not like it was needed.

A really upgraded unit will have no trouble making these things explode with little more than just a glare.

Tomoru, still observing the battle from the top of the building, starts panicking as an enemy gets tossed his way; right as that happens, something blows a hole open on the side of the building and leaves.
Vesna tries to take a look but can’t: it’s going way too fast for her to locate; inside Michi’s lab, it seems it was her creation that started moving on its own.
Michi doesn’t understand how it's “battery” charged so quickly and left its container; whatever it was, it is currently hard for Isaac to track with radar due to how fast it is moving.

Michi fears the Eviluders or Radam discovering it and goes to search with her own eyes.

Lowe moves into that pack of Eviluders and starts chopping.

However, Youko still needs 2 more kills for the secret, so let’s have her join in.

: Radam and Eviluders! I won’t let you do as you please with Earth!
: I’ll show you the spirit of a Birdman pilot!

Should be no problem, especially if we can find her some squishy Eido IIs to kill.

On the other side, Gai and Kouji take it upon themselves to create such an opportunity.

The kill gives Kouji a level and his last spirit command: Fighting Spirit.

Sommer volunteers to euthanize this wrecked Tekkamen.

The RNG gods decide to punish my hubris in not using Focus and have the Tekkamen slap Aki a bit.
Still, he’s quickly killed by Vesna.

Now, I think this is good enough; there’s a wee bit left on this mission but not too much.

Come next update, we’ll wrap things up and see what has become of Tomoru and D-boy.

See you all then!