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Part 142: Mission 39 - The Iron Knight is Reborn - Part 2

Enemy Phase!

Well, hey. It’s not too often I see this.

Psh. Unimpressive.

Gai is attacked from afar but Broken Phantom is right in range – those are some impressive numbers for his weakest attack.

And now Boss is doing his best impression of a mook-magnet.
A total of 4 Eidos go after him. He kills one and weakens all others with Rust Tornadoes.

Gaining a level for himself and his cronies, too. Boss also learns Prevail L4 and Support Request L2.

Meanwhile, this Eido II has the supremely awful idea of going after Kouji.

Parry aaaaaand…riposte. That’ll learn yer.

To make things even better, Mazin Power activates.

Youko is the last target but, with focus, she can dodge well enough.

Player Phase!

Gai’s weakened Eido will make an easy target for the Nadesico.

Boss’ Tornadoes turned those “Solid Armors” into papier-mâché, allowing Ruri to do nearly the same damage as Gai and Kouji.

Volfogg quickly dispatches the newly converted Eido II.

: More of them came?!
: Tomoru…
: Wh-what?! Is…someone calling me?!
: Hurry…
: What’s going on?! I…I…!!

: Damn, a pack of Eviluders! They’re just coming as they please!!
: Look! There’s someone at the roof of the building!!
: That’s…no…!
: (Where did he go…?! Could it be that it wants to fight the Radam and Eviluders…?!)
: There’s no mistaking it! That’s Professor Kanzaki!
: Why is she here?!
: Hold on! There’s someone else with her!
: That’s…Tomoru!
: Why…why are you here?
: You’re that guy from GGG America…

: Urk…!
: This isn’t good! If this keeps going, that building’s going to collapse!
: It’s no use! There’s no time to rescue them!
: Oh no…there’s no way to evacuate…!
: Don’t give up! You must escape, quickly!
: But…you’re wounded…!
: Damn it…! Even as the enemy’s approaching, why am I so helpless…?!
: You…
: I need power… I could protect just this person…if I had power…!
*Michi’s creation appears before him.*
: What?!
: Tomoru…I’ve been waiting for this moment…

: Battle? What? Fighting for someone? Searching for…someone? For me? Urk…UUUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

: Wh-what’s that?! What is this place?! I…I…!
: Tomoru…
: Orgun…that’s your’s-
: No, that’s MY name!!

: What was that light just now?!
: Look, that’s…!
: Blade…? No, it’s someone else!!
: …
: Orgun…! But he looks different!
: Tomoru?! What happened to him?!
: I understand…I understand everything! I UNDERSTAND!!

: This feeling…is it him…?!
: All units, cover him. Intercept both the Radam and Eviluders.
: Chief! Are you saying he’s an ally?!
: She’s right! Since he’s an unknown, he could be an enemy!
: He’s Orgun. Even though he looks different, his soul is still the same Orgun we know.
: I agree! …I don’t know how to say it but I’m certain that he’s Orgun!
: Radam, Eviluder! You should not be here! LEAVE THIS PLACE!!

: (D-Boy…Orgun came back. We’re still going to help you…)
: Detonator Orgun… He’s resurrected in this planet…

Orgun is the same he’s always been but we’ll go into detail later. Just treat him like you would any Tekkamen and you’re good (though he has higher baseline attack power).

We’ll send a few people up top to speed up the killing but, for now, Youko is getting the last kill needed for her secret.

Boom. Secret get!

Right next to her, Lowe cuts an Eido II to bits.

Only one Alien Tekkamen left, so Gai takes a hand from Sousuke.

Nope, the alien didn’t even plink through Protect Wall.

On his own, Sousuke finishes off one of Boss’ attackers.

The man himself recovers with Guts and charges for revenge.

That’s how you do it.

Chalk up another level up for Team Boss and Mucha learns Rouse.

Aki shows off her Prevail’d damage and oneshots the new Eido II.

As for Boss’ Eido II, it’s in prime position for Kurz and Mao.

These things are dropping like flies.

Bosszinger gets his Mazin Power going.

Sommer quickly chops a weakened Eido…

Gaining a level in the process and teaching Anita Faith.

Maybe Vesna can dispatch the Eido II?

Or not…that’s what I get for not upgrading her weapons much.

Enemy Phase!

An Eido decides to ignore the yummy Detonator in front of him and gun for Tetsuya; sadly, the RNG Gods gave all the good luck to Boss and Thunder Break misses.

All other Eviluders stick to the plan, though.

: I won’t hand over the lives of the people of this planet to you!
: That’s the answer I found at the end of my journey!

Total tally is: 6 really damaged Eidos and 1 dead.

Down below, that resilient Eido II decides to tangle with Volfogg.

Don’t get into swordfights against a ninja, bub.

The Boss is attacked by the last southern Eido but falls just short of killing the damn thing.

Player Phase!

That’s OK, though. Youko is too far to help the upper group, so she can handle it.

As for the following Eido II, Lowe is already all over him.


Now, I’m really getting sick of all these Eviluders, so I have Yumi clean them up.


With the crapload of kills that she made, Yumi and Hayato soar through four levels and Yumi learns Love and Multicombo L3.

Combining into Valguard and chaining 4 Eido IIs together, Kazuma does some hefty damage.

This gives a level for the Valstork crew and teaches Shihomi the ever-useful Renew Spirit (for 60 SP, fully restore target’s EN and Ammo).
Yup, she gets Iron Wall, Bless, Rouse and Renew – this is why I’ve been giving her all SP-based items as she’s one of my favorite supporters in the game.

The three surviving Eido IIs will receive a lesson in pain from Kouji.

I’ll admit that I had a moment when I saw that first hit.
It’s not often that I see over 11k damage without Valor cast.

Now, to wrap things up: Tetsuya teams up with Kouji to take the first Eido II.

He FINALLY activates Mazin Power.

For shits and giggles, Benkei prepares to wrestle with the second Eido II.

It’s been too long.

Let’s wrap this up by showing Orgun’s strongest attack: P.E.C. Cannon!

Our people breathe a sigh of relief as the last enemy falls and Gigafloat remains safe.
Not only that but we also protected the new Orgun!
Orgun seems tired, however, and descends to shed his Solid Armor and everyone’s surprised to see a person inside: Tomoru.

Tomoru is still reeling from the images flooding his mind from the original Orgun, visitor from 260 million light years away.
Tomoru can't quite articulate what it is Orgun was searching for on Earth, but his soul has apparently found a new host and will continue to protect us, even after his original body was destroyed during the “Holy Valentine Light” incident.

It turns out that what Michi has been up to is building Orgun's Solid Armor, whose specs she received from a message the Detonator sent her, using the universal construction system Wilberwind - with a few modifications of course.
Liger laments that mankind now has yet one more excessive weapon, which explains why the armor was being taken to Orbit Base, to keep it far away from evil hands.
To give an idea of how dangerous the thing is, Liger relates that the armor actually booted itself, for the first time, to go fuse with Tomoru today; as for Tomoru, he's lost consciousness after the first battle, and is being cared for by Michi as we speak.

As Tomoru and the team head to space, Ruri says that she'll keep up the search up for D-Boy, who Gai thinks won't die until he fulfills his mission.

At the sick bay, Tomoru remembers almost nothing of the information that flooded his head while wearing the armor.
He is quite sure that it's the armor he's been seeing in his PASFU-fueled dreams though; he relates seeing both the armor of Orgun and Blade and seeing Gigafloat during his dreams over the past months.
Regardless of his dreams, he is rather angry over whatever mysterious connection tied him to this Orgun and his fight against some monsters that he never saw before.
Still, his mind is menaced by another vision, clear even after removing the armor.

Something enormous, something terrible is headed your way - borne by the Eviluder fleet.
Youko, who dropped by to say thanks for the help in battle, isn't impressed with Tomoru's non-bravado, surprised that below that “macho”-looking body, lies such a weakling; regardless, she still thanks him for his help today and hopes to see him again in battle.
Though Tomoru is willing to go with the GGG to be safe, he isn't planning on fighting again.
He is wondering what became of Tekkaman Blade though, since he and Michi both figure so prominently in his dreams; she tells him that, for now, Blade is still listed as MIA.
He wonders uneasily if Orgun will be the one to make him fight after all...

Back at Gigafloat, Gai Murakumo is uneasy too, having ran into the Gold Frame as it tried to attack Gigafloat; he would’ve been destroyed if not for the Radam interference.
The Blue Frame is in a sorry state, as it was already badly damaged in a fight with Socius, an Artificial Coordinator, and now further dinged up by the Gold Frame.
Perhaps the best course of action is a complete overhaul, including some new modifications he's got in mind.
Kazahana wonders why the Gold Frame attacked Gigafloat at all, and Gai guesses that the Orb-based mech was acting against the Gigafloat's Mass Driver to keep prices up at Orb's own facility; in any event, Gai doesn't plan on letting the Serpent Tail's involvement become known to Lowe and the others just yet, lest it compromise their own mission.

A more pressing issue is what to do with the man they've fished out of the sea, still at the brink of death despite Loretta's best efforts.
Not only is his anatomy somewhat unusual, his physical reserves seem quite drained, as though from a long illness; Gai thinks that the man won’t die, due to some sort of iron will, acting as a shield to keep the Grim Reaper at bay.

In fact, the man's just woken up, much to the relief of Serpent Tail's visitor Balzac (Huzzah, he’s alive…).
Reed's known this guy as an elite intelligence officer, though he's now out of a job and more or less never got out of D-Boy's shadow.
What he wants now is to tag along on the Serpent Tail's next mission.