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Part 143: Post-mission 39 Intermission and Mission 40 - Prologue

Real quick intermission since we didn’t get much to spend. Before we start, your top aces:

Most notable here is how Kouji snagged the 3rd spot since Blade is considered to be MIA.

Skill Parts:

All we have is that BP+2 from Dead, which goes straight to Kazuma.

Unit Upgrades:

The sisters could use a bit more power, so they take an upgrade in weapons.

Next Tetsuya gains a bonus in HP, EN and Armor, maxing out the last stat.

Gaofighgar becomes takes more HP and EN in anticipation of upcoming events.

Unit Parts:

Most units are set up nicely but Boss takes the Multi Lock-on System for +20% accuracy.

And that’s all we need to do. On with the show:

Liger arrives at the GGG America base, where Stallion reports that preparations to transfer the Q-Parts to space are now complete.
There's not a moment to lose, as Liger reports that the Chinese Science Institute has come under attack recently by a battleship and had their Q-Part stolen; Liger isn't sure if it was The Database, but it stands to reason that just about everyone would want an object so powerful.

Speak of the devil, the alarm starts blaring, indicating that there are intruders inside the base and they are bypassing all security measures FAST.

They see who it is as the door opens and shows... Mamoru!
It’s the first time anyone has seem the boy since his departure to deep space with Galeon and, astonishingly, he is the one trying to gather the Q-Parts.

Mike's even helping his friend bypass the security systems, and Mamoru tells Liger that there's no time to waste if he's to save the universe.
With no better explanation than that, he takes the Q-Part and disappears.

Back in the Pacific, Kazuma reports that Neo-Wärter hasn’t been able to find D-Boy, and with heavy hearts (especially Aki's) they'll have to keep pressing forward.
Lady Une has dispatched some Preventer operatives to continue the search; while that happens, Gai, Tomoru and Prof. Michi will be headed up to Orbit Base while the rest of our people head to Japan at Ruri's recommendation.
This lets us get some assistance from the Photon Power and Saotome Labs to run repairs, and allows Ruri to run an errand of her own; though we've heard from Galent that Zaft are gearing up for a major assault on the Panama mass driver facility, the Neo-Wärter are in no position at the moment to intervene.

There's another problem: Yumi is missing, and Duo figures that she ran away due to the shock of losing D-boy.
Hayato, however, is sure she was kidnapped, since some kind of strange man came this morning to see her; Levin doubts it, since her "only" ability is becoming a Tekkaman and isn’t worth a large enough ransom to warrant a kidnapping.

Natasha agrees with Duo’s assessment and muses that if Yumi is anything like her, she's gotten quite a shock from seeing her idol beaten in battle.
David belittles the fragile mind of that kid and nearly starts a fight as he’s reminded that, as a team, they need to support each other on hard times; a Tekkaman’s duty is hard enough that everyone needs to accept the possibility of being killed in action but the ones left behind rely on each other to fight through the pain.
Despite his words, David isn't happy at this situation and all he can muster right now is a desire to get revenge for D-Boy, as a fallen comrade.

As he stalks off, Hayato recounts how the suspicious man was in Federation military dress, with sunglasses and wavy hair.
Something about the way he carried himself projected danger, a bit like Sousuke; the Preventers will include Yumi in their search as well, and Aki has Hayato stay on Gigafloat in anticipation of finding her
Kazuma asks and, apparently, Ruri's mission in Japan involves talking to some old friends and building up more firepower; that means manga author Hikaru and bar proprietor Izumi, though it may prove difficult as they’ve both moved on and returned to the civilian life.

Which is why Prospector's been sent from Nergal HQ to help persuade them to rejoin you!
The Trailers give Prospector's incredible negotiating skills their due – the only person that was a better negotiator than Bless.
Prospector takes a look at Kazuma and sees him as the spitting image of Bless when he was younger - Kazuma appreciates his praise as a nice change of pace from all the ribbing the ladies in his life give him.

Elsewhere, Leo reports to Taiga that Tomoru is utterly unremarkable physically: indistinguishable from any other human.
Though they've tried many times, they've gotten no reaction from either him or the armor when they came into contact; about all that proves is that Tomoru can't consciously control the armor, which, when active, would electrically fuse itself around him.

This is a shame, since its Obarium 808 coating and numerous weapons make it virtually unstoppable in battle.
Gai is worried at the steady addition of “unstoppable weapons” being brought to Earth and Taiga’s mind quickly drifts to the Q-Parts, which are being stolen at a very brisk pace – they suspect The Database but lack info on the subject.
Only two remain in our hands: one at GGG America, and one from South America that's already been sent to Orbit Base.
As he says that, Swan receives the memo that says GGG America has just been attacked and the Q-Part has been taken…which leaves us with the last one.

At the infirmary, even Papillon can't figure out what makes Tomoru special, though she's sure his power is strong and her Sensing Mind tells that he’ll need that power soon.
Mind you, she can’t say WHAT will happen or how that connects to the image that Orgun showed him; Tomoru is getting really annoyed of everyone's inability to figure out what's going on with him.

Renée is getting impatient with him in turn, telling him to shut the complaining and just accept his fate.
Tomoru keeps on bitching, however, saying that he never wished to get chosen to become a monster or to fight against creatures from space – he just wants to figure out how this is happening so he can make it stop and return to a normal life.
Just then, an explosion from the Q-Part storage area shakes the base; Papillon and Renée rush off to try to defend it, and Michi asks Tomoru to consider just how much danger the planet he calls home is currently in.

As before, our people will deploy a bit later in this mission. Still, to avoid stopping midway, let’s have our voting time right now.

Gaofighgar is deploying as an event unit and Kazuma has dibs, which leaves you 14 slots to choose from the units below:
Voting will remain open until Saturday and make sure to bold out your votes to make tallying easier.

See you all then!