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Part 144: Mission 40 - The Truth About Heroes - Part 1

Mission 40 - The Truth About Heroes

David isn't paying much attention to do his job, which is coordinating with Anita to gather supplies to deliver Hikaru.
Instead, he's pondering how D-Boy, Aki's lover, faced the Radam all alone.
He thinks that D-Boy mustn't be defeated, lest he be defeated too...

He then bumps into Dead, who professes to be glad to see him again.
He reminds David of his promise to buy him a drink the next time they meet, and introduces himself fully as "Dead End", a pseudonym to make up for the real name he's forgotten long ago.
Judging by the look on David's face, Dead thinks that he is in need of a drink with a friend. Is he having girl troubles? Guy troubles? Both, David admits.
He tells him that there's this girl, who has a guy, who's really frigging strong and noble and whatnot; on account of the guy’s return, David told himself he'd given up on the girl.

But the guy got beaten down in front of his face: pathetically, disgracefully.
Does that mean he should un-give up on the girl? Quite the conundrum.

David decides to stop his bellyaching and turns the conversation to Dead, asking what brings him to G-Island.

He says he lived in Tokyo until around a year ago... at which point one of the Radam flowers bloomed right in front of him.
As shock grips David's face, Dead explains that the flower devoured his fate and like David himself, once the flower had withered, he was no longer human.
Dead figured himself cursed by the White Devil, doomed by his incompetence; he no longer cares that it was actually the Radam's fault - all he wants is the power to defeat those who stole his old life away.
David knows now who he's talking to, but Dead bids him farewell, adding sadly that it was the look in David's eyes that made him tell everything.

Dead promises that the next time they meet, it will be as enemies: and Dead will start by taking the human Tekkamen out before the Radam ones.

: That’s…it’s Galeon! But wasn’t it travelling the galaxy?!
*Gai shows up.*
: Gai?! Didn’t he go back to the Orbit Base?!
: Mamoru! Do you have any idea what you’ve done!?
: Gai…
: Why?! Why did you attack the Orbit base and steal the Q-Part?
: Was the attack on the Chinese Science Institute also your doing?!
: ...Something terrible is happening in space right now.
: For that reason…I need the Pas-Q Machine!
: Pas-Q Machine?
: That’s the true form of the Q-Parts that you gathered.
: Very soon, the Pas-Q Machine will be restored.
: I know there were some sacrifices but, with this, we can save our universe!
: “Some sacrifices”…?! Don’t you understand, Mamoru?!
: Your attack left Papillon seriously injured!
: That was insignificant compared to what’s coming next.
: Wait, Mamoru! We’re not done talking!!
: Don’t get in my way, Gai! There’s no time!
: People are hurt! Explain yourself, Mamoru!
: If that’s how you feel…then I’ll leave by force!
: Stop, Mamoru! What are you doing?!
: If you’re going to be a problem, then there’s no other way! FUSION! GAIGAR!!
: Come, Gao Machines!

: What?!
: These are the same Gao Machines you used during the fight against the Primevals…!
: No way…!

: Mamoru…and Gaogaigar…
: Gai…I’ve become one with Gaogaigar… So, this is the power of the strongest King of Braves?
: It isn’t! You’re completely mistaken…that’s not what power is!
: I am not mistaken…! The one that’s wrong is you, Gai!
: In that case, Mamoru…! I will defeat you! And then you’ll tell me everything!
: Two King of Braves…which one will win…? No, which side is right…?!

We have a slight advantage in that Gai has enough morale to open up with Gatling Driver but Mamoru is still rather resilient.

: Mamoru! Why are you doing this?! If there’s a crisis happening, why didn’t you come talk to us?!
: I’m running out of time! If you get in my way, I’ll show you no mercy!

Not bad at all.

: Why, Gai?! Why can’t you understand?!
: That’s my line, Mamoru! Why are we fighting?! What’s going on in the galaxy?!
: I’m fighting to protect the galaxy! I am the one that’s right and you’re the one that’s wrong!
: That’s right! Gai, you’re making a mistake!

: King J-Der! Then, the one piloting it is…
: It’s been a while, Gai.
: Soldato J! You’re alive!
: There’s no need to talk about our reunion. I’ve come to meet Latio.
: What?!
: We’re fighting to protect the galaxy. Gai, you shouldn’t get in our way.
: Then, the battleship that attacked the Chinese Science Institute…! J, were you the one that stole that Q-Part?!
: I stole nothing. I simply returned it to its rightful owner.
: Gai, if you become a nuisance, we will have to eliminate you…!
: Thank you, J! If we combine our powers, we can surely defeat Gai!
: That’s…
: Admit it, Gai. Admit that you’re making a mistake.
: Gai! Admit that we are right and you are wrong!
: I’m…
: Gai!

: Mamoru...and J! Even if it’s you, I won’t be forced to accept your will!
: I’ll fight for what I believe in!
: Very well, Gai! As I once promised, we’ll settle everything right here!
: Gai…Why won’t you admit that you’re wrong…
: Then, I’ll prove to you that I’m right! I will defeat you!!

Enemy Phase!

Another battle but, this time, Gai’s massive morale boost creates an impenetrable Protect Wall.

J’s size could’ve given him the damage boost to be dangerous but…

: You’re despicable, Gai! Don’t you understand that this is for the greater good?!
: Shut up, J! No matter what’s going on, you can’t simply disregard other people’s lives!
: Soldato J! As a hero, I will defeat you!
: You’re welcome to try! Show me what you can do without Galeon!

Since sizes are still broken, he’s stopped by PROTECTO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARU!

Player Phase!

: Give up, Gai! You can’t win against the both of us!
: He’s right, Gai! Your courage, your righteousness and your convictions are all wrong!
: I’m not done yet! I will still fight – my soul isn’t dead!
: Farewell, then, Gai! Disappear!
: Shut up! You are just a lion who forgot his pride!

: Golion, Kogane and the others!
: Are you alright, Gai?!
: The lion’s still alive…! You continue to follow despite what happened?!
: Kogane! Did you fight against J in space?
: We returned to the Altean System after we split off from Mamoru and Galeon…
: However, a month ago the Leo Union was attacked by Mamoru and others!
: They threw the Leo Union into chaos!
: That’s because your existence is unnecessary to the galaxy.
: What?! Didn’t you fight together with us against the Primevals?!
: Gai! They are the evil behind the destruction of the galaxy!
: Let's work together! Together with J and I, we’ll destroy Golion!
: Shut up! You’re the one suddenly attacking us without any reason!
: Gai!
: Gai!
: I know what to do, Mamoru! I will defeat you!!

: Gai!
: Give me a hand, Kogane! We’ll defeat them…for the sake of our convictions!!
: Yes! That’s the reason why we came back to Earth!
: Golion…! Another legacy of the Ancient Leo Culture…I will erase you right here!!

Time to put Mamoru to sleep. Seidou has learned Valor and, even with low morale, they’ll put a mighty dent on Gaogaigar.

: Mamoru, what happened after we got separated?! Why did you attack Altea?!
: Golion, I will defeat you! As the heir to the legacy of the Green Planet, I am the TRUE lion!

Very good.

Gai quickly finishes the job with a Gatling Driver.

Mamoru is worth two levels, an All-Range Radar and a SP Usage -5%.

Gai also learns Bravery!

: It’s not over yet!

: Please stop, Mamoru! Tell us what’s going on!
: Shut up! I’ll show you the power of the true King of Braves!
: Kogane…stand back. I’ll end this with my own hands…!
: Fight me, Gai! I will definitely surpass you now!

: A…aah…
: Have you forgotten, Mamoru? Victory goes…

: Gai! Do you have any idea of what you’ve done?!
: You’ve killed Latio!
: Shut up! All of this happened because you attacked us!
: Kogane…what J said is right. I did kill Mamoru…
: Gai…
: But I will not stop! Because I fight for what I believe in…

Enemy Phase!

J decides to go after Golion

: Please stop this, J! Are you not the hero who fought to the point of sacrificing himself?
: I’m fighting to save the universe! Don’t get in my way!
: Then explain why you attacked Altea! We don’t want to fight you!
: If that’s the case, Golion, sit still and let me destroy you! This is for the sake of the Trinary Solar System!

This goes back and forth for a couple of turns so let’s just skip ahead.

Player Phase!

Unlike Mamoru, J has Prevail so feel free to cast Valor with Gai.


J is worth a High-Performance Targeting System and an Initial Morale +2.


: J…this the end for you…

Gai then goes to where a wounded Mamoru is whimpering on the ground.
Despite his pain, Mamoru says that Gai is dooming the galaxy by getting in his way; Kogane asks what he’s talking about and if it’s why he attacked Altea.

The conversation, however, is interrupted as J, still alive, swoops over yelling that they don’t need to know!
Mamoru takes Gai’s distraction as a chance to strike at his back.

However, Kaidou appears out of nowhere blowing Mamoru clean away.
J tries guilt-tripping Kaidou on killing Mamoru but he tells his “Replijin” of J to shut up – he won’t tolerate his existence any longer; as both J and Mamoru die, their bodies start dissolving into dust which greatly confuses everyone else.
Kaidou explains that those aren't the real J and Mamoru: they are clones created by the 11 Sol Lords to act as servants.

Speak of the devil, our people are bombarded from a suddenly-appearing battleship and, amidst the confusion, Palparepa snags the Pas-Q Machine.
He tells everyone that they, the 11 Sol Lords, must carry out their mission and anyone who gets in their way will be eliminated.
Gai tries going after him but Palparepa says we have another enemy to worry about.

That would be the Galra, led by Sinclyne, whose presence here and, the fact that they’re working with the Sol Lords, comes as a surprise to the Golion team.
Indeed, Sinclyne confirms that they’re working together, though the main reason why Sinclyne is here today is his desire to defeat Golion – his past defeat is a wound on his pride that can only be healed by killing them all.

A voice inside the Sol Lord battleship leaves everything on Sinclyne’s hands and leaves with the Pas-Q Machine.
As Kaidou retreats to safety, Kogane tells Gai to be careful as fighting against the new models of Mega Black Beastmen in his state could prove tough but Gai says he’s still good to charge into the fray.

Gai has, once again, fully recovered so he can wreck shit on the Galra with little issue.

However, it’s much simpler to stay up here and have them come after us.

Enemy Phase!

Which half of them do; Sinclyne, 2 Battleships, 4 Death Hells and 2 Mega Black Beastmen stay behind, though.

Player Phase!

And, just in time, help arrives to intercept them!

However, I think this is a good spot to stop. Come next update, we’ll take a look at these new Galra elite mooks and see what else the game can throw at us to make this mission even longer.

See you all then!