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Part 140: Post-mission 38 Intermission (Includes Unit Analysis #16 - "Drill Sergeant Nasty" Lite Edition) and Mission 39 - Prologue

Whew…we’re finally done with that route split. Only one more left in the game! Damn it, there are still two left...
Still, it’s a ways to go, so let’s get the intermission going with our top aces:

It seems that Kazuma is fated to stay in first for the foreseeable future.

BP Upgrades:

Clouseau is finally in the menu and comes jampacked with points. I spend them all evenly with 17 points in Melee/Shooting and 5 points in Evasion/Accuracy.

Kouji also brings a lot of points to the table: 9 points in Melee, 8 in Defense, 2 in Accuracy.

There are also a billion people with 5 or 4 points to spend; ya’ll should know how I like to spend these points by now, so I’ll skip right over!

Skill Parts:

A BP+1 is available and Kazuma still has dibs.

My love for Shihomi’s Spirits has not dwindled, so I give her 5 extra SP (more Bless casts are always nice).

Kouji, AT LAST, is able to receive an Infight+1, bringing his total to L3.

Tetsuya’s Prevail is surprisingly low when compared to other Super Robot pilots so, for lack of a better option, I’ll give him a free Prevail+1, taking this total to L7.

As for the two remaining Gunfights, they’re given to Blade and Hiver, taking them both to L2.

Unit Upgrades:

We’ve a lot of cash, so let’s get to it. Gaofighgar hasn’t received some love in a while, so I boost all the relevant status by 1.

Kouji becomes even more invincible with extra HP and EN (his Armor is already maxed out).

The Dragon Brothers also get a boost to all status but Mobility.

Sousuke takes more Mobility and Weapons.

As for Vesna and Sommer, they both get extra Mobility but Vesna also gets more EN.

After selling a couple of consumables for cash, Volfogg takes an extra point in EN and Weapons.

Finally, the last bit of cash gives Valguard some more Armor.

Unit Parts:

Kaiser returns and takes both a Super Alloy Z (HP+1000, Armor+200) and Great Generator(EN+50).

Shin Getter drops the Thruster and picks up an EN Mega Chip for -20% EN Consumption (Shin Shine Spark costs 80 EN to use…).

I take the Cobham Armor (HP+500, Armor+100) off Sandrock and plonk it on Bosszinger.

Last mission made me realize that I never gave a Booster (Movement+1) to Chouryujin, so that gets fixed.

For lack of a better option, Clouseau takes a Booster and Hyper Sensor (Mobility+10).

All Earth Tekkamen (except for Yumi), take a Great Generator.

Finally, Tetsuya ditches his Booster for an EN Chip.

Now, before we move to the story, here’s a very quick overview of Clouseau’s Falke:

As cool as the Falke can be, at the end of the day, it’s an Arbalest without a Lamda Driver.
Its attacks are medium-short range with average power, which makes him a competent unit to send into a pack of mooks to clear but when dealing with a boss, he will leave something to be desired.

If you want him to be a proper boss-killer, you’ll need to deploy Mao and Kurz for Uruz Special and, at this point of the game, that’d mean taking away two spots from much more competent units. If you just want a mook destroyer, Clouseau can handle that quite nicely (to the point where I actually used him on my final team during past playthroughs).

Now, on to the plot:

Michi is going to be taking a certain item to Orbit Base, lest anyone else try to mess with it ("anyone" mainly meaning the Federation military).
Said item is a memento of Orgun, and Michi will not hear of selfish warmongers perverting it after Orgun's immense journey to bequeath it to the Earth.
Liger tells her to be really careful - there's no telling to whom information of her secret courier mission might leak, including our non-human adversaries; he's taken steps to help keep her safe, but it never hurts to be on the safe side.

Kazuma is recounting the events on both paths (including the conclusion of the repairs on Mazinger ); however, before heading to space, our people have decided to head towards Gigafloat as it bobs on the Pacific Ocean.
This artificial island of Federation devising is equipped with a mass driver, which will be used to send a certain something to space.
We get to guard it, while GGG and Preventer agents continue to search for the whereabouts of the Q-Part and the Whispered.
Kazuma wonders to the log just what is so precious that our whole crew is being mobilized.

From here on out, things change depending on the path you took.

Clouseau barges into Kazuma’s room and quickly introduces himself as Uruz 1.
Kazuma has heard of him and how tough he was on Sousuke but that’s not why he’s here.
Turns out that Mao has just returned and she has a whole new training selection for Kazuma to do; Kazuma protests that they can’t do it without Noin around but that’s can easily be fixed by having Clouseau be her replacement.
He tries to protest once more, saying that he doesn’t feel right to be trained by Clouseau as he’s not a Mithril soldier…

Which promptly has Clouseau go into “Drill Sergeant”-mode and yells at him to get his ass out this room right now.
Kazuma can only meekly answer “S-sir! Yes, sir!”.

Had we taken the Orb route, Kazuma would be kicked off his room by Carret and Mihiro as they clean it up (everyone else pokes fun at him for being such a slob).

He then tells that he’s heard of Taiga’s refusal to allow The Power to be researched as a weapon and asks why, since it could be very useful: Kouji agrees and remembers that the Dragon Brothers could do the cross-docking when they had it.
And then…

: Speaking of that, if they used The Power, couldn’t Kouryu and Anryu do the Cross Combination?
: We’d--!
: Combine with Kouryu and Enryu?!
: Eek! You mean combine with our brothers?!
: I…think that’d be too embarrassing…
: Don’t worry about that, Anryu. If that time comes, leave it all to me.
: Hold on a minute, Hyoryu. It’s my job to combine with Anryu.
: Hey, Kouryu! Between me and Rairyu, who would you prefer?
: Me, right…?! If you have to combine, it’d be with me, right?!
: Huuh?! I can’t choose which one I prefer!
: Kouryu! Do you want some Robo-Juice?! I’ll get you some!
: Outta the way, Rairyu! I’ll do it!
: Anryu’s favorite brand of Robo-juice is CCIS-99, yes? I’ll provide it right away.
: Your sucking up is a bit unbecoming, Hyoryu.
: I am merely caring for my little sister and I’d prefer if you stopped assuming so much.
: P-please stop this...!
: …This is your fault, Kazuma… that one question started the biggest fight the brothers ever had.
: I did this?!
: Incidentally, their Sympa-Rate has greatly decreased. As it is, even regular Docking is impossible.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t have any gameplay effect but, damn, if that wasn’t the most “” conversation in this game.

On that odd note, we go back to the story:

The Junkmen are touring Gigafloat and Kisato is amazed at its size: fully 50km long.
Spaceports don't grow on trees and this is one of the few Mass Drivers available on Earth, making it a crucial strategic spot that several of our enemies, not even just Zaft but also the aliens, would have a hard time not attacking, Horis thinks; we've got to defend it until the package is on its way, at which point we'll follow it to space.
None of our people has been told what Liger has you all protecting, though it would be logical to assume it might be one of the remaining 3 Q-Parts – which makes sense, as Aria has already shown herself to be collecting them.
Whatever it is, our people plan to get some sightseeing in before the inevitable battle.

All except Kazuma and Sousuke, who have been busting their butts under Clouseau's watchful eye.
Yumi wonders if she should go ask D-Boy to teach her some fighting moves too; D-Boy hasn't shown himself since coming to Gigafloat, though, and Aki wonders if his body is deteriorating.
David, too, is feeling out of sorts, not interested in going girl-hunting with the other guys.
Instead, Hayato gets dragged along by Kurz and Saburouta once he notices that Yumi is totally ignoring him, thinking about where Mr. D could be.

Elsewhere, Tomoru and Nokku are sightseeing the island, the latter watching the Mass Driver in awe; Tomoru mentions that the thing is ever so much more precious now that the Radam have control over the Orbital Ring that supports the various orbital elevators.
He seems a bit spaced out after his lecture, though, and tells Nokku that he's going to go get some rest.

As he leaves, he’s in fact thinking that that strange dream that he gets in the PASFU always takes place here, at Gigafloat.
He wonders if he’s being called to this place by those two white knights that he saw.

A strange man comes up to him and observes that his eyes resemble those of a little lost child.
The man knows what it feels like to be alienated, and has already sworn revenge on the world that refused to acknowledge him – he only needs to do one thing to make his wish come true.

That would be D-Boy and, when he shows up, the man mentions that HE was right about their ability to speak telepathically.
D-Boy demands to know who told him about that, and the man says that he's sold his soul to the devil, all to create a place he can call his own in this world.
Now revealed, Tekkaman Dead tells little lost Tomoru to watch the show unfold.

It’ll be a bit longer before the main group arrives but not that long. As such, let’s preemptively get Voting Time going.

Blade, as you can imagine, is an event deployment and Kazuma, as always, has dibs on a spot. This leaves you guys with 14 slots to choose among the following:
Voting will remain open until Wednesday Thursday and make sure to bold out your vote to make tallying easier.

See you all then!