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Part 135: Mission 37 (Paris Route) - Intruder from the Darkness - Part 1

Mission 37 (Paris) - Intruder from the Darkness

Ryouma and the others quickly recognize Gimlet as that robot that they fought on G-Island.
Seeing how they never saw how his body looked, they didn’t even notice him disguising as the street vendor; Gimlet is now much stronger thanks to the Q-Part and promises much pain for our people.

Akagi and the Red Dragons show up to try to fend him off, hoping to show off their skill to the whole world!
Sadly, they get get summarily pummeled with far greater force than we saw back in G-Island City.

Gimlet has prepared for a confrontation like this by distributing parts for the Bionet mech all over town, which he’s able to combine into a large attacking force.
There's now a gaping hole in the defenses of the conference, and plenty more Bionet robots to charge through it.

Unfortunately for him, Renée quickly calls Kouryu and Anryu to take him down.
The Getter Team has heard of these new GGG Robots and the Chasseur agent from Saotome and, likewise, Renée has heard of them from Gai.

Gimlet is unimpressed that she means to fight him by her lonesome.

However, she says that she has backup in the form of Tetsuya, Jun, Lori and Loru – who were patrolling Paris on their own - and they are quite ready for some throwdown.
Renée tells the dragon sisters to remain separated to take on so many adversaries.

Alright, time to finally settle things with Gimlet.
Sadly, everyone is too far away to do anything, so Tetsuya’s posse goes straight down and the sisters move to the southeast.

Enemy Phase!

The eastern and western mooks start closing in but the only attack comes from this birdman.

That worked out pretty well, I think!

Player Phase!

Our people get some extra help when Kouji and the others catch up, having quickly ran back to grab their units.
Renée questions why Kouji isn’t using the Mazinkaiser, to which Kouji responds that Mazinger is more than enough to handle these Bionet folk; Gimlet is actually glad that they are here: now he can destroy them in one go, as payback for his defeat on G-Island.

Setting up Iron Wall, Tetsuya jumps right into the enemy group (while scoring a kill against some crummy hit %!)

The sisters are already working their side of enemies: Kouryu takes a nice one-shot kill against a Savage.

These AI also have Support Defend, so chain-attacks are your friend.

Aw, I was hoping for another one-shot kill but I guess you can’t win them all.

Kouji and Co. are way too far to be able to attack anything.

Enemy Phase!

Here comes the pain! A protected Tetsuya is assailed by mooks from all sides.

Of course…some times, the RNG gods are against such blatant manipulation of dumb AI.

Either way, final tally is: Four nearly dead enemies and a dead Savage that ate a critical hit (and a smartass, sniping Serpent that I did not wish to Thunder Break).

Anryu gets swarmed by a bunch of mooks, killing a few.

That’s how I like it.

Player Phase!

Hayato rushes into attacking range and starts working on that clever Serpent and nearby Bushnell.

We can leave this guy for one of our stragglers to kill.

That Mistral really knows his stuff when fighting Mazingers…

Tetsuya and Jun each take a kill.

While Boss leads the charge to kill the Serpent.

Boss Power!

Lori couldn’t do much, so I have her heal Kouji up.

The sisters keep cleaning the east-side with nice efficiency: while Anryu starts weakening an underwater Taurus, Kouryu finishes a weak Serpent.

Enemy Phase!

Unlike its smarter sibling up top, this southern Mistral decides to take his chances again Getter.

That does not work.

It does work for us, though, as it bumps Tetsuya’s morale up to 130!

Anryu is still wrecking through all opposition, killing a Stern Kugel and Bushnell.

The sisters take a level for their troubles, learning Hero L5.

As for Hayato, he won’t be losing to FMP mooks.

Come on, Tetsuya. It’s time for you to face the nemesis of the Mazingers.


Player Phase!

Kouryu deals with the weak Taurus (who, oddly, did not attack on his turn) and Anryu turns her attention to the last Serpent.

Though it may be far away, Getter 1 can just get close enough with Accelerate.

There it goes.

Boss gets working on the last mook.

And Sayaka will finish it off.

Now, for the main event.

Though he sports a much larger HP pool, Gimlet still doesn’t have any skills aside Multicombo (though he does have that 10% HP Regen).

: We meet again, clown! This time, I’m gonna beat you so hard that you’ll never be able to do your tricks again!
: Non, non, non…such a proud attitude will be your undoing someday.
: In fact, it’s going to happen in just a moment!

Still, we can start working on him.

Tetsuya is up next.

: Non, non. What long sideburns you have.
: Wh-what?!
: I hate humans with long sideburns. So, you’re going to have to die.

Aye, that works well.

Lori also does a wee bit extra damage.

Enemy Phase!

Gimlet decides to pick on Ryouma and, at that range, all he can use is his Boomerang.

: This guy…how the hell was he able to combine with so many mechs?!
: Non, non, non. You think you’re the only ones that can combine?
: Such conceit must be punished!

Still better than Lori, though.

Player Phase!

Either way, let’s keep pushing ahead.

: Gimlet! Today our cursed relation comes to an end!
: Non, non, non, what a sad thing to say. Our bonds are eternal.
: Shut up! I’ll break those bonds with a bullet!

Hayato’s support of Kouryu made for some nice damage.

Now I’m starting to lose my patience at how long this fight is going; so, I begin using Valor.

Of course, Boss isn’t the most suited person to pull impressive numbers…

Anryu fares much better.

Finally, Kouji nabs an assist from Jun to bring him down below 30%.

Gimlet gets irked at how stubborn we are, so he decides to call for his hidden reinforcements
He calls for an “all cast” finale but nothing shows up.

: If you’re waiting on your troops, it won’t work!

: Enryu and Rairyu!
: Yo! You seem to be doing well!
: That’s a great color for your armor! You’re looking as beautiful as ever!
: Hyoryu and Fuuryu are here too!
: It’s been a while, sister.
: I trust you haven’t been annoying Renée much?
: Non, non, non! Did the four of you destroy all the other troops I set around town?!
: That’s right, Gimlet!
: We won’t allow any interference with the UN Summit!
: Our AIs and bodies have finally been fully restored!
: Wrecking your hidden troops can’t even be considered rehabilitation!
: …
: Give up, Gimlet. These aren’t even the only people that are coming here to beat you.

: It’s been too long, people! You’re looking well!
: Kazuma, you bastard! I knew you were alive!
: Hyoryu, Enryu, Fuuryu, Rairyu! You came as well!
: Yes, today we are also joining Neo-Wärter!
: So that’s Gaofighgar…Gai’s new power!
: Big Volfogg is there, too. Looks like everyone’s here.
: Your luck has run out, Gimlet!
: …
: Gimlet! Hand over that Q-Part!
: …
: And don’t think you’re gonna get away with just that!
: You’re also gonna tell us who paid you to kidnap Kaname and Captain Tessa!
: Non, non, non, don’t think that you’ve won already! You shouldn’t underestimate both my Gimlet Empereur and the Q-Part!

Aside from the HP restore, he now auto-casts Strike and Valor on his turn.

: What is that power?!
: He’s using the power of the Q-Part as a weapon! Be careful!

Taiga tries to use this as an example to Corbett of how humanity is not ready for the Q-Parts’ power yet – it’ll simply be misused.
Corbett, however, sees things differently: THIS is precisely the power that can bring decisive victory against Zaft, the Radam and everything else that threatens Earth.
Gimlet calls everyone to keep the show going and Renée gives the sisters the OK to combine.

Alright, Gimlet’s all powered up so we might as well minimize the incoming damage.
Enryu is a prime choice, not only to use Alert to take away his Valor but to also cut his weapons’ power in half.

Baby steps.

Kazuma swings over and takes a potshot at the guy.

: You bastard! What did you do with Kaname and Captain Tessa after you kidnapped them?!
: Those two mademoiselles sold for a high price. Thanks to that, I was also able to get a power-up!
: Sure, making money is important; but people like you, who would sell someone for a bit of cash…
: My Trailer soul will never forgive you!!

Alright, that works.

Now for the bigger guns: I reckon a valored Stoner Sunshine will do the trick.

Much better.

Next up is Hyoryu for some cheap damage.

Using the ever useful combination of Accelerate and Assail, Valstork can also contribute to the battle.

Ah, Melting Gun works so well – I didn’t even cast Iron Wall.

Even without Valor, Tetsuya and Lori take a huge chunk of the remaining HP.

Enemy Phase!

Gimlet takes a shot at Valstork but, with his weapons melted, he only chips the paint-job.

Player Phase!

He’s regenerated a bit but the sisters can deal with that.

There we go.

I couldn’t build up enough morale, so Hell and Heaven will have to suffice!

: Urk…the power the Q-Part gave him is on par with the G-Stone?!
: News of Gaofighgar’s defeat will have huge impact in the black market!
: People in conflict zones throughout the world will rush to buy Bionet mechs!
: All the more reason why I can’t lose!
: Gimlet! I’ll never forgive those who try to spread war throughout Earth!

Gimlet is worth a couple levels, an EN Megachip and a Gunfight +1.

Gimlet Empereur blows up but the Q-Part survives the blast.
As Gai grabs it, Kazuma notices that Gimlet himself lies nearby and he begs that we spare his life.

Renée isn’t about to let him off the hook and finishes him off with a quick gunshot.
Kazuma starts praying that this "girl trouble" prophecy doesn't pertain to someone as lethal as her; either way, Shihomi asks Gai to bring the Q-Part aboard to keep it safe.

Just then, out of nowhere, comes Duke Gorgon who steals the Q-Part.
He has the body of a tiger and the head of a “man” - the very person Sousuke said he saw during the whole Poniman incident.
Gorgon announces himself to all humans as a bulwark of the Mycenae Empire, which once flourished in ancient times in the Mediterranean; these people fled deep underground to escape fearsome forces from another planet, but now they're back and cybernetically enhanced thanks to their vast science.

He announces the first step in his people's reconquest of the Earth: the utter destruction of all human civilization.
Among his arsenal are a bunch of familiar mechabeasts that were used by Dr. Hell and some unknown models; Gorgon explains that Dr. Hell did nothing more than excavate and modify some Mycenae fossils: these are the genuine article.

Kouji doesn't believe the threat that the Mycenae are anything different than Dr. Hell and moves to attack; Gorgon quickly has Dante and Psychoveia deal with him.

Kouji barely survives the attack and is pushed back to our group.
Gorgon takes this time to call Kouji out on his foolishness, thinking that his Mazinger would be a match for their Battle Beasts; Kouji yells at him to shut up, saying that Mazinger was made by his grandfather and is anything but foolish.
Kouji tells Gorgon to sit tight as he’s gonna come over and kick his ass; he doesn’t listen when Kazuma tells him to not do anything rash and Ryouma has everyone protect Kouji.
Gorgon is willing to meet our challenge, eager to teach us about the infinite power of the TRUE rulers of the surface.

We’ve a much bigger batch of Mycenae troops than in the other path, so I think this is a good place to stop.

Come next update, we’ll slowly make our way to the other damn side of the island (oi…) and see if these mechabeasts fall as easily as they did on the Orb route.

See you all next time!