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Part 107: Mission 32 - High School Life Ends - Part 1

Mission 32 - High School Life Ends

Sure enough, Ponyman has been menacing Hana, but all that is about to end messily.

Kaname turns the spotlights on, revealing Ponyman to indeed be half-man, half-beast... at least insofar as he's wearing a mask.
His black trenchcoat is surely the mark of a stalker, but Kaname is feeling pretty stupid at mobilizing the GGG for some fugitive from a costume shop.

Until, that is, the man produces a throwing knife and nearly nails our people.
This he follows with a bomb, trying to create an opening to flee.

Some distance away, appears what seems to be a Zondar Robot, which would make Ponyman a stressed-out Zondar. But Z-Master was defeated, wasn't he?!
The horse-head on the Zondar Robo is a sure sign that it's connected to Ponyman…

He seems out to extract misdirected vengeance on our people when Bonta-kun steps on the scene.
Hana is still terrified of the gun-toting mascot (to the point where she runs away, screaming louder than she did when facing Ponyman), but he's the best friend our team has just now.

Finally, we get a newer dose of Bonta-kun in our lives.
Sadly, this Zondar still regens HP and we can’t outdamage that.

Just do whatever you want for this one turn.

Enemy Phase!

One more rather pointless exchange of attacks.

Player Phase!

Come turn 2, the Zondar fuses with the environment and gives us a bunch of new targets to deal with.
They've cut off the route for our people to get the rest of their mecha from Bay Tower base.

However, help unexpectedly arrives with Tsukumo, who's attached a voice recognition starter to his mech, mainly because of how cool it is (“MAJIN GO!”…Saburouta ought to teach him about copyright infringement.).
This causes Kouji to get somewhat uncomfortable when he realizes that Tsukumo ditched his old Daitetsujin simply for the chance to shout that.
Either way, Tsukumo prepares to buy our pilots time.

A “mysterious mechanical voice” from nearby sounds unhappy at yet more interference in his plan to abduct a "Whispered".

Alright, we now have a pack of mooks to deal with but there’s one thing that should be noted:

Secret Alert!
This is the last step towards the Bonta-Kun secret: by the end of this mission, Bonta-kun's kill count across all of his three appearances must be 10 or higher (mind you, Sousuke shares his count with Bonta-kun but none of those count unless it was Bonta-kun him(it?)self that killed the units)!

Still, even if it’s already over 10, you also need to have him kill at least 3 mooks during this mission.

With that in mind, let’s Focus him up and send Bonta-kun right in the middle of the right group.

Tsukumo, in his weaker Majin, will cast Iron Wall and get sent over to the left pack.

Why did you leave your Daitetsujin behind, man?

Enemy Phase!

Most mooks prefer to go after Tsukumo seeing how it’s impossible for them to hit Bonta-kun (even without Focus).

Of course, with Iron Wall, he will not take damage as long as he has EN for his Distortion Field.

The bigger annoyance comes from the fact that most of his long-range attacks consume EN (especially his Gravity Blaster), so you need to use them with slight care.

Here I go again, snapping screenshots at the split second when the attack flickers out of sight.

Another mook bangs his head against the wall…

…and the Mistral that he weakened before gets taken out.

This is what I was talking about : that Taurus was way closer to Bonta-kun but decided to attack Tsukumo, even though Iron Wall would negate the damage.

On the more annoying side of the spectrum, the Bushnells can snipe completely out of the Majin’s range.

Thankfully, a few mooks start aiming at Bonta-kun.

That’s the first of the three kills needed.

The Savage gets lucky and doesn’t get critted, avoiding a one-shot kill.

How about this Mistral?

Oh? There’s a Shoot Down activation, destroying the missiles.
How long has it been since we’ve seen one of those?

Pony-Zondar moves closer but doesn’t attack.

Player Phase!

The Zondar was kind enough to hang by the Shadow, allowing us to pull a chain-attack.
That’s the second Bonta-kun kill.

With another dose of Iron Wall, Tsukumo weakens the sniping Taurus; if all goes well, this whole group will suicide against him.

Enemy Phase!

Aaaaand, yup. That’s exactly what happens. Let me save you the trouble, and summarize what happens on all but one fight:

Like fish in a barrel.

The only survivor was the bulky Serpent and he’ll get taken by a slight breeze with how little HP he has left.

Bonta-kun’s group starts going for him and the destruction continues.

And that’s our third kill! Secret Get!

This song is needed to give Kouji and the Getter Team a proper welcome!

Sow enough carnage and the rest of our team will show up.
Some of our biggest guns are still down for maintenance, but even regular Mazinger and the rest should suffice.

Gimlet has had enough, and shows up to tell Kaname to her face that she's having too much fun.

Bonta-kun intervenes before Gimlet can actually lay hands on her, and Gimlet is frustrated that such a strange “chevalier” would step up to fight him; still, he figures he could use the exercise and summons a bunch of mechs, including Federation ones.
Not only isn't Tsukumo impressed, he actually understands Bonta-kun well enough to promise him that he'll help defend his loved one.
Kouji wonders if Tsukumo actually understood what Bonta-kun said there but Sayaka figures he may be up to something – especially with that “loved one” bit.
Bonta-kun just goes “Fumo” to her question and she can’t even tell if that was an affirmative or a denial.

Player Phase!

Now that we’re finally packing some real firepower, let’s send Hayato over to soften the Pony-Zondar and kill off the Mistral.

Very nice.

Gimlet won’t regen which makes him the perfect punching bag for everyone else.

: Non, non, you should remain with your Mazinkaiser while it is repaired...
: Shut up, you freaky clown! I'll show you what the original super robot Mazinger Z can do!

Sadly, a Mazinger without Mazin Power is REALLY lacking when compared to Kaiser.

Sayaka heals Kouji’s damage for some free experience.

Bonta-kun further softens the Zondar to prevent him for regening too much.

As for Tsukumo, he’s just wrapping things up.

Enemy Phase!

Tsukumo fails to wrap things up…

The newly-regened Zondar misses Hayato and takes a beating in return.

As for Gimlet, his attack is defended by Sayaka and Kouji slaps him around again.

Player Phase!

Time to kill the Pony-Zondar. Kouji will move in and grab an assist from Hayato.


The Zondar robot is worth a Sniper Scope and an Infight +1.

Now, it’s time to deal with Gimlet.

: Non, non, why did you Jovians not continue your war with Earth? Our job would have been so much simpler...
: You prey on war to do your evil! In heaven's name, I, Tsukumo Shiratori, will pronounce your judgment!

: Non, non, the battlefield is not the place for your comedic antics.
: You know what? Borot and I don't hold back in comedy OR in battle!

: Non, non, such an ugly technique, dividing and rejoining so...
: Sorry, but that's how Getter rolls!
: Show him what the Getter can do, Ryou!
: Come on, Bionet! We're taking you down together!

: Non, non. You mustn't...
: Fumo! Fumofu, mofu!
: So many things you mustn't do, but worst of all is your charisma!

Gimlet is worth a level, a Study OS and a Gunfight +1.

This also gives Bonta-kun Prevail 6 (???).

Sadly, there was no room to get Sayaka to fight him:

: Non, non, a pretty little belle like you musn't be so rough.
: Thanks for the compliment, but no thanks for the crimes!

Gimlet is mortified by failing both in space and on land, still he knows to get going before things get really dangerous.

However, before we get to celebrate, a new group of adversaries arrive to take his place: mechabeasts, also apparently part of Bionet's arsenal.
Tsukumo declares that wherever there is darkness, there is light, wherever there is evil, there is good, and asks for everyone to help destroy the rest of Bionet’s attackers on the city; Kouji and Ryouma are right with him, happy to see him back to normal.

Further help arrives in the form of Tetsuya and company.

Jun has arrived in the updated version of the Venus A, while the twins Lori and Loru bring their Million Alpha; Tsukumo doesn’t know the two of them, so Sayaka introduces them as scientists of the Photon Power Lab.
Kouji is now pumped that entire Photon Power team is together – with this, no enemy can stand up against them!

As the throwdown begins, the mystery figure is observing his mechabeasts fighting, hoping to see how well they’ll do against the demons.

That’s all for today, folks. Come next update, we’ll put an end to this Pony-Man shenanigans and see if we can find something out about the returning Zondar and Mechabeasts.

See you all then!