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Part 108: Mission 32 - High School Life Ends - Part 2

Well, everything is pretty far away. We’ll just get people moving forward and hold on until next round.

Enemy Phase!

Everything starts homing in on either Tsukumo or Tetsuya’s group but none get in attacking range.

Player Phase!

Well, since they cared so much to position themselves like that, we’ll just toss a MAP their way.

Hm. Not bad.

It’s still more than enough for Tetsuya to finish off the Garada (not enough to kill them both with a chain-attack, though).

: (That's weird. I've never heard of Bionet using Mechabeasts.)
: (But if they're not Bionet's, whose are they?)

No problem.

The Million Alpha is, pretty much, a Support Unit (the best in the Mazinger troops) with two combat-oriented pilots.
It’s got both repair and resupply modules but Lori and Loru learn almost no support spirits (though the ones they do learn are really powerful, albeit very expensive).

: It's you and me, sister... and Million Alpha!
: That's right, Loru! We'll show them how in sync we are!

It can also hold its own decently against mooks.

Jun helps the twins work on that underwater Doublas.

Bonta-kun’s group starts moving over but it’ll be a little while.

Enemy Phase!

Two Doublas go for Tetsuya and they both get over half their HP taken away by a Drill Pressure Punch.
With Iron Wall cast, he won’t be taking any significant damage.

The Garada attacks from farther away, so the counter needs to be a Thunder Break.

I want the Mazinkaiser back…

The MAP’d Doublas rushes Tetsuya and gets taken out.

As for the Draco, it gets his attack parried and riposted (I blame Geop for the Dark Souls lingo!).

Mr. Underwater just gives up and attacks Tetsuya, wishing for a quick end.

That’ll do.

Player Phase!

Spamming Accelerate has allowed Hayato to reach the group ahead of everyone. He proceeds to attack three mooks with a chain-attack.

Aye, that’s good.

Still using Iron Wall for safety, Tsukumo fails to finish off the weakened Draco…

Leaving the job for the twins.

Boss can get in just close enough to attack a weak Doublas (mind you, all of his attacks don’t work on flying units – like the Dracos).

Goddamn it, Boss!
At least I had Invincible cast.

Tetsuya moves in, heavily damaging a Garada and finishing off Boss’ mook.

Enemy Phase!

As expected, Boss makes for an attractive target (thank god I had Iron Wall cast). Still, he can kill things when they are weakened enough…

Tetsuya is still rocking that Iron Wall and doesn’t give a fuck when he’s attacked by a Draco and Doublas (whom he kills).

The kill pushes him into Mazin Power territory.

Jun draws the attention of a Garada and I didn’t have the foresight to give her any kind of defensive cast.

: Venus A is a retuned version of Sayaka's machine.
: You wanna see how much more powerful it is?

Eh, I can deal with that.
Also, it’s hard to see from the pictures but Jun is channeling Chun-Li, for some multi-kick action.

Back on Tetsuya, same as ever.

The last Draco came after the Million Alpha which is good, as I never, on previous playthroughs, got a chance to see her strongest attack.

Hrm…I had hoped for more damage after you blast an enemy with a Rust Hurricane / Breast Fire combo.

Player Phase!

Time to clean house. Bonta-kun gets close enough to shoot the weakened Garada.

It all falls apart once an Army Teddy-Bear walks your way.

Tsukumo nabs an assist from Lori to kill off her Draco.

This one here will be overkilled so that it’ll learn its place.


Oh? Here’s the OG Mazin Power activating. I don’t think we’ve seen this one before…

Only one mook left. Lori quickly takes him down a bit.

And Kouji moves over to finally finish the mission.

This wouldn’t have taken as long if the map wasn’t so damn big!

As the battle ends, Tetsuya asks Lori for some input: it seems that these mechabeasts weren’t being controlled by Bionet’s usual AI at all.
It seems it was a third party and Kouji quickly wonders if Dr. Hell actually did survive the explosion of his island and sent these units here; whatever the case, Loru asks us to collect their remains for analysis.

As that happens, their mysterious master muses that our people are far more powerful now than when we defeated Dr. Hell and is also impressed we managed to evade knives and bombs.
Plus, there’s the fact that Mazinkaiser is even stronger than Mazinger – if they’re going to win, he thinks they’ll need to find a way to take it out of the picture.

His lurking in the bushes doesn't go entirely unnoticed, though...

In the final analysis, the horse-headed robot had nothing to do with Ponyman, who has has been nabbed by Bonta-kun.

: Fumo…
: Pony…?
: Fumoffu.
: Pony? Pony?
: Fumoffu, fumoffu.
: Ponyyy…
: Fumoffu…
: Stop talking like you can understand each other!
*Paper fan slap*
: Fumo…
: Amazing... magnificent, Bonta-kun!
: Um…Mr. Shiratori?
: You convey thoughts rather than words... Going beyond evil and straight to the heart!
: You're a true warrior of justice, Bonta-kun!
: Fumo...
: (Negative. I am only a soldier.)
: I see, Bonta-kun... You'll inspire me in my darkest hour?
: Fumofu, fumo.
: (I wasn't planning on it…)
: I see... Yes, of course! You're telling me to fight for the sake of those I love!
: Fumofu, fumoffu.
: (That's something for you alone to decide, not me.)
: Thank you, Bonta-kun. Your words make complete sense. I will fight once again!
: Fumo, fumo, fumomo...
: (No problem, though I don't understand what happened...)

Minato shows up too, glad her husband has finally made up his mind to rejoin the fighting - she knew this would come from how he stared at the world news every night while working his string of part-time jobs.
She tells him to go ahead with his head held high, while she and Yukina wait for his return.

Sousuke actually takes off his Bonta-kun suit in front of everyone, but it's not quite as simple as delivering the masked-man to the police: he tells everyone that there's a half-tiger man lurking nearby.
While everyone figures he’s joking to cheer Kaname up, they do wonder what kind of hairstyle a Tigerman would put on girls that he captured…

Back at the restaurant, Yukina says that Tsukumo will presumably enter the GGG, since he doesn't want to rejoin the military.
While he plans to defend family and friends, he'll have to head out to space, where the biggest threats are active.

Upon hearing this, Kouji decides to put school on hold and go help too, however big or small his role - there are too many threats for him to ignore right now.
The Getter team and Boss follows suit (though, unlike Kouji and Ryouma’s desire to restore world peace, Nuke and Mucha figure Boss simply wants to skip school…), and Tetsuya has a job for them right away: security at a certain world festival to take place in Paris in the near future.

Hearing the commotion, Kaname asks if Sousuke plans to join them: He tells her that his itinerary isn't his own to decide, as a Mithril operative.
She wistfully wonders if the GGG would let her tag along to Paris, despite no longer being an official government operative.
Sousuke offers her an alternative: a trip to the islands of the south.
“Just the two of them? No danger? No weird shenanigans? No awkward sleeping arrangements?”

Kaname is genuinely shocked, and stammers her approval, inwardly wondering if Sousuke means to propose to her or something.