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Part 109: Post-mission 32 Intermission and Mission 32.5 (Route Split)

Alright, this’ll be a small intermission as we didn’t get much. Since none of the pilots from the previous mission have joined, we’ll just jump straight into a small batch of upgrades:

Unit Upgrades:

We have a small amount of cash so we’ll give Ryouko a boost to her Mobility and Weapons. Now, she won’t suck as much…

Less so for Saburouta but the extra EN and Mobility will help him be more than dead weight.

Skill Parts:

We got a Infight from Pony-Zondar so we’ll put it to good use on Lowe.

That’s all there is for today, so off we go:

We’ve reached GGG’s Orbit Base and Taiga extends a warm welcome to everyone and wants to know what we’ve been doing for the past half-year.
Shihomi says it hasn’t been much as, after Bless’ death, they simply returned to the Trailer business and travelled wherever their work took them; Horis adds that, most of the time, they have just been trying to avoid a new bankruptcy.
Leo is also glad to see that Kazuma is still alive, who tells him of his newfound determination to prevent further sacrifices in order to honor his father and Hyuuma is duly impressed at how different he’s become in these past months.
Kazuma says this little hoodlum had his eyes open to the vastness of the world – Taiga agrees, saying his eyes greatly resemble Bless’ when he had his age.
Which brings us to Taiga’s reason for calling us here…

As expected, he means to reformulate Wärter and wants us to lend our power.
They’ve already secured help from Admiral Misumaru, who assigned the Nadesico to them, and other collaborators throughout the government.
Shihomi does acknowledge the danger throughout the entire Earth, with prospect of bigger Radam incursions with the arrival of their battleships, while also the proximity of the Eviluders' "main fleet".
And of course, someone has to knock the Federation army and Zaft's heads together and make them stop – restarting Project W may be the best way to do it.

Shihomi entrusts the decision of participating or not to Kazuma, telling him to make it solely on what he's seen of the world during half-year self-exile.
Obviously, we can’t speak for Lowe and the others but, should we decline, we’ll continue our work with the Junkmen.

Decline the Offer:

Kazuma apologizes to Taiga, saying that he wants to see more of the world in a search for a convincing reason to fight this war.
When he does find it, Taiga hopes he’ll return and lend their power to the fight for Earth’s future.
In the meantime, Shihomi promises that she'll pass any and all information about the Martian Successors along to Taiga and co.

Accept the Offer:

Kazuma says that he now realizes that peace can't be restored without fighting.
Thus begins the Neo-Wärter, the new Wardens of the Lighthouse!
Our first assignment is to head back to GGG America, where the fog of war is even worse than the current Martian Successors mess in space.
We're supposed to restore the peace while gathering more people to the cause.

Regardless of your choice, the next scene plays out the same:

Before we go, Papillon pulls Kazuma aside, foretelling that he will soon be engulfed in calamity involving his family.
What this calamity is has not clearly formed to her Sensing Mind powers, but its existence is clear.
She urges him to wait a little longer that she might figure out the precise nature of the problem, but he's undeterred; he tells her that calamities happen everywhere, all the time, and that he intends to live every moment of his life as though it was on borrowed time.

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve had this. We have two options for the Ardygun family, which calls for voting time!

As said above your options are quite simple:

Join Neo-Warter
Or Refuse to Join
Voting will remain open until Tuesday afternoon, when I’ll post the prologue to the chosen mission – keep in mind that route splits, from here on out, will be for two missions!

See you all soon!