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Part 186: Mission 50 (Moon Route) - Prologue

Preparations are almost ready for the assault on the Radam moon base, home to D-Boy's arch-enemy: Tekkaman Omega.
We'll get one shot at him before the Radam trees fully bloom.
The UN’s Executive Branch is trying to evacuate as many people as possible into shelters but it’s impossible for every single person to Earth to be taken to safety by the deadline.

Besides, the Federation Army still seems more interested in attacking Plant than protecting the people, spurred on by the maniacal Blue Cosmos.
Problem is, even the Feds win the fight and get to use their Fermion Missiles on the Radam ship, Liger's calculations indicate that the lunar cities will be caught in the blast as well.
For the people of Earth, the moon and for the sake of ending D-Boy's sorrowful destiny, you've got to win this next battle, no matter what.

Aria bursts in unannounced to tell Kazuma it's meeting time, and Kazuma stammers that she should knock before coming in.
She wants to know why, since they're basically twins; Kazuma says that they are still “man” and “woman” and he expected The Database to have taught her some delicacy!
Aria still doesn’t understand and Kazuma yells for her to go ask Gai and Mikoto about stuff like that.

Aki is preparing to take Yumi on a mission to gather samples of some of the Radam trees, her research specialty.
While there should be little real danger just yet, it would still be unnecessarily risky to send someone that’s not a Tekkaman – which means Hayato has to sit this one out.

D-Boy comes in and wants to go too.
Gai asks if he’s OK to leave bed like this but D-Boy says they’ll be fighting the Radam soon enough and it’ll do him good to stretch a bit before it begins.
There's also somewhere on Earth he wants to swing by.

He assures Tomoru that he has every intention of fulfilling his mission, and adds that he wants to ensure he's got no regrets.
Yumi thinks that maybe she should stay, so she doesn’t intrude on D-Boy’s business, but he wants her to come along – there is something he would also like to show her.
As soon as they return, Neo-Wärter will part to the moon and D-Boy will be prepared for the battle that will burn out his life.

Michi and Tomoru muse over the truth regarding the Eviluders that D-Boy learned from The Database, that the Eviluders are essentially future Earthlings.
It's quite strange for past and future Earthlings to clash like this, but that's far from the only time paradox at work here.

Michi tells Tomoru that the only reason he can link so well with the Solid Armor is because a blood relation of his must have been aboard the Cygnalite.
That is, the original Orgun seems to have been a distant relative of his - just like Leave must have had some distant relation to Michi, which allowed her to create a basic Solid Armor for Youko.
Still, those two Detonators broke away from their society to make sure that we follow a different path and Tomoru isn’t about to let their help go to waste.
Michi has something else she needs to talk to him, though.

She tells Tomoru that she knows about the abnormalities with his body: the molecular bonding and separating with Orgun can't continue forever.
Eventually, he'll lose the ability to join, or separate, with the armor - if not die entirely from cellular degeneration.
Tomoru has realized all this already, and isn't going to stop fighting as Orgun now.
If there's one thing D-Boy and Neo-Wärter have taught him, is the meaning of courage – both Orgun and D-Boy saw something on Earth that they wanted to protect and they were both willing to give their lives to do so. How could Tomoru do any less?

At Earth, D-Boy has taken both Aki and Yumi back to his family’s house.
He and his family all left before the mission to Cygnus, but the house is unchanged since that day.
He wishes takes them all the way to his eldest brother Kengo's room – when Yumi asks, D-Boy says that his brother is long gone and is now the embodiment of evil known as Tekkaman Omega.
Aki asks why he wished to come here, seeing how this place is only bringing him pain.

Yumi can’t stand to see the room and D-Boy suffering like this and runs off.
Aki tries to go after but D-Boy says to let her be; still, he wishes Aki to come with him as it’d be too painful to walk through this house alone.
Aki know that D-Boy is hurting and demands to know why he’s making himself suffer like this.

Outside, Yumi knows that she should’ve been stronger for D-Boy but the sight was too much…she wonders if D-Boy is afraid of dying on the upcoming fight, which is why he came here.
Her thought is interrupted when a woman walks nearby.

It’s Fong Li (a.k.a. Tekkaman Sword) and she asks Yumi if she’s fond of Blade.
Yumi can tell right away who she is but Fong Li isn't here to fight.
She's come to see the house where her own beloved was born and raised.

D-Boy soon comes outside and is very startled when he sees Sword; still, she tells him to calm down for their fight will happen later.
She finds it humorous, that while their objectives in coming here are the same, the fates awaiting them are totally opposite.

Aki recalls that Fong Li was Kengo's fiancee, and Fong Li says she's glad she met Tekkaman Aki once before what will surely be the final battle.
Fong Li says that the Radam trees will fully bloom in five days and, while D-Boy proclaims that he’ll stop that from happening by killing Omega, she assures him that, for the sake of her beloved, she'll be the one to stop you.
Aki realizes that Fong Li isn’t fighting for Radam dominance – she’s doing it all out of love for Kengo.
Indeed, Kengo is the only thing that gives her life meaning and Fong Li expected Aki to understand how that feels; regardless, she and Shinya will be waiting for Blade and the rest on the moon...

Yumi takes this chance to ask D-Boy if he’s afraid of dying in the upcoming battle but he says it’s not the case.
He's actually grateful he became a Tekkaman, because it gave him the power to defeat Omega.

But as for Yumi, he wants her and the other Earth Tekkaman to win out over the Tekkaman destiny and survive.
Yumi doesn’t accept that, saying that she doesn’t want him to die like that but D-Boy says he'll still live on in their hearts, just as Miyuki and the old Shinya live on in his.

Yumi ponders this a moment, and then says that today she realized what the "D" really stands for: not "dangerous"... but "dream".
And she's going to fight her little heart out for the sake of the dream D-Boy has entrusted her with.
She leaves the two of them alone together while she fetches the Blue Earth.

: …
*dig, dig, dig*
: What are you doing, D-Boy?
: It’s buried here…a time capsule from when we were ten years old.
: We promised to open it together, when we turned twenty…Shinya and I.

Inside the capsule are some toys, pictures and…

: The micro-recorder.
: Takaya? It’s me…Shinya.
: You’re listening to this now as a grownup.
: I don’t know…that seems so strange to me.
: I wonder what you and I are doing now…and where?
: We’re still friends, aren’t we? Don’t tell me we’re fighting or anything.
: I’m saying this because Kengo just told me something mean. That it’s hard to be a grownup, so it’ll change us.
: That can’t be true, can it? We won’t change, no matter how old we get.
: It won’t change how much I love you, because we’re twins.
: Because you and I started out as one boy.
: I’ll always love you, big brother…more than Kengo or Miyuki…forever.
: Shinya…
: Shinya…Shinya…ku…aah...
: …
: D-Boy, why are you doing this? You know it’s only going to hurt you…
: …At least I can still cry.
: What?
: I still remember Shinya and Miyuki…I can still grieve…
: And as long as I don’t lose these memories and these tears…
: …I can hate the Radam! I can still fight the Radam!
: D-Boy…you came here to your house…so you’d never forget your rage and hatred towards the Radam?
: Right now, I feel as if I can be completely honest and I can say it…
: The two brothers that I loved so much…I’ll kill them with my own hands but I never would’ve chosen such a destiny for myself.
: D-Boy…someday, you too will be…saved…

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