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Part 175: Mission 48 - The Emperor's Counterattack - Part 1

Mission 47 - The Emperor's Counterattack

Our people don't actually Jump all the way to Jupiter, lest we get attacked on the spot by The Database and their allies.
Instead, we jumped nearby and the plan is to complete the journey using conventional propulsion; still, we've got to face down the Sol Lords, the Galra AND The Database – hopefully, it’s not at once but, even then, it’s a battle of bigger scale than we’ve had before.
Uribatake is even looking forward to all that throwdown, finding the grand scale a welcome change from the domestic struggles of his small family.
Given the reports of Uribatake's domineering wife, few of our crew blame him.

Gai wonders if the Sol Lords could be starting the restoration of the Trinary System over by Jupiter but Kaidou says that Orbit Base has yet to detect the characteristic time-space distortion that would indicate that their project has begun within the Solar System.
Leo notes that the restoration itself isn't expected to take long - but the energy charging for it is; that gives us a window to attack between their arrival and their plans going in motion.
To do so, we'll have to get through the ranks of the Galra and The Dabase troops.

Speak of the devil, Galra defense forces approach from Jupiter’s airspace and block our path.
Shihomi and Akane are seemingly relieved that there aren’t any Database troops around, to which Horis imagines is nerves out of our approaching battle with Applicant.
Either way, we need to pass through, so Murrue gives the order to deploy.

Kouji and Yumi ask Kazuma how he’s doing, considering the Applicant situation, at which point Kazuma bursts out laughing.
He says that it's not in his nature to fret about things he can't discern in person; Horis is impressed, having hoped that he wouldn’t need to worry about him – he figures he needs to focus, too.
We don’t see Sinclyne nearby, which is actually a shame, as Gai and the Golion crew were hoping to get some clues to the ancient Leo culture that they heard about.

This here is a long mission but it’s also awesome.
Most of our troops need a turn to get closer but Yumi is in range to do some attacking.

Good way to start things off.

Mike begins boosting Tetsuya’s morale.

And Gaofighgar picks a bulkier target.

Very nice.

Finally, Kazuma guns for another nearby Garushia.

Enemy Phase!

Kazuma finishes his friend with a counterattack.

While that happens, Gai is drawning the attention of both his weakened Garushia and a Gamma.
The weakened one is, of course, destroyed.

The remaining Galra fighters make a run against Golion.

This one got lucky but the other Fighter was hit with a critical hit and died in one shot.

Hayato has no issues against Garushias.

This here Gamma plays it a bit safer and goes after Yumi.

Oh, well.

Finally, the last attack is from a Garushia that gets slapped away by Lowe.

Player Phase!

The middle of the map is filled with meteors, so we better let Cagalli do something before she’s stuck getting through there.

Mind you, that same meteor field gives most Galra troops a defense boost, so Kira’s support was necessary for the kill.

Shihomi runs ahead and, taking a support from Kazuma, finishes off this here Gamma.
As that happens, Volfogg is working on the other.

Do your thing, Blade.

Ah, those fickle lucky crits…

Fine, Aki can finish it off.

After a few bad guys are downed, Liam detects another Galra signature approaching.
It’s only a couple of battleships, so Ryouma figures it should be no problem.
Hayato, however, sees something else deploying from one of the ships.

: Guys, look! That Mega Black Beastman!
: Emperor Dai Bazaal…! That Mega Black Beastman is the Emperor!
: You mean that Beastman was made to look like the Emperor?
: I think that’s what’s going on.
: You’re naïve, Golion!
: That voice…!
: I could never forget it…! It’s the Emperor, Dai Bazaal!
: HUH?! The big bad is leading the attack in person?!
: OOOOH! A surprise climactic battle! Akito, are you seeing this?!
: At last, you’ve personally come out, Emperor Dai Bazaal!
: Hey, Emperor! What happened to Sinclyne?!
: Don’t get so full of yourself because you repelled that amateur, Golion and Earthlings!
: What?!
: My name is Dai Bazaal! The leader of the Galran Empire and ruler of the galaxy!
: Dai Bazaal! You don’t get to make that claim as long as we’re here!
: If we can defeat you here, the Leo Union’s victory is assured! Prepare yourself!
: Ha…At least you’re eager, youngsters.
: Rise, soldiers! Whoever defeats them can have any reward they desire!
: However, I’ll personally take the head of anyone who tries to escape!
: E-eeek…!
: The Emperor’s serious! W-we don’t have a choice!!

: The enemy’s morale suddenly rose?!
: That man leads his soldiers through fear and strength?!
: An enemy that becomes desperate will fight even harder…! All units, don’t let your guard down!
: This is…the power of the emperor?!
: Come, Golion! The legendary lion admired by the Leo Culture will be defeated right here by the hand of the galaxy’s emperor, Dai Bazaal! So…

Let’s see what the emperor is rocking:

Ho-hum. The Mega Black Beastman Galra may look silly but it sure as hell can put up a fight.
It’s the first enemy to have six digits in its HP (110000) while also sporting some good defense.
His resilience is further boosted by the fact that he’s equipped with a Barrier M (reduces incoming damage by 1200) – needless to say, you’ll want to either take it away or use barrier-piercing attacks.

One thing to note is that Dai Bazaal wasn’t boasting for Sinclyne – he has a metric shitload of stats and more Skill that you would expect a brutish-looking guy like him to have (as much as Gai Murakumo at max morale!).
Be ready for him to activate his Shield oftenly.

His weapons are all high-powered but, thankfully, he has no status effects.
Still, Dai Bazaal is all about kicking your teeth in with his strongest attack, Galra Tomahawk, which CAN chain-attack (and it pierces barriers, meaning that it’ll put the hurt on anything that takes a clean hit).

Dai Bazaal has the standard fare of boss Skills but he can make good use of all of them:
As I mentioned above, his massive skill stat will make him parry and block your attacks oftenly and our troops are already at a disadvantage since he enters at 170 morale (and we’ll be lucky to get all our guys over 130 by the time the mooks run out).

Conclusion: Dai Bazaal is the toughest boss we’ve faced up to this point – the difference in morale will mean that our guys will do less damage and will take more damage, too.
You absolutely want to dispel his barrier and tag him with either Disc X or Rust Tornado.
Be SURE to abuse your support attacks and do your best to conserve your SP because there’s still a whole lot more to this mission.

Mike needs some Disc X morale, so he teams up with Hiver to take down another Garushia.

Might as well have Chouryujin do something as he slowly treks through the meteor field.

Not bad at all.

Kazuma is still moving ahead and dealing some nice damage to the Beastmen that hanged back.

Gai Murakumo can close in just enough to attack.

That’s how you do it.

Lowe and Hayato quickly leave a Gamma barely hanging.

Casting Snipe, Golion can reach it.

Gotta build up that morale to finish Dai Bazaal in style.

Before the turn ends, Hiver and Gai take a big chunk of the nearest Pi.

Enemy Phase!

Eh, I could fire a missile at it but melting its weapons seems better on the long run.

Also, I had Seidou cast Iron Wall to be safe!
This was a good idea because Golion’s mook magnetism also draws both a Death Hell and Pi after him.

Gai’s vengeful Pi fails to pierce through Protect Wall and gets wrecked.

Kouji gets his “game face” on.

Hayato gets pestered by a couple of mooks but it’s nothing he can’t counter.

Finally, Aki is picked on by this Death Hell.

Very nice.

Player Phase!

Hayato’s ever-useful supports give Mike another kill.

Which bumps him up a level and teaches Hero L8!

Tetsuya spots a chain-attack on Golion’s attackers.

Gotta get that Mazin Power going…

Blade and Aki team up to finish the Pi.

The Archangel hasn’t had some screentime in a long while. Let’s remedy that a little.


Yumi and Lowe move ahead, each taking down a weakened target.

Only the battleships are left, so we better get working on those.

Shouldn’t be VERY long.

Gai Murakumo and Kouji further damage it.

I don’t think Volfogg will be able to kill it now but..

Yeah, ok.

Chouryujin takes it.

Also, Golion and Aki start working on the next ship.
I swear, if ya’ll had taken away my combination attacks on this mission, I would’ve flipped.

Gai will also contribute to the effort.

Should be enough, I think.

Or not…I guess I should’ve started the attack with Kouji.

Enemy Phase!

Alright, Ruri needs the levels.

Professor keeps her safe and even throws a Shield Block in for good measure.
One of the healthier ships also attacks the Nadesico but we only manage to dent it a little.

Ruri and Harry profit a level, with her learning Support Defend L3.

Blade gets his Blaster Mode going right on time.

Golion is also pestered by a couple of ships but it still has Iron Wall.

I had it cast because I HOPED that Dai Bazaal would go after it but nope…

: Hmm... our ancient texts spoke of this machine...
: Dai Bazaal! What do you know about the Getter?
: So..."they" were not the only ones who crossed over from the old universe into ours!

Poor Mike.
Also, witness the bullshit of Dai Bazaal’s Shield Block plus Barrier M.

: An heir to the Leo Culture! I will destroy you here before the Sol Masters!
: Not happening! I'm going all the way to Jupiter! To protect our solar system...
: And to get payback for Mamoru and Galeon!

Hm. Better but that Barrier needs to go.

Before that, though, Mike lays a Disc X on Dai Bazaal, followed by an assist from Kazuma.

Now, Volfogg pops that barrier and Hayato lends some extra damage.

Let’s see how you like this.

: Heh. Fighting in a robot that looks like a giant you? You're a funny guy!
: He doesn't fear me? What gall!
: Fear just holds you back in a fight. Come on, I'm about to beat me a bad guy!

Nearly halfway there!

: As expected of the legendary lion and its allies.
: It’s been a long time since I’ve been this entertained.
: Shut up, Dai Bazaal! We’ve got something to ask you!
: Sinclyne said that the Trinary, Altea and Galra Systems originated from the Ancient Solar Culture.
: However, we never heard of the Trinary System before! Why is that?!
: That’s only natural. The extinction of the Trinary Solar System happened in the previous universe.
*Kaidou: What?!
: How is that possible?! How could Mamoru and Kaidou have come to Earth, then?!
: I see…so, you’re the comrades of that boy, Latio.
: Dai Bazaal! You know of Mamoru and Galeon?!
: They were captured by the Sol Lords; the lion was destroyed and the boy was executed!
: No…!
: Mamoru and Galeon are dead…
: AHAHAHAHAHA! You’re the last legacy of the Leo Culture, Golion!
: Once you’re defeated, there’ll be nothing else to get in the way of our plans!
: Shut up…Shut up, Dai Bazaal! How could you do that to our friend?!
: I won’t forgive…I’LL NEVER FORGIVE ANY OF YOU!!
: HAHAHAHAHA! If you want to see that boy again so much, you can do it in the other world!!

Dai Bazaal casts Strike, Valor and Guts.

: Come, Earthlings! You’ll take the fear of Dai Bazaal with you to the underworld!!

You sumbitch, you…
We better get rid of that Valor before he kills some of our Reals.

Attacking the big man isn’t the best option since I’m saving SP; so, Gai Murakumo takes aim at one of the nearby ships.

Good, good.

Chouryujin calls Heero over and then take it down.
Golion picks the next target.

Might as well have Kouji join in and help the others get morale.

Did these things get an increase on armor? That seems surprisingly “low” damage by Mazinkaiser standards.

Either way, Yumi takes another jab at it.

Can you do it, Blade?

Aki cleans up after D-Boy. Again!

Enemy Phase!

The last ship goes after Golion but I won’t bother killing it.

Dai Bazaal chains into Blade, who barely survives (which is actually good, due to his Prevail) and, proceeds to parry Valguards’s fists…HOW?

Player Phase!

Tetsuya still needs his Mazin Power, so Mike busts out his MAP Disc P.

There we go.

Alright, let’s get rid of this son of a bitch.

: I see Earthlings can put up a struggle. Pray, entertain me as well your comrades.
: You're here for fun? Well, prepare to be disappointed...
: Because all this power we've gathered is going to be your end!

: A Tekkaman of the Radam?! It’s laughable that you would try to challenge me with that tiny body!
: I have to get in touch with The Database! I don’t care about you!
: Bastard, you would ignore Dai Bazaal?! That’s…unforgiveable!

: The emperor has come to the front lines! I accept that challenge!
: I have come here to put an end to this conflict as the Emperor, but also... to ensure you are destroyed with my own hands!
Let this battle guide you to rest in peace!
: I'll pass! You may be the great evil emperor, but you're just a speed bump to us!

: His machine is deceptively powerful. So I'll confuse him with quick, erratic movements.
: Grr. He knows the art of war, I see!

: So, the evil emperor comes out to fight mano-a-mano! Now that's an offer I can't refuse!
: Grr... insolent child!
: I will rend you asunder, body and soul, and scatter the dust into the depths of space!
: Oh, I am so sold! You oughta hang up the crown and go into marketing!

: If they’re facing such a reign of terror, why don’t the soldiers of the Galran Empire think about a coup d’etat?
: Power decides everything! Even the soldiers obey this truth of the universe!
: I understand. Then, we will defeat you by that same “truth of the universe”.

: Why…?! Why do you want to conquer the people of other planets by power?!
: Power is the truth of the universe! You, too, must abide to it!

: Target: Galran Emperor Dai Bazaal...!
: This man…he’s treating me like a common enemy…!
: How interesting! I’ll make you regret that recklessness in Hell!

: A young Tekkaman girl?! I could crush her with my little finger!
: I feel like Jack facing the giant! If it’s like this, I’m ready to jump onto his body to fight!

: Prepare yourself, Dai Bazaal! We will defeat you, and Galra will fall!
: But remember this, GoLion! If it is I who defeats you, it will spell the end of the Leo Union!
: So you're saying the entire galaxy's future is at stake here!
: That means we've got to win!
: For Princess Farah's dad and everyone on Altea! We're fighting for all of them!
: Lend us strength, Shirogane! We're going to end the battle with Galra right here, right now!

Dai Bazaal's worth a Barrier M Generator, BP+1 and a SP Usage -5%.

Saburouta/Tsukumo and Bonta-kun (!) also had lines against Dai Bazaal:

: Shiratori! We get to fight against the Evil Emperor himself…my hot blood is coming back!
: Ah! The revival of Saburouta Takasugi! I’m going as well!
: Hrm…what?! Their souls…it’s like they’re ablaze…!
: We’re gonna teach you, Evil Emperor Dai Bazaal!
: This is the blazing heart that loves justice…THIS IS HOT BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!

: Fumo! Fumofu, Fumo! Fumoffu!
: Hrm...! This man…such eloquence has left me speechless!
: (Did you really understand that, Emperor...?!)

: UWAAAAAARGH! I’ve been defeated?!
: Dai Bazaal! You lost because you ignited our wrath!!
: You underestimated the power of the Earthlings…the power of humanity, Dai Bazaal!
: This Solar System is our home!
: We won’t let villains like you lay a single finger on it! That’s our mission!!
: This situation is right up your alley, huh, Yamada…?
: Huhuhu…now that I think about it, all three cultures of the galaxy are present here…
: The Ancient Leo Culture, Ancient Solar Culture and the Primeval Culture Es…
: Primeval Culture Es…?!
: I knew it…!
: I don’t know if you’ll be able to fight the Radam, Eviluders, Sol Lords and Scribes of Knowledge…
: Hehehehe…You might, if you manage to use all of your power.
: What do you mean by that, Dai Bazaal?!
: I am the Emperor of the Galra Empire, Dai Bazaal! THE SOLE RULER OF THE ENTIRE GALAXY! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

: Dai Bazaal!
: Were you watching, Father…?
: Golion and the heroes of Earth have defeated Dai Bazaal, the leader of the Galra.
: Hopefully, this’ll ease some of your and the others’ regret…
: But, Dai Bazaal’s last words…
: The Ancient Leo Culture, Ancient Solar Culture and the Primeval Culture Es…
: What could be their significance…?
: You don’t need to know that.

: You came, Database!
: Stupid Kazuma! That’s our line!
: I don’t know who told you about this place but how dare you actually follow us here?!
: Shut up, Aria…! My business is with that guy!
: …
: Today, I’m gonna catch you and make you tell us the whole story!
: Very well. However, you’ve now trespassed into our territory…
: Therefore, you will all be eliminated.
: That’s…!
: It’s that guy we saw on Earth – Palparepa!
: Chemical Fusion!
*Palparepa enters the field.*
: Palparepa…!
: The Sol Lords are finally entering the battlefield!
: 11 Sol Lords! You took Mamoru and Galeon’s life!
: We simply eliminated an obstacle to the completion of our mission.
: I won’t forgive you…! I’ll defeat you no matter what! I swear it to their souls!!
: Come, Hero of the Blue Planet. Once you and the five lions are eliminated, there’ll be nothing left to hinder our mission.
: Everything will be settled here.

Yeah. As if fighting Dai Bazaal wasn’t long enough, you still need to deal with Aria, Applicant and Palparepa.

I hope you’ve saved your SP!