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Part 43: Mission 11 (North America Route) - Seeking the Heart - Part 1

Mission 11 (North America Route) - Seeking the Heart

Corbett gets a very nasty surprise when the Radam interrupt his Wärter repulsing, destroying most of his troops.
He's counting on Balzac to bring the Radam to a hasty end, but Balzac is far from impressed by the incompetent giving him orders and stealing his glory.

Yang orders the Dragons to give their all to destroying the enemy; unfortunately they're not yet capable of Symmetrical Docking, as Yang tells a demanding Corbett.
Soon enough, the Valstork enters the area.

Balzac would also love to settle the score with our people, but the Radam come first.
Kazuma and Balzac agree to hate each other but still fight, and the Chinese dragon's admonition to stand aside and watch doesn't please Enryu much.
Hyoryu tries to tell them that only by joining our forces will we be able to push back such a massive amount of Radam but Fuuryu says it’s not necessary; after all they are the perfect warriors and, as such, they’ll obey their orders and fulfill their duties alone.
As Enryu gets even angrier at their attitude, Mike tells the four brothers not to fight against each other but Enryu snaps that those two are not their brothers.
Bless tells them to stop that, as we've got to buy at least enough time for Gai and the others to finish scouring the base; Mikoto has Volfogg hack into the base’s databank and look for anything useful; Mamoru says that Hyoryu and Enryu haven't yet been repaired enough to do Symmetrical Docking either.

This is a very simple mission; most of the enemies are Radam monsters (only a few Mothers inbetween), so let’s deal with them quick-like. Volfogg gets first dibs.

He capitalizes on it.


…does not.
I’ll probably upgrade the Valhawks’s weapons again soon since Kazuma is not very lucky with crits (Volfogg does get that crit ratio bonus from Hero).

Mike does his thing and boosts Kazuma’s morale up some.

Enryuu can step in and finish the Radam that Kazuma weakened.

“The man with a plan” Balzac will start working on the nearby Radam Mother.
Don’t be afraid to go crazy with his SP.

it pains me to see such weak crits.

Rairyuu weakens it some more.

Enemy Phase!

A Radam monster goes for Enryuu and, for whatever nonsense, my picture didn’t run.
Another two Monsters and a Mother go after but he only gets hit once (which he shield blocked).

Don’t fuck up, you…


Down below, Irfanview continues to be a jerk and doesn’t tag the Radam Monster going for Rairyuu OR the damage dealt (the Radam lived with around 1000 HP).

The Radam Mother decides to go for Balzac.

Fuuryuu will get his chance to show off his Kung-fu on this bugger.

Same damage as Rairyuu…

Kazuma is still doing his thing.

Player Phase!

Milly reports that there's still no report from within the base and Quatre wonders what everyone is doing.
Inside, our people have just made it to Liger and D-Boy, Aki and Noal say that they’re here to rescue but D-Boy is quiet; Gai asks but Liger has no idea: he’s fallen silent right when he woke up, some moments ago.
Aki and Noal tell him that the base is under attack by the Radam and ask him to get his Tekkaman on so they can get the hell out of Dodge.

However, D-Boy is terrified of becoming a Tekkaman, blubbering that he doesn't want to kill anyone.
He cries out that he can’t fight, fearing that he’ll become the same sort of devil as Dagger and Evil.
D-Boy wants to hide away but Noal calls him an idiot, saying that the Radam and Evil have already found him and came over.

Noal wonders what happened to the guy who vowed to wipe out the Radam singlehandedly.
He reminds D-Boy that he himself said that fighting the Radam is his reason for living; cast that away and then what?!
D-Boy is so miserable that he can't even respond to Noal's deliberate provocation, except to finally say that he doesn't want to fight anymore.
Fed up, Noal tells Aki and Gai to protect the useless coward while he goes and fights whoever he has to.

Spying Michi, he orders her to hand over whatever kind of weapons this base's got - and Liger tells this young man that he's got just the thing.
Aki reminds him that he's going up against a Tekkaman, but Noal yells back that Heero, Duo and Hyuuma're holding their own against him - and the last thing he intends to do is sit in the corner quivering like gutless wonderboy here.
Even the sight of this does nothing to move D-Boy...

Noal emerges from the base in Sol Tekkaman #2 (Yay…), feeling good in his new armament and somewhat pissed that he now resembles Balzac.
Liger merrily congratulates himself for having a second Sol Tekkaman around for data collection, and Michi warns Noal that his mech's power is limited.
Milly of course doesn't see D-Boy, and Noal tells her to forget about the wimp: he plans to fight enough for the both of them.

A sinister voice opines that the humans are clueless as ever, and in need of a demonstration why they can't stand up to him.
It's Evil, and Balzac was waiting for a chance to repay the “Red Demon” for what happened at the Orbital Ring.
Kazuma tries to stop Balzac but, he’s not even listening; inwardly, promising that he’ll achieve victory here and gain even more glory for himself – he charges at Evil.

Evil yells at him to get out of his way and takes him out in one strike; Corbett is furious that the man he was sponsoring died so easily and, worst of all, wasted a Sol Tekkaman prototype.
When Noal asks, Evil claims that Heero and Hyuuma are waiting for him and the others one step ahead in hell, and figures Noal will make the perfect diversion before he finally goes and kills Blade.

We’ll deal with Noal’s side soon. For now, let’s have Mike rock a Radam’s socks off.

Upon retrospect, I’ve no idea why I went for the weakened enemy first when I could’ve easily killed by bouncing off the full health Mother.

Volfogg takes a support from Enryu and barely misses killing the Mother.
Meanwhile, Noin keeps sniping away from behind our folks.

Quatre will also stay behind (I’m saving most of his SP for a cast of Bless, so he can’t Focus more than once).

He can still crush stuff, though.

Enryu and Hyoryu each take a kill.

Not ones to be outdone, Fuuryu and Rairyu do the same.

Enemy Phase!

One of the last full HP mooks decides to go after Bless of all things.

He’s not in positive terrain but that doesn’t matter much.

A Mother comes for Kazuma and gets blasted.

Also, one of the last Monster comes for Fuuryuu.

Off with ya.

An interesting fact: when playing through this mission, I was constantly wondering that I was supposed to do something but I couldn’t remember what.
As I edit this post, I’ve been struck by the realization that I’ve made the other half of this mission a whole lot harder. I’ll tell you why soon enough.

Upstairs, Kazuma is still being hounded.

Still no one-shotting crits…
Truth be told, this is partially my fault because Beam Shot Launcher has an abysmal crit ratio. If you want many crits, Ray Blade is the best choice.

One of the remaining buggers moves after Fuuryu and gets blown away.

As the battle moves along, Shihomi detects an approaching unit: it’s Orgun.
Noal is very thankful that he chose the perfect time to show up.

However, Volfogg quickly tries to warn Bless to dodge right as Orgun starts firing in the Valstork's direction .
Michi recognizes Orgun as the one who sent some kind of transmission a few weeks back, but he is silent when Evil asks if this Detonator has now sided with the Radam.

Evil doesn't care, and tells this fellow minion of destruction to rampage to his heart's content.
Mikoto frantically calls Hyuuma, Gai and Heero, while Milly calls for Aki and D-Boy...

This Is about the halfway point of the Mission so it’s a good spot to end it.
Has Orgun gon’ crazy? Will D-boy stop being a wimp?!
Find out next update! See you all then.