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Part 44: Mission 11 (North America Route) - Seeking The Heart - Part 2

Welcome back, folks. Last time, half of Wärter came over to North America to rescue D-boy from Corbett’s clutches.
Getting here we find the base under attack by Tekkaman Evil, Balzac is killed, Orgun shows up and attacks us and D-boy has gone full-angst mode.

It’s still the enemy’s phase and Orgun decides to take a stab at Bless.
I’ll just have him defend because he doesn’t have a good hit % against him.

Evil has gained a lot of morale from the Radam we killed and gets ready to blast Fuuryuu with a PSY-Voltekka.

Thankfully, it misses or that would’ve probably been a kill.

Player Phase!

That Radam Mother there is a prime target for a Volgoff/Kazuma combo.

Mike fails to kill a monster in one go but Noin is there to lend a hand (Maybe I should stop being so unfair towards her…naaaaaah).

I can’t resist an opportunity to MAP someone.

Only one kill but it leaves all other mooks ready to be cut down.

The rest of the family levels up and Horis learns Guts.

Hyoryu weakens the mother a bit more and Enryuu takes her down.

Fine, I guess you’ve earned a little bit more time in the spotlight…

I was hoping for a crit but that’s decent (Yow…using Balzac has really made me lower my standards).

Kazuma goes in to bounce his attack off a Monster and into a Mother -it works rather well.

The scene shifts back inside the base, where Gai gently tells D-Boy to come outside.
He doesn't intend to force him to fight, and notes that both of them received bodies with warpower they never wished for, him with his cybernetics and G-Stone and D-Boy with his Tekkaman powers.
Gai asked himself long ago whether his powers weren't in fact given by God for the defense of those Gai holds dear; he admits that maybe God doesn't exist, but he's still decided to believe anyway - so that he can keep going forward and keep winning over the weakness of his own heart.

Gai wants to start by leading D-Boy outside, but this gets abruptly halted by Pizza, who’s come to collect D-Boy's body for the Zondar.
When Gai asks, Pizza explains that the Tek System is one of the greatest impediments to Mechanization, and analysis of the Tek System would allow them to turn the tide against the Radam.

This is an interesting statement to Gai and Aki, since it proves the Zondar really are trying to mechanize the world and, as Leo theorized, that the Radam and Zondar are indeed enemies.
Pizza says that this planet must be Mechanized before the flowers of the Radam's trees bloom, and orders Gai to hand D-Boy, whose eyes are already dead, over – he’ll no longer fight as a Tekkaman and is of no use to us.

Even if he can't fight, D-Boy is still Gai's comrade, and he isn't the sort to abandon his comrades.
He tells D-Boy to remember this: your people don't need him because he's a Tekkaman, but because he's a comrade who's fought by their side.
Aki says that, just like Hyuuma, Duo, Heero and Noal, Gai is also fighting to protect D-boy.
Pizza is more than willing to defeat Gai before claiming his prize and charges after him.

As D-Boy ponders if he can be someone’s comrade, Aki helps by pointing out that even if he'll become a devil in thirty minutes, he'll still have his human heart.
The battle outside is threatening the building’s structure and pieces of it are already collapsing near them.

Amidst the rubble, Aki tells D-Boy to give her his 30 minutes, not caring if he kills her in the process afterward.

Outiside, Evil finally spots the two of them, having looked long and hard for his "older brother".
He sneers that the human D-Boy's with is the spitting image of their dead mother – if he cares so much for her, Evil promises to kill them both!
Right then , Hyoryu and Enryu get in the way, being mightily beaten down for daring to get in Evil’s way.

The Chinese dragons are puzzled why, again, their brothers would put their own bodies on the line to protect others - is that their mission?
No, it's because D-Boy is their comrade, long before any mission is assigned.
Hyoryuu tells D-Boy that even though their bodies are robotic, their hearts are no different than a human's.
Fuuryu and Rairyu seem confused at such notions.

Yang orders them both to attack the Tekkaman while he’s distracted but they now hesitate, aware almost for the first time of the potential damage to the humans at Evil's feet.
Evil, furious, starts charging his Psy-Boltekka to blow them all away, and Enryu and Hyoryu are too damaged to use the Eraserhead properly.

They'll try anyway, unwilling to sit by and let all their comrades be destroyed.
Evil says they’ll never stop his Voltekka with such battered bodies.

: Rairyu!
: Stop, Fuuryu! Rairyu! You’ll be caught in the Voltekka blast!!
: We won’t obey such orders!
: Our Super AI…no, our hearts have been set ablaze!

: Gekiryujin!
: Take my hand, Chouryujin! We’ll support your body!

: What?! It completely blocked out the PSY-Voltekka!
: Alright! You did it, Chouryujin! Gekiryujin!!
: Behold! The victory brought about by the power of our hearts!!
: That’s impossible…the power of the heart allowed them to successfully perform Simmetrical Docking…!
: The heart…
: Yes, D-Boy! Their hearts are the same as all of your companions…
: And, as long as you maintain your heart, you’ll remain human! You are no demon!
: I understand, Aki…My…my 30 minutes are yours!

Evil care anything about Blade’s power as he still plans to kill everyone here.
However, more people are on the scene and start shooting.

Heero and Duo aren't the sort for Evil to easily kill off, much less Hyuuma with his suit.
Now's the time for D-Boy to transform, and Noal has Milly dispatch Pegas.
Hyuuma then demonstrates just why he goes around with a mohawk, *throwing* his suit's mohawk-shaped headguard as a boomerang and stopping Evil in his tracks.

Evil is livid that Blade managed to Tek-Set and D-Boy has finally figured it out: he's not the devil, the Radam are.
Evil tells him to shut up, prepping another shot of Psy-Voltekka to blast Blade - this is especially bad because the Eraserhead hasn’t had time to recharge.
However, Milly tells D-Boy to grip the supports installed into Pegas: it’s a new modification given as a present from Freeman – the High Coat Voltekka.

This time, it’s Evil’s attack that’s neutralized via a combination of Pegas’ built-in Fermion Cannon to power-up Blade’s attack.
Of course, Evil isn’t about to let his brother be victorious.

Either way, Blade calls him over to fight, having been fully awakened by something Evil has lost: heart power.

When Gai emerges, D-Boy tells him that if God gave Gai his powers, D-Boy's were given by the Devil himself.
But since he's still a human, he'll use them for good and Gai knows that, as long as Blade holds onto that thought, he will not be beaten.

Pizza realizes that, with Blade’s renewed warrior’s spirit, his only hope of claiming his body is by force.
He deploys and wishes to continue his duel against Gai but Chouryujin and Gekiryujin also join in, claiming that the lives of many people depend on Blade’s protection and they won’t allow him to pass!
Gai says that, when enemies present themselves, those truly powerful rise up to protect what is important; Gekiryujin now understands this and Gai proclaims them to be HEROES!
Gekiryujin likes the sound of that and Chouryujin calls his brother to show their power to the Zondar and the Radam!

Upon seeing all this, Orgun vanishes.
Kazuma's theory is that he's scared shitless of D-Boy, but Michi seems to have other ideas...

Now, here’s where that small issue I mentioned above comes into play. There are 6 Radam left in the stage and, even though Blade just used a 120 morale attack, he’s still at 100 (same with everyone else that just popped up) – which means we’ll need to do some morale management.

I’m gonna get both our groups together, not only to make it easier to deal with both bosses but to feed the remaining Radam to the other fighters (especially Gai and Blade).

Enemy Phase!

The nearby Radam will still come for whomever’s closer, of course. Kazuma will be dodging everything since his morale is skyhigh.

Noin should’ve been able to dodge that but of course not…

Both bosses rush after their respective targets but don’t attack.

Player Phase!

The top group starts moving towards the bottom one.
Along the way, Mike switches back to Cosmo Robot form to heal the Valstork a bit.

Noin pays him back for that Support Defend with some repairing of her own.

At the end of the turn, everyone’s pretty much together so we’ll being working on the Radam next round.

Enemy Phase!

A couple of Radam Mothers go after the Valstork but they’ve enough HP to survive an attack.

Two Monsters attack Volfogg, I decide to try my luck and weaken one a bit - Volfogg gets a crit and oneshots it…

Pizza finally reaches Gai.

: Hahahahaha! The sky is wonderful! And I am its ruler!
: That's enough, Pizza! I used to be an astronaut, and I won't lose in a dogfight!

Eh, that’s actually good.
Gai gets 2 morale when he’s hit and 2 more for each of his hits that connect.

Player Phase!

Gai needs much more Morale than Blade so he rocks out with Mike for a boost.

Bless spots a full health Mother.

Sniping is always good.

Noal is, at least, a likeable character so he’ll get some screentime.

Normally, I would bitch at the low damage but that’s actually good to prepare this Monster to be fed to someone that needs the morale.

Both Blade and Heero pick a target and take them out for some morale.

And Gai nabs the Mother that Bless weakened before.

Now, let’s be very careful. Volfogg, go over there and weaken that Mother a lit-

Damn it, Volfogg! Stop being such a crit-machine and share the morale!

Enemy Phase!

Pizza comes after Gai with those Pink Bullets he used before but this time Gai has both more morale and a wee bit of Prevail active – enough to block out the damage.

Player Phase!

Gai is nearly set in morale so Mike goes give Blade a boost.

The gods of rock approve and give Mike a level (giving him Invincible and Hero L2).

Noin doesn’t have anything else to do so she heals Gai a bit.

I make a quicksave and send Noal in to WEAKEN the Mother.
Thankfully, there are no surprises here.

Blade swoops in for the kill.
Do note the position that Blade’s in, I had to set those 3 units in front of him to prevent Evil from getting inside his High Coat Voltekka range (same deal as mission 10).

And that gives him the last bit of morale that he needs. Next turn, we’ll deal with Evil first.

Enemy Phase!

Blade doesn’t have Strike, so he simply dodges Evil’s attack.
Afterwards, he stops at our robot-barrier and is 3 spaces away from Blade.

Pizza’s attack will give Gai the last bit of morale that he needs.
For whatever reason, I had Bless on support defend even though I’m pretty sure that Gai could’ve blocked out the damage.

Nevertheless, that fight gives Gai a level and he learns Spirit (right when he no longer needs the morale…thanks, game).

Player Phase!

Let’s open our salvo by weakening Evil’s stats a bit; he’s still pretty much the same he was before but with a wee bit more HP.
Mike steps up to Disk M (to reduce his mobility) him with an assist from Bless.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while: time to see Volfogg’s strongest attack in its full glory.

Yeeeeesssssss! Volfogg gets a level and learns one of the most useful spirit commands in the game: Confuse (かく乱).
This baby costs a whopping 70 SP to cast but it’s incredibly useful in that it cuts ALL enemies’ hit rate by half; perfect when dealing with high accuracy/prevail’d bosses or when surrounded by a lot of accurate mooks.

With Mike taking away from his Mobility and Volfogg taking away his Accuracy, Evil won’t be able to hit the broadside of a barn. Heero capitalizes on this with some help from Kazuma.

: I'll get you back for interfering with me!
: This is a Tekkaman? He's attacking aggressively and emotionally.

Very good.

Duo deals some iffy damage (Volfogg is really giving him a run for his money).

Kazuma strikes a good hit before getting hit by a 17% attack.
This game, I tell ya…

Noin heals him up a bit.

Noal is still looking for PAYBACK and fires his Fermion Gun.

: You messed up! Once D-Boy turns into a Tekkaman, he's not afraid of anything!
: But it is his destiny to fall at my hand! But first I will rip you limb from limb before his eyes!
: I can't let you do that! Once we're done here, I'm supposed to go give him a solid punch!

You should probably stick with the Blue Earth.

Gai will take a small shot at Evil but, just to be safe, I’ll have him cast Invincible.[/i]

: The fabled legacy of the Green World!
: Fabled? What do you mean?
: Nothing you need to worry about! We Radam are going to destroy the Machine Life!

Alright, that’s good enough.

Blade gets Bless’d for extra money and is in range to blast Evil. I forgot to Cheer him with Mihiro or Mike, sadly.

: Evil! I'm going to finish you off myself!
: Takaya, is that how you treat your brother?
: Shut up! You're not Shinya! You're a Radam!
: Heh heh... I'm glad you said that, Takaya. Even that tells me you're still my brother...
: And it will be my greatest pleasure to rend my brother apart with my own hands!


Evil is worth a Large Generator, an Infight +1 and a truckload of cash.

A sore loser, Evil flies off, but not before telling Blade that he'll have to make it through the other Tekkamen, who are now awakening, if he wants to see him again.

Does this mean that Miyuki is among them?!

Now, I won’t even bother doing an analysis on Pizza because he’s quite weak. He’s got the standard Zondar regeneration of HP and EN but that’s about it.

He’s not dodgy for a guy that screams speed, he’ll prioritize his ranged attacks instead of his point-blank, strongest one, his armor is weak (which means you’ll easily pierce his barrier) and his only Pilot Skills are Counter and Prevail L3.

Not a whole lot of people available to take on Pizza so I’ll have Chouryuujin tag him with his Double Tonfas.

Gekiryuujin swings over to prove that Optimus Prime knows Kung-Fu.

: A new robot that runs on G-Power! I'll destroy you now before you become a nuisance!
: No, you won't! Now that Chouryujin has taught me to have a heart, I will not lose!

Bruce Lee would be proud.

Enemy Phase!

Pizza is still chipping away at the wall that is Gaogaigar.

Player Phase!

Before we end, I figure this’d be a good opportunity to show off the combined attack of Chouryujin and Gekiryujin (aptly named, Chouryujin/Gekiryujin Assault).
I’ll be reloading after this kill, though, as the brothers don’t need any more levels.

: I see your robot can change its form to adapt to the battle!
: That's the bombing Zondar!
: The Valhawk should be able to keep up with his speed!
: Don't overestimate yourself, lad! None can best me in the skies!
: I am gonna break that stuck-up needle nose of yours in half!

Kazuma nearly goes overboard but leaves Pizza barely alive.

NOW, for one of the biggest reasons why I went through the trouble of boosting Gai’s morale up so much: let’s, finally, see Hell and Heaven in proper fashion.

Pizza is worth a Learning OS and a Max SP +5.

I wasn’t able to get Blade to fight Pizza but here’s the dialogue that they have:

: So you Tek-setted! But even if you escaped your fate as a Radam, the assimilation of the Machine World will find you!
: Gh... wha... the Radam information implanted in my mind is full of fear!
: What happened between the Radam and the Zondar?

Pizza abandons the Zondar as its core is removed and he's man enough to admit defeat to Gai...for today.
He tells Gai not to die until they can consummate their duel and flies off, leaving Mamoru to explain about the Zondarian commanders to your people but Gai wonders about the conflict between the Zondar and the Radam – what could they have been planning with the Tek-System?

The Federation base is pretty much wrecked, with the proud Sol Tekkamen and their prouder leader splattered all across the landscape.

Fuuryu and Rairyu thank you gravely for teaching them that with a Hero's heart, they can never be defeated.
Enryu and Hyoryu tell their Chinese counterparts that as of today, they're now their comrades.

Corbett pops out and tells the walking garbage piles not to presume to speak about the disposition of army hardware.
Fuuryu and Rairyu are still property of the Federation and, as such, the army gets the final say on where they get deployed to.

Yang, not too far behind, in turn informs Corbett that the Chinese Aerospace Research Division was only assisting the military - not subservient to it.
Corbett doesn't take kindly to this new "betrayal", but Yang says this is the perfect opportunity to take up his doubts about the military's way of doing things with his direct line to Supreme HQ.
After all, Corbett not only lost Balzac's whole squadron, but values his masterpieces as nothing more than trash.

Before stalking off, Corbett can't resist informing all of you that you'll come to rue this day: the military, and ONLY the military, are the guardians of order on Earth.
Noin notes that if the military was doing its job properly, the Wärter Corbett hates so much wouldn't even have been formed.
Yang confides to Liger that he too has learned something from this battle: that his super-AI-powered robots derive their strength from none other than their hearts.
While nothing is impossible for those hearts, the Symmetrical Docking took a mighty toll anyway, and the two will be down for repairs for quite some time but Hyoryuu and Enryuu say they’ll always have a spot on the team.

Noal's sorry to interrupt D-Boy's contemplation of the four brothers, but he's got a moral obligation to deck D-Boy one for the events leading up to the battle.
D-Boy apologizes, and is ready to get pounded, but Bless stops Noal by saying that it was Aki's power that really brought D-Boy back to his senses today.
Of course, he notes, women have always been adept at directly conveying their feelings, which Duo intimates might have something to do with Hawk-Eye's past.
But Bless hustles everyone off before any further discussion, and Milly will now tag along as part of the Blue Earth's crew, to compensate for those times where Noal is out on the Sol Tekkaman.

Liger gives her a disk, containing some data Freeman asked him to work on.
He adds the message that he'll think about a countermeasure for whatever it is.

Back at G-Island, Hyuuma is reporting on the mission and is only a little sheepish over leading from the front in his ID Suit.
Still, he thanks Freeman for the hacking assist and says that the youngsters are now feeling real bad about doubting him.
Freeman shows little joy at the fact, though, hoping only that this will start them thinking about what's going on behind the scenes of this unfolding drama.
Meanwhile, the GGG not only protected the Photon Power lab from the Mecha-Beasts, but were rejoined by the not-dead Kouji and his new Mazinger, named Mazinkaiser.
And don't forget about Shin Getter Robo, also integrated into the Wärter.

The full debriefing will wait until the Valstork returns, and Bless requests that GGG warm up the baths for him.
This leaves Freeman and Taiga to ponder Balzac's fate...though Balzac himself fell, the potential demonstrated by the Sol Tekkamen was more than enough to convince the military to mass-produce them to take on the Radam.
It will be a very delicate balance the Wärter must maintain between military effectiveness to protect the masses, and military threat from the domination of a few.
Just then Tessa calls in, wanting to discuss something Mao brought to her attention...

Inside a Federal lab, I-ZACK asks Michi what's troubling her: it's that pulsed transmission from "him".
Though I-ZACK only has 40% of it translated, he can estimate what it's about : a weapon.

Michi very much doubts she can take any message from him without a grain of salt, after seeing Orgun's power demonstrated before her very eyes.
She's very frightened of this weapon being used for evil upon completion, and has already made up her mind to bet on your people, who don't lose their hearts even in battle.

This mission is among my favorites along the game due to the way Gai to help D-boy with his own past experience.
I'm gonna be keeping this route because, due to our kill of Evil, we made around 20k more cash on this mission than on the other.

See you all next update!

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