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Part 194: Post-Mission 52 Intermission (Includes Unit Analysis #24 - "Secret Tekkaman" Edition) and Mission 53 - Prologue

We lost our best Gai again…damn it.
Still, we’ve an intermission to do so let’s get to it; first off, your current top aces:

Blade’s return and Gai’s disappearance has switched things all around.

BP Upgrades:

Yurika is the same as always but the important one here is Rapier: her stats are AWFUL when compared to all other Tekkamen but she comes pre-loaded with 60 points for you to spend (more if you let her kill stuff in the last mission).
Her Melee attack is decent-ish and you’ll want to dump most of your points to get her abysmal Shooting stat up to speed (to get better usage out of those Voltekkas).
Her Evasion and Accuracy stats aren’t bad but, out of habit, I give her a bit in those.

If you went after Canard, you’ll see him as a pretty great all-around pilot – his Coordinator skill giving him a huge stat pileup; his stats favor Shooting attacks but the Hyperion’s best attack is Melee, so spread his points out evenly among those and you’re golden.

Skill Parts:

Kouji’s Prevail is maxed out, so we use this Prevail +1 to get him up to L9.

Hiver takes the extra Gunfight, going up to L3.
While Tetsuya takes the Infight, getting to L2.

Any of our Coordinators could make use of Counter and, since Kira is the main character, he’ll take it.

Finally, since our snipers already have it, J takes Hit & Away to help Renée stop casting Assail and focus on Valor!

Unit Upgrades:

We are LOADED with cash, so let’s start spending. Gai Daigouji will be deploying this mission, so I give him a boost on the necessary stats.

Orgun and Shin Getter get more weapon power and, in Getter’s case, more mobility.

Mazinkaiser and Great Mazinger get buffs to their HP, EN and Weapons.

Wing Zero and Golion get more EN and Weapon power, with the Gundam also grabbing more mobility.

Finally, the last bit of cash is spent boosting the Eternal and Nadesico’s weapons, while also giving the Eternal more HP, EN and Armor.

Unit Parts:

Kouji dumps his Power Extender and grabs this awesome Auxiliary GS Ride (補助GSライド), the best EN-part in the game, giving himself EN +150 and 10% EN Regen.
Mazinkaiser is now powered by the energy of a G-Stone on top of his Photon Energy – truly, if there’s a way to make anything better, it’s this.

OK, this also works.

That Barrier L Generator will go to King J-Der in place of his Super Alloy Z – J is now as invincible as Gai but with four pilots.
Truth be told, any bulky Super Robot is a good fit for this as they seldom take damage over 1400 (unless it’s a big boss) but seeing how J already had his Generating Armor, I preferred to just make him even better!

Rapier’s main purpose is to use Voltekka, so I give her a Power Extender and EN Chip, plus a Learning OS to boost her Tek-Lancer crit ratio.

Now, let’s take a closer look at her:

If I had to compare Rapier to another SRW unit, it would be to Rain and her Rising Gundam: her stats are in no way made for her to be a front-liner but she is a competent enough pilot that she can stay alive (her Evasion and Hit are quite high) and has a high power combined attack; in contrast, her Melee is average and her Shooting is down-right bad.
Had she not come with all those BP, she would’ve faced a much harder time making herself useful.

Taking upgrades off Blade, she comes in with very high mobility and her movement is also decent; to further drive the point home that she’s a supporter that can attack, she has a Repair Module (she also has a 10% HP and EN Regen).

Rapier’s weapons follow the same type as Dead and Vanilla Blade: a Crash Intrude, a Tek-Lancer and both a regular and MAP version of Voltekka (though her Voltekka is a bit weird, having a 1-5 range when all others are 3-8 – it has no blind-spot, though).
It’s important to note that, while the different isn’t massive, Rapier’s attacks are slightly weaker (baseline speaking, they have 200 less power) than Vanilla Blade’s – her biggest selling point is her Double Voltekka combination attack which is among the strongest in the game (7000 base power, like Double Reactor Voltekka).

Rapier’s Pilot Skills follow her support-oriented image:
However, her Spirits are surprisingly offense-oriented:

Conclusion: Rapier is a secret in the making since the start of the game and the question is: is she worth it? I would say “maybe” because her worth depends on the situation: if you’ve upgraded Blade and you’re up against a Boss, then she’s very worth it with her combined attack.
However, if you’re looking for a unit that works well by itself and can jump into the fray to massacre mooks then you’re better off getting Canard; he will struggle to keep up with the others when fighting a boss, though.

On a previous playthrough, I took Canard and, while competent, he certainly didn’t stand out from the middle of the pack (as I said before, they could’ve given him a combined attack with Prayer); there isn’t really a wrong choice here, so just pick what you prefer.

With that done, let’s start the prologue:

Inside the Nadesico, Aki is finally seeing D-Boy face-to-face and he didn’t expect to see her again.
Regardless, she is very relieved that he came back to us
Noal, however, asks how it was that D-Boy survived the Genesis blast.

D-Boy was, indeed, ready to die alongside his brother but, right as the Genesis blast was approaching, Miyuki intervened.
She grabbed D-Boy, took him outside of the center of the blast and D-Boy avoided the brunt of the attack (though he was still dying due to the overuse of Blasterization).

Milly is still surprised that Miyuki is still alive and explains that, after Evil’s attack on that fateful February 14th, she fell back to the Earth’s surface.
Her wounds were grave and she would’ve died if it wasn’t for Liger and Balzac locating her crash-site and aiding in her recovery.
Levin asks why she kept her well-being from D-Boy, knowing how much it made him suffer. To which Miyuki answers that it was her decision to do so to avoid being a nuisance to her brother’s mission.
Balzac and the others understood that D-Boy would not fight fully focused if he was worried about Miyuki’s situation and, while it was difficult for Balzac to keep him in the dark after Blade helped him so, he knew it was the better decision.

Miyuki is very thankful for him going along with her wishes, too.
And Balzac explains that only him, Liger, and Freeman were the ones who knew and they made use of the technology created from the Earth Tekkamen research to figure out a way to successfully heal Miyuki’s condition (derived from the incomplete combination with the Tek-System).
D-Boy marvels at how not only Miyuki, but even Shinya worked to save him in the last moments of his fight against the Radam; Shinya even going as far as donating his own Crystal to D-Boy – he wanted to do something to save his dear brother, Miyuki says.

Upon being rescued, Miyuki brought D-Boy to Nergal’s labs, as Liger and Freeman attempted to use Shinya’s crystal to “Format” D-Boy once again.
Normally, his body was in no shape to endure the whole process and he should’ve just died right there but his Blasterized body seemingly chose life over death – as he was slipping into the afterlife, D-Boy was beckoned by the light of Shinya’s crystal as it restored his destroyed body.
D-Boy doesn’t know how long he’s got to live now but knows that his life was no longer given solely by his father but also by Miyuki and Shinya, and he plans to use that life to fight alongside us once again – to fulfill his duty as Tekkaman Blade.
Aki understands and promises to fight by his side until the end.

Michi asks if Tomoru will take part in the upcoming battle and he confirms: he wants to help in the final struggle against the Eviluders and Pisa Sol.
The Eviluders will be bringing their battlestation, Zomar, and he wishes to go knowing full well that continuing to link with Orgun will endanger his life.
He figures that if he can just fight this last fight, everything will be answered - including what it was that made Orgun return to Earth.
Michi hates this whole situation, asking why he needs to keep on fighting?! She may never see him again if he dies from linking to Orgun.

However, Tomoru says that like D-Boy, Gai and Kira, he is willing to risk his life to defend the one he loves.
He tells her that he's not going to die, but to build a world she can live in in peace – as another member of Neo-Wärter.

The poll for the last unit has been closed: Volfogg has been chosen and will represent GGG in this mission!

We still need a new page before we jump into this HUGE mission, so keep ing.

See you all soon!