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Part 195: Mission 53 – They Who Summon the Dawn - Part 1

Mission 53 – They Who Summon the Dawn

Zoa sees the Sol Lords for the first time, a force capable of distorting the galaxy itself; regardless, they are at their limits and will soon be surpassed.
All that remains is taking down that massive heavenly body, but he’s detecting that it is protected by a powerful energy shield and asks Miku if she has advice on how to take it down.

Miku doesn’t answer, saying that she’s feeling some consciousness attempting to access her mind.
Zoa gets worried about who would have such power but Miku says the person is rapidly approaching and is alongside Orgun.

Orgun quickly recognizes Zomar, the Eviluders mobile fortress, and Zoa extends his welcome to both him and the Earthlings.
Kogane sees that if that massive fortress is the Eviluders main base, that means that this massive celestial body on the opposite end would be the Matter Reconstruction Device: Pisa Sol.
The thing is humongous and Kurz certainly sees how it could restore the Trinary System and it sets a pretty dangerous battle for Prayer and the others: that we’ll need to fight in the shadows of such dangerous weapons.
Ryouma yells out that this isn’t the time to be intimidated – everyone is depending on us to win this!

To drive the point across, the entire southern part of the map is made of Pisa Sol!

Zoa asks Miku to give the order to wipe out the insolent, inferior Earthlings, but Miku stays silent as she starts to hear Kumi speaking to her over the comm.
Miku asks who she is and Kumi says that she is Miku and Miku is she; Ryouko and Sayaka are shocked to find that the famous prophet, Kumi Jefferson, was aboard the Nadesico and Papillion confesses that she brought her along.
Renée criticizes her friend for bringing her to such a dangerous place but Papillion says the truth will be revealed soon.

Kumi now understands the story behind Miku, how Eviluders were afraid of losing everything they had, and in the distant past, they left a single Original intact while overhauling their physical bodies.
Miku is that original (Zoa seems mad that Kumi has discovered this), and Miku says that everything has gone exactly according to what she foresaw…including Orgun's flight.

Kumi says that it wasn't a "flight", it was a "homecoming".
Orgun came to Earth searching for that which the Eviluders lost; Kumi tells Miku that these urges to destroy can’t be the only objective that drives her.
Zoa yells at his subjects, asking what the hell they are doing that they haven’t cut this connection yet; he orders them to destroy the enemy Earthlings, the traitorous Orgun and everything else – such is the path they should follow!

When Miku calls out to Zoa, Blade’s realizes that his previous feeling was correct.
"Zoa" was the surname of the captain of the Cygnalite, making this man, according to the information we discovered, a distant descendant of the man D-Boy knew.

Miku tells Zoa that they are facing a mirror, one which reflects a conflict between the past and future.
Both Kumi and Miku say they can see a light and see that someone will bring about this golden, blinding light; this light will represent the end of all and a new beginning.
Both see the path the Eviluders have walked, travelling from planet to planet, wishing only to strengthen their race but now the past rises before them.
Miku wonders what they can learn from their own past, that rises to defy them.

Zoa's says that Miku’s foresight allow her to see all – she must not allow herself to be confused by us!
He once again asks her to give the order and to allow the warriors of the Eviluders to proceed in the path towards evolution!
Miku isn’t listening, as she realizes that Orgun knew what remained in their home-planet, in Earth: the thing that they lost on this “path towards evolution”.
Fed up, Zoa himself orders the troops forward to destroy both Orgun and whoever it is that troubles Miku; Heero already expected this outcome – we’ll have to fight the Eviluders anyway.

Lowe asks about what they’ll do with Pisa Sol but with the Eviluders charging at us, there won’t be a chance to think of anything or act on it.
We’ll have to stop them first and then focus our attentions on Pisa Sol and J knows the Sol Lords will certainly try to interfere – it is finally time for our decisive battle; Sousuke says both sides are going to be throwing everything at us but it makes no difference to Kazuma: they’re gonna be giving their all to protect our tomorrow!
Tomoru yells to the Eviluders that, in order to stop their advance, we will fight - for the sake of Orgun’s wish and to protect those that we hold dear!
Mikoto vows to Gai to keep fighting and that our people won't waste his sacrifice.

Let’s do this shit!

The returning GGG member has the honor of drawing first blood.

Good start.

Hayato and Hiver move ahead, taking our first Eido kill.

While Kira will handle Volfogg’s weakened one.

Only a billion left…

Gai Daigouji pops a shot at the next Eido.

And Orgun should be in good shape to finish it off.

Good man.

Last move is Lowe as everyone else is still closing in; sadly, he leaves his Eido barely alive.

Enemy Phase!

Orgun draws the attention of three Eidos but only weakens them.
One of the Eido IIs gets killed in one shot, however.

J also gets his share of the attention.

He answers in kind.
Four Eidos (that get weakened) and one Eido II (that gets killed) attack him.

You disappoint meeeeeee!

Player Phase!

Hayato moves ahead, dealing good damage to one of the farther Eidos.

There are no chain-attacks available, so we’ll clean up the old fashioned way.

At least our guys will have good morale quickly.

Kira also moves ahead, taking out another Eido.

We still have one of our awesome Gais left.

Of course, he doesn’t get a crit and falls just short of killing this Eido II.

Heero pops his Vulcans and finishes the job.

You still need morale, so get to it!


Lowe and Blade each pick a target, with Blade’s barely surviving.

It’s better to just spawn the Eido IIs as they’ll probably die to a counter.


Golion and Volfogg each weaken newer targets.

Make me proud, Kouji.


Valzacard kills an Eido and J takes the newly-arrived Eido II.
I’m deliberately keeping them out of the front-lines to spread morale among those that need it.

Finally, Orgun takes out another Eido II.

Enemy Phase!

Golion’s magnetism activates once again.

A total of four weakened mooks attack him and all get destroyed.

Ruri gets attacked twice and kills her assailants – both times, I allowed Gai Daigouji to support defend in order to trip his Prevail.

Player Phase!

Time for cleanup and this Gai still needs some morale.

Good, good.

Volfogg and Sousuke focus fire and destroy the westernmost Eido II.

This gets the Lambda Driver going.

There’s still a distant Eido II but Heero is just in range to deal with him.


Finally, Kira destroys the last mook and also triggers Kouji’s Mazin Power.

Zoa is impressed at the resistance that our condemned people are displaying.
However, we cannot outlast the massive army of the Eviluders - our resistance eventually will fall!
Miku interrupts with an order to retreat immediately: intruding upon this this star system is dangerous!
She tells him that she senses something, a force that will prevent this system’s destruction; it is a being that exists amidst that bright light.
Zoa decides to take action, then…

A bunch of Eviluders deploy from the Zomar but one of them is no ordinary unit: it stands at the center of the enemy and is a clear commanding unit.

: You’ve come, Zoa!
: Orgun! Try as you might, no one can change the future. It’s impossible to stand against Lady Miku’s will for destruction!
: You’re wrong! I sensed the true heart within the Zomar. It isn’t Eviluder – it’s a human heart!
: Hmhmhm…so, you’ve realized it. Of all the Eviluders, whose bodies have changed over the eons, Lady Miku is the only one who retains her original form.
: A superhuman life-form…a prototype for the Comprehent Project!
: She’s the same as me…
: Miku’s also someone who was born with extensive genetic modification…
: The omnipotent leader Miku…she’s…
: …
: My father told me about it…about how humans with special powers were assigned to the Cygnalite crew in order to keep the ship safe during the travel…
You’re that Miku…! The woman with the power to see into the future!
: It’s not possible to control a vigorous race like the Eviluders through mere strength.
: Miku’s precognitive abilities were also necessary.
: However, I couldn’t allow her to remain free.
: If she were contaminated by the earthling’s notions of love and compassion, it’d be the end of the Eviluders!
: Battle without mercy is what sustains us!
: Zoa…you bastard!!
: Do you really think you can defeat ME, ZOA? The supreme commander of the Eviluders and the strongest of our warriors?!
: You have been contaminated by the humans’ weak spirit and worthless notions of love and mercy, a far cry from your past self: a powerful warrior of destruction!
: That’s…
: Remember, Tomoru! Remember Orgun’s battle!!
: That man…Orgun was strong. Stronger than anyone else and truly proud.
: That’s right! There’s no way Orgun was weak like that!
: In that, Orgun once defeated his former superior officer.
: Tomoru! Orgun gained a heart, and it made him stronger... because he was fighting to protect something!
: To protect...?
: Exactly. And you know what it is now, don't you?
: What Orgun wanted…was to gain something from us.
: Silence, Tekkaman! I will now eliminate the last traces of your kind from the universe!
: Zoa! I am not a Tekkaman of the Radam!
: I am another human, with a heart! I am Tekkaman Blade of Neo-Wärter!
: When Orgun gained his heart, it filled him with confusion, and so he wandered to this solar system...
: Where he met Blade and the rest of Neo-Wärter, and realized that his emotions were true and right…
: Tomoru…!
: Zoa, I will teach you…the power that comes from love!
: And I will show you the infinite potential of mankind!
: Ridiculous, Orgun!
: Miku, open your eyes! See the souls which the light scatters apart!
: They fight to protect something – to protect what they love the most!
: To protect?! They fight to protect something…?! Something for which they’d sacrifice their lives?!
: I don’t understand…

Well, we’ll have plenty of time for her to get her head straight as this mission just might be the longest in the game.

I’ll probably have to split this one into three parts – come next update, we’ll deal with Zoa and his posse.

See you all soon!