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Part 196: Mission 53 - They Who Summon The Dawn - Part 2

Just when we got finished killing a billion Eviluders, Zoa comes out and brings another batch.

First things first, let’s take a look at him:

Remember Rang? Zoa is like that but on steroids: he’s got huge HP and Armor, a metric ton of stats and even though his Mobility is 110, he will dodge better than Canard and Rau.
He comes with 10% HP Regen, 30% EN Regen and, the reason why he’s so dodgy, an S-Adaptor: this is another premium part and it changes ALL his ratings to S, meaning that he will dodge more, have better accuracy and his weapons will do more damage no matter the terrain.

Zoa’s attacks follow the same Detonator Archetype: a medium-range gun attack, a MAP of his strongest attack, a short range melee attack and his strongest, long-range attack: Anti-Matter Cannon.
These attacks are all very powerful, his melee-attack can chain and his Anti-Matter Cannon can easily put the hurt on even a Super – those S ratings only give him a bigger boost in power.

Zoa’s skills give him everything he needs to be an annoyance, short of giving him Infight or Gunfight… ( )

Conclusion: Zoa is dangerous from the second he gets out in the field – his Commander L4 is going to give a major boost to Accuracy and Evasion to enemies in a very wide area (those Eido IIs are going to get very dodgy if they stay close).
As all bosses, Zoa will prioritize chain-attacks but Confuse won’t really do much as he’s already so accurate with those S-Ratings and high Accuracy stats (expect 30%-ish hit rates on reals outside of friendship bonuses and/or command auras).
If possible, get Golion or Enryu to melt his weapons and then clear the area of any Eidos to build up morale – take him out in one turn or that Prevail’d MAP will hurt a lot.

With that done, let’s get to work.

There’s a lot to do…

Yumi cuts that Eido down and Blade moves to the next target; Golion leads the charge westward.

Take care of it, Lowe.

Good man.

Gai Murakumo and Tetsuya take another Eido down.

As always, it’s better to take these ones down first and let the Eido IIs suicide against us.

Oh, come on…

J and Orgun gang up on a northern Eido.

At this point I kinda stopped caring about the possibility that they’ll gang up on Kazuma and just threw him in there.

Whatever happens, happens!

Enemy Phase!

Of course, I also expected Golion’s magnetism to attract every Eviluder and their mother (thus, I had Iron Wall cast): a total of seven Eidos went after it and a weakened one got killed.
Hayato was mobbed by three Eidos and one Eido II (who actually got a hit in before getting killed).

Of course, a couple weakened Eidos go after the Nadesico.

That’s fine.
The second one only got weakened.

The last pair of Eido IIs decided to get clever against Kouji and J – they were escorted out.

All these kills get Blade’s blasterization going.

Oi…you people have a problem against J? Two more Eidos gang up on him.

Don’t fuck with Mista J.

Zoa starts chain-attacking and, at this range, Sousuke can only dodge.

: Defeat the commander and the battle is over. If we stop him, we stop the Eviluders!
: So you have a grasp of strategy... but you cannot defeat me!
: I am the mightiest of the Eviluders! As you say, if I fall, so do the Eviluders!

By the way: yes, he always throws his cape before an attack (I reckon he bought a cape-dispenser from Elzam).

: Incoming! 11 Sol Lords!

: There you are, Sol Lords!
: Did Pia Decem’s battleship change or something…?!
: That’s his battle-mode: Pia Decem Peak…!
: I must praise yours and the Eviluders’ strength in being able to reach Pisa Sol.
: You’re…! The ones who call themselves “creators”, the ones who distort space!
: We don’t need any more dark matter. Pisa Sol is almost full on The Power.
: …
: All preparations will be ready very soon. Once that happens, this star system will disappear and the Trinary Solar System will be restored.
: Where’s Genesic Gaogaigar?! Gai?!
: The God of Destruction’s courage is dead. His body should’ve become food for the Eviluders by now.
: We cannot cry, Mikoto…! We must fight!!
: So, you’ll resist to the end even though it’s pointless.
: 11 Sol Lords! This is what Gai taught us!
: The power of life, to struggle until the very last moment! That is courage!
: Even if Gai’s gone, his soul lives on in all of us! So, we won’t…!
: There’s no way we’re gonna lose!!
: Well said, heroes! Now is the time to unite all our power!
: Neo-Wärter, Eviluders…You will not impede our mission. You’ll all be eliminated here.
: Interesting! Do not underestimate the power of the battle-planet Zomar!
: I will crush you all and then Zomar will destroy that matter reconstruction device!
: Foolish Apostle of Destruction…you will receive judgment from the Creators.
: (Gai…lend us your courage…)

Player Phase!

Guess what? The Sol Lords have created replijins of their “lesser” companions and now we have deal with two of each (two Percurios, P-Vaters, Ptulones, Puranuses and Polturns).
Let’s just focus on the Eviluders because that mess down south is going to take a while and I don’t need Zoa taking potshots at me.

Gai’s active Prevail and Ruri’s bonuses are giving him some very good numbers for someone without focus.

Very good.

Heero gets the Zero System running.

Kouji and Heero each pick a target to destroy.

Volfogg will also do his part.

This would be faster if units got morale from killing the starter Eidos but no…

Lowe and Gai Murakumo are tearing stuff up below.

Get to it, Yumi.

Slow but steady.

Kazuma and Hayato are still killing everything they come across.

Kira won’t activate SEED from this faux-kill but anything helps.

I haven’t mentioned this before but his morale gains aren’t all that good, so he needs extra attention.

Golion is proving to be our MVP for this Eidos-hunting party.

Do your thing, Orgun.

Good man.

No more regular Eidos! Now, we can focus on taking down the rest.

That kill gets Tetsuya to run Mazin Power.

Sousuke gets sic’d one a fresh Eido II but…

Since I decided to get creative and not use the shotgun, the bugger barely survives.

And to further annoy me, Blade fails to get a crit.

Enemy Phase!

Golion gets ganged upon because of course he does.
That “low” HP draws the mook AI like mad and four Eido IIs fall victim to my wall.

Kira finally gets his SEED running.

Miss with an 82%? Fucking command aura…

That’s much better.

Thank you, Mihiro.
Another Eido II also gets sliced when he tries his luck.

J and Ruri each get attacked and both respond appropriately.

How lucky are you feeling, Heero?

: Ha... you have the same scent as us.
: I've spent my whole life fighting... but it wasn't indiscriminate destruction, like what you're doing.
: I'm fighting for the future. That's nothing like how you fight, lost in endless darkness.


Player Phase!

Volfogg and Gai Daigouji eliminate the last Eido IIs. Now, for the main event.

To counter Zoa’s high accuracy (that will only get higher as that Prevail kicks in), we have Suzuishi cast Confuse.

And to spare our supers from wasting SP on defensive measures, Golion will melt his weapons.

: You think you can defeat me with sheer mass and force? How inelegant.
: Golion's body is full of the hopes and prayers of lots of people! That's the weight you're going to feel!

Now we’re good to go.

We’ll open with Gai Murakumo so that he can move in for a combined attack.

: Ha... You're quite skilled in combat for a human.
: I hope you didn't think you're the only one who has spent his whole life at war.

Not bad at all.

Lowe charges in.

: I gotta give it to you for coming out to face us like a man!
: I am the commander of the Eviluders, as well as their mightiest champion!
: Now that I have personally joined the fight, your defeat is inevitable!

So, my keyboard died right as this attack was playing and, obviously, I couldn’t take any more pictures; just take my word that this attack did some 8500 damage.

With a new keyboard in tow, Blade gets the next attack.

: You know of my ancestors... who are you?
: My name is Takaya Aiba! I'm the son of Kouzou Aiba, the man you call the founder!
: Then you were among the humans of the Argos, the vessel beset by the Radam!
: Enough of this, Zoa! You used to be human!
: But no longer!
: I am an Eviluder! The ultimate life form, entrusted by Aiba with the power to destroy the entire universe!
: Then, as Kouzou Aiba's son, I will defeat you!
: That's what I've been entrusted with - my duty!

Good, good.

Yumi, go get ‘im.

: Hm... a Tek-System constructed independent of the Radam.
: Almost like a cousin of our own Solid Armor.
: My Tek-System has the hope of the whole world built into it!
: Don't you dare compare it to you weapons of destruction!

Over halfway there.

Now for our powerhouses.

: You have no need of a heart, you say? Then we'll fight you on your own terms!
: Arrogant earthling! You cannot best me in a duel of power!

No need to waste Benkei’s SP casting valor right now.

All we need is enough to cast Strike.

: So, you're an apostle of destruction? Then I'll take you on mano-a-mano!
: How amusing! You dare face me, the mightiest of the Eviluders, in combat!

Hmm…I never really appreciated the value of debuffs on my first playthrough.

With Kouji and Ryouma set, Tetsuya moves in with the big gun.

: So, one lives on Earth worthy of being called a soldier.
: Flattery will get you nowhere. We're going to stop you no matter what!

Good show.

Hm…Kira ain’t getting the best numbers without casting Strike but we can risk it.

: You're the commander of the Eviluders! Can we even win...?
: I can hear the waver in your voice, child! You stand no chance against me!

Ah, well.

Valzacard can more than compensate for that.

: Damn it, he's too small! I can't follow him!
: It's useless! With your clumsy strikes, you cannot even touch me!
: Why you... when I catch you, I'm gonna squash you like a bug!

Almost there.

Since I don’t want to cast Valor or Soul with Orgun, I have Heero weaken Zoa just a wee bit more.

I decided to go back after taking this screenshot and fire a P.E.C. Cannon by Valzacard…and forgot to take a new picture.

: Orgun! I have something to say to you before I end your life!
: We were lost. We sought light in endless darkness...
: But there was no answer, no ray of hope!
: If this universe deserves to live, as you claim, then it should have reached out to help us!
: Maybe this universe is swallowed in war, slowly losing its heart...
: But it exists! People live in it, people with hearts of their own!
: The only thing that matters is power! Hearts are irrelevant!

Zoa is worth his S-Adaptor, a BP+3 and an Infight +1.

: I’m not finished yet! I can still fight!

: Zoa!

*Zoa charges after Orgun.*

: Argh!
: Tomoru!
: You should be thankful! I will personally put a stop to your meaningless fight!
: Now, the end approaches!
: Kh…kuagh…
: Stand up, Tomoru…no, Orgun! You must finish this with your own hands!
: Please rise, Orgun. We cannot save Earth without you.
: Zoa…I…I’m…
: So, you still move even after suffering this much damage?! Then, this time I will completely obliterate you!
: I am…Orgun…! The warrior Orgun of Neo-Wärter!!
: I’ll reduce you to atoms, Orgun!

: I don’t believe it… The power of the heart…humanity’s potential…!
: Earth…! I must destroy this planet! FOR THE SAKE OF THE EVILUDER’S FUTURE!!!

: I…I did it…
: Well done, Tomoru. You’ve now changed the Eviluder’s fate.
: D-Boy…
: You’ve conquered them despite all power they held.
: This was a victory of your heart. The Eviluders may find the meaning of their existence now.
: The meaning of their existence…
: Thank you, Tomoru…you’ve carried out my father’s wish…
: You’ve set them free from their curse of heartlessness, from a life of drowning in their own strength.
: No…that was the fight of the “other me”. Personally, I’ve been fighting for someone else…
: Oh, Tomoru…
: It’s not over yet, though…! There are still enemies left for us!

Before we end, there is one special bit of dialogue that I wasn’t able to get:

: Fumo! Fumofu! FUMOFU!
: A Tek-System... no, a Solid Armor of Earth?!
: Gnh... What is happening? Just looking at him saps my will to fight!

We’re STILL not finished, though; the bigger Sol Lords are camping out by Pisa Sol, while sending their cubes our way.
Next time, on part three, we’ll focus our attention on them and see what we can do about that regeneration machine.

See you all then!