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Part 197: Mission 53 - They Who Summon The Dawn - Part 3

Alright, there’s still plenty to be done before we close this mission, so let’s get to it.

A few cubes got bunched up while heading towards us, so Orgun starts by cutting them down a bit.

Kira will follow it up.


Heero and Lowe pick their targets and weaken them nicely.

Gai Murakumo should be able to finish this one.

Good man!

For another cube, Volfogg takes an assist from Blade and Golion finishes it off.

Lowe’s cubes are further weakened by Hayato.

Sousuke will take them both out.

No problem.

Gai Daigouji and Blade focus fire for another cube kill.

While J, packing Iron Wall, intercepts the Sol Lords – hopefully, he’ll distract them during their turn.

It’d be dangerous to approach with our ships, so the Nadesico will snipe away.

Good, good.

Hiver leaves that cube barely alive and Kazuma joins J in distracting the Sol Lords.

Enemy Phase!

The Sol Lords take the bait and three of them go after an Iron Wall’d Valzacard.

It works very well for us.

One Percurio and Puranus decide to go after Ruri and Heero but it’s all good.

Because most of the remaining ones went after J.

Very nice.
Aside from this Percurio, five other Sol Lords gun for him and take a whole lot of damage.

This brave cube decides to do a suicide run on Hayato.

Sadly, Hayato’s Counter triggers and he dies unceremoniously.

Player Phase!

Kira will do some cleaning on the Sol Lord’s eastern group.

A Cube and a Polturn get wrecked, while one of each other Sol Lords are left barely alive.

Heero quickly takes two of them down with his own MAP.

The weakened Percurio and Ptulone are standing side-by-side, so Sousuke zooms over to deal with them.

Ptulone barely survives but Percurio doesn’t.

And Hiver quickly takes him down.

Do it, Lowe.

You sumbitch, you…at least Blade got some decent damage in.

The remaining Ptulone is weakened by Kazuma while Kouji kills the last cube.

I don’t expect Gai to hit Polturn but he can certainly do a number on everything else.

Indeed, all other Sol Lords take some hefty damage and are ripe for killing.

Hayato chains three of them together to make it even easier.

If there is someone that deserves this kill, it’s Volfogg.

Hell, yeah.

As a reward, Volfogg nabs two levels and maxes out Hero.

Tetsuya kills the last Percurio while nicking Puranus and Orgun does a quick hit on P-Vater.

Before I forget, J-Ark’s Tomoru casts Confuse in case Abel and Palparepa think of getting good numbers.

I’m hoping for a crit here…

But, of course, it never happens when I actually need it.

Fine. Blade finishes the job while J destroys Ptulone.

Finally, Gai Daigouji will destroy the last mook of the mission!

Enemy Phase!

As expected, Abel goes straight for J.

: Soldato J. You still won't accept your failure, even now?
: I will fail when my very body does.
: But as long as my wings still beat, I will fight on! That is the duty of a soldier!

Your kamikaze planes are being jammed by Tomoru, fool!

Palparepa wastes his attack going after Hiver.

Player Phase!

I could go after Abel right now but it’s in our better interest to gun for Palparepa.
Both Kaidou and Aria can cast Zeal, so we use it to get a free valored attack with both King J-Der and Valzacard.

Palparepa gets very annoyed at our continuous resistance and moves on the offensive – charging straight at the Nadesico A.
Yurika orders Lapis to do some evasive maneuvers but they don’t have enough power to dodge.
However, Lapis tells Yurika that she detects an energy signature forming near them.

It’s Akito who Jumps in front of Palparepa, stopping his attack; he reminds Yurika that she's got a Distortion Field and tells her not to panic.
Yurika at first is shocked but then quickly recovers at the sight of the real Akito though he says he is not the same person she knew.

He is quickly interrupted by Gai Daigouji’s screams and Tsukumo saying they were waiting for him to return.
Akito is a bit surprised that our people would welcome him back so willingly but Ryouko says that nothing has changed between them – he is still their companion (though Hikaru and Izumi want to have words about those weird black garments of his…)
Ruri also welcomes him back and Akito says he's here to keep the promise he made a year ago…and protect everyone, not just Yurika, Ruri and “Ai”.
Both Ines and Yurika welcome him “home” and he says it’s good to be back.

Palparepa recovers from the attack, even more annoyed at ANOTHER hindrance to their plan.
However, Akito says it won’t be him that will fight Palparepa.

: Genesic Gaogaigar!
: It is so damaged…
: I have transported it here with a Boson Jump.
: Gai! You’re still alive!
: …
: Gai! Answer me, please!
: It’s useless. This man was injected with my Chemical Nanomachines.
: His entire mind has been killed. He will not speak to you.
: Is that so?
: What?
: This man’s soul is indestructible…We all know that.
: Stand up, Gai! You cannot let it end here!
: Your heart is not dead! We believe in you!
: Show us the power of the King of Braves!
: And show us the pride of a Lion!
: Rise, Gai! You can still seize victory from this man!
: Your courage supports us! Now, do it once again!
: GAI!
: Gai!
: Your battle isn’t over…!
: Your G-Stone should still be able to convert courage into power…!
: Hero! You are not dead yet!
: Gai!


: I will show you…THE TRUE POWER OF COURAGE!

: Impossible! The Chemical Nanomachines are having no effect!
: I am a superhuman Evoluder…! Their voices gave me courage and allowed me to rewrite your virus!
: Indestructible energy…that is the righteous power of a god!
: Shut up, Sol Lord!
: The reason you joined forces with The Database and the Galra…
: The reason you sent Replijins of J and Mamoru to attack us…
: The reason why you didn’t attack Earth directly…!
: The G-Stone’s power can only grow and will surpass the power of the Loud G-Stone! THIS ENERGY IS BORN FROM COURAGE!

: You’ve done it, Gai…
: This is thanks to you, Akito. You abandoned your dark cloak of grief and came to my aid.
: I simply paid you back for all that you taught me, Hero.
: Gai…
: Gai…
: Stay on your guard, guys! Palparepa is being revived!!

: Damn it! He was completely defeated!
: Such is the power of the matter reconstruction device?!
: Well, no matter how many times he comes back, we’re still gonna kick his ass!!
: You cannot win…We are the Creators! DOPING CYLINDERS!!

: He powered up?!
: Once again, I’ll teach you…THAT THE LIKES OF YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO EXIST!
: How many times do I have to say it?!
: The right to exist must be earned…THROUGH HARDSHIP AND STRUGGLE!
: Disappear, Demon!!
: It’ll be you who'll disappear today, 11 Sol Lords!!

Before anything, let’s take a quick look at the changes to Palparepa:

Palparepa on steroids gained a massive stat boost and he’s even stronger than Zoa on all accounts (except Evasion).
Palparepa Prajna also got boosts to everything, gaining a whole lot more HP and Armor and while his attacks remain the same (Sword, Poison Aura, God and Devil), they are all stronger.
Aside from that, the only remaining thing to note is that Palparepa Prajna has immunity to debuffs, like the Database units.

Now that we’re done with that, let’s switch our attention to Abel; the bigger issue with Akito here is that, unlike AWESOMER people, he did not get a morale boost…

: I will protect this world. She... Yurika loved it...
: We want to protect our world as well. We will destroy any impediments.

Had he higher morale, he could’ve dealt some respectable damage but I can’t even use his strongest attack as is (which purges the Black Selena’s High Speed frame)!

We gotta conserve some SP for Palparepa, so let’s get the weapon melting going.

: Golion...for you, this battle could have been avoided.
: You must receive punishment for this crime.
: Shut up, Sol Lord! We want to protect our home just as much as you want to restore yours!

Now we’re good.
Hit the music and let’s go!

: Kh... we've had to fight both the Eviluders and the Sol Masters...
: You should stop resisting. There's no escaping your fate now.
: Even if that's true, we can't give up! We'll keep fighting until the end!

: You know you can't win this. If you continue to fight regardless, all you'll accomplish is wasting time.
: Even so... I want to protect the world! So... so I'll fight!

: I respect your loyalty to your mission. But if you can't tell that it's not the right thing to do, you're just a machine.
: On the contrary. Completing our mission IS the right thing for us to do.

: Why can't you see that no amount of struggling will let you escape destruction?
: Your point is irrelevant. We will protect the world. That's why we've come here.

: The Radam are extinct. Your destiny is with them, Tekkaman.
: I don't intend to accept my doom - but you should!
: And even if you bring back the Trinary System, you can't bring back everyone that used to live there!

: A matter reconstruction device... that's gonna put us junkmen out of business!
: That is an idle worry... considering your world doesn't have long left to exist.
: Oh, yeah... you guys aren't fixers, you're breakers! All right then, no holding back!

: You do realize your battle is pointless.
: I don't need your advice. You're about to fall to my blade anyway!

: Well done, coming all the way here just to fight a battle you can't win.
: I'm a mercenary. I don't waste energy.
: I'm only here because I have something to fight for and a chance of winning it.

: Let's do this, ya big boat! Our Valzacard's a better shipbot than yours!
: I'm afraid that's impossible. We are invincible and immortal.
: You think that means you've won? Come back a hundred times, I'll beat you a hundred and one!
: Come back a thousand times and I'll crush you a thousand and one!

: Outta our way! We're here to take down your deadly sun!
: I will not. Anyone that opposes our mission will be eliminated.

: The Sun is supposed to shine happiness! We're gonna break your dumb evil sun!
: We won't let that happen. Our whole existence is for the purpose of bringing about this dawn.

: Poor, poor god of destruction. If you'd just lie down and crumbled to dust, you could have avoided all this sorrow.
: I came back to seize victory!
: As long as I have life and courage, I'll keep fighting! For all those I'm sworn to protect!

: I wonder if we can destroy that sun, even with all this power...
: You can't. Give up your futile resistance and behold the rebirth of the Trinary System.
: No thanks! We came to fight until we have no strength left!

By the way, Prayer has something to say and I forgot to deploy him; seeing how Akito’s morale is so damn low, I’ll replace Gai Daigouji with him.

: Why don't you understand how precious each life is?!
: Is restoring your world the only thing you care about?
: Indeed. That's our mission.

King J-Der gets its EN restored via Resupply and moves to wrap things up.

Pia Decem is worth a Pink Haro, a Gunfight +1 and an Ignore Size Modifier.

Also, someone else has dialogue against Abel:

: Fumo, fomoffu, mofu, fumo!
: Hello there, little boy. Do you like to play naughty games?
: Don't underestimate it, Pilnus.
: Deploying this strange machine must be part of some underhanded plot.
: You think so? I thought that's just what gets him off.
: Fumoffu!

No respect…

: It appears you’re incapable of understading that it’s pointless.
: Shut up! There’s nothing pointless about a fight where we’ve put our lives on the line!
: Hmhmhm…You’re quite strong, kitten. But we’re still immortal.
: Indeed…we’ll be revived as many times as needed in order to fulfill our mission.

: However, it takes some time before you’re revived…and, in that time, we’ll win.
: 11 Sol Lords…! We won’t lose…our power will always bring victory!

We’ll need another turn before we can gang up on Palparepa, so Yurika casts Confuse.

Enemy Phase!

He decides to chain both Nadesicos and Volfogg.

Easy enough.

Player Phase!

No battle dialogue here, so let’s end it as fast as possible!

This is another Gaogaigar “Awesome Time!” BGM – for some reason, they didn’t put it in this game.

Finally, it’s over.

Palparepa is worth a PASFU, a BP +1, and a Break Morale Limit.

: With the power of the Loud G-Stone, Prajna’s infinite power cannot be overcome!
: So, why? Where does this power come from?!
: Do you still not understand?!
: Just like how the Zondar Metal could convert stress energy into matter, G-Stones can change the courage energy into life force!
: Courage…Life…
: That’s the strength...of that person's heart.
: An Evoluder is the union of a cyborg and a G-Stone; the hyper-evolution of a power source.
: As long as I have this courage overflowing within me, the power of Genesic Gaogaigar, who inherited the energy of the G-Crystal, WILL BE MORE THAN INFINITE AND WILL GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO ALWAYS CLAIM VICTORY!

: The leaders of the Eviluders and Sol Lords have been defeated – the battlefield is falling apart.
: Hold on! I’m reading a huge energy signature coming from the Eviluder stronghold!
: It’s an anti-matter reading! Could that stronghold be…!
: What is it?! What’s happening to the Zomar?!
: I think that stronghold…is going to fire its anti-matter cannon!
: Zoa! You’re still alive?!
: Analysis complete. The anti-matter cannon is targeting Earth…
: In case of a direct hit, the entire planet will be annihilated.
: What?!
: The fortress is entering its final firing position. The attack will occur in less than 185 seconds…
: Isn’t there anything we can do?! There must be a way for stop the cannon!
: If this happens, our Earth will…!
: This is the fate of your planet.

: The Sol Lords have been revived!
: The time has come. Pisa Sol now has the power to revive the Trinary Solar System!

: W-what is that energy?!
: That’s the power of Pisa Sol…! The power that can distort space and destroy our solar system?!
: Is…is this really the end of our world?!
: No way! We have to stop both the anti-matter cannon and matter reconstruction device!
: …If I use the Grand Cross Attack, I might be able to counter the anti-matter cannon’s power…!
: Grand Cross Attack…! That’s the one from the Holy Valentine Light…!?
: It won’t work, Tomoru! The sun…you can’t use its light to power the attack!!
: It’s useless, Orgun! The anti-matter cannon’s energy is higher than this system’s sun!
: Even so, I’m going to try! There’s no other way right now!
: It won’t work! From the sun’s current position, it’d take 10 minutes to charge!
: From this location, Pisa Sol is blocking the sun and its light can’t reach us!
: It’s over…
: Hey, it’s too early to be saying that!
: But…! This is bullshit – we can’t do anything! DAMN IT!!
: Please, do not give up. I will use all of my power to summon the sun!
: Ms. Kumi!
: But, even if the sun comes, Pisa Sol is still…

: Do not give up, men!
: Chief Taiga!
: Have faith in Madam Kumi! As for Pisa Sol, we’ll destroy it with our power!
: How are we going to destroy THAT?!

: Gai! The time has come to use the Key to Victory!
: Understood, Chief! Guys, I need you to cover me!!
: Gai! What are you doing?!
: Tomoru, you stay there! Our power will deliver the sun and its light to you!
: Go on, Gai! Leave the small fry to us!
: Whatever you’re thinking, it’s useless.
: Is it, now!
: We know about it, Sol Lords.
: Whenever Pisa Sol emits energy pulses to regenerate yourselves, parts of it become weakened!
: What?!
: No…this was how you planned to defeat us?!
: I told you! This fight was not pointless!
: Super-winged Shooting Command Warship: Tsukuyomi – deploy!
: Super-brilliant Twin Hulled Warship: Hirume – deploy!
: Ultra-assault Multi-firing Warship: Takehaya – deploy!
: Stop the Genesic Gaogaigar! Do not let it through!
: We won’t let you!
: We’ll create a path for Gai to pass!

: We’re counting on you, Hero!
: The rest is up to you, Gai!
: Take the power of our feelings!
: We trust you!
: It’s in your hands…
: Cain! Stop him!!

: Hero…no, God of Destruction. You will not pass…!
: Cain!
: Something's different…you are not Cain!
: Just a mindless program based on him: Pei La Cain! You are all wrong!
: !
: Gai!
: He’s just another Sol Lord!
: Pisa Sol!
: You’re finished!
: Gai! Do it!!

: We…win…
: I see the sun!
: That’s the…light!
: Now, it is here: the light born of the sun and the strength of humans.
: Tomoru!


As far as I know, this is another Orgun BGM that only plays here.

: Zoa! This is our power! THE POWER OF THE HUMAN HEAAAAAAART!!
: The Trinary Solar System is undone…our mission is…!
: It’s not gone, Palus Abel…the program created under the direction of Abel, leader of the Red Planet.
: Your mission was always necessary to the universe…
: I see…the Trinary Solar System is being…reborn…
: After a period of 15 billion years…through the death of the old universe and the birth of a new one…
: The lifeless 11 Sol Lords are being filled with what they feared the most: the power of courage…right here, on our Earth in the Solar System…

Here it is: Goldion Crusher is the strongest single attack in the game and it will royally destroy anything that gets smacked by it; it comes in two versions, the 1-9 range MAP (hits everyone) that we saw in the mission and a single target, point-blank version.

There are some restrictions, though: both versions require 140 morale and the EN cost is rather high (80 for the single attack, 100 for the MAP).

I’m posting the single-target version below because this attack has a GLORIOUS dynamic kill that, unfortunately, gets completely cut off in the MAP version.

Make sure to to get us a new page because this one is waaaaaay to big!

See you all soon!