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Part 198: Post-Mission 53 Intermission (Includes Unit Analysis #25 - "Late Arrival" Edition) and Mission 54 - With Unforgettable Memories in Our Hearts - Prologue

The second-to-last intermission…are ya’ll excited? I know I am!
Before we start, as usual, let’s check the top aces:

Holding Kazuma back to let others gain morale stopped him from catching up to Gai while he was absent – only one mission left to see if he’ll catch up.

Skill Parts:

Tetsuya grabs Infight, bringing himself to L3.

Sousuke gets Break Morale Limit because I figured it’d be the best way to close the power-level gap between him and our strongest units.
Even if the Lambda Driver doesn’t get an added bonus, the 20 morale will give him a boost.

Orgun gets the Gunfight because why not? Both his best attacks are Shooting.
He also takes the Ignore Size Modifier just to take it off the list.

Unit Upgrades:

The Black Selena borrows upgrades from Akito’s old Aesti…the one we’ve been unable to upgrade since the middle of the game.
Needless to say, he needs a major boost to catch up so I spend half our cash giving him three points in EN, Mobility and Weapons.

Gai Daigouji gets some more EN and Weapons just so he doesn’t feel left out.

I also boost Buster’s weapons a bit.

Both Blade and Hiver upgrade their EN and Weapons.

Finally, the lil cash left gives Gaogaigar more EN.

Unit Parts:

Lowe replaces his old A-Adaptor with a shiny S-Adaptor – no matter the terrain, Lowe is going to fuck shit up!

The Black Selena takes both a Booster and the P.A.S.F.U: what this part does is recover 1 SP per square walked.
Akito can walk 10 squares with his High-Maneuverability Black Selena so that’ll get him 10 SP back if he keeps moving, meaning he gets a near free Focus use.
Mind, normally I would’ve given him something else but there wasn’t anything worthwhile, so he takes that.

Just for the heck of it, Gai Daigouji takes the Pink Haro (ピンクハロ) and will get us 100G for every square he moves.
This is something that the game should’ve given us WAY earlier because, at this point, 100G per square is nothing (most missions end in around 6 turns, that means we make 800 bucks per turn IF Gai moves through eight squares – this adds up to 4800 cash per mission, give or take, which can’t even give one upgrade in EN).

Now, before we move on, let’s take a look at Mr. “I’m too angsty to join at a reasonable moment”:

Akito has gotten a whole lot stronger since the middle of the game: the IFS Skill propels him to outright beat Gai Murakumo at stat pileup which is pretty damn impressive (and he's one of the top melee attackers in the game).
The Black Selena, as you may have noticed, is also the only Prince of Darkness unit that actually has different frames: The High-Maneuver Frame, the regular Black Selena and the Aestivalis Custom Akito-Type – you can switch forms in battle by either selecting the Purge option or by using a purging attack (it also has the added bonus of restoring your HP and EN).
All forms are made to be very dodgy and they all have a 10% EN Regen, except for the Aesti that recovers its EN like any other.
Akito’s Skills and Spirits are pretty much unchanged but he has dropped Iron Wall and Sword Cut in exchange for Strike and Counter.

Weapon-wise, all forms of the Black Selena are a bit limited having, at most, a medium range and a close range attack; both High-Maneuverability and regular Black Selena have an armor purge attack that’ll transform them into the next form.
By itself, the unit isn’t all that but where it does shine is the fact that, while in the Aesti, Akito STILL has his Double Gekigan Flare attack with Gai Daigouji and it’s pretty powerful (stronger than Sommer/Vesna’s Double Voltekka and even Astray Double Blade) – add in the fact that they’ll both be recovering their EN from the Nadesico and this is one of the most efficient combined attacks available.

Conclusion: By itself, the Black Selena is only good but it’s real value is pairing it with Gai Daigouji to greatly increase both units’ power; you’ll probably want to deploy Akito in the High-Maneuverability frame so he can zip across the battlefield easily and then purge the armor once you get in the bosses’ face.
It works well as a mook hunter and it can more than pull his weight against bosses with Double Gekigan Flare – IF you have room for both units, they easily get a recommendation.

Huzzah! That was the last unit analysis in the game!
Now, let’s move on with the prologue.

Mission 54 - With Unforgettable Memories in Our Hearts

We cut to Plant airspace, that is now being attacked by Database platoons.
This area is being defended by a blended force of Federation and Zaft troops, with Yzak in charge and he orders to stop their advance right here lest they bring the attack directly to Plant.
Morgan is ready and warns that we won’t be having reinforcements from the Federation, all troops are busy detaining attacks on other places.
Ed finds himself wishing that Neo-Wärter was here; however, Jean relates that we’ve been missing since the end of the battle against the Eviluders and Sol Lords.

As such, it falls on them to hold the Database at bay and hope that we’re fine.
Mikhail sees a unit ahead that looks like the commander, so Yzak orders everyone to focus on it in hope that it’ll disperse the other troops.
Ed is quite confident, though, saying that this group is made of Aces from the Federation, Orb and Plant – no way they’re gonna lose here!

SEED and Astray/MSV units inherit upgrades from both the Freedom and the Red Frame, so they’re all capable of standing their ground.
For the first turn, everyone moves forward.

Enemy Phase!

Yzak has a friendship bonus with Shiho so, even though he gets swarmed by some mooks, he’s able to avoid the hits.

: Dearka... where are you?
: Still, I will fight even if you never return!
: I think I've begun to understand what you said!

Of course, he’s still not very strong…
A total of two Reus and two Stomas go after him and suffer small hits.

: My mission is to defend Plant! Let's see if you can dodge my Gunbarrel, Database!

Morgan is attacked by a couple of Opus and forces Miguel to support defend him against a 22% attack – still, it’s no big damage and the Opuses are nearly dead.

Shiho is also attacked by one Opus.

: Both the Earth and Plant are starting to change... our mission is to protect them!

She’s fine.

Player Phase!

Shiho alerts everyone that she detects one unit entering the battlefield: the Gold Frame.
Ed recognizes the unit, the same one that helped him and Natarle protect Plant from the Eviluder assault while Neo-Wärter stopped Genesis.

Jean had been expecting her to arrive and Mina Sahaku says that if she allows her world to be destroyed, things wouldn’t be looking good for her nation.
She says she intends to defend the world in her own way, and wonders if Gina is laughing at her right now.

However, she has learned one thing: this world is created by the efforts of individuals.
If she wants to have a country to rule, she'd better take to the battlefield and defend the individuals who populate that country.

Jean is piloting a customized M1 Astray but it’s still not all that powerful.
Since this part is going to be over soon, I’m gonna start spamming Valored attacks to speed it up.

: The U.N. says that people are beginning to overcome the lines of countries and organizations and working together...
: The world is slowly changing... we have to defend it!

Good man.

Morgan quickly finishes off one of the weakened Opus.

While Ed sets up a chain-attack.

: Whoa! Sorry, Database, you're not getting any further!
: I hear you're running amok all over the world, but right here, you've gotta deal with Ed the Ripper!

Not bad at all.

No more chain-attacks possible, so we’re gonna start abusing support attacks – everyone in here has at least Support Attack L1, so they really want you to do this.

: So the day comes when the Bullet of Dusk fights side by side with Naturals...
: It's not that bad. Besides, we have a common enemy right now!

Here we go.

One final Opus, so Mikhail will take him out.

: Just half a year ago, Naturals and Coordinators couldn't keep their hands from each other’s throats, and now they're fighting together...
: Heh. Looks like the threat from outer space was just the countershock we needed.

Good, good.

Yzak takes a support from Shiho and they destroy another Reus, while the girl herself wrecks a Stoma.

This one Reus is the only unit at full health, so Mina will intercept.

: I can't let this world be destroyed... my land, all my people need me!
: Dance, my Amatsu! It's time for the late Gina to behold your elegance!

It won’t last long against us.

Enemy Phase!

Said Reus tries to snipe at Morgan.

The Stoma also goes after him and takes a nice hit.

Oh, yeah. Alongside the Arm Storer Finis, the Database is now mass-producing Arm Arcus Finis.

They carry all those nice debuffs that Aria’s had, paired with some nice stats all around (they got 22% on a Focus’d Morgan, inside Yzak’s command aura and with a friendship bonus with Ed).

Player Phase!

Ed and Jean cast valor/soul and take out the remaining mooks.

Now, to quickly take care of the Deceiver.

It’s not difficult when you can just go all out.

No need to have Yzak kill it, I just want a wee bit more damage done.

Alright, perfect.

Did you know that the Gold Frame’s Maga no Ikutachi attack has a dynamic finish? I wonder if it was present in Gina’s version or if it’s exclusive to the Gold Frame Amatsu Mina.

Have a look.

No sooner does the commander die, Morgan detects another wave of enemies approaching.
Mikhail says that Zaft reinforcements are still getting ready and won’t be here anytime soon; Ed says that they all agreed to be prepared to do what was necessary, though…

Mina also warns them to take evasive maneuvers: she detects the signal of a cannon attack coming their way!
The attack easily wipes out the Database troops and Shiho recognizes it as a Gravity Blast.

Yurika thanks everyone for their work but proclaims that we are back!
George sighs that the trip back took so much longer than it should’ve but Ruri says it couldn’t be helped: the battle at Venus did some heavy damage to the Nadesico’s Jump drive.
Yzak is quite relieved that we’re still alive and Mikhail is honestly impressed at our return.
Mina thinks that our return is just what’s needed to change the current state of this battle and knows that there’s now hope for this world to endure.

It's February 12th and Kazuma recounts the result of the battle of Venus to the log.
Gaogaigar’s Goldion Crusher has completely destroyed Pisa Sol and the light from both the sun and the attack allowed Orgun to charge his Grand Cross Attack, neutralizing the Antimatter Cannon from Zomar.
Though the Sol Lords have reverted back to dark matter, the Eviluders actually survived, and have retreated back into Space with Zomar.

Kazuma's heard from Kumi that the Eviluder leader, Miku, has learned from Orgun what it is to have a heart, and that they will likely rethink their beliefs that might makes right.
Due to damage on the Boson Jump drive, the trip back from Venus took way longer than it should (10 days!) and the situation around the Earth Sphere has greatly degenerated.

Regardless, we can now concentrate on The Database, who have initiated attacks against Earth, Plant and Lunar structures.
The fact that they are now actively movind to destroy us seems to suggest that they've finished recording all of Earth's culture.
People are still unsure where they're coming from, and until that location becomes clear the best we can do is rest and repair their machinery.
When the time comes, it will be the beginning of the final battle for Earth that began with the Lizard War.

Of course, the upcoming battle will also have a special significance for both Kazuma and his family.
They have no choice but to beat Applicant and Kazuma, for one, isn’t planning on losing.
Aria then comes in and tells Kazuma to come with her – they’re being summoned to the infirmary.

It’s Papillon, who is quickly fading away and returning to dark matter.
Still, she knows nothing lasts forever and, just like Palus Abel and the other Sol Lords, a Replijin like her is unable to survive now that Pisa Sol is destroyed.
She tells her grieving friends that she was ready for this and asks them not to cry; she'll live on in their memories.
However, there is still one more important thing that she must do…just then, the door opens.

: You’ve come, Kazuma…and Aria, too…
: Ms. Papillon…I…
: Aria...I know that grief isn’t a good emotion for you to experience...
: But I think it’ll help you understand what I’m about to say…
: What you’ll say...?
: It concerns the father of both of you, Applicant…
: That man…he is not my father.
: Kazuma…
: However, it is clear that…he IS a copy of Captain Bless…
: Kazuma…do you know who I am?
: Who…you’re Papillon, no?
: But…I am still a Replijin, right?
: That’s…
: But you’re still the real Papillon! Even if your body is of a Replijin, it doesn’t change your relationship to us!
: Papillon is Papillon…That is something we’ve all accepted.
: …
: Applicant has also inherited all that Captain Bless was…in that sense, he would still be your father…
: It may have been so when he created The Database but now…!
: Even if your father has changed…could you actually defeat him?
: …
: Kazuma…Lord Applicant…Papa was always kind to me.
: He taught and told me about so many things and people…
: That is why…I wanted to meet my sisters and Mihiro…and why I was so envious of you…
: Aria…you still think of him as your father…
: Yes…I loved him so much…
: But when he said I was going to be destroyed, I…
: …so that’s the man he is now…!
: Kazuma…
: Thank you, Ms. Papillon. Your words have cleared my head.
: You should try…talking to Applicant the next time you meet…
: You might open a road that you didn’t know existed…
: I’ll try, Ms. Papillon…But I’ll do it my way.
: Thank you, Ms. Papillon…I…We will give it a try.
: I have faith in you…Your family will help you sail towards the future…
: Papillon…
: Kosuke…the time has come for me to travel into your memories…
: Aah…
: Courage…is the power of life...We, who are alive, all have the same power…
: When difficulty presents itself ahead…your courage will surely…help you overcome…them…
: I understand Papillon…I won’t forget any of your words…
: We will fight on…and we’ll carry the memories of you in our hearts…
: Thank you, Papillon…thank you so much…
: Papillon…
: Kosuke…I’ll be with you…forever…

The Database has been very busy in the past ten days, attacking the Federation and Plant’s most pivotal bases and imperiling civilians everywhere.
What's less clear to Michi is how they could have recorded everything from Earth culture in a single year.
It seems impossible but we heard confirmation from Applicant himself during our last battle.

The only likely explanation that Tessa could think of are the two Whispered they've had access to: Kaname and Leonardo from Amalgam.
Hyuuma yells out in frustration that these fuckers are trying to wipe us out and we STILL can’t find their main base; Freeman tries to calm him down saying that we’re doing everything that is possible but things aren’t looking good.
Shihomi relates how Regulate, Omoikane and Isaac are running simulations but none are yielding results; Michi asks Kumi if she can see anything there’s nothing conclusive: she can only see fragmentary images of a deep, forgotten inescapable abyss of death.
Freema will assist with the simulations but, as Taiga points out, we’re quickly running out of time if we are to defeat the Database before they cause more destruction – where the hell are they hiding their stronghold?!

It is then that Tessa rushes in yelling that she knows where to find it!
It’s located on asteroid 134340, the forgotten planet Pluto! Taiga’s jaw drops as he realizes that, since that area is so far away from Earth, it’s not usually observed – a blind spot right under our nose!
Lady Une, however, asks Tessa how she was able to come across this information and she reveals that it’s due to Kaname; she risked destroying her mind in order to resonate with Tessa over such a long distance and pass the message along.
As Freeman realizes, Tessa also risked her life by receiving it but Tessa figured it was worth the risk in order to provide hope to the rest of humanity.
As Liger thanks her, promising that our people will not waste her courage, Taiga gives the order for everyone to prepare for launch and to head to Pluto ASAP!

Inside the Database stronghold, Critic sees Kaname apparently taking a nap and snarls that she seems to be a weirdo even among Whispered.
Kaname opens her eyes, and asks if he doesn’t have a job to do other than yapping her ear off with insults to her and her fellow Earthlings.
He answers that he IS "Critic" – his duty is to criticize.

She asks, if he's such a critic, why didn’t he do something about Inference giving orders to attack Earth?
He claims that his duty involves only providing suggestions to Inference’s directives; Kaname is dubious, saying that it’s clear that Critic is hiding his treachery under that serious face and asks if he thought she wouldn’t notice how he manipulates Inference.
Critic gets really quiet but the talk is interrupted as Inference walks in, announcing that he has no more time to listen to Kaname's provocation.
She still has one thing to say, though: stop the attack on Earth NOW.

Inference relates how they have little under 99% of data recorded from the Earth civilization.
Critic figures that remaining data is worthless and that they should proceed with the elimination of Earth.
Inference smirks that he's glad for Critic's support, and Applicant is silent as always.

Kaname yells at him to stop standing there and say something to those two.
However, Applicant says that he's a mere observer and has no authority to oppose the control programs' mandates.
Kaname says that that he’s still a copy of Bless and is sure that he wouldn't stay silent in this situation; still, he maintains that he's Applicant, not Bless.

The conversation is interrupted as the alarm starts blaring: Neo-Wärter is approaching.
Both programs are baffled at the impossibility of this turn of events but it can’t be a coincidence: the odds that they would simply stumble upon their stronghold are near zero.
Inwardly, Kaname thanks Tessa for getting her message.
Critic orders Applicant to take the defense forces out immediately, but Inference orders him to stay put and protect them.

: …Which order should I obey?
: Mine! I make the final decision, so you should obey me – Inference!
: Objection. It wouldn’t be wise to underestimate Neo-Wärter’s combat power.
: You object…! Those guys can be Neo-Wärter’s opponents, just give the job to them instead of arguing!
: Approval. However, should they be defeated, Applicant will sortie immediately.
: Approval. …Alright you guys, I am counting on you to deal with them.
#1: That’s good. I have a grudge to settle with them…
: Eh…?!
#2: I was hoping they would get to see the end of humanity but I suppose they’ll have to go first.
: So I’m expecting. I sense that you guys have a lot of hatred towards them…