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Part 199: Post-Mission 54 Intermission and Mission 55 - Set Sail To an Endless Future - Part 1

Our people Jump out to this desolate spot in the outer reaches of the Solar System.
Horis starts waxing philosophic as he thinks how our destination was once held in such esteem to be numbered among the nine planets, but its stature now, known only as a numbered asteroid, has fallen from most humans' memories entirely.
It’s now the Database’s stronghold but the irony isn’t lost on Shihomi of how the Scribes of Knowledge are hiding by a forgotten planet.

Mihiro asks Aria and Regulate to explain how the Database stronghold is structured.
At its outer fringes is a defense system, followed by construction facilities for the defensive troops.

Beyond that is the databank itself, and at the very center is the master system, known as the "Heart of Scientia".
That heart is where the code for Inference and Critic physically resides.

Kouji wants to stop wasting time, then, and charge straight into that Heart to put an end to this.
Aria warns that getting there won't be easy though, given the many layers you'll have to break through before reaching the core.
Gai (Shishioh) and Orgun, however, say that unless you halt these guys, the Earth will fall in short order – we must be victorious.

Tessa tells Sousuke that Kaname is no longer connected to her, possibly to avoid the danger of being detected – as such, they won’t be able to get any intel from her.
Regardless, she knows we’ll have to make do and stop the Database here.
Sousuke confirms and promises her that he has all intention of fulfilling his mission and bringing Kaname home safely.

Kazuma is about to start the attack when Mihiro warns him of something intercepting them.
Much to Seidou and Kurogane’s surprise it’s a large platoon of Galra, whom they expected had been finished with Dai Bazarl’s death; to which Sinclyne orders them to shut up, saying that the Galra have endured and are here to put an end to them!
Suzuishi is surprised Sinclyne is still alive and thinks that, by now, the Galra would’ve realized their mistakes and taken responsibility for them; Fahra says that news of Dai Bazarl’s defeat have already been reported to Altea and, with the Galran leader dead, the balance of force between the Leo Union planets and the Galra Empire has been destroyed.
However, Sinclyne figures it’s not over yet: with the power of the Scribes of Knowledge, the Galra can restore all that they have lost and more – for this to happen, he must defeat us here!
Kogane yells out that we don’t have time to waste on him and, if he’s intent on standing in our way, we’ll just take him out as we break into the fortress!

By the by, Pluto is right there and The Database stronghold is big enough to be one of its moons.

At least Banpresto had the decency to throw less Galra mooks than in the Dai Bazarl battle.

See? Akito can be strong when he hasn’t spent half the game without upgrades.

Gai Murakumo takes that Death Hell down, while Lowe charges after a Garushia.

Do you thing, Gai.

Son of a bitch…

Fine…Hayato takes that kill while Gaogaigar nearly oneshots a fresh Garushia.

Athrun will take care of it.

No problem.

Next in line is a Pi, who gets weakened by Orgun and Sousuke.

Kira might get a kill if he scores a critical hit but I’m not holding my breath anymore…

Of course.

Dearka finishes it off, while Blade and Yumi wreck the remaining Death Hell.

Time to start working on our first Gamma.

The more important part here is keeping Prayer in a spot where he can toss support attacks at Sinclyne.

Golion (who has Iron Wall because I’m damn sure at least Sinclyne will go after them) and Heero nearly finish it off.

We can leave that one to be killed in a counterattack – for now, Valzacard gets working on a fresh Gamma.

Very good.

Enemy Phase!

As expected, three Galra go after Golion – the weakened Gamma got killed.

This one decided to play things different.

Sadly, he stepped outside of Sinclyne’s command aura and doesn’t stand a chance to hit Hayato.

Tetsuya gets attacked by a Pi but Kouji has his back.

Can’t really do much about Gai’s killcount when the enemy decides to do stuff like this.

These missions don’t need to be any longer!
The other Pi also does the same mistake but had the HP to survive.

Sinclyne, obviously, guns straight for Golion.

A bulkier battleship than most but even Sinclyne can’t last long in one of those things.

Sinclyne quickly starts getting annoyed at the Earthlings annoying resistance; he yells out that he will not allow the glorious Galra Empire to be destroyed in a place like this!
Honerva tells him that he's brought this on himself, though.
He asks what the hell she’s talking about.

She well knows of Sinclyne's treachery in forcing Dai Bazarl into battle, and tells him to his face that the Galra's collapse began the moment the Emperor was killed.
He imperiously tells her that the old emperor was held accountable for the failures of his empire, no more, no less.
And, as the new emperor, he commands her to watch her tongue if she wants to keep her head.

Kogane and the others have overheard the conversation and are now aware that Honerva is aboard the warship.
Suzuishi demands revenge for Shirogane – he says we must make sure to bring that warship down, no matter what!
Fahra calls out to Shirogane, her father and the Altean people – she proclaims that we’ll put an end to Sinclyne and Honerva and completely stop the malic of the Galra.

Player Phase!

Orgun nabs an assist from Kira and finishes off Gaogaigar’s Pi; meanwhile, Gai Daigouji teams up with Kouji to kill a Gamma.

This gets the Lambda Driver running.

Only a Pi and the battleships remain, so I’ll start having people focus on them.

If we abuse supports, it won’t take long.

Speaking of, Kouji/Heero and Gai Murakumo/Prayer take out the last Pi.

Back to work.

Well done.

The other ship is quickly cut down to size by the combined powers of Gaogaigar and Valzacard.

Get to it, Yumi.

Only Sinclyne left now!

We don’t need to waste SP with valor to take him out this turn.

Do something, Dearka!


Better people than him dish out some real damage.

Tetsuya and Kouji have enough morale to do some combined attacks.

Ouch…I guess I underestimated how much damage Sinclyne could do even on a ship.

Three of our four remaining units attack and reduce Sinclyne down to the red.

Normally, his Prevail would keep him alive through this attack but Golion has multiple SP pools, so I can pop a Valor!


Kouji gets his Mazin Power running after this.

Sinclyne's flagship is damaged beyond repair, so he quickly decides to make a run for the escape pods.
That is, until Honerva blocks his path and zaps him with some of her magic.
Sinclyne angrily asks her what the hell she thinks she’s doing, attacking him like that!

That is when she reveals to him the truth: Dai Bazarl was her son…
Sinclyne is shocked to hear this but she confirms that it’s the truth and vows to have vengeance for her child!
Sinclyne is not about to be killed in a space like this and strikes at her; as she falters, he berates Honerva for thinking that she could defy the Emperor of the Galra and vows to punish her!
Hearing this, Honerva starts cackling…

Sinclyne asks what is so funny and she reveals another secret - someone like him could NEVER be a true Galra Emperor because of one reason: his mother was an Altean woman!
Sinclyne is stunned for a second and Honerva cackles that he may not have known about it, or even wanted to believe it, but it is the truth!
He starts to repeatedly order her to shut up and stabs Honerva with his sword.

He does not finish her off, however, saying that she’ll share the fate of the ship.
He proclaims that he IS the true Galra Emperor and will now face his final challenge!

As the ship goes down in flames Fahra does not see any escape pods leaving and thinks that both Sinclyne and Honerva got killed.
Kogane thinks that the Galra are truly finished but Suzuishi sees something emerging from the wreckage.

It is, once again, the Mega Black Beastman Galra; Gai Daigouji remembers that it’s the unit of the Evil Emperor and remembers that it was destroyed - Sinclyne confirms that it’s been rebuilt and is now HIS unit.
Sinclyne proclaims that this unit is the symbol of the true Galra Emperor and vows to kill all of us with it.
Tsukumo sees it as a final bet of the Evil Prince and is more than eager to rise up to challenge it; Kogane is right with him, challenging Sinclyne to their final battle!
However, someone else gets on the comm and commands “Wait!”.

It is the King of Hell Gordon and Dr. Hell is, indeed, still alive and inside of it!
Despite Kouji’s surprise, Dr. Hell says that he did promise Kouji that he would return and now is the time!
He is here with Ashura and vows revenge against all of us for his past defeat!
Lowe is more interested in the vast array of Earth-made mecha that accompany Dr. Hell – all from various organizations – and Mao figures that the Database must’ve replicated them from their collected data.

Kouji is rather disappointed that Dr. Hell would fall so much as to wag his tail at The Database for a chance to conquer Earth.
Dr. Hell claims that he no longer cares for someone as insignificant as Earth itself but a chance to gather all the knowledge of the universe? Nothing could be more wonderful for a scientist!
Before such possibility, he’s realized that one planet is hardly enough to satiate his thirst for knowledge – the very thought of comparing one to the other is ridiculous!

Dr. Hell also confirms Tessa’s theory on how it was that Inference managed to gather all knowledge of Earth if he only had contact with Leonardo and Kaname – Dr. Hell, known as one of Earth’s brightest minds, also helped him!
In exchange for his assistance, he’s received the offer to join The Database in their quest for knowledge – all that remains is eliminating us and completing the destruction of Earth for his wish to be granted!
Kouji is more than pissed that Dr. Hell would sell out Earth to the Database just to satisfy his own greed but Dr. Hell says he isn’t the only Earthling helping them out!

Turns out that Creuset is also on hand and he is very happy to see us again.
Kira is very surprised that Creuset lives to which he retorts that Kira is still alive, too – he says that Kira thinking he’s the only special person here is a bad habit.
Prayer warns us to be careful: he is feeling a much deeper darkness coming from Creuset’s spirit than he did during the battle of Jachin Due; Dr. Hell mentions that, when the Database rescued Creuset, they also sensed that deep darkness inside of him and showed themselves to be specially curious about his hatred – it makes sense to Dr. Hell, considering that, as programs, they have no emotions of their own.
Muu asks for what reason Creuset is helping the Database and he calmly answers that they want the same thing: the destruction of mankind.

He says that, to alter the future, he’ll have to intervene by manipulating the flow of history and, to do that, he needs more power!
He failed when he tried to manipulate humanity from behind the scenes, so he’ll now take direct action!

: Damn it! I’m sick of these scoundrels hanging around in our world!
: If that’s the case, let’s just beat them down together!
: Right! We must do it if we’re to save Earth!
: We will protect…this world!
: Can you really change the fate of the world?!
: You will fall right here before my blade!
: And then the world will burn, and only in the recorders' archives will its civilization survive!
: Shut your traps, Team Evil! We'll take you all on!

Yeah, this is another long mission – though not as much as the last.
I’ll probably still have to split into three parts, though, but I’ll only know for sure when I do the second part.

Come next episode, the usual SRW Boss-Rush begins and did you notice that Ashura didn’t have a single damn line in all that text up there? Dr. Hell casually drops his name but, when first playing this, I only realized that it was him piloting Gordon once I got attacked.