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Part 200: Mission 54 - With Unforgettable Memories in Our Hearts - Part 2

Enemy Phase!

The Database is really throwing everything at us, bringing a mixed posse of Zaft, Successor and Federation units to the battle.

Golion still had Alert, so that Sekishiki wasted his attack.
The Stern Kugel, Serpent, Denjin, Sol Tekkaman and Birdman also attack – the latter two get killed in one go.

All those kills get the Zero System running.

Gaogaigar and Valzacard draw the attention of, respectively, a Majin and Tetsujin.

The eastern group all gun for Dearka.

At least the M1 Astray and Strike Dagger didn’t dodge.

Sinclyne goes after Valzacard who is under Gai’s watchful eye.

Sinclyne isn’t as resilient as daddy-o but you should still approach him careful due to his unit’s raw power.

Ashura does a chain-attack on Gaogaigar, Valzacard and Golion, dealing piddly damage to all of them.

Creuset charges forward to do another chain attack and shows some not-unimpressive numbers against Prayer.
To avoid tempting the RNG gods, I’ll have him dodge.

: So you still have a bit of life left in you! But if you want to stand in my way, I'll be happy to speed it up!
: I refuse to die yet! Not before I do something about the hate that fills your heart!

Heeey, there’s Valzacard shield – he just yanks a part of the Arm Arcus from his back-pocket or something!
By the by, that last attack hit near Akane’s room and she’s pissed at Kazuma that it’ll be all messed up (to which he answers that her room is ALWAYS messed up).

Player Phase!

We need to do something about Creuset’s accuracy, so Ruri casts Confuse.

Gai pops a chain-attack, killing the Stern Kugel.

This also makes Blade get serious.

Next, Heero teams up with Kouji to wreck the Denjin.

Akito will need to drop this unit sometime, so he might as well do it when I can show off its dynamic finish!

Impressive, no?

Orgun chains four units together, killing the Sekishiki, and some collaboration from Kira and Athrun downs the Majin.

Both Tetsuya and Athrun trigger their powers.

This CGUE isn’t going to come to us, so we’ll send Ryouma to do something about it.

Good show.

Lowe and Gai Murakumo both down a mook and Kira triggers his own SEED.

Now, for the last of these annoying Successor units.

No more!

And Tetsuya takes down the last one.

I’m still conserving my SP, so we can’t down any boss this turn.
However, to curb Sinclyne’s power, Sousuke calls for an assist from Enryu, while Golion melts Creuset.

No risk in tripping Creuset’s Prevail if his weapons aren’t going to do any damage, so…

: Tekkaman! Why are you still alive when the Radam should be extinct!
: You should have died with the rest of them!
: The Radam are gone, but I still have to fight! Until everyone like you is gone!

How does that piddly shield block Blade’s Voltekka?!

Son of a bitch…block this!

: So how did it feel to be trapped in the Radam tree, little girl?
: That was so long ago, I don't even remember anymore!
: But right now, I'm Tekkaman Hiver, fighting to defend the hopes and dreams of a world!

That’ll learn yer.

Unlike the previous battle, it’s the Zaft folk to have words against Creuset (had we recruited Yzak, Nicol and/or Canard).
Oddly enough, Muu has nothing to say this time but I’ll post the others at the end of the update.

: It's you, Dearka. I'm surprised a sly fox like you is with the Neo-Wärter.
: There are some things you can't judge by profit, and I've found them!
: That's why I have to do this, my former captain!

I expected that…

Be better than that, Athrun.

: Indirectly or not, Athrun, how did it feel to kill your own father?
: I did what I had to do.
: But so did I. The Earth will and should be destroyed. I just made it happen a little sooner!
: Wrong! You're destroying the future of the world!
: But I'll stop you! You used my father to spread war for your own greed!

Better, indeed.

Now, to further increase Sinclyne’s hatred of lions.

: Grr! This is the power of the Leo Civilization's legacy?
: That's right, Sinclyne! The pride of the Lions will destroy you in the name of peace across the Galaxy!

Good man!

Finally, Valzacard takes a cheapshot at him and dodges the counter.

Enemy Phase!

Of all things to attack (or chain-attack), Sinclyne completely wastes his move by going after the Nadesico.

Ashura has an old bone to pick with Kouji.

: Dr. Hell! Baron Ashura! It's been a hundred years coming, but this ends here!
: You will not defeat us, Kouji Kabuto! Dr. Hell himself commands Gordon, King of Hell!
: Go forth, Ashura! Kouji Kabuto is all that stands in our way!
: Destroy him, and we can begin our endless quest!

I greatly misspoke in the thread when I said the King of Hell was dangerous (I could’ve sworn he got a major boost) – he is a bit bulky with his Barrier but his HP is very unimpressive and his attacks are, by far, the weakest.

Creuset wastes a perfect MAP opportunity to do a chain-attack…and then he promptly misses everyone – INCLUDING TETSUYA AND KOUJI!

Player Phase!

Another Confuse, just to be safe.

Let’s get rid of Akito’s armor, too.

: The final battle with an evil empire? We'll win.
: Accursed human! Do not judge this battle before it's over!
: It's not a judgment. Evil will simply always fall.

Alright, now we’re good.

As I mentioned in the Unit Analysis, Gai Daigouji and Akito can still do their Gekigan Flare if you get the Black Selena down to the Aestivalis.

Let’s have a look!

By the by, the Double Gekigan Flare dialogue has a known quirk in that, as you keep using the attack, Akito will slowly start to get hot-blooded again; here’s the first one:

: Let’s go! Tenkawa!
: Understood…
: Feel our righteous power!!
: I will fight…to prevent the same tragedies from repeating again!

These bosses ain’t gonna kill themselves, so let’s get to work.

: The war between Plant and the Earth is over. Why are you still fighting?
: This isn't about Naturals and Coordinators anymore! I fight to deliver humanity its fate of destruction!
: You fight out of personal spite? Then you aren't a soldier, and I will hold nothing back!

Sousuke, this is not the time to start missing!

I quickly decide that, to avoid a potential headache, I’ll just cast Strike with everyone that’ll attack him.

: You want to use the little time you have left to wage a needless war?
: You call this needless?
: Of course. This world won't end on your schedule. Not as long as we can fight.

Creuset’s not gonna last long.

Give him what for, Heero.

: This world doesn't need you. Return to the darkness, Rau le Creuset.
: I'll go, but not alone. All of humanity is soon to follow!
: You won't be alone. We'll send everyone who thinks like that with you.

As his Prevail starts acting up, I reckon we can afford some valor casts from the units that haven’t used any SP.

Like Lowe!

: You are one thick-headed bastard, you know? If you like death and destruction so much, do it on your own time!
: I can't do that! I need all of humanity to share in my despair!
: Then I'll share my hope and my dreams! Take your goddamn fill!

Now that’s better.

Orgun doesn’t need valor when he can count with some support from Athrun.

: I'll fight until I can't anymore! I won't let this beautiful world be drowned in hate!
: Yes, yes, you've overcome your fate to fight for justice! That's just why I want you to fall into my darkness!
: A darkness that will blind you to all hope and light!

Almost there.

Also, Kira doesn’t need to kill this guy for a third time but he can still make himself useful.

: It was worth coming back just to see you again!
: But why...
: You think you can solve anything with debate alone?
: The earth will be destroyed! Are you going to keep asking "why?" as it happens?
: You know what the answer to that is...
: I want to defend my planet! Even if it hurts me to do it!


Athrun takes another punch at his old boss and we’re good.

Why don’t we have Prayer make this a symbolic victory?


As Creuset goes down, he cries out that he can see the end of the world, everything going down in flames.
Kira yells out that neither he nor the rest of Neo-Wärter will allow that to happen but Creuset isn’t listening, instead ordering humanity to wait a bit longer and receive its judgment.

Muu sighs that, even at his last moments, Creuset kept spewing his hate speech.
Prayer wonders, however, why Creuset’s twisted hatred interested The Database so much…

Kouji will make Ashura even easier once his armor is rusted away.

And some Genichirou help for good measure.

Do your thing, Tetsuya.

: As much as I respect you as a scientist, but if that's what makes you want to destroy the world, I have to stop you!
: Silence, Tetsuya Tsurugi! A world that cannot see my genius deserves destruction!
: Listen to yourself, Dr. Hell! You want to quest for knowledge, maybe you should rethink your methods first!

Alright but before we take him/her out…

Let’s quickly turn our attention to Sinclyne.

He’ll have the painful honor of being on the receiving end of our strongest units.

You’re up, Gai.

Just a wee bit more.

Blade covers the gap with a quick Double Reactor Voltekka.

Time to wrap this up, Kogane.

: Golion! The Galra were destroyed by my failure to defeat you!
: For my honor and for the return of the Galra Empire, I will correct my mistake!
: Honor? That's a laugh coming from you!
: And we won't let you restore the Galra either!
: Your selfishness won't stand before Golion, defender of the galaxy!
: Prepare yourself, Sinclyne! We will defeat you and restore peace!
: Roar, Golion! We'll strike down Galra once and for all!


Sinclyne, once again, yells out that he is the Galra Emperor and refuses to be defeated in this place.
Kogane, however, tells him that it’s over and that the Galra have been completely defeated by our combined powers.

Inference then calls over and asks Sinclyne what’s wrong.
He reminds Sinclyne of his betrayal of Dai Bazarl and, after all that, THIS unsightly display is the result that he presents?
Inference had hoped to learn more about the father-son dynamic from watching him but figures further study is pointless – he bids Sinclyne goodbye and cuts the transmission.

Sinclyne lashes out, damning Inference, Golion and the Earthlings before exploding.
Kogane proclaims that this marks the end of the Galra and that the cause of the Leo Union and Altea is now complete; Fahra thanks Kogane but she knows that this is not over: she now pledges their strength to help their allies fulfill their own mission!

Amidst all that, Kazuma wonders what Inference was talking about with that “father-son dynamic” talk.
Aria seems to have realized something…

Now, for the last one.

: Getter Robo! Your incarnation in the previous universe is in the recorders' archives!
: What?! Getter Robo existed in the last universe too?
: You want to know, don't you? Then join me! You can learn all you want!
: No thanks! We don't follow bad guys!
: We'll keep studying Getter Rays with Dr. Saotome! We don't need your kind of help!

Ashura once again begs Dr. Hell for forgiveness but this is as far as he can go.
Dr. Hell cries out in disbelief, saying that Ashura can’t possibly be suggesting that someone with his supreme intellect would rot away in a place like this!
Kouji, however, says that it’s a very appropriate final resting place but a man that sought to sell out Earth.

As the King of Hell explodes, Kouji bids farewell to his nemesis – this time, their fight is really over.
Tetsuya only sighs at the thought of a man being so overcome by his own curiosity that he would assist in the Earth’s destruction just to sate it – truly, he and The Database were cut from the same cloth.

Akito figures that their defense line is broken and wants to charge in but Kazuma tells him that it’s not over yet.
He orders Applicant to come out and face them.

He quick does so, saying that he hopes Kazuma is ready.
Aria quickly notices that he’s not piloting the Arm Storer and Applicant says it’s a new mech called the Valarm.
This is his personal mech, created from a combination of Es and Earth technological knowhow.
Horis figures that, in other words, it's the product of the same synergy that created the Valzacard.

That suits Kazuma just fine, though, as he shouts to Applicant not to complain if he gets beaten on this level playing field.
Renée and Gai remind Kazuma of how he promised to Papillon that he’d try talking to Applicant, though.

: We will talk…!
: But we’ll do it in our own way!

: Kazuma…
: If he's really another version of our dad, then there's nothing to say...
: And if we say anything, it'll just be excuses!
: If that’s the case, the only way to confirm what he’s really thinking is to fight!
: I am Applicant, not Blessfield Ardygun.
: However, I have the same strength as Blessfield Ardygun…
: You cannot win against me…!
: In that case, I’m just gonna beat you and succeed in besting my old man!
: Shihomi, Akane, Mihiro, Horis, Aria, Regulate! No complaints, I hope!
: Sounds good, Kazuma.
: Let’s do it, Kazuma!
: Show me how the kite surpasses the hawk!
: I trust you, Kazuma! I have faith in you!
: Everyone’s thoughts are with Valzacard…
: Give it your all, Kazuma!
: Leave the surrounding enemies to us!
: This is your fight!
: You can’t lose, Kazuma!
: End this with your own hands.
: There is a huge wall in front of you…now, prove that you can surpass Captain Bless.
: I know you can do it, Kazuma! I believe in you!
: Right! Leave this fight to me!
: Let’s go, Applicant! I’ll be sure to put everything into Valzacard’s fist!
: Come, Kazuma! You cannot prevail against me and I will hammer that fact into your body!!

Sorry to lay a cliffhanger here but this update is already long enough; next time, we’ll have our final battle against Applicant and move into the Database’s fortress.

Before we close off, though, here are the convos for units that we didn’t get (or deploy):

-Yzak Vs. Creuset-

: Captain Creuset... no, Rau le Creuset!
: You've been manipulating the Earth and Plant from the shadows the whole time!
: I don't care about Plant and the Earth anymore, Yzak.
: But I suppose that just makes you hate me more.
: That's right! This world is changing, and I won't let you swallow it in darkness!

-Nicol Vs. Creuset-

: Nicol, I didn't realize you survived.
: I'm alive. It took a little bit of luck.
: Please stop this, Captain Creuset! We shouldn't be fighting like this!
: You may have returned from the brink of death, but I'm going the other way! You couldn't understand what I'm going through!

-Canard Vs. Creuset-

: And now you're fighting by Kira Yamato's side...
: You... were you the one who told me about him?
: But I see you've found another way to prove your worth.
: That's right! Everyone has a place... and I won't let you lay a hand on them!

And, of course…

-Bonta-kun Vs. Creuset-

: Fumo, mofu, fumofu, fumoffu!
: ...
: Fumofu! Fumo, fumoffu!
: (Ugh... just looking at it, I can feel the darkness within me clearing...)

I’ll leave you on that lovely note.

See you all next time!