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Part 193: Mission 52 - Warped Sun - Part 2

Blade and the others have joined mid-battle but all come at base morale; thankfully, we’ve an endless swarm of Eviluders to mitigate that.

: My body was restored thanks to Shinya's crystal...
: I don't know how long it'll last... but what I do with it won't change...
: I am Tekkaman Blade of Neo-Wärter, and I will keep fighting until my last breath!

Gotta get the morale up quickly…these are not the numbers I want from Blade!

Kira also needs to get his SEED on, so he might as well take that kill.

: I'm back... to fight with everyone else...
: I've decided. I'll fight... to protect my home!


Professor weakens the new Eido II a bit, using Iron Wall just in case the Eviluders decide to gang up on her.

We’ll let Yurika take this kill.

: How are we looking, Lapis?
: No problems. I have been piloting the Eucharis by myself, after all.
: Then let's work together and do our best! Until Akito comes back!
: Yes, ma'am. What's important to Akito is important to me, too.

Ah…that’s some Yurika-esque damage right there.

Since these damn Sol Lords closed in on Valzacard, they were actually inside EXA Nova Shoot’s blindspot.
As such, Aria casts some Zeal and we bombard them after moving to a better position.

P-Vater has the most HP left, so we’ll focus on him first.

: Target sighted...Sol Lord...
: This world belongs to each life upon it. It is not yours to consume...

It’s really hard to capture it on screenshots but P-Vater is using that Pile Driver to create a sonic boom.

Thanks for activating the Zero System NOW, Heero.

Ruri and Ryouma take assists from Lacus to add up on the damage.

Tetsuya should be able to cover the rest.

: You really think it's okay to destroy someone else's world to restore your own solar system?
: Your mission is all out of shape, and I'll beat you until it's straight again!

Barely but it worked.

Next in line is Percurio and Golion takes swing at it.

Orgun will follow it up.

: Out of my way, Sol Lord! I have to finish the fight with the Eviluders!
: I won't let you or them beat me! I'll protect the world!

Guess I should’ve used Valor…

Either way, Kouji takes away a small bit of his remaining HP.

Hiver is just in range to take him out.

: I don't care if there are eleven Lords or a hundred!
: I'm winning for all the people waiting for us back on Earth!

A good thing is that all these guys have boss-level cash prizes – make sure to use Bless on every kill!

Ptulone is up next.

: So you've got some kinda matter regeneration system! But you can fix things so easily that you've forgotten to be thankful for them!
: And that's why I can't let you have our planet!


This should do it.

: I don't particularly care what your excuse is.
: If you want to fight, I will destroy you.

Good man.

The Eternal moves away from the Database troops and heals Kouji.

Enemy Phase!

Puranus and Ruri exchange blows.

ALL Database troops converge on Hiver who weakens all but the Reuses (that would’ve required spending much EN on Reactor Voltekkas).

Palparepa and Abel start stealing MY KILLS!

Faux-Big Daddy pops both attacks on Hiver.

As you can see, Applicant is equipped with a Barrier L Generator which reduces all incoming damage by 1400 at the cost of 10 EN per use (but consider that he has EN Regen, so…).

Most Eviluders attack Palparepa and Abel (and survive) but this one is not so lucky.
Attack my guys, damn it!

Player Phase!

Valzacard and Orgun bring Puranus down to her last legs.

Might as well give this last kill to Ruri as Harry will probably learn his last spirit.

And I was right! They both gain 4 levels and Harry learns Renew.

I will now split my troops: The Supers will deal with Abel and Palparepa while most of our reals will converge on the Database (Blade, Kira and Rapier are too far away to do that, of course).

Following Gai’s chain-attack, Lowe will chain his mooks plus Applicant.

But I underestimated the Stoma’s bulkiness and they barely survive…

Yumi kills them both and deals slight damage to the rest.
Up top, Blade falls just short of oneshotting an Eido II.

Show them how it’s done, Gai.

Hell, yeah.

Kira quickly kills the new Eido II.

This gets Lacus into SEED Mode.

Enemy Phase!

Another three Database mooks and Applicant go after Yumi, who further weakens them.

This one Reus has the bright idea to attack Valzacard instead.

I better start watching my EN!

Another also tries to attack the Nadesico but Kazuma is there to protect it.

Screw you!

Thankfully, Palparepa charges after J and co.

: Why would a soldier of the Red Planet's J Division oppose us?
: Be silent, traitor! You are no longer following the will of Abel of the Red Planet!
: I will fight! And defeat you in the name of the warriors of the Red Planet!

Ha, ha!

This Eido II suicides against Pia Decem and the problem with that is…

More Eviluders spawn and they see a bunch of battleships just sitting there.

With SEED going, Lacus can actually pull decent damage.

My guess is that the Eviluders realized that, as they immediately decide to converge on Yurika.
Five of them attack and take not-so-impressive damage in return – Yurika got covered by Gai a couple of times but he can’t support defend forever.

Also, I totally forgot that Rapier knew Support Defend…whoops!

You motherfucker you…

Player Phase!

I have Rapier attack a couple of Eidos in hope that she’ll kill one.

: Dr. Liger, Ms. Michi... thank you.
: Starting with you, all these people have worked to save me when I should have died.
: I don't know how long I can keep fighting as a Tekkaman, but I'll do all I can!
: I'll fight for what I love, with my brother and all of you!

Problem is, Rapier has quite low attacking stats…
We can minimize that with BP but, for now, she won’t be doing much.

Fine. Kira and Lacus take them both down.

Get to it, Blade.

Damn it, what’s wrong with you today?!

Gai and Hayato, thankfully, act as expected and oneshot their targets.

Just in case Applicant gets creative with his MAP, I have Suzuishi cast Confuse.

Also, we can’t take Palparepa out just yet so we might as well melt his weapons.

Good, good.

In the Database front, Heero kills the last Stoma while Lowe has Prayer help out via Support Request.

This one Reus is pretty close to dead, so we can divert a couple of units to finish the job.

Aw, so close.

Still, Ruri takes it down while Kazuma stabs a Deceiver.

Only one of these folks left.

Thanks, Gai.

Back up top, Murrue and J busy themselves with killing weakened Eviluders.

Enemy Phase!


What a helpful Reus.

I didn’t realize it until now but Eviluder reinforcements are tied towards the overall number of enemy units – it doesn’t matter if they are neutral or not!

Palparepa tries chaining into J again but, with his weapons melted, not even the Archangel takes damage.
Down below, Applicant tries MAPing but Confuse makes it so only the Nadesico gets hit.

Eviluders attack everyone.

Due to their high HP, however, only Hayato and the Archangel manage to nab a kill.

Player Phase!

Alright, enough playing around – Waltfeld casts Rouse to get Blade to Blasterize.

We’ll open up with Kira, taking a support from Rapier.

: So many people care for Earth so much... I can't let anyone destroy it!
: That's why I'm fighting! I'll use my power and my love for the world!

She really needs to get a boost to her Shooting stat.

Ryouma teams up with Kouji to do some real damage.

Next up is Blade, who’ll grab an assist from Lacus

: 11 Sol Lords! My family and I were born and raised in this solar system!
: I won't let you have it! This was your last mistake!

Now that’s more like it.

Golion does a bit more damage and then we’re good.

Take him out, Gai.

: God of Destruction, I shall show you that your life is worth nothing...
: The worth of life... is something we earn by prevailing over adversity!


Palparepa is worth an Auxiliary GS Ride, a BP+1 and a Counter.

He still can't figure out how we could have so much power - power that can even overwhelm a god.
Kouji doesn't give a damn about gods or devils - all he knows is that our people won't lose to the likes of him.

Our ships pull back and, while I’m at it, I have Re-Home heal the Eternal a bit.

Only one left to move up here is J so we might as well have him deal some starting damage on Abel.

: Soldat J-002. It's not too late yet. You and Arma can still join us and do my bidding.
: Silence, Sol Lord! You are not Abel of the Red Planet! You are...
: You're the one who's going to be silenced. Either under my command, or as a pile of scrap!

Of course…at least I had J cast Alert beforehand.

While we can’t wreck Abel until the next turn, our people next to Applicant are more than capable of taking him out now.

Since we can’t take away that Barrier, let’s just break through it.

That’s how you do it.

Orgun and Gai Murakumo keep the pain going, quickly reducing the Arm Storer Finis down to critical.

Yeah, I completely forgot that there was a Reus left by Yumi.
Still, we’ll have Kazuma wrap things up.

Applicant is worth a Barrier L Generator, a Gunfight +1 and a Hit&Away.

He grudgingly admits that it may be time to revise his opinion of Kazuma.
Kazuma doesn’t care about that, though: what he wants to hear out of him is the location of The Database’s main base and Sousuke wants to know where they’re keeping Kaname; Applicant will reveal neither, as they cannot afford to lose Kaname before the data collection from her head is complete.
Once they finish that, there'll be nothing left to record in this system - thanks to a certain collaborator, they were able to acquire massive amounts of data in one go and their timetable was sped up (despite our interference).

Applicant says that, once the last bits of data are recorded, they’ll then leave and let the Sol Lords finish their regeneration project, bringing about their own task of destroying the sources of what they've recorded.
Kazuma asks how the hell Applicant can do that to the lives of his trillions of his fellow people but, once again, Applicant answers that he’s not Blessfield Ardygun.

As he leaves, Kazuma ruefully says that he already knew that but what surprises him is that there doesn't seem to be even a shred of his father left within Applicant.

Enemy Phase!

Pia Decem goes after J and they both miss.

Eviluder time…yawn.

Leave me alone – I just want to finish this long-ass mission!
A total of six Eviluders go after Golion and, seeing how half were weakened, he kills them.

One Eviluder goes after Shin Getter and gets killed.
Four go after Gai and he kills them, too!

Player Phase!

Alright, you. DIE!

: This is hopeless, God of Destruction. Even with the force of the Genesic Aura, you can never completely destroy us.
: As long as I'm alive, there is no such thing as a hopeless battle!
: 11 Sol Lords! The force that keeps life struggling through the darkness... the power of courage will destroy you!

I could’ve reduced his armor but it’s not necessary.

We’ve all our super robots up here, so it’ll be over soon.

Damn, I’m surprised Kouji was able to outdamage Gai even when Pia Decem’s Prevail was running.

For the sake of maximum , I have Ryouma kill one last Eido II and this gets Kira’s SEED going (finally).

Get to work, boy.

Of course, Eviluder reinforcements appear and while I could spam Zeal to get more MAP kills, I just want this to be done with.

Golion takes a quick shot at Pia Decem and we’re in the clear.

Let’s finish this one with our newest trick: Blade and Rapier’s Double Voltekka!

Pia Decem is worth a The Carpenters, a Prevail +1 and an Infight +1.


Nah. Rather than a ‘70s pop duo, these are more like a mass of small repair robots that GGG uses whenever their fighting destroys a city (in here, they give a 10% HP Regen).

Rather than fight to the last, Abel decides that it’s best to have Pia Decem retreat for now.
Renée yells out for someone to stop them – if we can bring the leader down, we’ll stop the Sol Lords! Pilnus interrupts the “lion kitten”, saying that her lesson has only just begun.
As they leave, Boss and Sayaka think that the Sol Lords have fled after taking this much damage, but J and Kaidou know they'll be back any moment.

All the main enemies are dealt with and Horis informs Shihomi that the GGG Warships have finished collecting data: we can now figure out Pisa Sol's exact location!
Ruri calls everyone aboard the ships, so they can Boson Jump to the spot – Yurika is very impressed at how Captain-esque Ruri is sounding and Ruri requests her help to navigate the jump.

: Hold it! Something’s coming!
: Is that…?!

: 11 Sol Lords!
: How…they should’ve been defeated but they’re coming back in even greater numbers!
: It’s Pisa Sol! The power of the matter reconstruction device allows them to be regenerated and to create copies of each other!
: Indeed. So long as Pisa Sol exists, we are undying and infinite.
: Everyone, you go on ahead! I’ll break through their lines!!

: Whoa…you’re amazing, Gai!
: That’s Gai’s infinite power…!
: This is as far as you go, God of Destruction!

: Incredible...such power...!
: He took out that arrogant guy before he could even do anything!
: It’s not over yet!

: It can’t be! He regenerated even after being completely destroyed!
: This is the power of the matter reconstruction device…?!
: That’s right! Disappear, demon!

: Your Hell and Heaven possesses both offensive and defensive capabilities, however its drive system has a small flaw...
: Genesic is still matter! Now that you’ve been struck with my Chemical Nanomachines’ IV drip, your courage means nothing!
: UWAARGH! There’s something inside my body…!
*Genesic Gaogaigar starts exploding.*
: Gai!
: Do you still not understand?
: Your fate has already been decided…right when I defeated you.
: Gai! I’ll help you!!
: Don’t…!
: But, Gai…! If this goes on…you’re going to die!
: I understand, Gai! We’ll go on ahead and face Pisa Sol!
: Mamoru!
: Well said, Latio! Heroes of Neo-Wärter, let us fly towards Pisa Sol!
: But…!
: Hurry, everyone! We can’t let Gai’s fight be for nothing!
: I get it, Mamoru. Let’s go, guys! This isn’t the time to hesitate!
: Do you agree, Mikoto?!
: Gai…I believe in you! I know…I know you’ll come back!
: Of…course…I’m…a Hero…!

: Tulip Crystals dispersed! Jump Field forming!
: Please, Yurika.
: Gai…lend us your courage!

: They must be pretty desperate to sacrifice the Hero in order to advance.
: Now what? Can I play with him a little?
: No…the Eviluder’s main fleet is also arriving on Pisa Sol. We must hurry.
: We must make sure that all obstacles will be eliminated.
: God of Destruction…you’ll be devoured by the Eviluders and rot away here.

Bad-guy hubris strikes again…

*All Eviluders converge on Gaogaigar.*

: It’s not over…my courage isn’t…dead yet…
: Even if my body won’t move…I’ll still…

Well, this mission took much longer than I expected.
Think we can get a new page before we move on to mission 53? It's quite a long mission but it's also AWESOME!

for GGG!

See you all soon!