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Part 85: Mission 23 - Endless Waltz ~ Finale - Part 2

Player Phase!

First things first, Boss has taken a whole lot of damage so let’s heal up with Guts.

Kurz takes a quick potshot at that Serpent and then we’re off to MAP town.

Quick cast of Cheer and Bless since there’s no way any of the targets are living through this.

Blade’s in perfect position to blast all 6 mooks to his right.

Being overleveled screws him from getting a massive boost but nearly 18k for one move is a good deal.

Not one to be outdone, Heero is all set to blast half of the western group.

Boom. All Taurus take that damage above and the only thing that survives is the Serpent.

Massive MAPs kills bring forth the need for RESPAWNS.

Mike still needs a bit more morale so he sets out to kill a couple of sitting ducks (it would’ve been three but I only noticed that Taurus right as I confirmed the attack. Whoops!).

Gai’s position sets him right in front of the respawn point and gives him a privileged firing spot.

Everything dies, except for a Serpent that was lucky enough to not get critted.

Taking down another enemy would prompt a respawn and I’ve no MAPs left (and tired enough to want to avoid ultra-long enemy phases).
As such, Tetsuya only weakens the Serpent.

Of course, Wufei is a different story. We can use the rest of our turn abusing him.

If you constantly hit a series’ “Scrappy”, does it count as animal abuse?

Either way, Sousuke takes a level and learns Prevail L4.

Following up, Zechs takes a potshot at the helpless Wufei.

His Prevail activating, Wufei actually pulls some decent dodging numbers.

However, Kouji is currently friends with the RNG gods.

Kazuma and Izumi team up to reduce him to a sliver of health.

Which gives BOSS an opportunity!



Duo is set up for some MAPing and weakens a Serpent to avoid wasting his move.

Attacking anything else would probably result in a kill and, again, I couldn’t be arsed to go through another long enemy phase.

Enemy Phase!

A Serpent wastes his attack on Boss when he’s protected by Kouji.

Nearly all of the mooks to the southeast corner go for the Nadesico.
Unless specified, just assume they did and it was completely negated by the Distortion Field.

A bully takes a shot at Boss and this time he has to eat the damage.

Wufei is out for revenge but, thankfully, he hits Boss second which allows him to hang on (had he started on Boss, it’s very likely he would’ve been killed).

Player Phase!

On we go, starting right with Duo’s MAP.

Duo nabs a level for his work and finally learns Multicombo L1.

Did you order some respawns? Here ya go!

The joys of deploying in a fixed formation.

Again, everything dies except for a lucky Serpent.

The Nadesico is in quite the fortuitous position; sadly, Yurika is 3 morale short from being able to use her stronger MAP and, contrary to other SRW games, you don’t get morale for units killed with MAPs (could this be a bug? ).

Eh. 3 kills isn’t bad at all (mind you, two enemies dodged).

Duo has had his time to shine so let’s bring Blade back to his nice position.
While he can’t Voltekka right now, he can still weaken one of these.

This is the moment, in game, where I noticed that even the unit that uses the MAP doesn’t gain morale for the kills.
Mike needs to take them head-on to get to 140.

He still gets a level and learns Support Request (which I forget to show off even after being told how to do it… ).

Boss uses his last bit of SP for another Guts and takes an easy kill.

I’m starting to get annoyed now so I decide to get catharsis going along with some overkill.

Thank you, Sousuke.

Taking advantage of Blade’s good work, Kazuma grabs a couple of kills.

This boosts him up a level, learning Valor!

Is this enough to populate Russia yet? It feels like it…

Heero MAPs. Once again, everything dies except for a Serpent.

Bless is also in MAPing range and I’m out of fucks to give. I use Fighting Spirit (cheaper than Valor, see?) and let the Micro Missiles loose.

Two Serpents survive. Everything else is burned to a crisp.

Kouji slashes a couple of new Serpents with his sword. The one that survived is left in critical condition.

Critical enough for Mao to take it down.

Enemy Phase!

Uuurgh! We’re almost at turn 6!

Again, unless specified, everything down the southeast corner went for the Nadesico and got their attacks blocked.

Those two mooks closest to the colony go after Getter, who dodges it all.

Evasive maneuvers successful!

Boss decides to take some luck from Kouji.

Finally, Wufei charges in after Kouji and Mao but only manages to slightly scratch the Mazinkaiser.

Player Phase!

It seems like the enemy's warpower is inexhaustible and Akane is starting to getting worried that there’s no chance of victory.
Kazuma yells that this isn’t the time to get scared; Zechs tells Noin that she doesn’t need to stick around but she says she waited over a year to see him again and knows she’d regret it if they were to leave.
Kazuma agrees saying that we’re not done yet and Sousuke is quite ready to continue this war.
As Heero vows to save Relena no matter what, Rose instructs Relena to keep her gaze fixed on the fighting.
There's a reason our people are putting their lives on the line!

Dekim is rather impressed that we’ve held out this long but he hasn’t run out of troops, yet.
Dekim’s subordinate quickly informs of another ship approaching – the Jovians; Dekim is quite glad to see even MORE reinforcements coming.

Kusakabe has other ideas, though, and orders his troops to open fire on the “cowardly earthlings” - destroying several of Marimea’s troops.
Dekim is aghast at the treachery, but Kusakabe has decided to use the Marimea-Wärter fight as an example to his troops about the true nature of the hated Earthlings.
He declares that the time has come to make the dream of uniting mankind and bringing peace to space come true.

He says the Jovians are the only one who can do it: they can put a stop to this senseless killing, but the Earthlings? They went as far as killing their Ambassador, Tsukumo!
Kusakabe says the assassination was in response to the Jovian’s desire for peace and that, today, they’ll put a stop to the Earthlings ceaseless desire for war!
He says that the time has come to settle the score, just as in Geki Ganger episode 39; let all who hear believe in Love and Bravery and Friendship, and that Justice is on the Jovians' side!

Their timing is about as bad as it can get and the Jovians had their resolves bolstered by Tsukumo’s death.
Both ours and Marimea’s troops are weakened and cannot deal with this kind of attack.

Wufei figures this to be more proof that Relena had it wrong, and that there are plenty of people who can only prove their own existence by fighting.
Sealing away all weapons and fighting is itself fallacious, and Wufei thinks he can become an abode for the souls of warriors to escape that fallacy. Even if it makes him evil.

Akito is starting to hesitate but Quatre tells him to hang in there as this isn’t over.
Duo mentions that there are fights that one simply can't walk away from - and this was one of them from the very outset; Trowa figures that both enemy forces are much like he once was - a pawn at the beck and call of others.
Heero says it’s all the more reason why we've got to demonstrate to them what actually lies at the end of all that warfare. Show them what it means to truly achieve peace!

This here is my favorite version of Last Impression. I would advise you to click it even if you don't care much for the song.

Meanwhile, Relena has reached a decision of her own.
Despite the guns pointed in her direction, she dashes for the communications console, and broadcasts to everyone involved, begging them all to listen to her; the Jovians are confused over who’s the woman but one of them recognizes the voice of Vice-Minister Dorian.
Genpachirou remembers Relena, always an advocate of peace and the former Queen of Earth; the Jovians wonder why someone like that would be getting in their way.
Relena says that Peace is not something given to anyone - it is something to be seized.

Both Kusakabe and Dekim frantically try to stop the broadcast, someone has rigged it so the Jovians will have no choice but to listen - the best he can do (for now) to atone for his sins.
Relena explains that what is needed now is not ideology or rhetoric, but hearts that truly love peace.
Marimea figures this viewpoint opposes the Absolute Pacifism Relena has advocated so long - is she in fact throwing in that particular towel?
Relena tells her that ideals are just that: ideals, and those trying to implement them still have to face reality first.

Marimea screams that all the pleasantries in the world won't make up for the fact that she's become one more traitor to the Peacecraft name.
Relena fires back that she didn't revert to being a "Dorian" for revenge for her father: revenge gives rise to nothing, except more hatred.

This was the theme of Geki Ganger 26, in fact, and Megumi quickly detects the Jovian guns falling silent.
Ines is quite surprised at the power of a young woman’s cry for peace – it completely changed the situation of the battlefield.

Upon closer examination, the Jovians realize that our people haven't given an inch to the Marimea army - true warriors one and all.
The Wärter might be the enemy, but their righteousness is magnificent, like that of Prince Akara of the Evilians.

Tsukumo's words of praise for your people are starting to ring true and the troops are questioning whether their justice is truly right; Genpachirou counsels Kusakabe that morale has fallen fatally low.
Kusakabe has no choice but to withdraw his forces from the Earth Sphere, his orders neutralized at last.
Dekim's forces are starting to fall silent too, convinced of the futility of humans fighting each other for revenge.

Rose teaches an important lesson to Marimea: even if humans understand how foolish fighting is, they fight anyway - fight to protect what is precious, fight for peace.
That is why Wärter is still going despite all odds.
As Wufei watches astonished, Heero tells him that his point has been made; further fighting here would just continue the sad cycle of history - and unless that cycle is broken, more warriors like he and Wufei will have to be born.

He yells to Wufei that everyone should be able to decide his own future, and with a cry of anguish Wufei flies off.
Duo figures of shock of it all means he’ll need some time to think but, regardless of that, we cannot pursue – there’s still more to be done.
What remains is for us to assure victory and peace!

…this means that there won’t be any more respawns, yes?

Well, then…


Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Mike Corps. Disk X!

: We got through to the Jovians! We can reach these people, too!

: Soldiers fight as they're ordered. But I know we can refuse orders if they're wrong.
: It's your choice not to exercise that option, and if so, I will show you no mercy.

: If you won't give up, we won't hold back!
: I'll never hold anything back as long as we fight for peace!

: Wake up! You're mindlessly fighting for someone's whims...
: Just like the Tekkaman controlled by the Radam!

: You're humans before soldiers! Remember!

: I know real life doesn't always go as awesome as anime...
: But I still have to follow my heart to fight! I have to fight for peace!

: Why are humans fighting each other when the Galra are attacking again?
: Come on, think!

: I know you'd see Ambassador Dorian's point if you listened...

While I could end it now, I have one more thing that I wish to do.
So, we end the turn with only Boss moving to heal Tetsuya a bit.

Enemy Phase!

The last Serpent attacks Boss, who gets shielded by Hikaru.
That Taurus below wastes its attack on the Nadesico.

Player Phase!

Kazuma also needs to get a first use of his Valor!

: I actually value lives, so I'll make sure to avoid the cockpit!
: But don't think that means you're not in for trouble!


Finally, I couldn’t let this mission end without showing off Boss’ strongest attack!

The battle is won, but there’s no time to celebrate: the colony is moving towards the Earth.
Kazuma wants to shoot the damn thing down but it can’t be done as Relena, Rose and many civilians are still inside

As the colony moves, Dekim proclaims that he's won, and orders Marimea to go rally the troops.
Relena, seeing Marimea's wavering convictions, urges her to open her eyes and slaps the kid.
She knows that Marimea has gotten an eyeful of just how frightening the Wärter's unwavering resolve can be and is starting to realize the error of her ways.
Dekim draws his gun and tells Relena to stop filling his Marimea's head with such nonsense.

Rose tells him to drop the gun and admit that he’s lost but Dekim won't admit defeat as long as he's got his colony, and he's prepared to shoot anyone getting in his way.
Relena in turn is prepared to see this through to the end; Dekim will oblige her but, before that happens, he tells her what he believes in: the masses will follow the power of the strong.
Marimea tries to get Dekim to stop and he yells that if she’s going to be in his way, he’ll kill her as well.
After all, she can be easily replaced.

Dekim is about to shoot when Seina blindsides him with a shot of her own, taking care not to hit anything vital.
Lady Une is there too, trying to keep Treize's daughter from perishing.
Seina tells Lady that her role as tour guide is over, now that her little debt to Treize is discharged; Treize might not have kept tabs on her debs but Seina would never have forgotten it.

She then tells Relena that her little speech is entirely correct.
Nonetheless, she and her fellows will keep fighting, for their own sakes.
Lady Une and Rose herd the frightened surviving soldiers to the outside of the Colony where evacuation awaits.
Dekim yells at them to wait, reminding them of his dream of a unified Earth Federation – they come back and make it happen!

Rose tells Dekim to dream his dream all he wants - until he's burnt to ashes.
“My…my world! A new order, a new era…!!” yells Dekim, as everyone else leaves.

As soon as everyone else is off the station, Heero is given a target for his Twin Buster Rifle, the blast doors protecting the colony's command module.
Dekim tries one more round of bravado, shouting that he’s a Barton and will usher in the united earth federation; Heero isn’t listening, though, and fires his shot.

Corbett reports to the mysterious Chairman that not only has Dekim met his end, Rose and Relena were both safely recovered too.
The Chairman is disgusted with Dekim's incompetence, especially given how he had provided Dekim with Amalgam's technology.
Corbett thinks it's a good sign that the Jovians are withdrawing from Earth], but the Chairman shouts back that they've still got hold of Mars.
He orders Corbett to send a full fleet in pursuit before the technology in the Martian ruins proves Earth's undoing.

Calming down slightly, he adds that if the Federation army doesn't score a victory to equal the Wärter's mounting success record, all their plans will be for naught.
Hell, with the uncooperative Eurasians still around, the Executive branch intact, and the anti-space "monster" Marimea forces toasted, who else can they turn to but the army?
He orders Corbett to make all ready, including "that" weapon, for the sake of the pure, blue Earth.
Corbett is now past the point where he can refuse, though his brief reluctance still rankles.

Mister Silver has been listening in, and the Chairman is now starting to wonder if it was he who leaked the Marimea army's plans to Wärter.
He bases this on Mr. Silver's habit of treating everything in life as some kind of game - didn't he hope for some high drama out of this last battle?
Mr. Silver assures him that he intended no such thing... and even if he did, even he couldn't have read circumstances that well in advance.
This seems to satisfy the Chairman, who tells Mr. Silver to hurry up the development of "that" weapon, which will be their trump card in lieu of nukes.

Mr. Silver seems coy even to himself about whether he could have anticipated your people's movements - he certainly finds them interesting in any case.
He supposes that his sister Tessa wasn't suitably chastened by what he did to her last time, so it's time to ratchet things up a notch or two.