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Part 84: Mission 23 - Endless Waltz ~ Finale - Part 1

Hrrrrmm…I don’t really like this mission simply due to the fact that, because of a couple of gimmicks, this goes from being a simple-ish scenario into a loooong slog.

Of course, this mission is a great opportunity to make cash and grab plenty of levels but it still tends to drag, as you’ll see.

Either way, this IS the Endless Waltz finale so we need the appropriate theme song!

As we appear, Dekim is flabbergasted that we anticipated his blitz attack; Yurika is relieved that Tessa's info was correct.
Yurika had been a bit suspicious, since it wasn't clear if it was really Tessa who sent the message and the level of detail it provided on Dekim's plans.
Erina has to fill in for Minato, who’s still locked in her room, during the fracas.

Calming down, Dekim thinks that this is actually good: if he can beat down the Earth's strongest battalion, it'll demonstrate the futility of fighting to the rest of the Earth.
Zechs notices the overwhelming number of enemies, thinking that it puts us at a disadvanted; still, we have to fight in order to restore order to the Earth Sphere.
Blade mentions how this insane fight was brought upon by human’s own stupidity; still, we cannot allow them to do as they please.
While Heero tells Relena that he’s coming, Duo, Quatre and Trowa promise to stop the true Operation Meteor with their own hands.

Bless orders everyone to attack but to avoid cockpit hits, and Zechs assures a hesitant Akito that someday, after all this fighting is over, there really will be a better tomorrow for the Earth.

You asked for some BOSS and that you shall have. Let’s start by upping his morale to get the “better” attacks going.

Soon, Boss will visit swift death upon all enemies.

Making use of Hit & Away, Heero takes a potshot on the Serpent.

Everyone else moves in but no one can attack.

Enemy Phase!

Wufei soon deploys and Seina, inside the colony, tells him to show her how he’ll fight.
Quatre tries to get in touch and tells him to stop – how can he support something like this Operation Meteor?
The important fight for Wufei is that the fighting continues and, to keep it that way, he’ll accept with being evil side.
Duo did not think Wufei would be willing to go this far; Wufei says that mankind didn’t change and asks what was the point of having defeated all those people if the world stayed the same?
In that case, Heero promises to teach him: how much mankind HAS changed!

I hope you like fighting Taurus and Serpents because you’ll get enough of them to populate Russia.

Hikaru’s defensive upgrades already prove worthwhile.

That Serpent tries to be clever but forgets that the Mazingers have learned dodging tactics from Gai.

I don’t feel like wasting the EN to kill this guy in one go.

Yow, the picture ran in the split second that the Machine Gun bullets flash.

Get used to seeing this. Taurus and Serpents are, as always, hardwired to stay put and snipe.

Mao doesn’t give a shit about long-range battles, though.

Not bad at all.

Mazinkaiser is basically (more) invincible during this mission: nearly all the available mook attacks are Beam type weapons and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone (except for Wufei, that is) that is capable of dealing over 1000 damage to Kouji.

Mind you, the mooks standing by the colony will hold still for now but…

Here comes Wufei – he’s pretty much the same as before (though only slightly stronger).

Also, you guys don’t mind if I keep Last Impression out in place of the TV series song, yes? If only for this mission…

: Wufei, press your self-destruct switch!
: What, so we can end this fight? So sorry, but it's far from over!

What is it with my pictures today? Again, it snaps the split-second where the screen flash pops up.

Player Phase!


I gave Boss a Space-terrain part so he’ll be doing decent damage, too (for a unit with only 1 upgrade…in his HP).

If I’m going to show off Mike’s MAP today, I need to start working at it from the get go.

Kurz and Mao finish off that Serpent that annoyed her before.

Mao needs to stick by Kurz but she might as well take a chip off Wufei’s health.

Sousuke, however, needs to get his lambda driver going.

Eh, the Rifle would’ve probably been enough but the Shotgun has plenty of ammo!

Tetsuya makes quick work of a heavily injured Taurus.

Of course, full health won’t mean much when you use a Taurus to go against Kouji.

Did Kouji just take a jab at the 4th wall there?

Sadly, Blade isn’t overpowered like that.

Gotta start building Gai’s morale up. We’ll need his MAP soon.

He’ll be along our MVPs (more than usual, that is) by the time we’re through.

Meanwhile, Kazuma slaps Wufei around some and he, still, fails to connect a single hit.

Akito can’t even get close enough to do that, though. Thankfully, there’s a weakened Taurus sitting right there.

Hikaru is able to hit Wufei, though – she’ll also take an assist from Heero to get this moving along faster.

Nearly there.

We’ll move Hayato just close enough to hit Wufei and to, also, bait the colony mooks to come over.

Hmmm, maybe just a little bit more.

There we go.

We’ll beat him like the Scrappy that he is.

: I'll give you one more chance: press your self-destruct switch.
: Give it up, Heero! If you want to stop me, you'll have to do it yourself!
: It's up to you to judge yourself. Or else, be haunted by his ghost for the rest of your days...

Hee, hee, hee.

Wufei is worth a couple of levels, a crummy Chobham Armor, Repair Kit, and Multicombo +1.

We also get the Zero System going

Wufei, however, does not go down; he says he cannot be beaten here and promises to keep on fighting for the sake of all warriors who have lost their way.

Yup. We cannot kill Wufei while he’s in his “WARRIORS!” mode.
This gives you a chance to repeatedly kill him, getting some nice experience (unless you’re over level 25, that is) and cash along the way; mind you, I won’t abuse this more than once (I’ll kill him with Boss soon enough to humiliate this moron some more).

Before we end the turn, Duo gets to work on a nearby Taurus.

Enemy Phase!

A Taurus tries, and fails, to snipe at Gai.

The colony mooks take the bait and start going for Hayato.

Shame that it’s not powerful enough to kill them (not with this much morale, at least).

Here, let Kouji show how it’s done.

Hell, yes.

And again, for good measure.

Also, to activate Mazin Power.

Enemy reinforcements soon appear and Dekim boasts that we’ve no chance of stopping their renovation of Earth.
Akito tells him to shut up as he’s just using that as an excuse to wage his own war; and while Kazuma thinks none of us all happy with the current state of Earth, we’re certainly not gonna accept Dekim’s twisted alternative.
Quatre in particular won't forgive how Dekim's delusions are leading so many of the world's warriors astray.

Zechs adds that our people aren't the only ones who wish for peace: indeed, by watching this battle, the hearts of mankind will once more be stirred away from warfare!
After all, any world that accepts Marimea will simply give birth to a Milliardo Peacecraft the second.
Dekim tells Zechs to be shut up or his troops will do it for him.

Here’s the other gimmick of this stage: whenever the enemies’ number goes under 12, reinforcements show up with 8 Taurus and 4 Serpents. Endlessly.

Obviously, this provides the chance for some nice cash-making (and it’s simpler than Wufei). Of course, with so many mooks coming in, it can lead to some LONG enemy phases…

Fresh mooks only mean Mazinkaiser will make fresher heaps of scrap.

This guy is trying to snipe Tetsuya…time to bust out ye olde Thunder Break.

Gotta get that Mazin Power going…

This Taurus manages to live as crotch Missiles will only oneshot if they crit.

Heero will be dealing with you soon…
I’ll start trimming out these dodges from now on (there will be many, many of them); if you see an enemy close by and he hasn’t taken damage, just assume it was a dodge/defense.

Drill Tempest is cheap enough that I can use it with abandon, though.

Don’t try to get clever with Blade.

It’ll hurt, even at range.


Two Serpents and this here Taurus go for Hayato.

The Serpents took 3600 and 3200 damage from counterattacks.

I’ll just ignore Wufei for a little while – it’s not like he’s dangerous.

Player Phase!

Time for another glorious Boss kill.


Boss gets a needed level and grows to Prevail L2!

Izumi makes quick work of that there Serpent.

There’s a new Taurus right by a very weak one. Let’s see what Sousuke can do about that.

Aye, that works. The other can be fed to someone else.

Most importantly, Lambda Driver is now running.

Keep going Mike. It’s a long way to 140 morale.

My Akito is turning out to be quite the scavenger, huh?
I would send him more to the front lines but he moves so slowly in the 0G frames…

Either way, Kurz and Mao barely miss the chance to oneshot a Serpent.

So, we’ll send Duo in to overkill the shit out of it.

I suppose I could’ve killed it with Vulcans but what’s the fun in that?

Also, take note of Gai’s position here.

He can toss a lot of MAPs from here.

Zechs inches forward and finishes off Sousuke’s other Taurus.

And one of Hayato’s Taurus will make for some easy pickings for Kazuma.

Or for Mihiro, when she gets her serious face on.

One more weak Taurus for Mao.


If you’re following my reasoning, it should be clear what will happen near Blade next turn.

And near Heero.

One thing at a time, though. First off, Tetsuya needs a last bit of morale.

That’ll do.

Along with the Mazin Power, Tetsuya nabs a level and learns Valor!

I’m having Kouji stay by Boss so he can profit from both a Support Defense and from a friendship bonus.

Hayato walks up to the colony and, taking the +20% Evasion/Accuracy terrain bonus, joins the unhittable club.

Enemy Phase!

Mooks love going after Boss. Thankfully, he has a good friend to protect him.

Boss is attacked again and fails at evasive maneuvers, using his last safety net.

Tetsuya, you need to learn more from Gai and Kouji.

Uh, oh…

Thankfully, there aren’t much more mooks on that side. Down south, one starts going for the Nadesico.

Ooooh, that was close.

Gai is attacked a couple of times in this turn but the result is obvious.

Hayato is still acting as a magnet for the southwest units.

He can get them weakened pretty well.

That is, unless he decides to be a smartass and oneshot them…

The last bit of experience bumps Ryouma up a level and teaches him Valor!

Oh, hell no.

Away with you, peasant.

Kurz shows that Serpent how true snipin’ is done.

Mind you, everything else in the southern group sniped at Duo and he dodged everything.

While that went on, Boss was attacked by the last nearby Taurus and barely managed to survive.

Finally, Wufei is still being useless to Dekim’s war effort.

That’s the end of the enemy phase but I think this update has gone on long enough.

This is the 4th player phase and the story only gets going again at the 6th one, so it’ll be a while.
Next update, however, we’ll be tossing MAPs all around and wrap this long mission.

See you all then!