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Part 76: Post-mission 21 Intermission and Mission 21.5 - Route Split

Feels good to come back home/intermission menu after an awesome mission. As always, the top aces:

Nothing new here Bless has managed to tie with Blade (which makes sense considering that his only kill last fight was Tekkaman Axe).

BP Upgrades:

Bless came back with quite a nice amount of points. They’re spent in the usual fashion: 4 Shooting, 2 Defense.

When a unit spends some time away, they’re awarded some experience and BP as a way to keep them up to speed with the rest of the group.
Akito’s points give him 3 in Shooting and 2 in Evasion (Moon Frame, the one he’ll be using for the time being, depends heavily on ranged attacks).

Heero adds 2 points to Shooting, 1 to Evasion.

Blade sets all his 3 points into Shooting for extra Voltekka power.

Mao gets 1 point in Melee, 2 in Shooting (she doesn’t really need any more evasion/accuracy with the friendship bonus from Sousuke/Kurz).

Kurz sticks with what he knows best, adding 3 points to Shooting.

All 3 Getter pilots and Volfogg add 2 points to melee and 1 point to skill (gotta increase that Open Get/Holographic Camouflage chance).

Finally, Mike adds 2 points to Shooting, 1 to evasion.

Skill Parts:

Shihomi learns a bunch of useful spirits and she’ll always be there.
Giving SP+10 to her is a no-brainer.

Blade follows in Evil’s footsteps and learns Hit & Away.
Now he can make better use of his Voltekka goodness.

Finally, Kazuma takes our new Gunfight, bringing him to level 3.

Unit Upgrades:

Shin Getter gets 1 extra point in Armor and Mobility.

Mike might be seeing more combat now, so he gets 1 extra point in HP, Armor, Mobility and Weapons.

Gekiryuujin gets 1 point in Weapons.

Volfogg gets extra point in Mobility and Weapons.

Kouji gets a weapons boost, as well.

Finally, Gai takes the lil’ bit of spare cash to boost his HP.

Unit Parts:

We take away Gai’s old Cobham Armor and put our new Hybrid Armor(HP+800, Armor+150) in its place.

Akito’s Servo Motor is also switched with its upgrade: Hyper Sensor (Mobility+10).

I think equipped parts affect the brothers individually but the effects apply to both once they combine. As such, Fuuryuu takes Akito’s Servo Motor (Mobility+5) and Rairyuu takes Gai’s Cobham Armor (HP+500, Armor+100).

Finally, Trowa takes the Hover Module simply so we stop wasting a good part.

That’s all the managing we’ll be doing but we’re coming up to something we haven’t seen in a while. Take a look:

Akito has some provisionally good news about where Chouryuujin could be; as he got thrown around by the ES Window, he caught a glimpse of where they were headed: somewhere near Jupiter.
That would explain where the asteroids came from the first time, the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and makes our course of action pretty clear.

First to Mars, to gain more insight into the Jovians from the Martian ruins, and then to Jupiter itself.
There's just one snag: if Akito really pulled off a Boson Jump, Nergal will want to run a full battery of tests on both him and the Nadesico.
Erina brusquely informs Yurika that her ship and crew are assigned to the Nergal moon base for testing as of tomorrow.

Taiga agrees that the prospect of life forms Boson Jumping is an important one, so we'll have to divide our forces.
And since the Nadesico will be down for an overhaul during its stay on the base, the split will have to be close to 50/50.

Yup, it’s time for a route split. Here are how the series are going to be divided:

Investigate Mars:

Escort the Nadesico:

As the choice is made, Akito reminds Gai that Chouryujin was worried about this companions until the end; Gai tells Akito to leave it to him - he's sure they'll see Chouryujin once again.

Route splits once again bring us to voting time, to decide whether we’ll Investigate Mars or Escort the Nadesico first.

Be sure to bold out your votes; the poll will remain open until wednesday, when I’ll post the prologue to the chosen mission.

See you all then!