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Part 75: Mission 21 - An Assassin Dispatched - Part 3

We need some inspirational music for this time. If you know what happens in the V Gundam story, it may not work but…

Now, the game will not allow us to go after the Combined Primeval when it’s in “cutscene-power mode”; as such, we need to focus all of our attention of the Brain Primeval.

Not much but I guess it works.

Kazuma shows how it’s done, though.

Enemy Phase!

Oi, oi. When given the choice to pick Ryouko, you go after Gai?

It just occurred to me: what would be the effect of a meteor that large hitting the moon? Hmm…

Once Brain takes some damage, Ruri detects an approaching swarm of Radam.
Gort thinks this is actually good, seeing how the Zondar and Radam are at odds, they can at least distract the Combined Primeval; that idea falls short when Ruri detects that the Radam are making a beeline for us – Prospector figures they deem us a bigger threat than the Primevals.
Yurika orders Minato to evade their attack but it’s no use as the Radam are much faster than the Nadesico.

As one of the Radam closes in, Yurika screams out for Akito...

...Who shows up as if on cue.
He shoots down the Radam Mother and reminds Yurika to keep calm – she has her Distortion Field to handle these attacks.
Yurika is aghast that it really is Akito and Noal is damn surprised that he’s, indeed, still alive; Kouji is also impressed, proclaiming Akito to be the “Immortal Cook”!
Akito doesn’t really understand how it was that he managed to survive, though.

More importantly to Uribatake, his mech is set up with the latest in low-gravity gear: the "Moon Frame".
More important to Megumi, why did he wait one week before returning to us? Akito tells her that they can discuss details later but even he isn’t fully aware of what happened.
Regardless, Yurika says she always knew that her prince would come back – she promises to give him a hundred kisses and isn’t about to let some Zondar and Radam stop her!

Ines is privately glad that Akito succeeded, but figures that Nergal isn't going to let him be from now on.
Indeed, Erina already seems very interested.

Here’s a convenient thing: those Radam that showed up made for such a tasty target that the Combined Primeval decided to MAP them (I was even trying to set up my group to draw that out but this is even better).

A couple of Radam go after Mao.

I didn’t expect the Radam to show up now so she didn’t have Focus; thankfully, she dodged both attacks.

This kill gives her a level and teaches Multicombo L1.

It also gives Heero the last morale he needs to get serious.

Player Phase!

Mike is too far away to use the MAP Disk P, so I bring him over and raise Akito’s morale a bit.

This was actually great because it levels him up and boosts his Hero skill to level 3!

I was hoping to reach one of the Radam to the north but it was just out of range.

Still, it’s good.

More morale for Getter, I guess.

As most MAPs are ammo-based, they can be used with relative impunity.
Also, I had totally seen Mao there and knew she was going to dodge!

Brainiac needs to get dropped now. Let’s send Kouji over with some assistance from Kazuma.


That’s also good, for a support.

Seeing how no further help is needed on Brain, Kazuma might as well fly over to the Radam and chain all of them together.

This, finally, gives me the chance to show off Gai’s MAP and how obscenely powerful it is.

That Mother that lived with a sliver of health gets dropped quickly by Mao.

Duo is very behind on levels, so let’s give him a lil’ help before sending him after Brain.

Good man.

: Not good! That Primeval is opening another ES Window!
: Even in the end, this bastard doesn’t know when to give up!!
: Hang on, sister! I’ll take care of him!
: Aria…!
: I won’t allow it…I'll never allow it! You’re all precious to me and I won’t lose you to a meaningless enemy!!
*Aria gets shot*
: Aria!
: Hold on, Aria! I’m also coming!!
: Go away! I don’t want your help!
: What are you saying, you?! Look at your situation!
: Don’t call me that! I told you my name is Aria!
*Beep, beep, beep…Boop!
: !
: What is it, Carret?
: Combat Formation…Pattern 101.
: Eh…what?! Valstork is moving on its own!
: Brother! Some strange data is coming to the Valhawk!
: T-the hell is this weapon? I didn’t know we had it!!
: This isn’t the time to hesitate, Kazuma! Just go with it!
: DAMN IT! I don’t even know what this does!!

: I’ve the Primeval Core. Arma, you can purify it later.
: Understood, J.
: Whoa…that was amazing!
: What…what was that? I…wasn’t aware of that…
: Valhawk and Valstork…
: …What amazing power.
: Bless should be sorry for keeping such a card up his sleeve!
: Oi, Kazuma! Why didn’t you use that awesome weapon earlier?!
: Gimme a break! I didn’t even know it was there before!

Either way, Zechs thinks that we should try attacking the Combined Primeval again with that weapon but J says it still won’t work; Gai thinks he’s being pessimistic, seeing how the cannon easily destroyed the other Primeval but Ines agrees with J on theoretical grounds.
Any superficial attack, no matter how powerful, will simply be healed; the only way to stop it, is to separate the regenerative organ, Liver, from the rest of the body.
Ruri reports that Omoikane and Tomoro have finished their calculations and have pinpointed a 10cm area where Liver would be located – if we can bypass the enemy’s barrier and strike there, it should destroy it.

With that in mind, Gai prepares to use his Gatling Driver to open a path and asks that we fire everything into the hole that’ll open.
However, with the energy available, the gravitational lens will only open the hole for a small while and hitting a 10cm target with everything we got is a damn difficult task.
Still, it’s our only option right now.

Everyone gets in position but the Combined Primeval figures it’ll be impossible for us to defeat Liver.
Gai answers back pointing out that we’re Wärter – there is nothing impossible to us!

Our weapons are fired but it wasn’t enough.
The attacks were contracted as they passed through the gravitational lens and stopped on Liver’s barrier – if that wasn’t enough, then there’s no way for us to break through it…

: Not yet! Try it once again!

: D-boy!
: Gai! Use your gravity lens together with my beam weapons!
: You’ve just showed up and we don’t even understand what you’re saying!
: I’ll explain later! Hurry!!
: Alright, D-Boy…! I’ll take your bet!
: All units, prepare to attack! Once again, at the same time!
: Well, let’s go again! Aaaaaand….FIRE!
: Gravity Lens – GO!
: Goddard! Lend me your strength!

: EEEAAAAAAARGH! My regeneration powers aren’t working! T-this is…!
: Using Axe’s crystal, I was able to re-unite our attacks – it’s far beyond what you can defend against!

This increases power output a good 300%, more than enough break the Combined Primeval’s regenerating parts.
This breaks the crystal, but D-Boy promises to always carry Goddard in his heart for as long as he lives.
Now without his regenerating powers, our people get ready to throw everything we have at the Primevals.

Meanwhile, Aria figures her role is over for now, but promises Mihiro she'll come to see her again.
No time to worry about her, though, as the Combined Primeval is now pissed and says that, even without his regeneration, he still has enough power to defeat us and promises to teach us about our powerlessness.
Gai takes him up on his offer, saying that the true fight begins here!

Things are so much better now, hm? We don’t have a whole lot of people to move now so let’s just use the last bit of time we have before going after the the Primeval to clear off the remaining Radam.

Thank you, Sousuke.

There’s still Blade and his tek-lancer isn’t beefy enough to do nearly 6k damage.

It’d be a waste to use J to take out such a weakened enemy so…

The damage went away right as the picture ran but that’s kind of a moot point here, no?

Enemy Phase!

Oh? He’s actually using his MAP on us…I think that’s a first for me.

The Mother has recovered a bit and made the mistake of going after J (who still has the option to call a support defend from Kouji).

Not that he needs it, though. J can open his own ES window as ANOTHER type of Mirror-Image effect.
A Radam Monster also attacks and has the same end.

Player Phase!

Time to work on the Combined Primeval.
Normally, I would’ve used Disc X here but Mike has decided to screw me over and stay 1 point away from being able to use the damn thing.

Still, it serves to halve his mobility (and his aim with it) and take away the Zondar Barrier.

With the debuffs set, let’s bring in the big guns – hit the music!

: Combining is our thing! You won't beat us at our own game!
: Silence! We are the Magnificent Seven Primevals! With our powers together, we are invincible!
: Sorry, but more doesn't always mean better! Watch and learn!

: It's over. Now that you've lost your regenerative powers, you can't win.
: You think you know a great deal for a human...
: ...Fine. If you can't process what I say, I'll tell you with actions.

: Your assault on the Orbit Base was magnificently executed.
: But your overconfidence is a factor in your ultimate defeat.
: A human dares to criticize me?
: You're still overconfident, even now. You're done for.

: This ends now, Primevals! In the name of the red planet!
: Your vengeance will fail, Soldato J! That was always your doom!

J’s deliverance of karmic justice earns him a level and Multicombo L1.

: Come on, cyclops! Get a good look at our rage with that giant eye!
: Gh... I cannot predict their attacks even with Eye's ability! Is this the power of the organics?

: A Tekkaman who escaped from the Radam's control! Join me and I will grant you the power to destroy them!
: I'm not listening, evil one! You're the enemy of all life! You'll never get my soul!
: Not you, nor the Radam! You deny our very hearts!

: It's you and me now, Magnificent Seven Primevals! This is for Chouryujin! You're going down!
: Wielder of the green planet's legacy! With your defeat, we will erase G-Power from the universe forever!

: Akito, they're all combined! We should combine too!
: Are you serious? Can the Nadesico even do that?
: Not that, our hearts! We have to join ourselves as one!
: These insufferable humans...

: Okay, Space Cyclops! Your big fat eye is about to cry me a river!
: Gh... that one is among these creatures... now our directive is...

The Combined Primeval is worth 4 (!) levels, a Hybrid Armor, a Mars Donburi, a Max SP+10, and a Gunfight +1.

Bless learns Valor and Commander L2, Akane learns Invincible and Horis learns Assail (once cast, unit is able to use pre-movement attacks after moving).

Also, Golion wasn’t invited to this party but they do have things to say:

-Golion Vs. Combined Primeval-
: All you've done is pool your abilities!
: But with Golion, we truly combine our power!
: The five think that we’d see them on this world!
: What... He knows about Golion?!

The Primeval yells out that it’s impossible and that he cannot die – he explodes soon after.
Blade thanks Goddard, saying it’s due to him that we were able to win today – he then bids farewell to his old master.

All Zondar and Radam troops are destroyed and all that remains is for Arma to purify all eight Primeval cores that are around.
He quickly deals with six of them, only Arm and Stomach remaining.

However, Stomach quickly transforms himself into Kaidou’s mother and, when he hesitates, both Primevals flee towards a nearby base.
Our people don’t understand what happened and Mamoru tells us about Kaidou’s adoptive mother; Gai gets very angry as he realizes that the Primeval seems to have absorbed her but J quickly calls Kaidou over so they can pursue.

Inside the base, J finds Stomach and corners him; however, Stomach isn’t concerned and points to Arma; Stomach can feel his hesitation, saying that he can’t bring himself to kill him and his mother.
Kaidou knows that, if the Primeval fused with his mother, her consciousness would be gone, but he still hesitates.
Gai and Mamoru catch up, Stomach quickly recognizes Mamoru as Cain’s destructive machine; they remember EI-01 saying the same thing but Kaidou says that Mamoru isn’t a machine: he is Cain's child, born on the Green Planet.
Kaidou also mentions that he is also a destructive machine but created by Abel, from the Red Planet.

Stomach sees the legacies of both Green and Red Planets from the Trinary Solar System, G and J, and wonders how they’ve both still fighting long after mechanization has taken their planets.
It was only Latio (that's Mamoru)'s special powers that kept him from being Mechanized along with everything else on his world: the power of the anti-Mechanizing circuit, the G-Stone.
The J-Jewel was created by Abel as a copy of the G-Stone, along with a living weapon with a stronger version of Latio's psychokinesis: Arma.

Abel also created the Soldato series and their J-Ark mothership, but all their combined might couldn't stop the Zondar.
Arma and Latio, the custodians of that which was built on the Green and Red Planets, managed to escape - but both are crippled in their own ways.
Mamoru is currently in panic, crashing the newly discovered truth against the past years of his life, as the “human” son of Isamu and Ai Amani.
Stomach continues, saying that Latio not only lost his memories but also had much of his full powers sealed, while Arma’s weakness is his attachment to the people of Earth.
J tells Arma to stay back and he’ll fight the Primeval but it’s no good – even if J wins, unless Arma purifies Stomach’s crystal, he’ll just regenerate.

Kaidou soon gets pissed off and moves to attack Stomach; Mamoru tries to stop him, saying that he’ll kill his mother.
Kaidou argues that he was never an earthling in the first place, ergo this woman is not his real mother; regardless of that, Mamoru says that it’d still be too sad for him to do this – even if they’re not blood related, that doesn’t chance the years and memories they’ve shared!

Right then, Taiga appears and quickly gives a present to Mamoru: a G-Stone Pendant!
As soon as Mamoru wears it, a great light comes forth and Mamoru feels a surge of power within him – this pendant helps him unlock his full powers and enables him to finally sense the Primevals!
With that, both him and Kaidou unite their powers to purify Stomach – if they do that, they can even save his mother.

As the Zondar Metal dissipates, a confused woman lies on the floor.
She asks for Kaidou and he quickly tells her that he’s here and everything is alright – relieved, she passes out.
While that happens, J is surveying the scene and notices that Arm is still missing; Gai asks if he’s leaving already and J says that his mission is the capture of all the Primevals.
He cooperated with us today but he won’t do any more than that; regardless, Gai knows their goal is the same and hopes they’ll fight together again.
As for Kaidou’s mother, Taiga promises to see her safely back to Earth as he’ll be going with J – after all, his mission isn’t over yet.
Mamoru understands and also hopes to see them again, his friend from Earth; as he leaves Kaidou quickly thanks Mamoru, for helping him save his mother.

As for the pendant, it came came from Mamoru's adopted parents; as Taiga found out, all the Stomach said was true about his past.
That said, there's no reason why Mamoru can't continue to think of his parents as parents from here on out and the kid agrees.

Akito struggles to explain what happened to him; basically, when he came to after going through the ES Window, he was on the lunar surface... ten days ago!
All this is according to a passing garbage man who rescued him, who said he's been asleep for that long – once he found out that our people were fighting nearby, he went to Nergal’s HQ and picked up an Aestivalis to come help us.
This would have to mean that Akito actually traveled backwards in time, and Ines sadly says she isn't authorized by Erina to explain here how that might be possible .
She is willing to give you a hint though, since it seems her own private theory has been proven.

She congratulates Akito for being the first Earthling to survive a Boson Jump unassisted, and says that the rest will have to wait until everyone goes to Nergal HQ on the moon.