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Part 12: Mission 4 – Shattering Hope

Mission 4 – Shattering Hope

A strange object just spawned in the middle of the sector Aki realizes that something's going on inside.
Noal figures there's no need to worry with a Tekkaman on the job, though.
Still, he figures there’d be no hardm in checking that thing out, but before they can approach…

A swarm of Radam appears; whatever the object is, the Radam seem to care about it a lot, and they try to call the recon team back outside...
Kazuma tells them that they can’t as it seems that Dagger did something that is preventing D-Boy from Teksetting.
Some kind of noise cuts off further communication with Kazuma.

Noal sends an urgent call to the Valstork.
For now, they can only hold on and hope that D-Boy lasts until backup arrives.

Hm, the Blue Earth going up against some Suped-up Radam Bugs. In hindsight, maybe I should’ve upgraded it a little.

Oh well, let’s see what we can do:

Eeeehh…they have rather good aim. It’s probably best to use focus because we WILL be swarmed next turn.

Now that we’ve attacked him, let’s see what he has going for himself:

Nothing major on stats (4100 HP, 100 EN, 950 Armor, 80 Mobility, 5 Movement). That extra bit of HP over the last bugs mean they’re gonna regen more per turn. Still, they are weak enough that our guys will be able to kill them in two hits (probably one hit if we get a crit).

These guys DO have the potential to be an annoyance, though, and this comes in the form of their 2nd attack (their strongest one). It has 2400 attack and a 1-3 range which isn’t bad BUT it’s our first encounter with a “status-inflicting” attack and we’ll be seeing a lot of those throughout the game.
This is a particularly nasty sort due to the fact that, upon hit, he’ll reduce your Movement by 1 until the end of the round (thankfully, it doesn’t stack).
Pair that effect along with the +40% accuracy modifier and you’ll want to be careful – 1 move lost isn’t HUGE but it can annoy you.

With that done, let’s end our turn and see what happens.

Enemy Phase!

I knew it…they start homing in on the Blue Earth to try and tag it with that Status Attack. Hopefully, the RNG gods are on my side today.
The 2nd one comes by and it ends the same way for him – seems we’re a bit lucky today.

The third one also attacks and gets crit’d in return.
Most other Radam decide to stand still but the ones farthest away close in a bit.

Player Phase!

Noin and Youko will pop out, asking for assistance.
They identify themselves as part of the Federation’s recon team and relate the events involving Dagger and our companions inside; as Noal feared, the enemy Tekkaman is trying to take down D-Boy.

Back inside, Dagger is gloating over how much pain the Interference Specter generator he installed is causing D-Boy.
In fact, D-Boy feels like he's being burned alive: the device causes the energy used to Tekset to instead flow backwards and harm his body.
Dagger, however, has only begun his revenge.

Bernard quickly grabs D-boy and yells for Kazuma to flee while he still can.

Noal relates how they’ve called for backup and tell Youko and Noin to hold on just a little longer.
The girls seem almost happy to see some action again, and Youko doesn't plan on going down until she puts some kind of ammo right into the enemy Tekkaman's face.

Ok, we now have Noin (In a goddamn Taurus, of all things) and Youko (In a Birdman – yes, that’s the unit’s name) to help out…the situation isn’t all that much better but beggars can’t be choosers.

The Taurus and Bird-man are units like the Valhawk in which they have an Airplane mode and a Mobile Suit mode. Below are the stats for both forms:

I’m gonna keep both in airplane mode and never changing. Why? First off, because I like the extra movement to keep them close to each other for supports; Second, Youko’s attack strength doesn’t vary inbetween her forms so there’s no need to use her in mobile suit mode; Finally, Noin’s Taurus is VERY bad at dodging and needs every bit of help that it can get.

How bad? Lemme put it in context – here’s Youko being targeted by the Bugs melee attack (without focus):

Now, here’s Noin:

Yeah, that Taurus is terrible. The only good thing it does by being here is making the Blue Earth look better.
You don’t want her going up close, you want her to make use of the Taurus’ long range and snipe from out of the enemy’s range.

Secret Alert!
Like Mu, Youko also affects a secret for later game.
You’ll have 3 missions in total (not back-to-back, mind) to get her up to 10 kills which should be no problem at all.

Youko is quite competent and has a Command Aura, so I’m gonna cast focus and bring her close to the Blue Earth to work on the bugs.

Let’s feed Youko her first kill. Click the image below to see it.

No problem at all.

I’ll bring Noin up close a bit so she can finish another one, too (with focus, obviously).
Since this is as much screen-time as I’m willing to give her, click the image below to see her attack.


Noal takes on the third bug that was in melee range.

Enemy Phase!

Bugs close in once more and start swinging with that status attack again. I just realized that I’ve never shown that attack off, so let’s see it:

Japan, do you need to put tentacles on everything? Noal takes a potshot at him to answer for his sexual harassment.

Nevertheless, his friend comes even closer and tries again. He also misses and gets shot back for his pains.

This one goes after Youko; I leave Noal on support defend just to be a dick to the Radam but it’s not necessary.

Repeat ad nauseum. The other bugs either close in on us or go after Noal and miss/get shot.

Player Phase!

I’ll open up with Noin and let her finish off one of the bugs Noal weakened.
The plot decides that it’s insanity to have Noin be useful so it stops it right there.

As the battle rages, Aki still tries to get in touch with D-boy.
Noal can only wonder what is going on inside – if D-boy can’t tekset, he’s as good as dead.

Inside, the two men and boy have avoided Dagger’s game of cat-and-mouse for a bit.
D-Boy urges the others to escape on their own, since it's him that Dagger wants.
Kazuma says that D-Boy is their comrade and they wouldn’t abandon him; D-boy figures he doesn't need any such thing, but Bernard won't let that slide.

He plans to punish all those who made mincemeat out of his fellow Ring guards.
This is a place he'd risk his life to fight for, and is sure D-Boy must have one too.
As for that Interference Specter, Bernard says that Dagger's overconfidence has led to two mistakes.

First: that he actually revealed to you how the trickery preventing D-Boy from transforming works.
Second, that he's taking too much delight in tormenting the two long-faced boys here.
He then outlines a plan that will only work if all three of them pull together.
D-Boy gets to be decoy and draw Dagger's attention, while Kazuma, with the air remaining in his spacesuit, gets to search for the Interference gadget and a place he can transmit to the outside from, so that the folks fighting outside can go and destroy the device.

Bernard's role, as Dagger shows up, is to risk his life letting the boys get moving.
D-Boy decides to trust Bernard to be successful but Blade simply calls him an idiot: he is simply sacrificing the life of his friend to waste Daggers time for a few moments.
Kazuma wants to stay and fight and yells out that he is also man enough to do this!
Dagger wonders what the hell is this loud kid’s problem but Bernard yells at them both to get moving – they need to concentrate on doing their part of the plan.
As they start running, a pissed off Dagger starts attacking Bernard, who tries to keep him at bay with his machine gun.

Outside, Aki points out someone down on the Ring structure.

Kazuma does his part, pointing out that the mysterious object is what’s preventing D-boy from Teksetting and asking the Blue Earth to destroy it.

Noal goes over and starts blasting it, but it's not easily destroyed.
Kazuma yells out for him to try again, lest D-Boy and the old man get killed but Noal yells at him to stop talking and pay attention – something is headed his way!

A new Radam pops out, and Kazuma figures he's dead for sure this time.

Orgun then materializes, pulls Kazuma out of harm's way and kills the Radam.

With Kazuma in hand, he then proceeds to wipe out the Specter generator.
Dagger is fuming at the Eviluder interfering again and D-Boy is quickly able to transform.

As he does so, there's the sound of something breaking and D-Boy seems in pain.
Dagger is more interested in demanding to know why an Eviluder is helping the humans.
Orgun departs without making reply.

Youko informs Dagger that she's about to make him pay double for the deaths of her comrades.
Dagger is not impressed and summons even more reinforcements to try to show our people hell.

However, a voice yells that we also have a few reserves to draw onto.

We can only deploy Duo and Quatre here so let’s set them as close to the new batch of Radam as possible. Youko can handle the weakened Radam upstairs on her own and I’ll leave Bless there to give her some extra support.

Mihiro comes to pick up her brother as soon as you do and Kazuma is itching for some payback.

Dagger figures that a few more humans won't make defeat any easier to avoid, proving to Bless that he doesn't know us very well.
Blade concurs, adding credence to the statement with the fact that, for starters, Dagger used to BE human.
Dagger yells out for Blade to come fight him – him Teksetting only means that Dagger’s victory will be sweeter.

Let’s finish our moves with the top group first. I’ll have Youko finish one of the Radam that got weakened during their phase.

Bless makes short work of his first Radam.

Now, on to the lower part of the area. Lots of buggers down here.

We’re gonna get swarmed as soon as we get closer and Dagger has good accuracy, too. Anyone that gets over here is gonna come in with Focus.

Now, a quick heads-up: in most SRW stages like this, the mission ends as soon as the enemy leader is killed. As such, I’m gonna leave Dagger for last so I can maximize experience/profits.

Blade goes right into the fray and starts slicing the Radam but his first victim survives with fucking 5 HP…

Kazuma doesn’t do any better.

Duo, Quatre and Noal are all out of range but I get them as close as possible so they can jump into the fight on our next turn.

Enemy Phase!

God damn it. They can smell her weakness.

I try dodging in hopes that they’ll go after Youko but it doesn’t happen – as such, Noin kills the second attacker.

One of the full health ones comes over. I might as well trust her to weaken him a bit for-

God damn it, Noin!
She hits him back decently but come on. Even Quatre can dodge reliably and Noin is in an airplane mobile suit!

Let’s go over to our reliable people so they can show us how it’s done.

This’ll be a good moment for me to show off Blade’s Crash Intrude. Click the image below to see it.

It’s decent in range and, despite its low power, you’ll probably use it often against medium-range mooks as Voltekkas are expensive.

Here’s your chance to redeem yourself…

Good. I swear, if she gets hit again, I’m sending her into the Valstork for a time-out.

The last Radam comes after Noin and, thankfully, she doesn’t get hit.

These Radam below are all acting weird. Their best attack is the melee one but, unlike the ones upstairs, they are constantly hanging back and shooting snot at Blade.
It doesn’t work for anything other than stalling for time since I have to rely on Crash Intrude.

This one decides to go after Noal.
The Blue Earth is inspired today because it’s no longer the worst unit in our group (thank you, Noin!).

This ain’t clever, son.

Not at all.

This is more like it. Now he can Tek-Lancer with predictable results.
The other three bugs next to him try this as well. They all get crit’d and die in oneshot.

All other bugs decide to close in, as well.
However, I’m gonna let them be so I can give them to Kazuma and the others.

Dagger gets his turn and, obviously, goes straight for Blade. He even starts using his best attack, Cosmo Bowgun. Click the image below to see it.

: Blade, the traitor! Obey the will of the Radam!
: That's enough, Dagger! I'll release you from that will that controls you!
: By destroying you!!

Now that’s a rather disappointing strongest attack – you’re not even cool enough to have a Voltekka?

Player Phase!

First off, Shihomi gets a Trust going to heal up Noin.

Youko takes on another Radam.
Doesn’t kill it one hit but that’s why Noin was there with an Support Attack.

Also, since they’re gonna come after her anyway, I let Noin take one out.

Below, Quatre kills the one that the Blue Earth weakened.

Normally, these Radam would pay for staying this clustered near Blade by being on the receiving end of a MAP Voltekka.
However, I’m trying to spread out my kills so everyone gets the experience, so it’ll just be a Tek-lancer.

Duo isn’t about to be upstaged and oneshots the other Radam with an even bigger crit.
So does Kazuma.

They grow to level 10 and Kazuma’s Prevail gets boosted to level 3.

Enemy Phase!

One of the remaining bugs decides to commit seppuku.

There are only a couple of bugs left upstairs. So, let’s take this chance to show off Youko’s strongest attack. Click the image below to see it.

Didn’t all her teammates get killed by Dagger?

She also kills the remaining bug when he comes after her.

The other bug near Dagger also goes after Duo but I dodge to leave this kill to Quatre.

Dagger once more tries his luck with Blade and eats a Teklancer.

Player Phase!

And there goes the last bug.

Now, it only makes sense to have Blade finish off Dagger so I have Mihiro cast Gain on him.

Before that, though, let’s soften that guy up a wee bit more:

: You're gonna regret that, pal! I don't let go of grudges easy!
: You're that boy... interesting. Come at me with your best!
: I'm pretty mad right now! I'm not gonna pull punches just 'cause you're tiny!

Joke’s on you because I had cast Invincible (it WAS a 40% chance to hit)!

Bless will also join in on the attack.

: So this is the Tekkaman in charge of the Radam? He is fast, but...
: Ha! You can't possibly keep up with me!
: But you're so full of yourself I can read you like a book!
: Akane, he's coming for the bridge!
: Roger! I'll shoot him down!

Not quite enough damage.

There we go.

Let’s end this fight with style. Time to show off Blade’s Voltekka. Click the image below to see it.

Dagger is the first boss with drops: aside from the crappy Propellant Tank, he gives us a Booster and our first Skill Parts.
The first one is BP+1 and the other is Infight+1. I’ll go over these soon enough.

By the by, if you drag Youko aaaaaall the way down there, you can get some dialogue:

: So one of those bugs I squashed lived to fight again...
: I'll show you what those bugs... what we, Birdman pilots, can do!
: I will shatter your mask to pieces!

Dagger realizes that he cannot win and tries to escape – Blade moves to stop but Dagger wonders if he’s in any shape to pursue.
Taunting him that failing to kill him here will be his undoing, Dagger promises that the next time, the traitorous Blade will be powerless to prevent him from spilling his guts all over.

Dagger tells him to wait for the reunion amid the depths of despair and vanishes.
With the loss of their commander, the Radam troops in the block are also retreating – at least this particular crisis has been averted.
Bless figures Noin as a member of the previous investigation team and says we were sent to rescue her and anyone else in the area and Youko thanks the Trailers for their assistance.
Kazuma quickly remembers Bernard and runs back inside to check on him.

Both Kazuma and D-Boy are searching for him, yelling that he better not be dead.
Mihiro asks who Bernard is and Kazuma explains that he’s one of the survivors of the Orbital Ring guards and that he protected them both.

The search comes to a halt, though, when Bless shows up and lands two punches on Kazuma.
He tells the tearful Mihiro that Kazuma has done something no spaceman should ever do: his selfish actions endangered another human life.
The fact that Kazuma survived is mere coincidence, and even though D-Boy was saved due to his actions, it still does not justify his actions – in space, selfishness can rob the lives of all.

As such, it is Bless's duty to pound into Kazuma the fear of space, the weakness of the individual, and the importance of human life.
However, the lecture is interrupted by someone singing that old Irish standard "Danny Boy".
Bernard has once again survived, to risk and lose his life on some other battlefield.

He wants alcohol, not to cleanse his wounds but to drink - and asks for bourbon.
Bless has just the small-batch offering to do the trick, and Bernard immediately recognizes Kazuma's father for the similar look in his eyes.
He likes how spaceman-esque Bless is, with his notions of space and life, and has a lesson on that topic of his own to impart to D-Boy.

He leads them to a viewport overlooking the beautiful Earth and Orbital Ring, an oasis of sorts to soothe the hearts of the men he once commanded.
The Earth is their birthplace, their final resting place, and the homeland of their souls.
Opening the bourbon, he raises a glass of his soul's homeland's finest to the departed Oscar, wishing him a blissful rest in Heaven.
To James, he vows that he'll tell his fiancee that her man was truly a man to the end.
As Bernard continues eulogizing his fallen comrades, Youko explains that Bernard is the Orbital Ring's last survivor – everyone else, including his subordinates, has been killed by the Radam attack.

He explains to the youngsters that everyone has a place they'd die to defend - and that there's no point dying before even reaching that place.
Everyone has to want to live on, to come back alive from whatever mission they're on.
In his case, Noin and Youko promise to guard his return to earth: a flower for each hand on his return from Hell, as it were.
As for our group, all we have to do is get everyone back to G Island City.

However, D-Boy quickly notices a problem: his system box is burning hot, and before everyone's eyes, it breaks in two.
Aki wonders if D-Boy will be unable to transform ever again.

D-boy starts to realize that this was what Dagger was talking about when he mentioned how powerless Blade would be the next time they met.
Realizing that he can no longer transform, D-boy cries out in despair.

After they haul D-Boy away to be checked at the infirmary, Freeman hears the report of this new development, and tells Noal and Aki to give more details once everyone gets to the GGG Isle.
Bless will set out as soon as he's done collating the data from the Radam in the ring, but Youko wants to get back to the Army – they’ll drop her off on the way.
Kazuma meanwhile is getting all psyched at the prospect of finally seeing the Earth.

Duo and Shihomi notice his excitement, despite the big lecture he got from Bless; is it too much to ask for any remorse over his little solo act, Akane asks.
Kazuma fires back at Akane that it's too much to expect her to have any chest.
Horis' assures her that he doesn’t mind her slender physique, saying that it’s the heart that counts – Akane doesn’t feel any better, earning Horis another “Stupid Horis”, saying that her chest size is not the point here!

Noin asks if the family always acts like this and Quatre and Duo confirm.
They've been living with this for the past two weeks and aren't exactly thrilled with the prospect of splitting up again and returning to the battlefield.
The Valstork Family says that they are still staying on the ship for at least a day or so and, as such, there’s still plenty of chores for them to do – Shihomi has plenty of rooms for Duo to help clean and Akane, having learned that Quatre plays the violin, would like some lessons.
Mihiro also likes the idea, wishing to hear him play a Lacus Klein song and Horis will also take their help running system checks.