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Part 65: Post-Mission 18 Intermission (Includes Unit Analysis #8 - "More Dakka!" edition) and Mission 19 - Prologue

Ho-hum…we did get our asses kicked something fierce last mission; nevertheless, it’s time to pull ourselves up and get back to work. First off, though, it’s time for our intermission!

As usual, here are the top aces:

Look at what ya’ll did! Whenever a vote is called, no one gives Blade any love and now Big Daddy has passed him.

BP Upgrades:

Trowa joins us with a whopping 20 BP to spend. I give him the standard build: 10 points in Shooting, 7 points in Evasion, 3 points in Accuracy.

Izumi gets 3 points into Melee, 1 into Shooting.

Sousuke goes with 1 in Melee, 2 in Shooting.

Finally, Mike gets 2 points in Shooting, 1 in Evasion.

Skill Parts:

As usual, Kazuma gets the BP+1. He’s also the current receiver of Gunfight parts so he gets that as well (I might start giving them to Sousuke after Kazuma gets to L3).

Unit Upgrades:

I don’t know if Trowa is gonna get called into the field due to votes; as such, I keep him in decent shape with 2 upgrades to HP and 2 to Armor (Heavyarms is better suited to receive punishment – for a real robot).
Mind you, I’ve sold the Repair Kit and Super Repair Kit for an extra 15k.

Kaiser gets 1 point into HP and Armor. He also gets a boost to his Weapons.

Mike gets an extra point in Mobility.

Enryuu/Hyoryuu get more EN and Armor.

Finally, Golion gets a lil bit more EN.

Unit Parts:

The Nadesico gets the Sniper Scope(スナイパースコープ) to increase its accuracy by the hell do you set a Scope onto a battleship? Do you just superglue it on top?

Mike gets out newest Servo Motor for +5 Mobility.

Kaiser won’t need that Flight Unit anymore – it’s switched with a Beam Coat S (対ビームコーティングS) which will reduce all Beam damage he receives by 1000.

Sousuke is the new receiver of the Flight Unit, replacing his old A-Adaptor.

Finally, Golion receives the A-Adaptor.

Before we end, let’s take a look at our newest addition to the team – Trowa Barton and his Gundam Heavyarms Custom, in our first Unit Analysis in a long time:

Trowa doesn’t get as much love as he deserves in these single-unit games – he’s sort of a ranged-version of Duo. With a base 5700 HP and 1300 Armor, he’s the bulkiest of the Gundam Wing Units (paired with the fact that Trowa is the most defensive pilot); his mobility isn’t the best but Heavyarms should never be in the front lines.

His stats are also pretty good all being on part with Heero’s (he even has more Shooting than him), so he’s capable of holding his own.

Trowa is best suited when shooting from the back, like Kurz and Heero and he has the arsenal to do it. Vulcans, Homing Missiles, Gatling Guns…Heavyarms is jampacked with every single kind of ammunition; his attacks all have good range (aside from the Vulcans but, really…) and, while most aren’t post movement, he has his 2nd strongest attack, Double Gatling Gun, to cover that.

On past games, the problem with Trowa’s Ammunition-based attacks was that he ran out of shots quickly and then he was fucked. Not in W, though: all his attacks have a HUGE amount of uses (his Homing Missiles have 12 shots, his MAP has 4, his Gatling Guns have 16 and his Full Open Attack has 8 shots!) and you really need to work at it to get them all empty before the mission ends.

Trowa comes equipped with everything he needs for Pilot Skills and Spirits.
Here are his Skills first:

And here are his Spirits:

Conclusion: Trowa falls into that unfortunate group that has Duo in it – he’ll be a good unit now, that’ll get overshadowed by amazing ones later. In Squad-Based games, like Alpha 3, he was one of the best squad-members around; in here, he’s built as a sniper/ranged supporter and you’ll want to play him as that.

If you send him into the front-lines, not only will he plow through his ammo supply, if you don’t have Iron Wall cast, he’ll eat every single attack and probably die (he’ll never learn Focus so don’t expect him to dodge a lot unless you dump some nice cash into his Mobility). However, if you keep him behind, making good use of that Hit & Away and Support Skills, you’ll find that – like Kurz – he can be quite a reliable unit.
Like Duo, if you really want to, you can turn him into a top unit and use him all the way to the end-game but there ARE stronger options out there.

With my requisite wall-o'-text out of the way, let's move on with the show!

Kazuma’s journal entry begins with quite a dark cloud looming over Wärter.
Not only did our home base get demolished, and not only did Gai get his ass handed to him, but Taiga, Freeman, Raibul and the rest of the GGG commanders are missing in action too.
Even worse, Relena is in the terrorists' hands, and the Federation state department plunged into bedlam.
With nothing better to do, our people are spending time helping rebuild the Bay Tower Base.

Tessa and the Danaan have headed back to Mithril HQ for more supplies, leaving our formerly invincible team to wait and lament.
As the Trailer say: "Man is a ship, woman a harbor - therefore heed a woman's words", and Kazuma figures our team for a man whose wife has run out on him.

On Hell Island, both the Doctor and Honerva are well aware of our base’s destruction.
Adding the fact that Gaogaigar is gone, this is the perfect time to strike a decisive victory over those the rest of the team.
Dr. Hell plans on attacking G-Island once again and, this time, he’ll surely show Kouji just what Hell on earth feels like.
Once he and the rest of Wärter are gone, the way will be clear for world domination!.
Honerva offers to have her Galra pitch in fully on this next mission, with a certain item made ready for Sadak to command on the front lines.

Hell orders her to ensure by all means that the Wärter meet their end today.
As Honerva heads off to dispatch, she chuckles and wonders just whose final day today will be.

An associate of hers is watching from the shadows, eager to get a glimpse of our people in action.
After all, should Dr. Hell fall, we’ll be the only thing left that could thwart their plans.
And should Dr. Hell actually succeed today, this ardent supporter of the Galran Emperor will simply have to see that he falls by some other means...

In the Valstork’s cafeteria, Kazuma is grimly wondering how long until breakfast.
Ryouma and Duo don’t know seeing how we’ve started rationing our food but, really, they don’t even feel that hungry after all that’s happened; we’ve received some emergency supplies from the Photon Power Lab but those won’t last very long and a good bunch of our units haven’t received repairs since the last battle.
Bless and Yurika actually turned down offers of help from Admiral Misumaru, lest it become a pretext for the military brass to take over our squad (whatever Misumaru's private views on the matter might be).
Despite it all, we can’t fight on an empty stomach.

Mamoru enters the room, saying that Gai is going to be fine, though he has been silent even since waking up.
No wonder, given how he watched his father, girlfriend and friends get annihilated and that there's not a damn thing he can do about it with the Gao Machines wrecked.

As for who did the damage, Volfogg says they're something called "Primevals".
Their presence is foretold by a message hidden within Galeon, 31 elemental sources that journey from planet to planet - both beginning and end
Based on the nature of Galeon's message and their attack on Gai, it's possible to assume these 31 Primevals are somehow related to the Zondar.
Kazuma vows revenge the next time these jokers show up, same goes for Fahra with Raibul and Hys, and Milly with Freeman and Levin; however, Akane opines that Hyuuma and the others surely couldn't have died that easily and she won’t believe it.

Heero gets up, saying that he is planning to go in search of Relena.
Trowa cautions him that it can't be done alone, though, as she's in the clutches of the Barton Foundation, a Colony-based company.
Kazuma wonders why they would be interested in capturing Relena but Trowa doesn’t know: while he worked for them, he wasn't highly placed enough to learn of their strategy.
All that can be said for sure is that she's somewhere in space. It occurs to Duo to wonder if this is the same "Barton" as Trowa's surname.

Before he can answer, the alarm sounds and Shihomi announces that an army of Mechabeasts is approaching G-Island.
Mazinkaiser and Venus are among the only mechs fully repaired, and Kouji urgently wants to settle the score with Dr. Hell.

Things are gonna switch back to "awesome-mode" come next mission...Super Robot shows are always the best pick-me-up after the Real Robot villains slap you around.

See you all next time!