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Part 66: Mission 19 - Clash! Devil versus the King of Hell - Part 1

Mission 19 - Clash! Devil versus the King of Hell

This is a two-part mission; this first part is rather short, though, so I’ll just deploy our best available team (and Trowa, to try to show off his best attack) and get it done quickly – I’ll save the vote, if necessary, to the other, longer, half.

Kouji greets the mechabeast army, saying that he and his Kaiser will be their oponents; Sadak, who is leading the troops, is less than impressed at our bravado considering our battered state.
Kogane is surprised to see him in command Mihiro wonders what happened to Ashura; Kazuma figures that his repeated failures must have earned him a jail cell somewhere.
Kouji sees no difference as, regardless of who’s commanding, we’re not gonna lose (Sadak wonders if our boasts are empty or if we’re still holding on).

Well, Sadak came all the way here so let’s not disappoint. Blade opens up against one of them underwater Doublas.

Sadly, nearly all our attacks are weakened by the water here but that’s still decent.

Trowa is actually quite a good choice here because A) He can snipe nearly all mooks from a positive terrain and B) All his attacks have an A in water.

Volfogg is still Volfogg, though. He doesn’t give a fuck about terrains.

He just wrecks shit up.

Kouji can’t do well in water but that pier extends far enough that he can attack nicely.

Golion’s Melee attack has good ratings in water, too.

Good, good.

Enemy Phase!

Oh. Hell. No.

Thank you, Akane.
Another Fighter and a Death Hell Beastman attack but survive the counterattack.

The Draco comes after Golion which gives me a chance to show off something that I’ve neglected thus far.

Golion’s Fire Tornado is his debuff attack and a beauty to use against powerful, accurate bosses – it’ll reduce all their attacks’ damage by 50%.
It’s also rather weak so it’s always best to use it via Support.
Golion is also attack by four more mooks, killing two Fighters.

Amidst all that, Fahra levels up and learns Mercy (which will do squat since Kogane’s Skill stat is rather low).

This here Garada is graceful enough to gun for Kouji.

Thank you very much.

Kouji levels up and gets Prevail L5, too.

Sadak takes a potshot at Golion but that’s no problem.

Player Phase!

Volfogg doesn’t crit-kill that weakened Garushia but that’s why Hayato was nearby for.

Just to be on the safe side, Fahra casts Trust of Golion.

Meanwhile, Blade and Kazuma kill the Death Hell with the power of teamwork.

Blade finally learns Multicombo. Nice.

Water stages means we can say “hello” again to our old friend: Shin Getter 3.


The last mook is dealt with by Sousuke.

Next in line is the Draco Mechabeast; Kouji opens up with a Fire Blaster and, with its weapons weakened, the mechabeast can barely hit him.

Feel free to use all your SP here. Kazuma casts Fighting Spirit and moves in.

Oi! That was an 11% chance to hit…

Next in line, Golion (with Fighting Spirit, as well) moves over.

Very good.

Bless uses his own Fighting Spirit and blasts the Draco.

We won’t be able to kill it this turn but we can, at least, weaken it further with Trowa.

Not bad.

Enemy Phase!

The Draco wastes his attack on Kouji, who has Iron Wall cast.

Mazinpower activates as a result but this fight’s about to end.

Sadak decides to attack the Nadesico for piddly damage.

Player Phase!

Seeing how I never got around to showing it off last mission, let’s finish the Draco with Trowa’s Full Open Attack.

The Draco is worth a Large Generator, mind.

Sadak's quickly gets annoyed at how our group keeps resisting despite being near-death.
Fahra yells out that it'll take more than the loss of our base to kill us.

Sadak gets further angry and commands the Drago to make us suffer.
It guns for Sayaka but she says her Venus isn’t just for show and shoots it down.

She tells a worried Kouji that she’s fine but Sadak wonders if that’s true.
Very quickly, Venus A starts moving on its own and ignores Sayaka’s controls – it moves to attack Kouji!

The attack catches Kouji off guard and heavily damages Mazinkaiser.
Akito doesn’t understand what happened to Venus and Ines figures that there were nanomachines mingled with the explosion, which have infected her mech and given control to Sadak.
The Venus quickly runs off into Sadak’s ship, despite Sayaka’s frantic attempts to regain control.

Sadak tells Kouji that, if he wants her to stay alive, he’ll accompany him to Dr. Hell’s island .
Our people know that it’s a trap, and so does Kouji, but he cannot leave Sayaka as a prisoner.
As he enters the ship, Sadak gloats over having snatched both Kouji AND Mazinkaiser.

He quickly moves to flee the field, dispatching a bunch of mechabeasts to prevent us from following.
He says that we’re free to come to Hell Castle, that is, provided that we can find the way there!
As he leaves, Boss’ mooks are wondering how we’re gonna get off this mess and Kazuma is being very vocal over the possibility of also losing Kouji and Sayaka.

When Kouji reaches Dr. Hell's base, he finds it certainly lives up to the idea of being the stronghold on an evil scientists.
He orders the doctor to come down and to face him – or is he afraid?
Dr. Hell will not fall for his taunts, though, saying that he’s already planned a fate worse than death for his nemesis.
Kouji cuts him off, saying that if he has time to throw those cheap threats around, then he should return Sayaka.
“Very well, that was the deal”, Dr. Hell says.

He sends Sayaka in the Venus which immediately targets Mazinkaiser.
Of course, this betrayal doesn’t surprise Kouji at all.
Warning her that things are about to get rough, his plan is to stop Venus by force and rescue her; Dr. Hell calls for the “show” to begin and invites all guests to participate.

He's mass-produced those evil Mazingers and, while they lack Photon Power, their brute strength and numbers will make up for the difference.
However, he still has one more surprise for Kouji!

A newly made mechabeasts, created by combining Garada K7 and Doublas M2: the Garadoublas MK01.

: Now, Kouji Kabuto! Against this overwhelming army, there will be no victory for a single man!
: Kouji…
: …Kaiser may be the strongest demon but even I know this is pretty bad…
: But, Dr. Hell, if this is going to be Kouji Kabuto’s last fight, then I’m gonna go out with a bang!!
: Even if I have to drag out every last bit of life in me, I’m gonna make sure to get at least one hit on your face!!

: What strength…! He really is a demon!
: Stand down, Sadak. Let the Mecha Beast Army deal with him.
: Y-yes…

: Kouji Kabuto! Now, let us begin this banquet of despair!
: Let’s go, Dr. Hell! I’ll show you the full power of Kaiser and I!!

Despair, indeed. The main problem with Hell’s plan (aside from the fact that he left his arch-enemy keep his GIANT ROBOT, that is… ) is that he left Kouji near a positive terrain (+10% defense) and allowed him to build up to max morale while his troops are all at the normal 100 – this’ll add up to more damage for Kouji.

As before, don’t be afraid to spend your SP and EN freely.
Slap Iron Wall on Kouji at every turn and there’s no way he’ll die.

To advance the mission, we need to destroy the Venus.

: Just hold on, Sayaka! It's gonna be bumpy, but I promise I'll shut down Venus A!

That’s around the expected damage now.

Enemy Phase!

Venus A moves first and stays far enough from Kouji that he needs to rely on his Rocket Punches.
Nevertheless, with that morale gap, they’ll hurt.

Being surrounded by this many mooks might seem intimidating but this is the Mazinkaiser!
Case in point:

That’s how it should be.
Repeat this for all other Ashuramazingers plus all three Drago that get killed in one shot.

The Garadoublas is a lil smarter, though. He hangs back outside of Fire Blaster’s range.

: Garada K7! Doublas M2! You guys keep coming out for us to shoot you down!
: So I'll step up and send you back to Hell once and for all!

Range doesn’t make much difference in this case, though.

Player Phase!

We’re surrounded on all sides, so we can’t move.
As such, Kouji casts another Iron Wall and keeps pummeling the Venus (do note that it regens around 30% HP per turn).

Enemy Phase!

You could kill the Venus right now but don’t! It’s in your best interest to be in your phase before it goes down.
All weakened Ashuramazingers get taken out, though.

The Garadoublas decides to move up closer.

I’ve no Fire Blaster energy left but that’s still plenty good.

Player Phase!

Before moving in for the kill, Kouji should still have enough SP for one more Iron Wall. Use it.

Flawless victory.

: Venus A has stopped moving!
: Now, Sayaka! Get outta there!!
: I’m sorry, Venus A!
: How do ya like that, Dr. Hell! I’ve saved Sayaka!
: Ha…At least you can take that little girl as a souvenir to hell! Rise, Mecha Beast Army!!

: He still had so many troops to use?!
: AHAHAHAHAHA! This is Hell Castle – MY castle! There’s still much more to come!
: Tremble in fear! But this nightmare still isn’t over!
: Look, Kouji! Venus is…!
*Venus A transforms*
: Venus A turned into a snake monster…!
: WAAAAAAAH! My Venus A!!
: Damn it! This thing is sick, even by your standards!
: Your impudent talk ends here! Go, Ashuramazingers!

: T-they grabbed Kaiser!
: DAMN IT! This can’t be it!!

: Don’t give up, Kabuto!



: What?!
: Tetsuya…! Are you really Tetsuya?!
: Yes…I am, Kabuto. You were being too sloppy, so I came over to help.
: Son of a…! I see you’re as friendly as ever!
: Eeh! What can one Great Mazinger hope to do at this point?!
: Get him, Garadoublas MK. 01!
: Do not underestimate Great Mazinger’s true power!!

: WHAT?! He defeated the Garadoublas in one attack!
: The Great Mazinger that you fought before was a mere prototype.
: This is the perfected Great Mazinger…with it's true greatness and the power of my courage!
: Uuurgh…Damn you, Tetsuya Tsurugi!
: Dr. Hell! Great and I have already dealt with the Mecha Beast Army that you sent to G-Island!
: Then…!

Here we go, the real meat of this mission. All our group is fully repaired and ready to go, which means it’s voting time!

As usual, there are 15 slots but one goes to Kazuma. Which leaves 14 slots for you guys to choose amongst:

Be sure to bold out your votes. The poll will close on Thursday afternoon, when I’ll post the results, and I expect the following update to be ready by Friday/Saturday.

See you all then!