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Part 182: Mission 50 (Plant Route) - The Spiral of Hatred and Fate - Part 1

Mission 50 (Plant Route) - The Spiral of Hatred and Fate

Horis relates how we’ve arrived just ahead of the Federation Troops – Akane is greatly impressed by Regulate's superior orbital calculations that have allowed this.
Regardless, Kazuma says we still have to keep our wits about us, in case things go south.

The first Federation forces that enter the area are the poorly-equipped Eurasians.
Dearka is having a laugh at these guys thinking they can do something against us when they don’t even have Daggers but Quatre reminds him that our goal is diplomacy, not combat.
Murrue introduces herself and says that we are here on behalf of the United Nations to stop this combat – the Federation is currently involved in a peace negotiation with Plant and their mindless attack puts the lives of billions of innocents at risk.
The Federation Captain isn’t really planning on listening, claiming that Rose’s misguided attempt to make peace with “abominations” are detrimental to the order and prosperity of the world.

Fahra openly questions that inane rationale, wondering what reason could there possibly for insisting on killing your fellow man for simply being born.
How can they say that they are working towards “order and prosperity” by directly opposing peace?
Most of our people sadly tell her that this is how badly things are on Earth just now; still, no matter how these idiots justify their actions, our people will not turn a blind-eye to their atrocities.
The Eurasian Captain orders his troops to open fire, and Murrue reluctantly tells our people to keep the Feds from causing any more havoc.

Regulate has set the Valzacard’s targeting systems to avoid the enemy’s cockpits.
Aria asks why, since Valzacard could take them out in a single attack; Kazuma explains to her that, misguided as they are, they are still fellow humans and we won’t kill them while it’s still possible to avoid doing so.
Aria then remembers that “importance of life” bit and says that she understands, to which Kazuma is very glad.
Elijah notices that Canard isn’t around and Prayer has to wonder where he would be...he's sure he wouldn't have been freed of his lust for battle that easily; meanwhile, the Eurasian captain is mainly concerned with elevating the reputation of his country by defeating you.

His new go-to guy, Balsam, wants to show he's better than the fugitive Canard – he is, after all, the ACE OF ARTEMIS.
Prayer starts sensing Canard and knows that he’s close by...

Nothing here – we push our troops forward and wait it out.

Enemy Phase!

The Eurasians start closing in but only a couple of Stern Kugels get in range to attack Prayer.

That works for me.

Player Phase!

I never got around to showing off the dynamic finisher of Valzacard’s Dimension Breaker – might as well do it now!

Any physicists care to explain how that tear in space-time will eventually screw up the universe?

Either way, Hayato moves ahead and starts chaining folks.

That conga-line of Eurasians will be perfect for Kira’s maxed out Multicombo.

Two out of four…not bad at all.

Athrun kills another pair and leaves a Serpent barely hanging.

Might as well have Duo take care of this lone one.


Shoot down a few Eurasians and Kisato detects one unit approaching and Prayer knows that he’s arrived.

Indeed, it’s Canard and he promptly tells Balsam to stay out of his way.
Balsam takes offense at the traitor giving him attitude and decides to take him down for his crimes – Canard is hardly impressed, proclaiming that his Hyperion is vastly superior to Balsam’s now that it’s been equipped with a Neutron Jammer Canceler.
Canard says that if Balsam insists on being a nuisance, he'll kill him too en route to Kira and the Dreadnought's pilot.

Prayer tries to talk him down saying that he does not wish to fight.
Canard does, however, saying that winning today is the only way to prove that he deserves to exist – for this reason, he vowed to surpass everyone and become the strongest!
Prayer argues that one’s existence does not need to be proven with victory in combat but Canard isn’t here to talk: he has a purpose to this battle and if Prayer isn’t willing to fight back then he’ll simply be shot down!

Secret Alert!
There are a handful of secrets on this route and this is the first: starting off, bring Canard down below 50%; then, attack him with Kira and, finally, take him down with Prayer.

Lowe easily dispatches another Delphinium.

The last one will be for Gai.

The Eurasians would be better off using Bushnells than these...

Prayer hangs by his friends and takes down the last Serpent.

Enemy Phase!

It seems that these Eurasians have a major beef with Prayer - everyone and their mother goes after him.

Final tally is: two Birdmen down, two weakened Sol Tekkamen and Balsam is down a wee bit of health.

As he gets closer, Canard takes a shot at Hayato – they both miss.

Player Phase!

Get crackin’, Kouji.

Oi…everyone’s leaving the heavy-lifting to Prayer today.

Following that, Tetsuya and Kira kill a couple more Tekkamen.

The last Sol Tekkaman is hanging by an Agamemnon ship, so Hayato chains them both.

There we go.

Let’s not forget about Balsam, though.

Cagalli can get close enough to grab an assist from Valzacard.

Oh, you clever sumbitch…

Either way, Cagalli nabs a level and learns Prevail L6.

Athrun hangs by Kira and strikes a nice hit on Balsam.

Lowe also stops by Gai for a friendship bonus and takes aim.

: Feel the might of the Ace of Artemis!
: Ace of Artemis, huh? Well, I'm the Burning Junkman, and I'm gonna win!

Very nice.

Like Volfogg’s attack, it turns out that I also didn’t know that Gai’s Tactical Arms Gun Mode has a dynamic kill. Does it only show up when he puts the Lohengrin Launcher or did I never get a kill with the attack?

: I know you! From the Serpent's Tail mercenary team!
: You'll make a nice notch on my Hyperion's kill tally!
: Combat is no mere game, and it's dangerous to approach it like one...
: You're about to learn that painfully well!

Balsam can merely stand unbelieving that he, the ACE OF ARTEMIS, could be defeated.
Canard isn't surprised when he dies, though, saying that combat simulator experience counts for nothing on the real battlefield.
Any anyone who doesn't even understand that has no right to even enter that battlefield.

It’s better to let Canard get a bit closer – for now, we’ll focus on the Agamemnon ships.

They won’t last very long.

We’ll only need to wait one more turn.

Enemy Phase!

Both ships decide to trade blows with the Archangel.

It works well for us.

Canard also goes for the ships but has Elijah take the first hit.

Ow…I’ll have Re-Home heal that later.

Player Phase!

Cagalli and Dearka snipe a large chunk of the other Agamemnon’s HP.

Heero will take one of them down.

There we go.

We’ll nab that other ship in a bit – for now, Wufei has Kouji assist with a Rust Tornado on Canard.

This also gets Kouji’s Mazin Power running. Nice.

Duo and Elijah keep the pain coming.

Canard’s right around 50% health.

That’ll do it.

Canard begins to realize just how strong our people really are.
Prayer begs him, a Super Coordinator, to stop for the sake of all the hopes of humanity that he bears.

Correction, he's a FAILED Super Coordinator and he has no other way to use his “talents” other than battle.
He's especially pissed that someone born with the power to control the DRAGOON’s special weapons would try to give him life advice - but Prayer cries out that he's like him: made with his powers.
He's a clone of the rightful pilot of the DRAGOON, made so the military could have that ability for their nefarious purposes (Muu then realizes that Prayer is just like Creuset…).
But he refuses to live his life as a weapon, and Canard figures out that they're birds of a feather after all: one a failed Super Coordinator, the other a failed clone; Kira tries to protest about him considering himself a failure but Canard simply tells him to shut up.

Furthermore, he tells Kira that his death sentence just got postponed until he’s finished with Prayer.
Canard quickly asks Prayer his name and figures that there’s only one thing to be done: they have to use their powers and fight to the death – their sole purpose in life is to fight!
Prayer yells that Canard is wrong as the fight continues.

We’ll keep rationing our SP – best to take him out while only using enough to get a good hit rate.

: They'll have to respect me if I can destroy a mech that size!
: Listen, you! The Valzacard is not just a stop on your messed up quest for purpose!
: If you care so much, get out there! There's got to be something you can do besides fighting!

: I've found you, Kira Yamato, the Success! Today is another chance to cross blades!
: Who says that I'm a success or that you're a failure?
: Everyone around me! They all told me I wasn't worthy!
: But they... that doesn't mean anything! Peoples' lives aren't just successes or failures!
: I don't need your platitudes! I'll defeat you and Prayer and prove my worth!

: You’re a pitiful man.
: What?!
: You can’t live if you don’t have someone acknowledge your worth?
: What the hell do you know about me?!
: What do you know about living when your existence is completely denied?!
: You’re denying yourself. Unless you realize that, your thirst will not be healed.

: Give it up already! You've got nothing to gain by beating Kira or Prayer!
: That's not for you to decide! I've got to defeat them and make everyone see my worth!
: You don't have to care what anyone else thinks! You're the only one that matters!

: You think your strength can only be used for battle? How can you fight with such childish ideas?
: You’re also denying me?!
: Yeah and I’ll say it as many times as I have! To live is to fight!
: If you don’t understand that, then there’s no way I’ll lose to you!
: Let me show you!!

: Cut it out, you! Why are we fighting for such a stupid reason?!
: “Stupid reason”?!
: Yeah! I wouldn’t acknowledge you even if you defeated Prayer and Kira!
: You need to understand that this is a terrible way to prove yourself!

: Another one just like me...
: What does that mean?
: Here's a piece of advice: if you can't stand being put in someone else's box, just get out.
: If you care what they think of you, you might as well shove your tail between your legs.
: Damn you! I am not a dog!

: All that talk about friends and camaraderie…I’m not going to lose to people like you!
: Your loneliness is something you invited!
: Open your eyes! Don’t yield to those who denied you! That’s all I can say!!

: Your situation is certainly worthy of sympathy…
: I didn’t ask for any of that! I want to be acknowledged! My power and my life!
: Those aren’t things someone else can acknowledge!
: You have to accept yourself! You’re alive right now!

: Why are you still fighting? I thought you said you gave up your life as a weapon!
: I'm fighting for what I believe in!
: And I'd fight with or without this power!
: What you believe in?
: Canard, it's not too late. You can still find something...
: No, I can't turn back now! Defeating you and Kira Yamato is the only thing I have left!

And that’s that. Secret get!

Canard's worth a Super Alloy New Z, an Initial Morale+2, and an Infight +1.

: It’s over…if I’m defeated, my life has no meaning…
: The purpose in neither of our lives is to fight!
: No one lives to fulfill a predetermined purpose!
: It’s your job to decide how to use your abilities!
: No one can escape their destiny!
: I thought you’d understand but you’re just a peace-loving brat!
: We’re not the only ones suffering from a destiny of battle…
: I’ve been with Neo-Wärter for a short time but I knew it.
: Prayer…you…
: And I understood…
: The peace and compassion that you deny…they’ve helped me survive until now.
: The compassion of others…?! Bullshit!
: You just haven’t realized it yet! Many people feel compassion for you!
: …
: But what do I have left now…I’m finished…
: That’s not true…if you understand the feelings of others…
: …
: I’ve been trying to show you this throughout the battle…
: I’m not alone…and neither are you…
: We’re all connected to one another by our compassion…
: But…I…
: I--!

: Wait up!!
: No need to go after him, Kazuma.
: But, Lowe…
: It’s alright, Kazuma. I’m sure he understood…

There isn’t time to relax, though, since the Dominion and the main Federation force enter the area.
Azrael supposes that the vanguard soldiers on the scene did well, for Eurasians, and Natarle hastily orders all the survivors gathered to the flagship.
Murrue repeats her request for hostilities to cease and for humanity to unite against the common threats, but Azrael is having none of it; Natarle protests that Murrue has a point in that fighting Plant when the Radam are posing such an immediate threat to Earth can’t be the best course-of-action for mankind.
Azrael claims that it makes no difference what they fight: Radam, Eviluders, Coordinators…they’re all space monsters that need to be exterminated; his orders are for Natarle to blow a hole through our people so that Corbett’s missile ships can come through.

Just then, Carret detects an energy signature coming from Plant.
Regulate specifies that it’s a rapid increase in Gamma radiation!

George frantically yells for everyone to move: Genesis is firing on our area!

Neo-Wärter manages to evade the shot but such is not the case for the Federation Army: their troops take MASSIVE losses and nearly all their battleships are destroyed.
Our people are aghast at the destructive power of Genesis and Natarle reports that nearly 70% of their vessels has been shot down; Azrael starts screaming that this proves that it's kill or be killed with the Zaft – he tells all troops to move forward and to continue until they have a path to fire the Missiles.

Natarle very reluctantly gives the order to deploy the reserve troops and advance.
Murrue is quite dejected but it looks like we'll have to fight after all.
From Waltfeld's info, Professor says that Genesis isn't designed for rapid fire, so we're safe for the moment; Tetsuya and Cagalli wonder what should be our next step, though: stop the Federation’s advance or head straight to Genesis?
Going for Genesis means that they don’t get time to charge another shot but if we leave the Federation here Dearka says they’ll trigger another “Bloody Valentine” with the Fermion Missiles.

Murrue settles on trying to hold the Feds here, lest they get close enough to launch their Fermion missiles.
Her orders are to eliminate the enemy army before Genesis can fire again, and then hightail it to Jachin Due - a tough job, we have done much harder things in the past!
Judging from the distance to Jachin Due, the charge time of Genesis and the expected enemy resistance, Regulate estimates that we must defeat the Federation Army in five minutes/turns - the best way to do that is to neutralize the Dominion.

That’s all for now – come next mission, we’ll wrap this up on five minutes or less while also getting another secret (if you can call it that).

See you all then!