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Part 138: Mission 38 (Paris Route) - Deathmatch! The Devil vs. The Great General!

Mission 38 (Paris Route) - Deathmatch! The Devil vs. The Great General!

In Paris, we see Shirou and the rest of the hostages.
Corbett is in a major panic as the Q-Parts deadline approaches; he knows that the Federation will never allow the Mycenae threat to gain momentum and fears whatever non-nuclear deathweapon is about to blow Paris away.

Rose and Taiga tell his pathetic ass to shut up and try believing in the Neo-Wärter.

Birdalar informs his lord that the defenses around the area are impenetrable and the Neo-Wärter are all alone.
The Great General is looking forward to seeing how they'll fight, and Hardias wonders how they could be expected to do anything without Mazinger Z or Mazinkaiser.

Dreidou figures their only option is to meekly hand over the Q-Parts.
The Great General starts wondering if he even needed to show up today, if things are going to be settled this easily; however, Birdalar quickly detects Neo-Wärter approaching and the Great General figures this’ll be our final act of defiance.

: You’ve come, Neo-Wärter! I admire your reckless courage.
: Shut up. We’re not interested in praise from someone as cocky as you.
: What?
: I’m saying that you shouldn't get so full of yourself just because you defeated the damaged Mazinger Z.
: If you truly are a Great General, then show us your power.
: You bastard…do not dare to speak to me like that!
: Great General, please calm yourself! They’re trying to provoke you!
: Sir, if you move away, it’ll create an opening that they can use to recapture the conference hall!
: I doesn’t matter.
: What?!
: It was Gorgon’s plan to take hostages in order to gather the remaining Q-Parts but this is too tedious.
: Furthermore, even if it’s the leaders, women and children, I’ve already decided to completely erase this foolish human civilization.
: In the end, there’s no meaning to these hostages.
: Ha…I guess the only "Great" thing about you is your mouth.
: Stay your mouth, human… In deference to your bravery, I, the Great General of Darkness, will personally fight you.
*The Great General moves to the front lines.*
: Great General!
: You’ll be my first enjoyable fight in millennia! I’ll offer your corpses as a sacrifice to Mycenae’s invasion of the surface!
: Are you sure? Because if we defeat you, it’ll be your ambitions that’ll be over!
: Your trifling provocations are unnecessary. Now that I have risen, I will savor this fine battle to its fullest.
: Are you ready?
: Stop boasting. The only thing you’ll taste is defeat!
: Tetsuya…you seem to be enjoying this!
: The Great General of Darkness is coming…!
: Let’s go! If we can pin him down, then mankind will have a chance of winning!
: Foolish Neo-Wärter! I will now transform this very earth into your personal Hell!

He’ll now auto-cast Strike.

: Come, Great General of Darkness! I’ll show you the soul of a Mazinger!!

Secret Alert!
The Great General of Darkness has moved to the frontlines. If you want a goodie, he needs to be taken down in 5 player phases.
As your morale will be rather low, you’ll need to charge into the fray and you WILL need to spend a good bunch of SP, so watch it.

Seeing how I’m going after the Great General before his cronies, here’s a quick look at him:

The Great General is by far the toughest boss we’ve fought so far, even harder than Gauron and Z-Master.
He has a metric shitload of HP and Armor and hits REALLY hard with his melee attack (thankfully, it has short range, though he DOES have an eye-beam attack that has longer reach); his stats are also huge, having top numbers across the board (and enough Skill to activate Sword Cut oftenly).

He is also jacked up with powerful Skills:
Conclusion: this guy isn’t fucking around. He’s a powerhouse right out of the box but once his Prevail gets going, even Shin Getter will have a hard time dealing big damage.
Make sure to use Enryu/Chouryujin’s Melting Gun because, under 30% HP, you NEED to use some sort of protective spirit command or he’s very likely to oneshot a unit (or leave a Super Robot heavily wounded).

Also, your troops are, essentially, limited to Valguard (with Auto-Strike, he’ll tear Valhawk to shreds), the Dragon Siblings, Gaofighgar, Great Mazinger and Shin Getter because, unless you like the Mazinger sub-characters and really upgraded them, they will hit with the power of a spitball.
He does not regen HP but don’t be fooled by the long time limit on the secret, you will need those turns to build morale AND get through his defenses.

Since we’re on a timer, we’ve no choice but to charge right in and start killing mooks for morale.

Sadly, our morale is at the bottom which means that we can’t plow through them as fast as we did in the Orb route.

Since the Valstork started farther back, all they can do is use Assail and take a shot at the General – since he doesn’t regen, every bit of damage helps.

See how tough this guy is?

As the battle rages, Tetsuya thinks to Kouji that he needs to hurry – if we’re going to beat the Great General, we’ll need his power.

One thing to note: don’t be afraid to spend all the SP and EN of Tetsuya or the Getter Team.
Iron Wall will be your best friend when sending him into the fray at low morale (you could let their HP drop to trip Prevail but I don’t like risking so much near a boss like the Great General).

Being flying mooks, Shin Getter 1 is the best suited form to take them out.

Try to kill this Psychoveia ASAP to stop him from lowering someone’s morale – this can REALLY make things harder if you’re after the secret.

Everyone else moves in but don’t get in range of anything.

Enemy Phase!

A Drago moves in after Gai, bypassing Protect Wall, but taking a heavy wallop in exchange.

While Tetsuya gets zerged by Dante and two Drago Omegas.

He takes piddly damage but, being limited to his Rocket Punches, the outward damage is less than desired.
Mind you, he does take out that Drago that he and Gai weakened before.

ohshitohshitohshit. Dodge, DODGE, DODGE!

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…There goes all the morale gained this turn…and 30 points of SP…

Shin Getter is also getting zerged but, with Iron Wall, the four Dragos can only slightly scratch his paintjob (when they actually manage to hit) before getting sliced by a Tomahawk.

Mind you, all of the Mycenae commanders can inflict a shitload of status: this particular attack from Hardias carries that lovely morale down/SP drain effect.

Thankfully, Shin Getter dodges it.

Let me show you how much damage the Great General can do.

See that? That was on a unit with 1970 Armor and Iron Wall (and it wasn’t a critical hit).
Had it been Boss or the Mazinger girls, it would’ve left them in the red (or dead, in Boss’ case).

Player Phase!

The brothers are finally getting in range, so we have them on clean-up duty.

Slowly but surely.

As an added bonus, they gain a level and reach Prevail L6.

Rairyu cannot call for a combination, so he spends his turn attacking a Drago.

Been a long while since we saw Lil’ Volfogg, eh?
Since Kouji is off on Gundober, he’ll be stuck in this form for the entire mission (needless to say, he won’t survive a small glance from the Great General).

His damage is heavily decreased but there’s nothing to be done.
Although, I wonder why he couldn’t simply combine using only Gunglue – after all, it’s the one with the Murasame Blade (Gundober has the 4000 Magnum).

Using Akane, I set up a valored Micro Missiles.
Upon retrospect, however, this wasn’t the best idea as MAP kills don’t yield out morale for anyone; it’s wiser to kill them normally to spread the love around.

Still, it’s what I did. The Psychoveia is heavily wounded and the Great General feels as if a raindrop fell on his head.
All other Dragos, however, are blown away.

Most importantly, Chouryujin rushes ahead, tagging the Great General with his Double Guns and cutting his attack power in half.

Tenryujin goes for a triple chain-attack, killing the Psychoveia.

This yields her a level and Prevail L6.

As for Gai, he sets up a triple attack of his own.

His HP keeps going down but it’s only a matter of time until someone trips Prevail and he becomes invincible.

Tetsuya’s Turbo Smasher Punch is his only chain-able attack, so he further weakens but doesn’t kill the three Dragos.
Also, I forgot to cast Iron Wall.

Jun compensates for the damage with a quick Trust cast.

Shin Getter takes the two remaining Dragos on the east side, killing one of them.

Enemy Phase!

The remaining Psychoveia is still gunning for Tetsuya and, this time, is trying to cut his attack in half.

Thankfully, Gaofighgar protects him.
Of course, the Support Attack of the Drago gets a clean hit.

All three remaining dragons, on this side, keep going for Tetsuya.

He manages to kill one with a rocket punch but, sadly, he falls barely short of killing the last one with a Thunder Break (Because of that fucking Psychoveia that drained his morale!).

Following that are both Dantes who attack their respective side’s nemesis and take heavy damage in return.

East side is nearly all cleared, the last Drago being downed as he charges against Getter.


The Getter Team takes a level and Hayato learns Prevail L5.

Dreidou also has the attack-lowering fire attack. Thankfully, his sniping attempt misses.

Finally, the Great General sees a possible chain-attack and goes for it.

Thank god for that Melting Gun or this would’ve really hurt Tenryujin.

Player Phase!

Turn 3 and we’re still on the clock. First priority is to take down that Psychoveia, lest it lower someone else’s morale.

Even though the east side is clear, the brothers still have the job of keeping the Great General under control (mind you, always use Alert with Enryu because, with all that Skill, the General can/will counter a LOT).

Every little bit of damage helps but that -50% attack effect is a godsend.

Hyoryu calls for the combination and moves after Dante, with some help from Tenryujin.

During her own attack, Tenryujin finishes the job.

As for the weak Dragos, Lori can take down one of them.

There, she did something during the entire mission.

The twins take a level and Lori learns Support Request L2 (which would be useful if we weren’t on a mission where there are no backup units ).

Gekiryujin moves up and slaps Dante around some, while Valguard takes it upon himself to further weaken the Psychoveia.

We move in for the kill, Gaofighgar takes the Psychoveia…

While Tetsuya goes for Dante.

Sadly, he’s barely below Mazin Power’s activation (and he’s not close enough to get Rouse’d by Valguard).

Since she doesn’t have anything better to do, Sayaka walks over and repairs Tetsuya.

I have Jun kill the last Drago and we’re done with morale fodder.
I checked and that Drago would’ve gone after Lori on their turn, so it’s best to kill him now and be done with it (I wished he would go after Tetsuya…nope).

Shin Getter can still move, so he gets right on the General’s face.

60% HP left and two turns to go. I think we’re making good time.

Enemy Phase!

The other Mycenae Commanders decide to enter the fray.
Thankfully, their post-movement attacks carry no status effects.

They also don’t regen, so it’s good to take this chance to hit them as hard as possible.

Aye, that works.

What’s worrisome is how low Chouryujin’s HP has gotten…

Even though the Great General is weakened, I had him defend as a reflex.

Player Phase!

Once you decide to go for the kill, you need to go all out as the Great General can do some decent damage on his phase if he has Prevail running (even with his attack reduced).
I have Horis hit him with a Scan and Tenryujin will have the first hit with a Double Gun assist.

His last attack moved the Great General right inside the blind-spot of Dance of Light and Darkness, so we need to stick to this attack.

Hayato’s supports really help ramp up the damage, especially for units that don’t have enough morale for their bigger attacks.

Gekiryujin can’t use his stronger attack either, so I have him use Wind Scroll to reduce the General’s attack range.

That was a valored attack, mind. His Prevail is already acting up.

Volfogg’s valored Silver Cross does piddly damage. Boss’ support does even less.

Tetsuya doesn’t have Mazin Power, so we need to compensate by using Great Booster now.

: You've personally challenged me, so don’t disappoint!
: What we’ll give you is despair, not disappointment! You’ll regret the day you decided to attack the surface!
: I don’t think so! Now that we have this power, we must begin preparations for their invasion or all will be for naught!

Hayato’s Support is also a nice addition.

Thank you for rubbing salt on the wound, Tetsuya.

With no Supports left, we change to Shin Getter 1 and have another valored Stoner Sunshine ready.

There’s his Prevail at near full power…

Gai, save me!

Bless your heart.

I kill him using Micro Missiles simply to catch Hardias on the splash damage and wound him some more.

It works nicely.

The Great General is worth a lot of levels and cash, a Biosensor and a Max SP +5.

Akane also learns Spirit.

: WAHAHAHAHA! That’s it! I’m really enjoying this!

: Tch…what is this power?!
: As expected of the big boss of those monsters! That was just the beginning!!
: Now you begin to understand my power! However, you’re far too late!
: Great General of Darkness…you’re certainly doing justice to your name…
: But victory is ours!
: What?

: Urk! Is that…?!
: Go, Kabuto!
*Kouji starts driving towards Mazinkaiser.*
: Aren’t you clever…!
: Stay away from him!

: Gwaah!
: Tetsuya!
: Tetsuya!
: Dumbass! If you’ve got time to worry about me, hurry up and go!
: Sorry, Tetsuya! I promise I won’t waste this chance!!
*Kouji gets closer to Mazinkaiser but an explosion hits him.
: Kouji!

It was Gorgon, whose attack has wrecked Gundober.
He was expecting Kouji to come over as he took upon himself to safeguard Mazinkaiser, their greatest foe, and to keep an eye out for its pilot; Kouji notices that Gorgon used the same knife and bomb assaults as Poniman and admits that it was him in disguise at that moment.
He had infiltrated G-Island and investigated every last thing about Kouji; he knew that he cared too much about Shirou to not attempt a rescue while our people attacked – thus he waited for a chance to catch him alone.
Regardless, Kouji isn’t about to be stopped from reaching Shirou and Kaiser and prepares to fight.

Kouji starts shooting but Gorgon’s skin shrugs off the bullets; moving quickly, he easily disarms Kouji.

: Prepare yourself, Kouji Kabuto! This is your end!
: I’m not done yet!!

: Argh! I-impossible…that knife pierced my body…!
: Are you surprised, Duke Gorgon?! This is the Super Alloy-Z Knife that Gai gave me!!
: Wh-what?!
: This knife was made from the very skin of the Mazinger Z that you defeated!
: Even though he’s gone, the Mazinger is still with me to defeat evil bastards like you!
: Uuoooooorgh…Kouji Kabuto! How dare you…HOW DARE YOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!
: Run off, Gorgon! I don’t have time to waste with you!

Back outside…

: Bro! Is that really you?!
: Sorry to keep you waiting, Shirou! Quick, go bunker down in the UN Building!
: Please, bro! Kick those Mycenae guys’ asses!
: Leave it to me! Mazinkaiser and I are invincible!
: Tch! He got through Gorgon?!
: Of course he did. He’s a man with the soul of a Mazinger…villains cannot stop him!
: I must commend you for outwitting us at the risk of your own life. You are truly brave!
: Human, tell me your name!
: Tetsuya Tsurugi! The Pilot of the Great Mazinger!
: Tetsuya Tsurugi! Before dealing with Kouji, my sword will send you to Hell!
: I won’t let you!

: Kabuto!
: Sorry for the delay, guys! Mazinkaiser is back!
: This is Hyuuma! I’ve managed to break into the UN Building! I’m taking the hostages to safety!
: Renée is also going!
: Renée, please take care of Shirou!
: It’s already done, Kouji. We’re evacuating the hostages, so keep those Battle Beasts away!
: Alright!
: I’ve been waiting, Mazinkaiser and Kouji Kabuto! I’ll send you to Hell alongside Tetsuya Tsurugi!
: Please wait, Great General!

: The Invincible Fortress Demonica! Gorgon!
: Bastard, he’s still alive?
: Take a look, Kouji Kabuto! I’ll tear those hostages limb from limb!
*Gorgon opens fire on the area around the UN building.
: Not good! Everyone, evacuate quickly!
: Move! I can’t afford to die in a place like this!
: Boy, this way! Come with me!!
: O-Ok!
: You won’t escape! My Demonica will crush all of you!
: Like hell you will!

: That’s…?!
: Mazinkaiser is reacting to Kouji’s wrath!

: And Shin Getter is reacting to Mazinkaiser’s wrath!
: With this power, it may work, Ryou! Let’s try THAT!!
: Let’s go, Hayato, Benkei! Match the timing on your pedals with mine!
: Ryou!
: Kouji, come with us!

*Gorgon moves toward the UN building.*

: How do you like that, Duke Gorgon and Great General of Darkness!
: Do not make light of the power of humanity, Mycenae!
: This is what you deserve for all that you did! We’re now going full throttle!!
: We’ll also help you, Kouji!
: Yeah! We’ll show these Mycenae bastards the potential of humanity!
: Interesting! In that case, we’ll fight with all our power! Summon all other troops in the region!
: Understood, Great General!
*A transmission comes in.*
: It’s useless, Great General of Darkness.
: We’ve already beaten your four other Generals!
: Ligern, Julicaesar, Scarabes, Angoras – they were all attacked?!

Sadly, I was unable to take a clear picture of the other Generals’ faces due to the glitch but you can find their ‘70s appearance over Google.

Julicaesar: P-please forgive us, Great General…
Ligern: Their power is formidable…!
Scarabes: They broke through our defensive line…various war fronts are being lost!
: How do ya like them apples, Big General? Your group in Paris is all that’s left!
: And right about now, the humans of the entire world are starting a big counterattack!
*The Great General casts Valor.*
: As long as I, the Great General of Darkness, am alive, the ambitions of the Mycenae are immortal!
: In that case, once you’re defeated, those ambitions will come to a full stop!

: Get ready, Great General of Darkness! Now that we got this new power, Kaiser and Neo-Wärter are truly invincible!!

I think this has gone on for quite enough. Next update, we’ll finish off the lesser Mycenae commanders and then go for Round 2 with the Great General – now with less SP on nearly all our guys!

Fun, fun!