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Part 25: Mission 8 - The Hottest Day in Okinawa

Mission 8 - The Hottest Day in Okinawa

Meanwhile, Mike explains that he's come from America to make as many friends as he can in Japan.
Mamoru and Hana are already his friends, but Akane continues to grieve over Uppo-kun.
Kyouko tells her that Uppo-kun's memory still lives on within her breast, which sounds to Akane like he's already dead.

In fact Uppo-kun isn't gone, but he's become a Zondar and started wrecking the roller coaster – much to Akane’s frustration, who thought he was coming back to her.
Worse, he's taken over several Federation mecha from the nearby base.

Sousuke tells Kurz to get back to his M9 while he holds the enemy off…

Using Bonta-kun.
Hana can’t believe that he’s going to fight against all those robots.

Mike figures this funny animal is a friend of Mamoru's, and a friend of Mamoru’s is Mike’s friends - he decides to give his best shot at fending off the Zondar, too.
Bonta-kun and Mike “exchange” quick introductions and agree to fight together; meanwhile, Kaname tries to get everyone to safety, unable to tell Mamoru's mom where the kid has run off to.

Secret Alert!
Bonta-kun, like Muu and Youko, has a secret regarding his kill total. You’ll have this mission, and two others, to get his total up to 10.
Mind you, in all those three missions, you’ll need to shoot down AT LEAST 3 enemies (meaning, even if you get 10 kills in the next mission, you’ll still need to take 3 extra targets to make it count).

Here’s all you need to know: Bonta-kun is VERY dodgy (easily on par with Blade). His attacks lack raw power but he makes up for it in versatility. They’re all ammo based and he has decent range. He’s a great mook destroyer.

Mike isn’t all that useful now. He only has one, weak attack and he can’t dodge or take hits. Taking all that into account, and the secret, I’ll just send Bonta-kun up ahead with Focus and unleash Armageddon.
I’ll go over Mike properly once he finds his true calling.

This M6 Bushnell (I found out their name!) will be the first to feel Bonta-kun’s power. Click the image below to see it.

: Fumo... fumomo, fumo!
: Fumomo... fumo, mofu, fumoffu!
: Bonta-kun's really giving it his all.
: I have no idea what he's saying...

Very good.

Let’s just pull Mike back a bit so he doesn’t make for a tempting target to those Birdmen.

Enemy Phase!

Hm, I hadn’t noticed this. Bonta-kun’s kung-fu doesn’t hit aerial enemies.

Still the machine gun is decent enough damage.

Aw, even crits can’t oneshot…

Repeat this ad-nauseum. The birdmen and M6 attack, Bonta-kun dodges everything and does a counter that leaves them under 70% health.

That is, except the one we weakened before: he’s the first victim of Bonta-kun.

Also, this one is attacking from over 2 range. This means, I can show bust out the Grenade Launcher.

Good, good. The last M6 also gets a grenade to the face.

Player Phase!

Volfogg, Mamoru's guardian, shows up on turn 2, as do Kurz and Mao.
Both parties are glad to be working together once again, especially after their previous success and cooperation though Mao has to wonder about Bonta-kun.
It's not clear to Volfogg what's going on, but the cute and yet suspicious animal is apparently on their side.
Mike also vouches for Bonta-kun, so Mao figures they’ll get an explanation later.

Their arrival doesn’t mean much since Bonta-kun’s rampage is nowhere near finished.

Go home and be a family man/Zondar.

Enemy Phase!

Mind you, what followed was the biggest “teddy bear”-related massacre in SRW history. Since the images are too gruesome (and, also, due to the fact that the mooks were destroyed in a single machine gun volley), I’ll just skip ahead to when everything’s cleared.

Mamoru is now searching fiercely for Uppo-kun to purify him.

Zondar Uppo-kun jumps out of the water and lunges towards Mamoru.

Mike manages to shield Mamoru from the attack…but, as he taunts the Zondar to fight him instead, gets thrown far away for his pains.
Kurz can’t help but wonder what that little robot was thinking, trying to play hero; still, he did buy enough time for the rest of our team to show up, alongside Mithril’s submarine: Tuatha De Danaan!

We’ve a few underwater units, so let’s make sure to place them all near land.

The Valstork quickly picks up Akane and Mihiro (who says they were protected by Mike and Bonta-kun but Kazuma doesn’t understand any of that), while Kazuma deploys saying that he actually feels like fighting the Zondar who imperiled his family.
Balzac is still riding along but Kazuma isn't planning on flying gently on account of his camera-toting guest.
He yells that his Tension is like a hurricane, a pretty senseless copy if you know what he's referring to like Balzac does.

Akane warns Kazuma not to hurt the Uppo-kun at the core of the Zondar.
Kazuma says he'll just leave the core ripping out part to Gai.
Gai pauses a moment, though he denies that there's anything wrong – Duo says we’ll open up a path and give him a clear shot to Hell and Heaven the core.

More bad guys show up (as expected), and Mao tells Sousuke to switch to his M9 that’s stashed inside the Danaan’s hangar.
Bonta-kun answers “Fumo” but Mao assumes he was complying.

Inside the Danaan, Kalinin sees that this curious bear is very similar to Sousuke, though Mardukas thinks it is clearly a mouse; it doesn’t really matter to Tessa, who is fawning over how cute it is.
She quickly recovers herself and orders Sousuke’s M9 prepped immediately – as soon as it’s ready, Bonta-kun SWIMS ACROSS THE BAY to reach the Danaan, making Kaname’s jaw drop (and also making Noin sigh at how cute it is).
Kurz for his part is amazed that Bonta-kun really can fight under every circumstance.

Nevertheless, Bonta-kun hops inside the submarine and out comes Sousuke in his M9.
He joins formation with the other Uruz pilots.

Kurz is looking forward to the first genuine combat of the whole SRT squad in quite a while.

Kaname finds it beyond her feeble powers of comprehension that Bonta-kun protected her with a gun and then hopped inside an Arm Slave.
Either way, Tessa gets on the comm and requests everyone’s support to the GGG troops, in order to quell the Zondar attackers – Mardukas is eager to show the strength of the Danaan.

That’s all for today, folks. Next update, we’ll clear out the Zondar troops and save Waterpolis. As a parting gift, I’ll leave below the link to Tessa’s lovely BGM:

Say what you will about Full Metal Panic but that anime had one of the best song selections I’ve ever heard.