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Part 62: Post-Mission 17 Intermission and Mission 18 - Prologue

After all the intensity and badassitude from the last mission, it’s time for us to relax with the intermission. Here’s a happy BGM to help, and the top aces:

BP Upgrades:

Heero doesn’t really need anything else, really, so he gets all his 3 points into Shooting.

Akito is still wanting in offensive power so it’s 3 points in Melee.

Hikaru has her evasiveness covered and her accuracy comes from friendship bonuses, so she splits her points – 2 for Melee, 1 for Shooting.

Enryuu/Hyoryuu get 2 points in Shooting (Chouryuujin’s strongest attack is ranged) and 1 in Accuracy (this’ll probably be the only one as Hero adds to their accuracy).

Finally, Bless spends his 3 points in usual fashion.

Skill Parts:

The only part that we got was a Starting Morale+2 which does what it says on the tin. I’ll give this one to Kouji so he can get his Mazin Power going slightly faster.

Unit Upgrades:

All Three Angels get 1 point to their Weapons.

Gaogaigar also gets one.

Finally, the last bit of cash is used to boost Shin Getters HP and EN.

Unit Parts:

The Super Alloy Z that we got from EI-01 is the next upgrade in HP/Armor parts so it goes to the Mazinkaiser.

Kaiser’s old Cobham Armor in turn goes to the Valstork.

Now that that’s all done, let’s move on with the show.

On the GGG America-bound ship, we find Liger asking Miyuki why she didn’t tell D-Boy all the details about the state of her body.
She thanks him for not telling, saying that she doesn’t want her brother to worry any more.
Liger wasn't going to be the one to break the news, and promises her that somehow or other, he will figure out how to save her from her fate.

Adding that she's just like his 29 year-old daughter, his eyes gleam with a mixture of mischief and irony as he says that she would have done just fine as his eighth wife.
Miyuki thinks they should stick to Reneé as a subject of conversation but...

Right then, Stallion sounds the alarm indicating an unknown object coming towards them.
It opens fire on the ship…

Meanwhile, Kazuma tells the ship's log of D-Boy's immense relief at seeing his sister okay, even if only briefly.
Our people haven't had any major dispatches since hosing the Zondar leader, and no real clues about who the mysterious ally during the fight was.
Despite this person apparently knowing Mihiro, Bless has no ideas who it could be - and any rumors about it being some secret love child of his were quashed with unusual vigor by Taiga and company.

In other news, the mock combat between Mao and Tessa has been rescheduled for next Sunday, and this time Kazuma plans to attend - camera in hand.
One person unable to attend this divine spectacle is Heero, who will be busy guarding Relena's visit to Tokyo.
Relena's good and all, but Kazuma wouldn't miss Tessa or Mao’s remorseful "punishment" for the world.

Kaname hasn't spoken to Sousuke for the past week, incensed chiefly that the earring incident wasn't out of any malice but out of his own stupidity.
Akatsuki and Kurz figure what she's really looking for is the right opportunity to make up, but she swears on God that that's not the case, though.
When Ryouma asks, both men say they are killing some time until a night of group dating that Akatsuki set up - and they're looking for a third wingman.
They ask Ryouma, who seems hesitant, and Kouji says it’s no good as Ryouma is a loner through and through; he slowly agrees with Kouji and Kurz figures they’ll try asking Noal.
Ryouma stays silent and Kaname tries asking what’s wrong, which makes him bolt back saying that it’s nothing.

Kaname shakes her head that Ryouma is so uptight but Hayato and Benkei knows that that is actually not the case.
Problem is, during his days as a soccer star, he was constantly badgered by girls who wanted to ask him out and it sort of made him put it all on hold.

The pressure on Kaname to reopen romantic channels with Sousuke keeps ratcheting up until she can't stand it any longer, leaving in a huff and not paying her bill either.
Our crew can only hope that she takes advantage of being alone to go find Sousuke... so they can spy on their make-up scene.

Kurz and Akatsuki were right in the fact that Kaname went straight after Sousuke.
She says that she’s sorry about her stubbornness and says she knows he meant well with the gift, while Sousuke apologizes for always troubling her.
She then tries to come in so she can cook him something but Sousuke is very sheepish about letting her into his apartment.

The reason being that Tessa is currently in his shower...and comes out asking for a T-shirt.
Kaname right away assumes that she’s his girlfriend, as Sousuke desperately tries to tell her that she's the "colonel" that he spoke of; she quickly thinks he’s lying to her face, saying that she watches movies and colonels are always old men with beards!
Sousuke insists it’s the truth and asks Tessa to say something, which she does:

: Ah, yes! I am the assault…um…submarine’s captain? And I’m a colonel and Sousuke’s superior, right?

Of course, Sousuke is inwardly panicking over Tessa’s casualness but Tessa concludes her “report” saying that it’s all “true”.
Kaname says she’ll pretend to believe their story and runs off to leave them both alone; as the door opens, the restaurant folk come in and Akatsuki and Kurz are only impressed with Tessa’s devilry.
Either way, her phone rings and Tessa gets called in abruptly by her second in command to a nearby base.

They seized a young man at Narita airport, whose passport claims he's Kugayama Takuma.
It seems he burst out with some kind of gibberish and slugged one of the airport guards.
Takuma explains that their neckties were crooked, but what put all this into Mithril territory is that Heero, who had been stationed at the airport in secret, ran a narcotics check on the man's blood: In his blood was "Ti971", a substance on Mithril's hot list for its part in activation of the Lambda Driver system.

This man has clearly been conditioned to use it, but whether that conditioning worked or not is unclear.
Heero realizes that this implies the existence of at least a third group of people with the Lambda Driver technology (besides Mithril and whoever hijacked the plane), unless the guy comes from whoever gave the hijackers their backing.

At the very least, it proves that there's another organization out there with at least as much technical know- how as Mithril, and that's already a bad thing.
Perhaps it's also the parent group of A21, an armed terrorist group formed after the last round of revolutionary war.
Whoever it is, it seems they've got some support in the Japanese government from some of the clues Mithril has unearthed so far.
Takuma is sure that his sister will come and save him, no matter how heavy the guard is.

His words rapidly come true, when some of the mecha who backed up the hijacking slice their way through the guards at this supposedly secret government base.
Not only Arm Slaves are present but also Mobile Suits and the scale of this attack proves their suspicions of the kid’s value.
Takuma calls out to his sister and the attack continues.

Meanwhile, Kaname has been prowling the halls of her school, furiously cleaning in an attempt to blow off her anger at Sousuke.
It hasn't been working much, and as she works her way down the hall, she notices someone lurking in the shadows.

When Heero shows himself, he's so deadpan that she temporarily mistakes him for a school ghost.
A ghost would be easier to explain than the fact that a poker-faced Gundam pilot, Sousuke's beautiful "girlfriend", and some guy in pajamas are hiding inside the school.
Heero will try anyway...

...Kalinin wakes up in the base of the terrorists who attacked the lab.
Seina is duly impressed at his diversion that let the other two escape with the boy, and knows full well that there's no useful information she can squeeze out of him.
She had wanted to chat with him anyway, and Kalinin's guess that she's a A21 commander proves right on.

To explain how A21 is organized, she starts with Treize Khrushinada, a seminal hero whose name is known to all Earthlings.
Said hero made his army by sharking up a list of lawless resolutes, as it were, from all over Japan.
Both she and Takuma were among those resolutes, not especially bothered about becoming soldiers given Japan's long history free from fighting.
Before long, they found themselves engaged in piracy and other crimes, and when Trieze perished in the middle of their training they had nothing else to fall back on.

Though she ended up as a terrorist, she figures that Kalinin is much like her old instructor - despite Kalinin's claim that he's nowhere near as romantic as the late Oz commander.
She tells him to watch what her people are about to accomplish - if not out of revenge, at least out of a desire to paint this peace-crazed world the color that war is.
And that means a lot of pain and suffering for many people, if she has her way.
What surprises her, however, is how Kalinin makes no move to upbraid her for her terrible plans - merely regarding her in silence.

It may be his eyes that remind her of her former master, but that illusion is something that, in Kalinin's estimation, few others would share.
She smirks and tells him that his words are less befitting a military man and more a man of the cloth – not an unpleasant turn of phrase in his view.
She starts to say that she wishes she met him sooner - but stops and says it's too late, since her comrades are already on their way to take back Takuma.
And when he's back, they'll put him in "that" machine and show the world just who it is they rejected.

In fact, report of the recovery mission comes in via a very familiar courier...

Somehow Heero's explanation of Tessa's identity strikes Kaname as trustworthy where Sousuke's did not, despite their identical expressions and tones of voice.
As it turns out, Tessa confesses that her little act at Sousuke's place was a little bit of well-intentioned mean-spiritedness.
Tessa had planned to ask Sousuke to coach her for her upcoming throwdown with Melissa (Mao), since she only agreed to it on a whim and in fact can't pilot an AS at all.
To avoid the inevitable show for the cameras of your people, she had been trying to enlist Sousuke's aid, but an unfortunate splash of mud from a passing car had sent her to Sousuke's shower.

She stammers something to the effect that she had actually planned a more intimate conversation with Sousuke, but this goes over Kaname's head.
Kaname apologizes for disrupting... whatever, and the young terrorist with them asks them both to shut up so his headache will go away; Tessa actually apologizes and Kaname says that, if the kid’s a terrorist, she shouldn’t be so polite to him!
As for why they’re hiding in this school, it seems that the car Heero used to escape from the lab broke down near here, and Takuma's withdrawal symptoms prevented them from proceeding any closer to Bay Tower Base.

Kaname's not too worried about safety here, since it's only a short distance for your squad's mecha, and she instead takes advantage of her time to chat with Tessa.
Tessa's men have been *very* thorough in their reports about Sousuke's activities, including the part where Kaname was going out with him.
Heero actually “smirks” at this for a fraction of a second, and Tessa is crestfallen that she missed it.
Heero finds these two women intensely fascinating, able to chat like old friends despite only just meeting. It seems Sousuke is the force that binds these two ladies together, both unusual by virtue of how normal they are.

Takuma finds the concept of the fearsome Sousuke overwhelmed by this woman intensely amusing.
Tessa asks after his family, which consists of one "worshipful" sister only...

Heero then realizes too late that the area has been surrounded by Wufei and his men.
They've been following the transmitter embedded in Takuma's flesh, which also explains how they found the hidden lab.
Wufei then demands that Heero hand over the boy and the women.
Heero will hand over the boy, but wants to know what Wufei wants with the young women.

In the fight Wufei is embroiled in, he'll use anything and everything - and he's more than aware of what the women really are.

Mission 18 - The Tragic One Night Stand

It seems the terrorists are using a famous convention center in Tenjijo, which has Kurz incredibly scandalized, unless the terrorists think they're holding some kind of “killer” convention.
His pun is so bad that Mao tells him to actually take lessons from Izumi once the op is over.
Though the transmitter Kaname carries has led everyone to the hideout, there's no indication of what could be going on inside.
In any case, Kurz and Mao will run interference while Sousuke rescues the hostages and gathers information.

Mao says that this op is also in memory of Kalinin, but Sousuke is certain that he must still be alive.

With all that in mind, the Nadesico and Valstork come out to start the attack.

With only Heero and Sousuke launching on event, there are a lot of units and not enough room.

Which brings us back to voting time!
There are 15 spots and Kazuma takes one as the original character. This leaves you 14 spots to choose among these units:

Voting will remain open until Tuesday afternoon. Be sure to bold out your votes.

See you soon!