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Part 61: Mission 17 - Farewell to the Heroes! The Last Great Battle for Tokyo - Part 2

Alright, let’s get going straight from where we left off: Orgun really could deal with all the Radam but I still want to nab those two items that Evil is carrying.
As such, I’m going to send Blade and the Uruz Squad down there with the Valstork to see if it’s possible.

The remaining part of our group will make a beeline for Pasdar after dealing with the two other Zondar.

Secret Alert!
In case you failed to kill Evil in Mission 10, this is your 2nd chance to do so. Of course, it's complicated due to time limits but if you can, great.
If not, you'll have your 3rd, and final, shot at the secret later on.

It’s currently the enemy’s turn and EI-28 opens up against Golion.

Ouch. Still, we have Seidou’s SP if Golion’s HP gets too low.

EI-29 goes for Kouji who’s in better position to take a beating.

oh, boy…here it comes.

With its crappy accuracy, the MAP only hits our Supers and Getter had Invincible cast.

Silver-lining, eh?

On the Radam frontline, Orgun is getting swarmed by every single one of them. The result is always the same:

: Radam and also Zondar… this planet has something that you’ve both lost…
: Until I can hold it once again, I will continue to fight…!

Nothing different than what’s expected.

However, a Monster and a Mother get lucky.

It doesn’t matter, though.
Then, it’s Orgun’s turn to attack:

That’s actually not bad…with near 90% damage taken, Orgun’s Prevail is gonna give him a nice stat boost.

Player Phase!

First things first: Seidou casts Guts and Kouji received a Trust from Shihomi.

Even though I’m sending Kurz down after Evil, it doesn’t mean he can help soften EI-29 up (with some side assistance from Izumi).

Then it’s Hikaru’s time to shine.

Very good.

Izumi also introduces EI-28 to her distortion field.

Then, it’s Mike’s turn.

Not bad.

Akito moves in for the kill with an assist from Ryouko.

Another level up and he learns…Prevail?

The rest of the group spends their turn getting close to Pasdar; I’m trying to set them up to maximize as many assists as possible.

Enemy Phase!

Another MAP from EI-01 but it only affects Kouji and Yurika.

Dodging that attack gave Heero the last bit of morale he needed, though.

To avoid posting a crapton of pictures of Orgun wrecking every single Radam nearby, I’ll just post this one above and give you the death count: 6 Monsters and 1 Mother dead, all others severely weakened (except 2 who were far away) after counter-attacks and a MAP Ahnk Attack (which I could not get on camera because the game does not let me switch battle modes! ).

Evil missed Orgun and was hit for around 3k damage, mind.

Player Phase!

In just a few minutes, I’ll come to a realization that’ll make me kick myself a bit.
For now, Sousuke will go for the weakened Mother with some help from Kurz.

Good, good.

Kurz then takes assistance from Mao and they finish off another Mother.

One of those two Radam that were too far gets softened by Mao.

Blade weakens the last one.

Kouji gets a heal from Fahra…

…and HERE is where the creaky gears in my brain clicked and I realized that there’s no way I’m going to kill Evil in time and that Blade and the Uruz Squad are going to be stuck down there without means of coming back quickly…woops!

You’ll understand what I mean in a bit. Just know that you needn’t attack EI-01 right now (it’ll just waste EN/Ammo) – just position yourself nicely, cast defensive measures and sit tight for one turn.

With all that in mind, Mike boosts Hikaru morale past 130 so that only leaves Ryouko with a wee bit of morale needed to get the Melee Formation Attack going (and she’ll get morale once those last Radam die).

Not attacking Pasdar doesn’t mean that you should subject yourself to some cheap damage from his MAP. Volfogg will nuke his accuracy before we end our turn.

Everything’s in place.

Enemy Phase!

Ya know, I might as well show off his MAP since it’s pretty much the last time we’ll get to see it as we’re all too close for him to use it as a counter-attack (I think).

Orgun is attacked by the one Monster that survived his MAP and Counter-kills it.

This other one decided to be a nice guy an attack Mao.

Sadly, she’s not very prone to lucky crits (especially with her 40mm Assault Rifle).

Another Monster, however, goes after the Valstork.

There we go.

Evil tries to chain-attack Mao and Kurz but he’s not being very accurate now.

Finally, I managed to get Orgun’s Ahnk Attack on camera this time!

Player Phase!

The story advances whether you deal enough damage to Pasdar (and he’ll heal it all) or on turn 5.

Evil yells out that it’s useless to resist for the Radam Trees grow more with each passing moment.
Kurogane wants to simply burn down the menacing Radam trees but Fahra stops him lest those already inside get killed too.

D-Boy says they might be better off dead than controlled by the Radam, and is willing to play the role of demon if that's what it takes to stop the Radam.

Rapier then strides onto the battlefield, telling D-Boy to wait.
Evil is surprised to see that Miyuki, an incomplete Tekkaman, is still alive and she yells out to Shinya, that she’ll stop the trees blooming herself.

She delivers a present from Liger to Mike: Disc X!
Mike is overjoyed to receive it and gets to playing it right away.

Its amazing power starts destroying the Radam trees, leaving the people inside unharmed.
Ines explains that this works via a Solitary Wave *precisely* tuned to match the subatomic frequency of its chosen target, much like an electric stove that only heats the water on it.
It is this incredible feat of engineering that motivated Freeman and Liger to be all exchanging data in the shadows – they had to find the right frequency to affect Radam biology.

Rapier shouts to Evil that his trees are no more and that he’s next, but he reminds her that there are Radam trees all over the world: it'll take more than this to stop the invasion.
Blade tries to charge at him but Evil says their fight will have to wait until another day – at least until after Blade has dealt with the Zondar – and leaves.

This is why I wouldn’t be able to kill Evil to get his stuff. He shows up on turn 3’s enemy phase and runs off when you either trigger the story through damage to Pasdar or turn 5’s player phase.

You’d need to leave the better part of your team over where he spawns to kill him in that time frame (or be on a new-game+ and have over-upgraded units).

Hyuuma calls in and tells us to leave the rescue of all the people who the Radam trees took to him and to stop EI-01.
Rapier insists on fighting alongside her brother to protect Earth and, while Blade agrees, he tells her not to overdo it.

: Fools. Now that the flowers of the Radam trees are no more, there is nothing to obstruct my power!
*Pasdar recovers all damage received*
: Amazing! What incredible regenerative power!
: If there’s nothing blocking out the Zondar Energy, then are we really out of options?!
: Unknown object approaching at 12 o’ clock.

: Bullet-X is here!
: That’s the secret weapon that’s gonna turn this around…?!
: It doesn’t look like any weapon I’ve ever seen!
: Your hope…I will smash it to pieces…
: Zondar Energy has started to converge on EI-01!
: He's goin after Bullet-X!
: Horis, get in front of it! Protect Bullet-X!
: But-!
: Defend it even if it means losing the Valstork! That’s our only priority!!
: Roger that!
: Dad!
: Shihomi, Akane! Horis!
: Weak-hearted ones…in this case, I will erase you as well!
: I won’t let you!

: Impossible…! Yet another person who uses Cain’s legacy!
: This is just something that I borrowed.
: That’s…! What the hell is that machine?!
: Are you alright, everyone?
: Y-yes…I thank you for your help. By the way, who in the world are you…?
: Leave that for after we’ve taken this Zondar down!
: The pilot’s a girl!
: Alright! It looks like we got a new ally!
: NOW!!

Holy shit, click this link NOW! This song will play out for the remainder of the stage and it’s all awesome!

: Chouryujin, Big Volfogg! Goldymarg! Let’s go!!
*They move closer to Bullet-X*
: Guys, do you understand what this Bullet-X means…?
: We’re prepared, Captain…
: A hero could hope for nothing else…
: Let’s do this thing!
: Now…for the sake of defeating EI-01!!

: W-what?! Something happened to them!
: Look, brother! The Zondar Energy is being pushed away and the town’s Metal Plant is disappearing!
: Then, this light…it is G-Power?!
: …The GS Booster has unleashed the G-Power…
: Using a sealed reservoir of G-Stone energy, it was explosively released…
: Thus allowing them to obtain a level of power far beyond what the GS-Ride normally emits.
: Hey, you…how do you know these things?!
: Don’t you call me “you”!
: What?!
: This Bullet-X has unleashed the true power of the G-Stones…

: What is that power…?!
: This is the strength that Gaogaigar drew beyond the limits of its power…
: When opposing energies collide, they will cancel each other out…however, the one with the deeper reserves of power will remain in the end…
: Let’s go, EI-01! Either we or you…whoever’s standing by the end will be the winner!!

First off, the good news: Gaogaigar, Volfogg and Chouryuujin have skyrocketed up to 200 morale and will completely wreck EI-01.
Bad news: only Gai is in range to actually do anything…

Shamefully, we’ll need to deal with EI-01 without the other 2 because, if we wait a turn, he’ll start to regen (and you need around 2-3 attacks to deal some 8000 damage on Pasdar).
We won’t be able to take away the Zondar Barrier but we should still be fine.

Now, hit the music and let’s do this!

: Target: Extra Intelligence 01…!
: What…?! This person… I sense not even the slightest amount of fear in him!

: Weak-hearted one...still, you fail to grasp your powerlessness...
: Pff, just because you're big isn't enough to scare me!
: My machine may be smaller than you, but there's no way my spirit is!!

: The five lions…how unexpected to see you on this planet…
: This guy…does he know something about Golion?!
: You shall be destroyed here, along with the Legacy of the Green Planet. Such is the path that you must follow.

: Come on, Zondar boss! We'll make a new attraction out of Tokyo Tower... your grave!
: Fool. He does not his own weakness...
: No, I may be weak, but I refuse to let bad guys like you beat me!

: Let’s go, Pasdar! We’ll defeat you and put an end to this fight!
: Foolishness…if you defeat me here, it’ll mean the end of this planet.
: As long as we’re around, there’s no way we’re gonna let that happen!

: I have to fight... for my brother, for the Earth, until I take my very last breath!


: Weak-hearted one. Entrust your body to mechanization and become one with me.
: No way! If I do that, then I’ll never be able to cook again!
: Yeah! And if I’m going to become one with anyone, it’s only going to be Akito!

: I won’t lose…there’s no way I’ll lose! And I won’t allow any of them to be killed!!

Of course, Blade and Sousuke did have lines against Pasdar but, due to my tactical faux pas, they were unable to join in; still, here’s what they had to say:

-Sousuke Vs. Pasdar-
: Weak-hearted one, become one with me. That is the only means of survival in this universe.
: I refuse. I have no intention to follow such a self-absorbed commander.

-Blade Vs. Pasdar-
: Tekkaman…! Once the insides of your armour are mechanized, you’ll be one of the strongest Zondarians!
: Shut up! My heart is my own! The Radam couldn't have it, and nor will you!

Now, time for the coup de grâce. Gai uses Fighting Spirit for maximum overkill.

: EI-01! This fight will end it one way or another!
: Weak-hearted one…all of you will be unable to survive in this universe.
: Sure, our power may be small…however, I will show you the combined strength of each one of our hearts!

EI-01 is worth a level (stupid overleveled penalty…), a Super-Alloy Z, a Trident-yaki, and an Initial Morale +2.

: Impossible…! This cannot be happening!!
: I am dying…! A mechanized life-form is immor…tal…

: Did we do it…?
: EI-01 Energy level: zero. It has been completely annihilated.
: All Radam troops have also retreated.
: We did it! It’s a complete victory to Wärter!!
: My business here is done…
: Wait up, Orgun! There are things I want to ask you about!
: Tekkaman Blade… I cannot answer your questions right now…
: However, soon the day will come when you and I can fight together as allies.
: Orgun…
: We’ll meet again, Blade…

: Brother…who was that man?
: I don’t know. Still, he’s surely our ally. I trust him…
: Well, then…
: Um…who are you?
: We’ll meet again, for sure. Until then, be well, Mihiro.

: Who the hell was that…she really sounded like a know-it-all…
: But, that person…she knew my name…
: For now, let’s just go home. I’d expect us all to be exhausted after today.
: Today’s victory was all thanks to Gai and the others.
: …
: That’s…! Guys, please answer!!
: Guys! Wake up! We’ve won!
: …Bullet-X allowed them to release limitless power; however, after it’s done, they ended up burning themselves to ash…
: Then, Gai and the others…
: There's nothing more to be said…
: Those men…they knew what it meant to use Bullet-X…
: Why?! Why would they act like that if they knew it’d kill them?!
: Because it was the most effective tactic in that situation…no, that's not it….
: It’s because they were heroes…that’s the answer.
: But…BUT!
: Gai…
: Hyoryu…Enryu…
: Volfogg…It’s just like you to sacrifice yourself for your duty but I don’t think I can offer any less than these tears…
: It can’t be…this can’t be true! Goldymarg!!
: Right after Shirogane…we’ve lost yet another important friend…
: Everyone…let us offer a moment of silence for the heroes’ rest…
: Yes…
: This can’t be real…Gai! Galeon! Everyone, answer me! WAKE UUUUP!!

*Golion roars.*
: Golion is also crying…
: This is…!
: A…aah…
: What’s wrong, Mamoru…?
: It’s unbecoming of you, a member of Wärter, to weep like that…
: Huh?!
: Gai!
: Everyone…they’re alive!!
: Yes…
: We’re all still alive!
: Of course! We wouldn’t let something weak like that do us in!
: Guys! You’re the best!!
: I say, this certainly is a miracle.
: It’s not like that…this was their own power! The power of the heroes allowed them to make the impossible possible!
: Let’s go home, Mamoru. We have to report our victory to everyone.
: Yes! Let’s go, Gai!

Taiga extends a warm welcome to Gai and everyone else of Wärter; with the destruction of the original Zondar, from two years ago and the annihilation of the Tokyo Metal Plant, the Zondar menace is basically over.
Mikoto thanks Gai for ending the nightmare that started two years ago with the crash-landing of EI-01 and the deaths of her parents.

Gai in return thanks her for being with him all this time - without her, he doubts he could have gone on fighting this long.
Meanwhile, Bless is thanking Liger for his work, as Mike and his Disc X really came through in the end; Liger wastes no time before gloating about Mike as his masterpiece and prodding Leo if he’s willing to acknowledge his genius.
Leo begrudgingly admits that they couldn’t have taken out the Radam trees without him but there are still many more trees around the world, as Evil said.
Liger says that both anti-Radam and anti-Zondar disks are now in production to counter that, though this effort requires incredible amounts of time and labor – still, Liger insists that it’ll all work out in the end.

Freeman apologizes to Taiga for leaking the Radam data to Liger, but Taiga quotes him an old saying by way of showing there's no hard feelings: "Before you can fool your enemies, you must first fool your friends."
He knows full well that Freeman was actually running a bait-and-switch, keeping the military distracted with the Tekkaman data while he and Liger got the actual work done and created the Disc-X while they weren’t looking.

As for Miyuki, she’ll be going back with Liger to GGG America.
D-Boy asks if she’ll be OK and she says her body is stabilized thanks to Liger's scientific knowhow; however, just because we stopped the Zondar and the trees in Tokyo, doesn’t mean we’re in the clear.
As such, she wants to help with the mass- production of Disk X and the plan to wither the remaining Radam trees all over the world before they too start to bloom.

D-Boy tells her to leave the direct Radam combat to him, and she cautions that her Radam memories tell her of a new foe to come: the "Master Program".
She's not sure what that means but it seems to strike a chord with Leo and Taiga; either way, D-Boy will remember her words and will keep an eye out.

Kaname finally regains consciousness in the Bay Tower infirmary, having missed most of the action with the Zondar and Radam.
Kouji and Sayaka quickly give her the summary of what happened and Sousuke says that the victory is basically thanks to her information, that helped them break the Zondar Barrier.
She can't remember anything from around the time she blacked out, though.

Sousuke tells her that the colonel wants to talk to her tomorrow, and asks her to make some free time.
Kaname reluctantly agrees, still not knowing who Tessa is, and accepts a little gift from Sousuke: a pair of earrings.

Ryouma and Hayato are impressed at Sousuke, wondering if he accompanied the girls to the Tokyo shopping trip only to buy these.
Sousuke denies, saying that he’s made them by hand, making Hayato proclaim that the boy has further impressed him – even Kaname doesn’t know what to say.

However, she stops in her tracks when Sousuke warns that the explosive in them could blow a lightly armored mech like an AS clean away if she's not careful.
He tells her that he was furious with himself for this latest mess, and figured he had to ensure Kaname was better protected.

Kaname responds by decking him squarely with a get-well bouquet.
At least it proves to Sayaka that she's physically alright; Sousuke doesn’t understand why she’s angry and thinks it’s because the earrings have a common appearance – he knew he should’ve made them in the shape of pink hearts!
Kaname calls him an idiot and demands to know what kind of alternate universe has high school girls wandering around with explosives hanging off their ears.
She storms out, saying that she doesn't want to see Sousuke for a long time, and Hayato figures that maybe he was too hasty in raising his esteem toward Sousuke...
Sousuke wonders if he should have made a ring instead, and Sayaka lightly suggests that that could have made things radically worse yet.

Ryouma counsels Sousuke to make up with Kaname quickly, before your next tribulation arrives.

In outer space…

: Radam, Eviluders…and also, Cain’s Destructive Machine, the Legacy of the Green Planet…Wärter…

: Information gathering is complete…

Whew…all’s well that ends well.
Still, we leave this mission with a big problem solved and several questions: who’s the mysterious girl? What does Orgun want? Who’s the figure in space gathering information?

See you next update where we will (not) find out!