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Part 123: Mission 35 - The Wind That Blows in the Desert Sands - Part 2

Ok, here’s the situation: we’ve got a Gauron in full-on Asshole Mode, two Behemoths (one down to half health) and a pack of Radam lead by Lance.

More importantly, Gauron has cast Strike and Valor; so, we need to send in an Alert’d unit to make him miss and lose the damage buff (needless to say, you don’t want him to trigger his Buffing event during his turn or he WILL kill something).

Seeing how we want kill the Radam before dealing with Gauron (killing him ends the mission), we’ll leave him be and focus our attention on the Behemoths.

This would be so much faster if I didn’t feel compelled to hoard my SP…

Kouryuu nabs an assist from Duo and deals some pretty respectable damage.

Next up is McAllen doing a Support Request for Trowa.

It’s impressive that, even in a single unit game, Trowa is still relegated to a squaddie-like position.

Now, let’s finish this one in style!
I failed to mention it before but Quatre’s return to Africa allowed him to get reunited with his own Guerilla troops and they’ve joined him for his strongest attack: Magnac Corps Attack!

Now, for the second one. Lowe’s sword makes for a nice opener.
While dealing with the Behemoths, make sure to keep all your units spread apart to avoid unnecessary damage from Gauron’s chain-attacks (even with “only” Focus cast, he can easily hit any unprotected real robots).

I’m now starting to lose my patience, so I begin to use more EN-heavy attacks.

It’s much better.

Kazuma makes do without the Valstork and Duo also pulls his weight.

Aki, however, gets sent down south to help Blade with the Radam.

Not bad at all!

Blade starts working on the eastern side and Yumi joins Aki just in case I need a quick MAP (no way I’m gonna let Gauron live through the next phase).

Enemy Phase!

Kouryuu is the chosen target of the Behemoth and I’m already worried.

Thankfully, she dodged it.

I tried to bait Gauron into prioritizing a chain-attack on Gai/Nadesico but he didn’t bite.
Kouryuu needs to take both hits to the chin and survives by the skin of her teeth.

Now for the Radam; on the western side, all Alien Tekkamen go after Aki.

She hits them all back nicely, with the occasional crit for around 6100.

On Blade’s side, things go about the same way.

Indeed. He hits them back as hard as Aki.

But, of course, there are those many packs of Radam Monsters.

They are of no consequence.
Aki also takes the time to finish off the Mother that she attacked on our phase.

Did I ever mention how much I like Reason?

Because I really like Reason (in fact, there are only a few songs I like better and two of them are also from Tekkaman Blade ).
The Mother Blade attacked also regened enough to survive the critical hit.

Lance goes after a weak Cagalli but his Voltekka is inaccurate and she’s got her Prevail going.
Mind you, he uses Hit & Away to close in on her after the attack.

Player Phase!

Welp. Blade’s surrounded and I need him to take out Lance – time to clear the way!

I never wanted to do this!

We might as well let Cagalli get some payback (with an assist from Gai Daigouji, too).

Aye, that’s good.

Let’s have Pegas II cast Confuse for when we inevitably go after Gauron and his Auto-Focus.

It just hit me that I never bothered to show off Aki’s strongest solo attack: her very own Pegas Formation![/i]

: Ah, you’re the commander of the fakes?! In that case, I’ll kill you first!
: Not a chance! D-Boy just came back, so my true fight is only beginning!

With that done, it’s time for the big guns. Aki and Blade can channel their Love-Love powers into a low cost (30 EN!) but powerful combination attack (it’s stronger than Blade’s Voltekka and has a much lower Morale requirement – 110!).

: I am so happy, Blade! To think I would find you right as I came back to Earth!
: What are going on about, Lance?!
: This way, I can prove my power by defeating you! I’ll show that I’m better than Evil!
: I knew it…so, Evil is still alive…!
: You don’t need to worry about him as I’ll kill you right now! Die, traitor!!

Lance gives a nice amount of cash and experience but that’s it.

Seeing how Yumi had to waste her turn clearing a path for Blade, she never got a chance to give Lance a piece of her mind:

: Come, you imitation! I’ll show how foolish your existence really is!
: We can’t lose after Mr. D encouraged us! You won’t stop my dream!

Lance admits defeat and prepares to retreat; still, he guesses that Blade has realized his doom and that’s what made him rush back into battle.
Blade’s silence is obvious confirmation to Lance and, before retreating, he says that both Blade’s and the fakes’ days are numbered.
Aki wonders what Lance was talking about but Blade isn’t answering.

Ok. The Radam are dead so these fuckers need to die NOW.

David wouldn’t be able to hit Gauron, so he might as well blast the Behemoth.

Mao, calling an assist from Trowa, quickly finishes the job.

First and foremost, Kazuma moves over to deal some decent damage and have Volfogg pop that Lambda Barrier.

: The enemy’s an Arm Slave…! Then, this should be as strong as it gets!
: Amateur. In battle, you don’t need either power or speed!
: The most important thing is your desire to kill your enemy!

Good, good.

Now, let’s take this bastard out!

: What an honor to have Mithril’s Uruz 1 as my enemy!
: That unit…is it an upgraded version of the one they saw him using at the hijacking?!

: Jeez! We just got to Earth and we already have to help Neo-Wärter hunt some crazy animal in this god-forsaken place!
: “Crazy animal” works for me! In that case, my teeth and claws are gonna cut you to ribbons!

: Were you the one who sold weapons to my men?
: Well, if it isn’t A21’s “big sister”! Our meeting here isn’t by chance, ya know!
: Your group has shown me what a worthless dream I was pursuing. Really, I should be thanking you!
: Still…I’m gonna make you pay for using us like that!

: Damn it…! This guy using a system like that…talk about handing a knife to a crazy man!
: Enough talk, bro. Now, that knife is gonna cut you into tiny pieces!

: This guy…is he enjoying this?!
: Yup, there’s nothing I enjoy more! That said, you’re gonna have to stop getting in the way of my little date with Kashim!

: If you’re beaten, the rest of your troops will follow! I’m taking you down!
: Well, that’s a laugh! This lil’ girl has a death wish!

: This man is dangerous…! I must take him out right here!
: Outta the way, Gundam! Heroes like you make me sick!

: Gauron! You were the one who hired Zaied to shoot down the transport plane!
: Of course! You see, I really wanted to meet you and your lovely girlfriend again!
: Well, actually…that was only half of it. I also wanted to see you freaking out when you had to kill Zaied!
: SHUT UP!! If you won’t, then I’ll make you!

: The Lambda Driver converts willpower into strength, just like the G-Stone…
: For that reason, I’ll stop this man’s dark intent!
: Nice one, King! But stuff like courage quickly disappears when faced with POWER!


Gauron is worth a level, a Hybrid Armor and an Infight +1.

Gai also learns Hero L6.

Also, Hiver was too far away to do anything against him:

: I-I am a Tekkaman! I won’t lose!
: Hoho…so, this is one of the Tekkamen the Space Knights created.
: If that guy is like these Earth-made ones, I think he’ll be very useful!

However, he isn’t finished and, in an instant, charges straight at Sousuke.

An attack that Mao quickly manages to block with her AS.

Her AS is totaled but she manages to eject her cockpit on time; Gauron’s Cordarl is now overheated and unable to fight.
He, then, actually gets out of his mech and surrenders, as much as daring our group of goodie-goodies to harm an unarmed man.
Sousuke is about to kill him on the spot but McAllen’s orders to arrest him instead keep him from doing so; furthermore, he order’s Mao and the remains of her unit rescued.

Gauron tells Sousuke to afford him the utmost respect as called for by the New Geneva Convention.

D-Boy reacquaints himself with our people and while Yumi is dashing towards him, Ryouko and David stop her, as there’s obviously someone else he wants to see first: D-Boy starts apologizing to Aki for his weakness mixing her up in the Tekkaman business.
Of course, Aki doesn’t blame him as she willingly chose to live the same life as he and asks to see his eyes again; he then takes off his shades, saying he is home.
Shihomi and Yumi are both glad to have D-Boy back as his strength will certainly help Neo-Wärter, though Saburouta realizes that David’s probably bummed as his return means his chances with Aki are pretty much nil.

D-Boy tells Aki that he hasn't exactly been wasting the past eight months: he's figured out that the Radam base is somewhere on the moon - probably a Radam ship that has burrowed under the surface.
They've been waiting for the Radam trees to bloom, and D-Boy wants Aki's help to wreck them before that happens; that's what Aki herself wishes for, and D-Boy reminds himself that losing Miyuki wasn't tantamount to losing everything good in his life.
He now rejoins Neo-Warter determined to never again allow the Radam to harm his planet or anyone else precious to him.

Renée is one of many of our people surprised to see Seina, Terrorist Cell A21's leader and supposed KIA during a failed terrorist action last year, alive.
She tells Trowa that she parted ways with Wufei after the whole "True Operation Meteor" mess.
She has no idea who he's working for now (or why they’re after the Red and Blue Frames), but notes that at the time they split up, he was still wondering about the future of the world and of himself; Seina appears to have turned over a new leaf of sorts, though it's nothing as neat as "having found her own battle".

For now, she's trying to move forward by assisting the guerillas and seeing the world in place of her lost, young comrades.
Since Quatre seems okay with her being on the loose, Renée says it would be pointless to arrest the dead. Seina does say that she plans to atone for her sins in her own way one day, and agrees to help us all in any way possible.

Cagalli, native child of these sands, is next up for finding her own battle - but she wants to start by finding the Archangel.
Seina (at Quatre’s request) will accompany her there instead, but leaves a message for Wufei: the world and its people aren't as weak as he thinks they are.

Ruri takes charge of the prisoner and promises to deliver him and the SRT to the Tuatha De Danaan.
Mao amazingly got off with a few contusions and a concussion, leaving Kurz to note that it seems only he is capable of sending her to heaven; Harry wonders cluelessly what that's supposed to mean, and Ruri recommends he ask Saburouta.
Kalinin has ordered his men to think of Gauron as a highly intelligent, highly dangerous animal.

Sousuke as expected is in fairly bad shape after having to kill his old mentor, more than he will probably let on – his failure to use the Lambda Driver is ample proof of his fragile mental state, though.
Kurz hopes that Kaname's presence at his side will help calm things down.

The Nadesico sets sail, hoping that its dangerous cargo doesn't get out of hand along the way...