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Part 206: Mission 12(New Game+) - You're the "Captain"! Who's the "Professor"?!

There, I hope you people are happy!

By the by, even with all those upgrades, she still managed to eat a 10% hit off a Radam Monster on mission 11.

This mission begins just like the other version, with Kouji and the Getter team joining Sousuke and Kaname’s school, Kazuma getting drafted into Mao and Noin’s training and the team catching up on Akito’s restaurant, who isn’t doing very well.
The difference starts when we get to Dr. Hell’s island.

At Hell Island, Honerva is, like before, amusing herself at taunting Ashura for the tongue-lashing that he got from Dr. Hell after his most recent failure.
However, she isn’t here ENTIRELY to laugh at his/her face – she has information that could be useful.
This time, though, Ashura has no need for her help which actually surprises Honerva.

In comes one of his soldiers, saying that they’ve already figured out the itinerary of Prof. Yumi.
Ashura tells Kouji to watch closely – his/her deadly plan is going to eliminate both him and his companions in one swoop.

As before, the Student Council President has several requests to make of Kaname, seeing how he’s already have his hands full with the upcoming festival.
He’s been alerted that several delinquents from neighboring schools may be planning an attack during the festival and he’d like her to lead the effort to protect the school; of course, Kaname doesn’t know how she’d be able to stop that by herself but it’s for this reason that the President called for help.

It is then that Sousuke comes in, presenting himself for service.
The president orders him to assist Kaname in the defense and Sousuke confirms, promising to accomplish his mission.
Kaname quickly warns the president that giving Sousuke this task may not be the wisest idea as they’ve no idea what he’ll do but the president has also taken that into consideration.

He's also called in Kouji and the Getter team, who were getting tired of waiting in the hallway.
The president quickly requests the assistance of both Mazinger and Getter pilots to assure the safety of the festival; Kouji is surprised that he knows their identities but the president says it’s part of a standard background check on new transfer students.
The Getter team figures they could work as guards for the place but the president would like both Getter and Mazinger ready to sorty if need be; when Kouji asks if the guy is serious, he asks him to listen before rejecting the idea.
The culture festival is a yearly event of great import to their school and it’s the duty of every student to make sure it is perfect; Ryouma and Kouji understand his goal but it still seems excessive.
He asks Kouji if he’s part of the army but no, he’s just another regular man and pilots the Mazinger voluntarily; the president praises Kouji’s selfless spirit and says that, in that case, a giving spirit such as him should feel no difference in whether he’s using Mazinger to fight a war or protect the festival, no? Or does he not consider such an important festival of his “alma mater” worthy?
As Kouji starts to reel back in confusion, the President asks him to show that famous courage and guts that the great Kouji Kabuto is known for; Kouji submits and promises to protect the festival no matter what and with Mazinger, Getter and Sousuke securing the place, Kaname almost feels sorry for whatever delinquents that try to attack.

Later that day, at Akito’s restaurant, Kaname is feeling a massive headache after just these past hours of working with Sousuke and the boys’ crazy antics - she is so stressed out that she fears she might not make it to the festival.
Yurika throws her a bowl of ramen, saying it’ll restore her stamina, making Sayaka asks what she’s doing here – Yurika had heard that Akito’s cook was absent, so she came over to give him a hand.
Ruri has also volunteered as a waitress but, even with all that added help, the quality of the food hasn’t improved much and isn’t helping Kaname’s situation.
However, they’re interrupted when the door opens…

: A-Akito! Hide me!!
: What’s wrong, Kazuma?! You seem in a hurry!
: Are you trying to escape Noin and Mao’s training regimen?
: There was that…! But now, there’s also…
: I’ve found you, Kazuma!
: Now, pick me, Kazuma!
: No! Me!
: Me! It’s me, for sure!
: NO! Pick me, please!
: No way, are you actually considering anyone other than me?
: G-Give me a break!!
: Huh…how did Kazuma get so popular?!
: What’s going on here?! They must be under the effect of some mysterious drug!
: Or could this be some kind of black magic?!
: Could he be blackmailing all girls in the team in one go?!
: Hey, don’t go thinking I can’t normally be this popular!
: I’m sorry but that is not possible.
: R-Ruri, you’re too harsh…
: She’s right. You should know your limits!
: Now, Kazuma – hurry up and pick me.
: Out of all of us, you’ve got to pick the prettiest one…!
: Huh?
: Well, there are so many girls in Wärter…
: Because of that, an argument started over who would be the prettiest one.
: So, we decided to start a poll to see who would be Number One.
: And you all flocked to Kazuma to coerce his vote…
: Weird things happen in Wärter’s down time, huh…
: It’s not like that. However, it is indispensable that we take this time to set these things completely straight.
: Decide, Kazuma! Pick me or go through hell – your choice!
: I won’t allow this, Ryouko! You can’t press him like this!
: T-thank you, Captain! I knew you were a fair person!
: Kazuma is an important member of Wärter and there should be no reason for him to make this choice.
: I mean, it’s obvious that I’m the favorite!
: Huh?!
: The f-favorite..?!
: Oh, Akito…! It’s obvious - there is no choice other than me!
: What?!
: Even if she’s the captain, I think that’s way too tyrannical!
: I think that the captain’s approval rating fell below the 30% mark just now.
: Interesting! Mao was just saying how we should take this time to set things straight!
: P-Please stop! Don’t fight inside the restaurant…!
*Door Opens.*
: I couldn’t help but hear your conversation…!
: President!
: This battle…I ask that you entrust me with it – the president of Jindai High’s Student Council: Atsunobu Hayashimizu!
: Everything can be settled at the stage of the Culture Festival!
: The Culture Festival’s…
: Stage?!
: Urgh…my headache is coming back…

Oh boy…

The weather's perfect for the Festival, though Kaname’s exhausted after working with all the preparations.
For some reason the soccer field is now off-limits (Kaname's sure it's somehow Sousuke's doing).
More important to Kazama, is the fact that they’ll soon be holding a beauty pageant that’s a joint effort of both Nergal and the student council – even people from outside of the school are coming to watch!

Amidst those is an ecstatic Boss and company, who is especially excited about the bathing suit section of the contest.
Kazama asks if Kaname’s going to participate but she passes, saying she has no interest in being a captain (when Kyouko asks, she quickly drops the subject).

Prospector is then seen leading Prof. Yumi up to the stage and the judges’ table.
Yumi tries to refuse, saying he has business at the Bay-Tower base but Prospector reminds him that, when he asked a couple of days ago, he was agreed quite happily – Yumi fidgets a bit but then remembers it, saying it had slipped his mind.
This contest is quite an important event: the main prize of the winner will be the captain’s seat of the Nadesico!
The contest soon begins and Prospector announces the judges that’ll work along with Yumi: Akatsuki and Kurz.

Inwardly, “Yumi” is fuming at this whole confusing situation, thinking that his plans to infiltrate the Bay Tower base have been completely ruined!
Still, he needs to keep up appearances to avoid tipping off any Wärter officials.
Akito notices the seemingly livid Professor looking a bit odd but figure’s it’s just nerves – after all he’s the father of one of the contestants!

The first entrance is Sayaka (in a bathing suit), who Prospector introduces as “healthy AND cute”, quickly draws screams from Boss (and warnings of Nuke and Mucha that his nose is bleeding).
Both Akatsuki and Kurz are impressed, now knowing that Kouji is a lucky man; as that happens, Kazuma is busy taking pictures that he’ll be able to sell to both Kouji (absent while on patrol) and possible clients alike.
Akito is also impressed at Sayaka but quickly begs “Yumi”’s forgiveness; “Yumi” doesn’t see what is there to like about the girl but, when Akito is surprised, changes his tone to “My, what a splendid daughter I brought up!”

Inwardly, “Yumi” realizes that if his cover is blown here, away from his guards, it could prove fatal.
He's got to keep up the act until Gamia arrives.
Still, Akito is impressed that they would choose the Nadesico’s Captain like this; when Yumi doesn’t understand, he explains that this contest is a sort of coup d'etat by the other ladies in response to Yurika's pride.
While “Yumi”’s jaw drops, Akito says that according to Prospector the Nadesico's captain's position is less important than the smooth workings of the rest of the crew - and hence is safe-ish to put up for grabs.

Back at the contest, entry #12 is Mihiro who bids everyone greetings in the name of the Valstork Family.
Kazuma is fiercely cheering for her, saying that if she becomes the Nadesico’s captain, they can use some of Nergal’s budget to give the Valhawk a powerup!
An exasperated “Yumi” needs to confirm what he’s heard from Akito and, while the kid confirms, he admits it is a little non-orthodox amidst military ships – that’s putting it mildly in “Yumi”’s opinion, who thinks the whole thing to be insane.

Next in line is entry #18, Izumi, who opens up with a couple of puns; she tries, unsuccessfully to draw a laugh from Heero and D-Boy, but is able to get a major cackle out of “Yumi”.
It’s the first time Akito’s seen anyone laugh so heartily out of Izumi’s jokes…
Inwardly, “Yumi” has decided to make use of his great chance: he’ll elect the most hopeless candidate as the Nadesico's captain, and thereby vanquish its genius-level prowess in battle.
Things went wrong with the first plan but he can still strike a major blow against Wärter!

The next woman, #25, was a last-minute entry in the contest: Gamia-Q”!
Kyouko is aghast at her beautiful golden hair and Kazama wonders if she’s a top model or something – both Kurz and Akatsuki think that she’ll be a real tough contestant to beat…
With her on the scene, “Yumi” has only to select a hopeless captain and then trash the whole place.

Finally, we get to the last entry, Yurika, #31, who gets on stage doing her signature “V” sign.
“Yumi” jumps off his chair yelling that he’s “found her!”, startling Akito; inwardly, “Yumi” has analyzed Yurika’s speech patterns as that of a complete moron and with the gravitas of a single sheet of very thin paper behind her smile – with HER as the Nadesico’s Captain, the ship will be useless!!
With all the contestants done, “Yumi” quickly casts his vote and activates the mechabeasts that he’s left hidden near the gym!

The mechabeasts start the attack and Kaname tells Kyouko that, no, this isn’t part of the show!
“Yumi” tells them to reduce this school to rubble and, amidst the chaos, he’ll escape unhindered.

Mission 12 (New Game+) - You're the “Captain”! Who's the “Professor”?!

As the mechabeasts approach the school, they are immediately blown to bits; when “Yumi” asks what happened, Sousuke explains that they tripped one of the booby-traps he planted in the playground.
“Yumi” wonders aloud what the hell is going on with the Japanese educational system that a school would have high explosives on campus.

The remaining mechabeasts are approaching and there are no traps left; however, Sousuke says it’s fine as Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter quickly deploy to intercept.
“Yumi” asks what the hell both those robots are doing in a school area and Akito finds it odd, seeing how Kouji should’ve told him about his job.
Kouji seems surprised that the President got it right in asking them to keep their units ready and Ryouma gives the go-ahead to shoot the enemies down and protect the school – time to put on a show for their classmates!

In both the first player and enemy phases, there is no combat as both groups are getting closer; so, let’s skip ahead to the 2nd turn.

With fully upgraded units, we’ll easily plow through these mooks.

Had I not boosted the enemy units, this would’ve been a clean oneshot.

Of course, it’s not like mechabeasts were ever a threat.

Good, good.

Enemy Phase!

All four mooks make a beeline for Kouji, who manages to dodge a couple of them before killing the weakened ones.
The remaining two are left in the red.

Player Phase!

Kouji will quickly dispatch the last Doublas.

Sadly, he’s left one morale short of activating Mazin Power.

Benkei hasn’t had screentime in a loooong while, so let’s tag him in.

Good man.

Now, Mazin Power.

The crowd is very impressed at the power of legit Super Robots (even though the usual AS are pretty cool, too!) and the girls are glad that they were here to protect them.
"Yumi" is now pissed off and decides to finish them off personally, ordering Gamia-Q to shred the Wärter on the ground with her steely hair.
She complies and starts slashing at our people, who didn’t think to bring their mechs or transforming devices with them.

: AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, Gamia-Q! Use your power and send all these vermin to hell!
: Professor Yumi! It’s not funny anymore! What the hell is wrong with you?!
: H-hey! Let go of my hair! UWAH!
*ripping sound*
: Ack! His hair came off!
: Shocking! Professor Yumi wears a wig!
: It’s not like that! He is not my father!
: Eeh! I’m exposed! However, it is no longer necessary to maintain the form of Yumi!
: You’re Baron Ashura! He was disguised as Professor Yumi!
: Gamia-Q! Take that one as your first victim!

Just then, Akito’s Aestivalis comes crashing down – sent by Ruri.
Much to Ashura’s annoyance, more of Wärter’s reinforcements are coming over.

Outside, Akito's a bit hesitant to fight the female foe, even if she is an android assassin but still pulls the trigger.
Ruri asks Captain Yurika and the others to hurry back to the Nadesico, and Ashura realizes to his shock that the apparently brainless Yurika actually was its captain all along.
Ashura tries to call for extra mechabeasts but there are none - Ruri caught on to the fact that the fake Yumi forgot his promise to judge the contest and, using Omoikane, found all the remaining mechabeasts in the vicinity.
Moreover, she tells Sayaka not to fret, since Hyuuma has recovered her father safely.

Back aboard the ship, Megumi asks Ruri why she didn’t join in one the contest but she gives no answer.
There’s no time for that, as Jun detects Galra and mechabeast reinforcements inbound.

It’s Honerva who expected Ashura’s plan to blow up in his face once more.
He/she tells her to shut up, saying that he can deal with his/her own problems; in that case, Honerva will not overstay her welcome – she wishes him “good luck” in getting out of this mess and leaves.
Her sass earns her one of Ashura’s famous “DAMN YOU!”s and with everyone aboard the Nadesico, Yurika orders the deployment.

Yurika's very indignant over the festival getting messed up, and for once sounds captainly as she orders the troops to wipe the bad guys out.
Most girls are impressed at her new-found Captain spirit, but figure they still have a shot if they show as much dedication!

Once again, both these first turns are our units closing in on each other; while that happens, Mike sings to Ryouko.

We don’t really need the morale boost against these guys but why not?

The girls are leading the charge and Ryouko is the first to get in attack range.

: First order of business when I'm captain is rearranging the crew and making Akito my assistant...
: W-wait, what am I doing? Who am I, Yurika?

Eh, fine…

Next in line is Mao.

: I think a really important duty of a captain is managing the alcohol on the ship.
: I'll need an extra-large fridge in the captain's quarters to keep all that beer cool!

Oh, come on…

I made sure to give Noin an S Rating in Air for her FUB, to allow her to get good numbers like this.

: (Captain of my own ship... will that be enough to get Zechs to praise me?)

Doesn’t do all that for her damage but…

Hikaru will take this Fighter down.

: When I'm captain, I'll organize the crew so my favorite couples are paired up...
: Oooh! My nose is bleeding just thinking about it!

There we go.

Even fully upgraded, the Aphrodite A isn’t very accurate…

: When I'm captain, I think I'll call for leave and take Kouji to the beach!
: It's autumn in Japan, but the Nadesico can get to Hawaii or Guam in a blink!

Still, it hit.

Heero quickly moves ahead and takes one of the wounded Fighters down, while Mike gives him another morale boost.

Enemy Phase!

I kept him in the back but this Fighter still came after Gaogaigar.

Now THIS is a fully upgraded monster.

The Nadesico gets swarmed by all other Fighters.

: Just you wait, Akito. When I get reappointed as captain, I'm making you my first mate.
: Hey, wait a minute, Yurika! What am I going to do?
: More to the point, she's already assuming she'll win.
: Give her a break, Meg. This is her last battle in that captain's chair.
: No way! I'm not letting anyone take my chair or my Akito!
: Seriously, though, what happens to my job?
: You're all idiots...

Five Fighters attack and the one above was the only one to survive.

The Mechabeasts show a bit better judgment, attacking both Noin and Hikaru.

Player Phase!

Get to work, Izumi.

: When I'm captain, the first thing I'll do is reorganize the crew and reform the Wärter into more efficient squadrons.
: Squadrons... working out your legs... squat, run. Pffheheheheh...

Ah, damn it.

Sayaka takes the last Fighter down.

Kick his ass, Boss!

Eh, that’s actually decent damage when you consider it was his weakest attack; regardless, Mao’s support takes it down.

Kouji and Kazuma move ahead and pick on other full-HP Garadas.

Duo can finish this one off.

Good man.

A quick shot from Heero takes out a Doublas and Volfogg leaves a Garada barely hanging.

Golion will deal with it.

No problem.

Meanwhile, Ryouko finishes Izumi’s Doublas and Mao tags another one.

Blade zooms ahead to work on the Galra troops.

Having a support request from Aki takes the Death Hell out in one go.

Gai oneshots another mook and Mike sings to Heero once again.

He finally triggers the Zero System.

Enemy Phase!

Golion gets harassed by a Death Hell and responds appropriately.

One of the Garushias makes a beeline for the Nadesico.

That’s fine by me.

Finally, the other one goes after Noin and takes some decent-ish damage in return.

Player Phase!

Do it, Big Daddy.

I missed you…

One more kill for Gai and…

Volfogg will wrap things up.

: Damn you, Wärter!! I have no choice but to pull back today…!
: Fumo….
: What?!

*machine-gun shots*
: Fumo!

Kaname quickly shows up and slaps Sousuke with that paper-fan, demanding him take that suit off and explain what he was doing all this time.
Sousuke explains that he was busy keeping those aforementioned juvenile delinquents from breaking into the school during the chaos - apparently they and Ashura's troops present similar threat levels to him.
Kaname can only shake her head and suppose that if Sousuke treated the punks like he treats Ashura's troops, they'll never so much as darken her school's doorstep again.

Moreover, it seems the utility of Sousuke's Bonta-kun is now beyond dispute, and they're to be headed for mass production, and sale to militaries world-wide.
This is such an astounding statement that Kaname can't even manage a snappy come-back.

As for the beauty contest, well, Yurika managed to win by a single vote, meaning that you all get to put up with her sometimes selfish leadership style for now.
Hikaru and Milly try to get Akito to reveal which of the Nadesico girls he voted for but the kid won’t say it.
As for who gave the winning vote, there are indications that the single deciding vote was cast by none other than Baron Ashura...though, as he was Yumi's "representative", there's no reason to disregard his vote in Akatsuki's eyes.
Levin sniffs that the most beautiful flower of all wasn't on display at the contest (which sounds very frightening to Akatsuki and Kurz, who would not have been thrilled to judge THAT bathing suit competition).

Said flower is apparently Ruri, who is flattered that everyone thinks she would have won.
Asked why she didn't appear, she very reluctantly admits that she was embarrassed about coming on stage in a swimsuit.
Akito says that that's a bit of a shame, but when Ruri flushes and he asks if he's upset her, she says that that's not it at all.

Akito doesn't get let off the hook either, after he gallantly shielded Yurika with his body from the android's assault.
His claims that he only did it because she's the Nadesico's captain sound a little weak, but when Ruri asks if he'd have protected her were she the captain, he stridently tells her that he'd protect her regardless.
Heck, he even owes her for saving everyone today.

He promises her that if she's ever in trouble, he'll come running to help.
Ruri's hesitant, then earnest acceptance of this truly makes her the most beautiful today, at least in Prospector's eyes.